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This is your daily podcast show On Humans

This is your daily podcast show On Humans
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This is your daily podcast show On Humans




Building Lasting Connections Online Through Marketing

I have a degree in Psychology and Marketing but my passion leans more towards marketing, especially helping those driven entrepreneurs who want to get their message and brand across the web through social media and content marketing campaigns. It's my passion to share what I have gained and help others reach their goals. Aside from that, I am also fascinated by many things including yoga, drawing, photography, and almost everything about life. There's simply a lot to life that it is a...


Activate Your Inner Muse and Fuel Your Creative Fires With Writing

I was in a place in my life where I felt uncreative, tired of my job and routine. I felt exhausted and out of alignment. I felt lost, foggy. I turned to meditation and writing for answers. I love writing, thinking about writing and helping others bring their ideas to form. I have been an English teacher, Jungian student and counselor, now turned creative liberator, whose bloodline is the healing and exciting potential of writing. See more at: OnHumans.com/4