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Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.

Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.
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Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.








A Game of Failures

In the Summer of 1946 , the Nashua Dodgers did something no other professional baseball team had done in the U.S. in the twentieth century: they played ball with a racially integrated team. In the latest installment of our New Hampshire First series we're looking into the story of Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe . And then a conversation with sportswriter Howard Bryant about the long and troubled history of the Boston Red Sox and players of color.


Word of Mouth Presents: Bear Brook

Two barrels. Four bodies. And the decades-long mystery that led to a serial killer. In this episode of Word of Mouth, we take a listen to Bear Brook: A new podcast from NHPR about a New Hampshire cold case that's changing how murders will be investigated forever.


Franconia Lives

Once, a utopian experiment burned bright and brief in the Great North Woods.


To Catch a Falling Star

Today, we're looking skyward to explore the life of geologist Ursula Marvin, who used her exceptional ability to identify minerals to study asteroids. Planetary geology wasn't a field that welcomed women but Marvin never let that stop her. In the 1970s, she became the first woman to travel to Antarctica to hunt for meteorites. Also, another story from our continuing series on vanity plates.


When Love Isn't Enough

Growing up is hard enough. Now imagine that very few people look like you - in your community, schools, and even your home. This can often be the world of transracial adoptees. These are kids adopted by families of a different race or ethnicity. On today's show we're exploring the complex conversations around these adoptions and hearing from adoptees of color.


Will Work for "Culture": New Hampshire's Secret J-1 Economy

If you live on New Hampshire's seacoast, or in the White Mountains, then you might already know parts of this story. But chances are, the details will still surprise you. On this episode, we dig into an international exchange program called Summer Work Travel: a cultural exchange program that supplies the hospitality industry, fast food restaurants, and shopping outlets with foreign labor.


A Company Town

In the sleepy town of Pittsfield , New Hampshire you can find a global leader of manufacturing and technology right under your nose. On today's episode we're returning to our New Hampshire Firsts series with the company that invented firefighting turnout gear: Globe Manufacturing . The fourth-generation, family-owned company employs almost ten percent of the town - but what's its future in Pittsfield after the family business was sold last year? Also on today's show, the cautionary tale of...


Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

Jess O'Hare loved living in New Hampshire. She moved to Concord for a job as an environmental organizer just after her college graduation and enjoyed the affordability, tight-knit community, and natural landscapes. "Life in New Hampshire was mountain-biking, swimming, skiing, sometimes even before work. You'd just get it all in," she said. "And it was easy to do that." But there was just this one thing.


The Bottle Bill Battle

What does that list of state abbreviations on your beer bottle mean? And why didn't New Hampshire make the cut? On today's show, we dig into the decades-long fight for, and against, bottle deposit laws -- in New Hampshire, and across the country.


Want a Goat Without Commitment? How About Renting One?

As far back as ancient Egypt, it was possible to rent a professional mourner to cry and moan at your funeral. They put on a dramatic show so people know you'll be missed. Even now, in parts of the world, if you fork over a little extra cash, a hired mourner will even hurl themselves into your grave. Newer fads also include renting an extra family member, professional cuddlers-for-hire, or even an entourage, complete with paparazzi and an adoring crowd of cheering fans. But in New...


Cubed: The Work Show

Full-time workers often spend more time with their colleagues than their families. So, what's the history of work in the U.S. What changes could be in store for the workweek? And why can it feel so liberating to leave a terrible job? On today's show we'll look into all of those questions and more.


Hue and Cry: Art of the Soundscape

Do you ever wonder about the sounds we hear every day, by choice or by circumstance? How does the sound of our daily environments affect our lives and minds? One man seeks the quietest place in the White Mountains and we explore the art of the soundscape.


The Furniture Masters of New Hampshire State Prison

For nearly two decades, the Furniture Masters of New Hampshire have been leading a program at the state men's prison in Concord. They teach a woodworking skill to inmates in the hobby shop, and return a month later to check on the progress. For some inmates, these workshops have opened the door to mastering the craft of furniture making; and to a changed perspective on the world. On this week's episode, we hear from these inmates, and from a UNH professor and woodworker wants to bring the...



Conversations around immigration have become a hot-button issues once again, not just in national rhetoric, but here in the Granite State. On today's show we'll hear of one family's vacation that came to a screeching halt on I-93, what an open borders policy could look like, and we'll hear about the sport that transcends borders. Plus a conversation with Milford grad and Seattle Reign FC's Morgan Andrews A Father-Daughter bond with deep love of country and soccer Only in NH: What's the...


An Unconventional American History

This week, we're going deep into our country's founding through radio drama, the classic musical "1776," and the inside story of a New Hampshire-based fake news site. Civics 101 student contest winner Adia Samba-Quee's radio drama "Unconventional" The continued relevance of the musical "1776" Don't believe the headlines: fake news in New Hampshire


BREAKING 'NEWS:' Don't Believe That Headline About A Beloved N.H. Business Shutting Down

Since May, a string of viral Facebook posts have led some to ask: what’s the difference between satire, and fake news? Producer Taylor Quimby investigates. (Editor's note: we highly recommend listening to this story.)


A Good Haircut is Hard to Find

Why is it so difficult for a woman of color to find a good haircut in New Hampshire? Courtney Marshall returns to the show with a problem: where can she get her hair done? We investigate the hair scene for people of color in the Granite State. Plus, spoils from the annual Gilsum Rock Swap.


Crime, in a Nutshell

Bloody footprints. A rifle thrown to the floor. Bodies splayed across the bedroom. It's a gruesome scene. Still, you might have to squint to make it all out. Because this murder is in miniature... Today on the show, a profile of Frances Glessner Lee, called "the Mother of Forensic Science," and her famous crime-scene dioramas. Plus, a visit to a Juneteenth Day event in Nashua and the next installment in our NH license plate culture. It's a Word of Mouth smorgasbord!



Over the past five years, New Hampshire's cannabis legislation has gone from non-existent to possible all-out legalization. But among neighboring states, New Hampshire still lags behind. On today's show we're answering an #OnlyinNH question that asks, "why, when compared to other New England states, is New Hampshire so conservative on cannabis legislation?" And then a different kind of high - we head to the mountains to see who's hiking and smoking? Only in NH: Why is New Hampshire so...


The Splatmasters

There's so much happening in this show, it's hard to know where to start. We interview a very together kid entrepreneur. We investigate the semi-secret economy of international workers in New Hampshire. We talk about NH vanity license plates. And we tell the incredible, mostly true story of how a multibillion dollar sport got its start in the woods of Henniker. We love making this show. Help support local journalism by donating here: bit.ly/2LeT8ei.