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Beyond Journaling: The World Needs Your Message

Akey distinction that sets journaling apart from all other forms of creative expression isprivacy. In this episode, we take a step beyond. My guest, Doug Foresta, believes firmlyin the benefitsof private journal-writing, and yet also urges us, “the world needs our voice and our gifts.” Producer and host of Creating Change on Empower Radio and […]


Q&A: “Does it Help to Shout into My Journal?”

Anonymous callers are so much fun, and ask such close, personal questions. This one asks, “Can a journal help someone with anger management issues?” I’ve got some thoughts of my own on this, but I’ve invited back backSusan Borkin, to includea therapist’s viewpoint. Her book, The Healing Power of Writing,is a great resource forquestions like […]


Stop Drifting, Start Living

I’ve often said on this program: Journaling is a process, not a product;a journey not the destination. This week, meet Jami McQuivey, an author, coach and speaker who ison that perpetual journey of self-discovery, constantly realizing new dreams. Her first book, Stop Drifting, Start Living containing twenty-two lessons from her travels in China, is being […]


Journaling When Words Are Not Enough

Several episodes ago, I interviewed Susan Borkin, and we just “clicked”. I’ve enjoyed having hercome back toshareanswers to those of your journaling questions that she has written about in her book, The Healing Power of Writing. In this episode, a JournalTalk listener shares her immense grief over her mom’s absence for the past 4+ years, […]


Uncovering Many Selves Through Writing

As we journey throughthe movement of our life, what aspects of ourselves do we birth or bury, in order to make sense of, and give meaning to,our experience? This question was my guest’s inspiration for her newest book. Nearly two years ago, I interviewed Joan Leof, after sheinspired me to dig back through my old, … … Continue reading →


Q&A: “Which Color of Ink Will Take Away My Blues?”

A quick Google search on the term “journaling” will offer at least one measure of social proof that there’s healing power in writing. But can journal-writingreally help with long-lasting sadness? Can it cure, or at least relieve depression? Susan Borkin, author, licensed psychotherapist, and pioneer in the field of journal therapy, joins me in answering […]


Pioneering the Next 30 Years of Journal Therapy

Speaking with Kay Adams is always a treat, and offers the proverbial smorgasbordof lively topics under the umbrella of journal-writing for health and happiness! Kay is author to numerous books on journaling, in addition tobeing theeditor of the ten-volume series,It’s Easy to W.R.I.T.E.! Her Center for Journal Therapy wasa sponsor forthe30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge, and […]


Q&A: “How Can Journaling Help with Anxiety?”

It seems that the questions I’m receiving from listeners about journal-writing are becoming more numerous, more interesting, and more specific as this program continues. I’ve been saving a select handful having to do with psychological conditions for a co-host like Susan Borkin, a psychotherapist who shares my belief in the therapeutic value of journaling. Here […]


Journaling Tips from Best-Selling Success Coach, Jack Canfield

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to interview a long-time mentor of mine, a man who needs no introduction. And, I enjoyed introducing anyway. Jack Canfield has made his way into thehearts and homes of millions of people worldwide, for one reason or another, and this interview onlyscratched the surface of a […]


Q&A: “What’s the Difference Between Self-Analyzing and Self-Awareness?”

Tom asks, “Is there ever a time I would write in my journal when I’mnot analyzing something?” To many, keeping a journal is a great tool and practice for problem-solving, so it might benatural to think that’s the only time to visit the blank page. Many people have also used journaling as a practice in […]


Lighten Up! (Writing to Shed Emotional Baggage)

Too often, we carry around with us the constraints and limiting beliefs of our past. Do you wonder how to identify those pesky, negative and disempowering stories that weigh you down emotionally? Laura Coe is an author, blogger, and certified life coach with a mission to help people shed emotional weight. In her book,Emotional Obesity, […]


Q&A: “What’s the Best Time of Day for Journal-Writing?”

During a NINETY-DAY journal-writing challengethis winter, where I met a new friend “Wizzy” (Janet Wiszowaty), I was asked “the time of day” question again, so I thought I’d make a short episode about it. What’s the best time of day to make your journal entries? Early Morning is idealfor writing about your hopes or desiresfor […]


Journaling: A Toothbrush for the Mind

Several episodes back, I gave some suggestions for what to write if you only have five minutes each day with your journal. Wehave revisited this idea many times in this podcast series, because like so many people I’ve sometimes only got five spare minutes to write — and some days, those fiveminutes alone with my […]


Q&A: “What is a Journaling Challenge?”

It seems thateverywhere you turn, someone is offering yet another challenge. Doesn’t life bring us enough challenges without having to invent more? Today’s journaling question was asked innocently by someone who wanted to understand “What is a journal-writing challenge?” My friend Jayde Gilmore of Wings Life Coaching returns to the co-host microphone to help me […]


When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes!

My guest this week was pioneering the field ofwriting therapy before such a field even existed, and long before the word “journaling” became an internet buzzword.Susan Borkincontinues to make a difference for seekers of healing through words, asa psychotherapist and author of books including:When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes, and Writing From The Inside […]


Q&A: “(How) Do You Ask People to Share Their Journal Writing?”

Leslie, a friend and co-facilitator of journaling workshops in Thousand Oaks, California asks, “When leading a journal workshop, shouldyou read your own private journal as a way to invite others toshare their own writing?” A journal-writing workshop is an ideal place to discuss the context and content of your own journal. On one hand, it’s […]


Six Steps to a Miracle Morning

In December of 2012, a remarkable book hit the virtual shelves of Amazon.com, called The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM). In it, author, successcoach, and keynote motivational speaker Hal Elrod explains the benefitsof a powerful morning routine. This book continues to be a wonderful wake-up call for personal […]


Q&A: “How Can Journaling Help Me Get My Book Finished?”

Publishing for a public audience and keeping a private journal are two spheresof a Venn diagram that do, in my opinion, have a very interesting intersection. This episode, long-time JournalTalk listener Nestor asks, “How can journaling help me through the process of publishingmy book?” Janet Wiszowaty, a Jack Canfield success trainer, joins me insharing tips […]


Journaling for My Best Year Yet

My favorite year-end tradition is a private ritual I learned frommy 11th grade English teacher: writing my future self a “year in review” letter. Just like a time capsule, I open the letter from last year sometime after Halloween (sometimes the letters are like ghouls from the past!) and before January, I make the time […]


Journal-Writing for the Warrior’s Soul

Meeting extraordinary people like Laura Probert is my favorite part of producing these JournalTalk podcast episodes. A black belt in taekwondo, Laura is trained in physical therapy, and calls herselfa warrior healing expert. She wrote about her own healing journey inLiving, Healing and Taekwondo, and today, she is a teacher for people who are fed […]