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All you need to know about Arts & Culture.
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All you need to know about Arts & Culture.






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Seg. 1: Unpredictable Weather. Seg. 2: Was Open Spaces A Success?

Segment 1: Why is predicting Kansas City weather so hard? In Kansas City, you can regularly experience three seasons in one day. We talk with local meteorologists about how different elements of Kansas City such as altitude, latitude and longitude combine to create our signature weather, once named most unpredictable among major US cities . Bryan Busby , first alert chief meteorologist, KMBC 9 News Andy Bailey , warning coordination meteorologist, NWS Kansas City Segment 2, beginning at...


Seg. 1: Thundergong. Seg. 2: Time Capsules. Seg. 3: Day of the Dead.

Segment 1: Jason Sudeikis brings it for his friends. Jason Sudeikis returns to his hometown for Thundergong , with a star-studded lineup of comedy and music. The proceeds go towards a local non-profit founded by a childhood friend who lost a leg unexpectedly in 2005; his foundation now supports others who need prosthetic limbs. The two friends talk about everything from yacht rock to the scourge of indecency. Jason Sudeikis , comedian, Thundergong! host Billy Brimblecom Jr. , executive...


In Kansas City, Kansas, The Day Of The Dead Celebration Grows More Alive Every Year

A dozen kids in costumes were running around the Bethany Community Center in Kansas City, Kansas, on a recent Thursday night, while a few adults tried to get them to spread out across the room. The Zombie Zumba event was supposed to be outside and draw about 50 people. But the weather, which had been perfect days before, turned cold and rainy, forcing the event inside.


Seg. 1: Marriage, Millennials, And The Midwest. Seg. 2: Kansas City Sounds

Segment 1: Midwestern millennials are getting married at younger ages than those on the Coast. Across the United States, millennials are choosing to delay marriage. We talk with marriage experts about the reasons why and also how the Midwest differs slightly in this national trend. Marissa Vidler , founder of Clear Box Insights Deborah Smith , professor of sociology, UMKC Therin Alrik , married millennial Segment 2, beginning at 32:42: The sounds of Kansas City. After nine weeks of Open...


Janelle Monáe (R)

In her new album, "Dirty Computer," Janelle Monáe reveals more of herself than ever before. And, in recent weeks, she has been sharing more of her story, from her background in Kansas City, Kansas, to her sexuality. A look at the music, life and persona of Janelle Monáe ... and what her story means to Kansas Citians. Natasha Ria El-Scari , local writer and poet Rachel Christia, vocalist, Pink Hawks Jeneé Osterheldt, culture writer, The Boston Globe (formerly a columnist of the Kansas City...


StoryCorps In Kansas City — Forging A New Identity After Juvenile Incarceration

StoryCorps' MobileBooth came to Kansas City to collect the stories and memories of residents. This is one in a series of stories KCUR has chosen to highlight. Ashley Raines' childhood wasn't easy. "I wouldn't classify it as entirely ugly or unfortunate or anything, but it was a struggle," Raines told his wife Vanessa Aricco.


Portrait Session: Olathe-Native Artist Angela Dufresne

This Artist Is Not In Kansas Anymore: Angela Dufresne's Journey From Olathe To New York City Yesterday, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art opened a new exhibit of Angela Dufresne's work, called Making a Scene . The artist and Olathe native joins us today to talk about growing up in Kansas as a queer person, and how she uses art to challenge gender and sexual norms. This hour-long interview is part of our Portrait Session series. Angela Dufresne , artist


Seg. 1: A Year As An Artist. Seg. 2: Diggers And Doughboys

Segment 1: Art isn't just fun and games. To some, art seems more like a hobby rather than ‘real work.’ But, for many artists, that’s far from the truth. We visit with a Kansas Citian about what they discovered after being an artist for a year. Mo Dickens, gallery assistant and raconteur, Belger Arts Center Segment 2, beginning at 23:03: How World War I sparked a lasting friendship between the United States and Australia. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the informal end to World War...


Seg. 1: 'Adulting' With Michelle Tea. Seg. 2: Grammy-Nominated Oleta Adams On Success, Kansas City

Segment 1: Growing up is hard, just ask writer and critic Michelle Tea. Her road to adulthood wasn't always an easy one, but she made it there. Today, Michelle Tea told us about growing up in poverty and about her coming of age as a queer person in an unwelcoming culture. She offered her perspective on how to find your way as a young artist. Michelle Tea , author of How to Grow Up: A Memoir Segment 2, beginning at 34:10: An internationally-acclaimed singer on her rise to fame and making a...


A Sneak Peek Into Kansas City's 62-Day Arts Festival, Open Spaces

For a while now, much of Kansas City's arts community has been abuzz about Open Spaces , the 62-day arts festival that's giving a platform to local, national and international artists. The plan, hatched nearly five years years ago by an arts commission Mayor Sly James put together, is becoming a reality this weekend. Today, Central Standard broadcast live from the pavilion at Swope Park, the heart of the Open Spaces festival and dubbed The Village for the next two months. We talked with...


Kevin Willmott Uses Satire, And Film, To Tell The Truth

As the filmmaker's latest collaboration with Spike Lee becomes the must-see movie of the moment, we talk to Kevin Willmott about BlacKkKlansman , race in America, the purpose of satire, and his own life story, which begins in Junction City, Kansas. This hour-long interview is part of our Portrait Session series. Kevin Willmott , filmmaker and KU professor of film and media studies


Seg. 1: Civil Rights & Photography. Seg. 2: International Fashion Exchange. Seg. 3: Shy Boys

Segment 1: For All The World To See exhibit at the Black Archives of Mid-America. A nationally touring exhibit from NEH on the Road has made its way to Kansas City. "For All The World To See" displays photographs and other visuals from the civil rights era. We talked about the ways art and culture influence each other.


Seg. 1: Wendell Castle. Seg. 2: Marbles (R)

Segment 1: Remembering a Kansas artist who made furniture as he made sculptures. Wendell Castle revolutionized art. The Holton, Kansas, native was known as the father of the studio furniture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Hear his story and what he meant to the art world. Glenn Adamson , curator, writer and historian who worked closely with Wendell Castle Susan Earle , Curator of European and American Art, Spencer Museum of Art Mo Dickens , Curator, Belger Arts Center Segment 2, beginning...


StoryCorps In Kansas City: Susan Wilson And Sharmelle Winsett

Update : Since this recording aired on November 22, 2010, Susan Wilson has become the Vice-chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion at UMKC. She also shares that she reached out to her Italian side of her family that had disowned her mother. She received an email back saying: “Susan, this is your cousin John. I have been looking for you for over 25 years.” Susan Wilson and Sharmelle Winsett attended their first Italian family reunion in 2015. By Suzanne Hogan Kansas City, MO – At StoryCorps...


Seg. 1: Go Dog Go, With Puppets. Seg. 2: Fair Pictures. Seg. 3: Eems On Making Music Without A Genre

Segment 1: A puppeteer takes on a beloved childhood classic with virtually no narrative, but lots of dogs. Mesner Puppet Theater is staging two very different productions this summer: P.D. Eastman's Go, Dog, Go! and The Tempest , by William Shakespeare. Mike Horner , Artistic Director, Mesner Puppet Theater Segment 2, beginning at 12:35: A photographer on being the artist-in-residence at the Missouri State Fair. Rather than turning his lens on animals, rides or performers, Matt Rahner...


Making Portraits (R)

A portrait isn't just about capturing someone's literal likeness. It's about capturing the inner essence. So how is it done? And how is it done well? We host a roundtable discussion with Kansas City artists — from painter to doll-maker — to explore the ins and outs of portraiture in various mediums. Guests: Aimee Marcereau DeGalan , senior curator of European arts, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art E. Spencer Schubert , bronze sculpture artist Taylor Triano ​, fiber artist of Lil Bits Dolls Paul...


Seg. 1: Open Spaces. Seg. 2: KCMO's Sister Cities.

Segment 1: Kansas City's New Arts Festival. For nine weeks, starting in August, KC's parks, galleries and stages will be transformed into a massive city-wide arts festival. Hear more about Open Spaces. Dan Cameron, Artistic Director, Open Spaces Consuelo Cruz, Office of Culture and Creative Services , City of KCMO Scott Francis, co-founder, Open Spaces Segment 2, beginning at 35:31: KC's Sister Cities. KCMO has 12 sister cities, and it's exploring the possibility of a sister city...


Seg. 1: Kevin Willmott. Seg. 2: Robert Altman's 'Kansas City.' Seg. 3: Air Guitar Champion.

Segment 1: A talk with Kevin Willmott about his new film. "BlacKkKlansman" just won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival. It's based on the true story of a black cop who infiltrated the KKK in the 1970s. We catch up with the KU professor who collaborated on the film with Spike Lee. Kevin Willmott, Professor, Department of Film & Media Studies at KU; co-writer of "BlacKkKlansman" Segment 2, beginning at 17:09: Looking back at the filming of "Kansas City." When Robert Altman filmed...


Seg. 1: The Crossroads And YJ's. Seg. 2: Spencer Brown.

Segment 1: The changing relationship between working artists and the Crossroads. The Crossroads is a lively place, filled with condos, wine shops, doggie daycares and yoga studios. But back in 2000, it was much more quiet, inhabited by artists who brought their quirky vibe to the area. Now, the building that houses YJ's Snack Bar has been sold — and the longstanding café is moving. Is it the end of an era? What's next for the Crossroads and the artists? Kevin Collison, KCUR contributor and...


Seg. 1: Amani Skalacki. Seg. 2: Nelson Exhibit. Seg. 3: DJ G Train.

Segment 1: How a sea voyage inspired a fashion collection. Her grandparents immigrated to America from England in the hull of a ship. Hear how that journey helped inspire a collection at this year's West 18th Street Fashion Show. Amani Skalacki, jewelry designer/stylist West 18th Street Fashion Show , 8 p.m. Saturday, June 9 on West 18th Street between Baltimore and Wyandotte Streets, Kansas City, Missouri 64108. Segment 2, beginning at 16:45: A new exhibit on how artists depict country...