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Nerdibles is a comedic show which celebrates the art of being a "Nerd," provides the latest in Pop Culture news, and provides a unique look into topics that matter most to the rising Geek Nation. Hosted by Rich Rayne, Kris Koller, and Ethan Benjamin.


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Nerdibles is a comedic show which celebrates the art of being a "Nerd," provides the latest in Pop Culture news, and provides a unique look into topics that matter most to the rising Geek Nation. Hosted by Rich Rayne, Kris Koller, and Ethan Benjamin.




459 The Man The Myth The Legend The Carr D'Angelo

This episode we interview Carr D'Angelo from Earth2 Comics in Sherman Oaks California, we provide an update for Kris's condition, we also talk with Carr about the James Gunn DCU announcement about the DCU's first chapter Gods and Monsters, and finally we discuss the upcoming event/fundraiser at Earth2 Comics featuring Patton Oswald, Jordan Blum, and Tess Fowler


458 This Is LITERALLY A Fantastical Episode

This episode we discuss Shazam Fury of the Gods trailer 2 comes out March 17th, Original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers returning to Netflix for a 30th anniversary show, Jered Leto joins the cast of Tron 3, Alita Sequel Could be a streaming series, Last of us series is more plausible than the game and Pedro Pascal have never been in series that has less than 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.


457 Dont Let The Idiots Win

This episode we discuss Jeremy Renner hospitalized from a Snowplow Accident, Steven Amell is returning to the Arrowverse as Oliver Queen for the Flash Finale, Universal is making a new Dracula movie titled Renfield, starring Nick Cage as Dracula, and Movie Studios Can Now be Sued for "Deceptive Trailers"


456 Krismas Without You

This episode of Nerdibles we discuss The Last of Us is set to premiere Sunday, January 15th, Henry Cavill not returning as Superman, James Gunn and company are taking a younger approach to the DCU which means a new younger superman, Henry Cavill confirms he will be starring in the Amazon Prime Series Warhammer and that it will have its own cinematic universe, God of War series coming to Amazon Prime and fans demand Triple H to play Kratos. My Hero Academia’ Live-Action Movie From Legendary....


455 Dont Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

This episode we discuss the Bad Batch Season 2, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Transformers: Rise of the Beast, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailers, as well as Marvel going with Quality over Quantity, DCEU's movie lineup is dead, will Henry Cavill stick with the DCU or heard to the MCU, and what we think of Willow.


454 Video Game Movie Failures

This episode we discuss the Super Mario Bros. trailer, what video game movies have been successful and not, Bob Iger holds a town hall for Disney execs., Wednesday's Netflix success, and other crap you will want to hear.


453 We So Smooth

This episode we discuss our sponsorship with @Manscaped where you can use Promo Code Nerdibles for 20% off free shipping, Bob Iger returns to Disney, Is Disney selling to Apple, Blade finds their director, and we say goodbye to a Power Ranger.


452 Marvelous Wednesday

This episode we discuss Margot Robbie'sPirate ship sinks, Disney+ is stripping down with Chippendales, Andor coming to other platforms, Disneyland unveils a new attraction and its a step back in time, Disneyland relaunches the Magic Keys for anyone who wants them, Wakanda Forever has largest November opening ever,Kevin Feige says yay Wakanda Forever “Feels like the most important movie” Marvel Studios has ever made, and Marvel puts limits on Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless.


451 English Is Hard

This episode we are discussing Warner Brothers/Discovery in talks with JK Rowlings, the Arrowverse, Sandman, and lots more.


450 Herschel Walker And Kanye West vs The House Mimes

This episode we are talking Jame Gunn being DC's new Kevin Feige, Black Adam, Marvel's Vision Disney+ show, Andor, The Tales of the Jedi, and the Top Secret Star Wars project being developed.


449 Blame It On KEVIN

This episode we talk the SHE-HULK finale, Andor, House of Dragons, Rings of Power, we fight over whether or not She-Hulk ruined the MCU, and we discuss Netflix adding ads to their content.


448 Can Marvel Make DCs Films, Please

This time we discuss The Rings of Power, Andor, She-Hulk, Werewolves by Night, Marvel's NYCC comic book announcements, Black Adam, and if Marvel should make DC's films for them.


447 The Planet Of The Mouse

This episode we apologize for destroying the names while we discuss Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, we discuss Andor episode four, She-Hulk and the D grade villains, and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.


446 The One That Andor Got Away With

446 The One That Andor Got Away With by R.A. Rayne, Kris Koller, Ethan Benjamin, Mike Jezak


445 Oh God Netflix Dont Do That

This episode we discuss Netflix going to a weekly release instead of their current binge drop process.


444 D23 EXPO-losion

This episode we discuss Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and all the news coming out of the Disney D23 2022 EXPO.


443 We Know A Lot Of Words

Almost forgot to put up this episode. Trust me its not that forgettable.


442 Do We Still Get It Up For The MCU

This episode we discuss Disney's CEO troubles, the Flash movie, Marvel on Disney+, She-Hulk episode 1, and if the MCU still holds the excitement it once had.


441 Disney Plus Ads

This episode we discuss Disney Plus's new ad tiers


440 DCEU Where'd You Go

This episode we discuss the fallout from the Warner Brothers/ Discovery+ investors call, the fall of the DCEU, Streaming services getting commercials, and how the MCU might change the DCEU