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Brotherhood... We All We Got!

What's going on Podcast family!!! It's your boy MTV back after a long hiatus! A few of my brother in the podcast world seemed to stay in the spotlight at all times and this week is no different. But this week it's over some blah blah blah and it's got the podcast world flip turned upside down! So I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there... while I tell you all about my thoughts from a town called Bel Air. Well that's a lie. I'm in Hollywood. My black ass can't afford Bel Air. Yet....


Blk Paco of the DMST Podcast/The Paco Show

Welcome back podcast family! Freshly back in town from Fabulous Las Vegas celebrating #PodpaloozaVegas with my family, Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast and celebrating their 100th episode!!! In celebration of my brothers, I'm FINALLY dropping the episodes I recorded with them. My dear friend Blk Paco helped introduce me the podcast world and two of his dear friends, Playboy Da DJ and DJ Brainstorm. So I recorded with Paco wayyyyyyyyyy back in September of 2017 and never had a chance to...


Krystal Manning - Psych Nurse (Episode 24)

Hello again podcast listeners!!! Thank you for tuning in again to listen to me drink and talk my shit. But today, it's going to be just a tad bit different. As usual, I have a guest on that I came across here in LA to come on and talk about their particular story. But this isn't my usual model friend, rap guy, actor homie, Hollywood socialite, etc. Today I sit down with my great friend Krystal who has over 20 years of experience in her field of being a psych nurse. She came on to grace us...


Koury V. (Episode 23)

Hello again podcast world! Had an absolutely amazing conversation with Houston native Koury V. We sat down to talk about her modeling career and her newly founded #ShareTheLoveBrunch that she has been tearing up Hollywood with. But in typical Poolside Chats fashion, the conversation goes everywhere. As we sit back and sip on some CB Honey, we discuss her family roots in music and what brought her to Hollywood. Her figure making her a "plus size" model and how the #MeToo movement has...


House of Stagalee: Cooking for Daddy (Episode 22)

Hello podcast listeners!! Back with another very exciting episode of Poolside Chats. Today we welcome on a good friend of mine to discuss his BDSM lifestyle, a new cooking show that he is producing that his submissive will be staring in, family, growing up in LA and much much much more. Including being 14 years old the first time he robbed a bank! Stagalee came through and blessed the set with a bottle of Glenfiddich for us to sip on while we discuss black entrepreneurship, family dynamics...


Time waits for no one... (Bonus Episode)

Hello podcast world. Today I come to you in a very melancholy mood. Last week, we lost one of my very dear friends. This girl truly meant the world to me. An absolutely amazing friend. And in typical nigga fashion, I did some foul shit that came between us. And quite some time had passed since we spoke. And now she's gone. So I wanted to take a moment to speak on pieces of the situation. Maybe through my pain, I can inspire someone out there to make amends with someone close to them before...


Kieona Taliaferro (Episode 20)

Welcome back once again for another episode of Poolside Chats! It was a little chilly this day so we kept it indoors, but that didn't stop the amazingness of this episode! It was my pleasure to have my good friend and fellow Columbus native Kieona Taliaferro on do discuss so many great things. Kieona is new to LA and came out here to pursue a dream by going after a career in acting. We discussed her being forced to grow up early and care for her siblings, her having her a child, and...


Happy Birthday Pops (Bonus Episode)

Hello again podcast world! Back again with another bonus episode, but this week it's very different. A very emotional episode as I celebrate the life of my father. My Pops was born March 23, 1960 and we lost him to that bitch named cancer on November 3, 2014. My father would have been 58 today. And ever since losing Pops, every birthday, every Father's Day and every anniversary of his passing, I make sure to have a steak dinner, a shot and a movie with the old man. So this time I decided...


Episode 20 - Cali Stef talks double standards

Welcome back to another sunny Cali day! And speaking of Cali, we have a California native on today to discuss some of the double standards that exist amongst men and women. Stef ponders on what makes a woman a "hoe" and why society has different rules for the ladies verses the fellas. And while we discuss double standards, I want to know why it's okay for women to express feelings but not okay for men?? Me and Stef have some great convo about double standards and also discuss a lot about...


Black Panther Spoiler Review (Geek Talk Bonus Episode)

Hello podcast listeners!!! Today's episode is a special one! I had the pleasure of being a guest on my good friend Antoine Bandale's YouTube channel to discuss our thoughts and review of Marvel's Black Panther movie. The two of us along with another good friend, Vonnie D all went to enjoy the opening of the film together. So we thought it only right to come together to discuss our thoughts and experience. Hopefully you enjoy our thoughts on the film. And keep in mind that this is a SPOILER...


Black Panther Spoiler Free Review (Bonus Episode)

Hello once again podcast world! If you've been listening to me at all lately, you'll know that I have been heavily excited about the newly released Marvel film, Black Panther. In today's quick bonus episode, I give my initial thoughts and spoiler free review. Give it a listen. And once you've seen the film, tune in sometime next week when I give my spoiler full review with two of my homies that I saw the film with. Thanks as always for tuning in, and also... Like, Comment, Subscribe,...


Women's Takeover - Episode 15

Allow me the pleasure of welcoming you to a VERY monumental episode of Poolside Chats. Today we are pleased to bring your the first ever Women's Empowerment episode where it is ALL ABOUT THE LADIES! We welcome back Shea Harris of The Dive Podcast and Autumn The Painted Lady LA who brought along her best friend Jessie Rose to all sit down and speak all about the ladies perspective. We discuss #MeToo, sexual misconduct in the workplace, unequal pay, the line between flirting and being...


Speaking up on wrongs, Black Panther, Podpalooza and Sh!thole Trump (Bonus Episode)

Hello again Podcast World! A quick bonus episode from the rooftop jacuzzi side... enjoying this Hollywood sunshine. Just randomly spoke about several topics... Speaking up when you see injustices, Black Panther, Podpalooza, Trump, Mental Health and more... So please, take 40 minutes out of your day and have a listen! Thanks as always for tuning in, and also... Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share!!! Also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat... @PoolsideChats Music - "Nino Brown" by Nik...


Tee Reel of Ideal Image Models (Episode 6)

Welcome back to another FIRE ASS episode of Poolside Chats. Today we sit down and have our first ever alcohol free episode!! Well, almost alcohol free... I still took a couple of shots! I sat down with my bro Tee Reel, who despite being in the adult film industry for over a decade, does NOT use drugs and does NOT drink. Normally I don't believe people when they say they don't drink, but I've been out with bro several times and he's legit never drank around me. So we sat down and sipped...


Dope Trash Year response w/ Blk Paco (Episode 13)

Happy 2018 podcast world!!!! And what better way to bring in the New Year than by wrapping up the old one!?! Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Budden did a "for the culture" wrap up in a Revolt TV video titled "This Year Was Dope/Trash". The video was dope! But the video was trash! So I decided to respond to it and invite the bro Blk Paco of the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast on to debate and respond with me. So grab yourself a drink, sit back an listen as we debate the #DopeTrashYear In case...


Al Miller of AList Dynasty (Episode 9)

Hello podcast world! Welcome back to another episode of Poolside Chats. Today you get to listen to the first out of state episode I've posted. I was in Columbus, OH with Toledo native Al Miller of ALI$T Dynasty. Al has a lot of stories about coming up in Toledo, moving to Hollywood and now back in Ohio. Al talks about his promoting days, party days, a dibble and dabble in acting and creating a designer hat line. Also, in a very touching moment... he has a message for an old friend and...


Rashad Holloway of Box 'N Burn gym (Episode 10)

Today on Poolside Chats I have the chance to chop it up with former professional boxer and now celebrity trainer Rashad "Hard2Hit" Holloway of Box 'N Burn gym. Shad is another one of my bros that I met in Hollywood only to find out that he's an Ohio Boy. Today we toss back some more of that French Vanilla (Diddy, cut the check!) as Shad talks about his boxing inspirations, how social media has destroyed mothers and created thots, black athletes taking a stance, racial and social tensions...


Marvel's Black Panther and Jerry Jones comments about the NFL protests (Bonus Episode)

I'm back with another quick bonus episode. Again, no guest, just talking about a couple quick topics from the week. This week, a new Black Panther trailer dropped!! I was so excited and am eagerly awaiting the film. And another thing that struck me personally was Jerry Jones shitting on his player's right to express protest. So please, take twenty minutes out of your day and have a listen! Thanks as always for tuning in, and also... Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share!!! Also follow us on...


Nik Flair (Episode 1)

Welcome back to our lovely poolside fun. Today we are going to bring you the first ever episode of Poolside Chats that was ever recorded. The reason this episode was held back was because as in anything in life, there is a learning curve when first starting out. And we learned first hand that recording audio outdoors is not easy! So rather than to put out bad audio on the first ever listen, we wanted to get up and running a bit first. So please be understanding when listening to this...


Autumn The Painted Lady LA (Episode 5)

Poolside Chats is back again today with our lovely guest Autumn. She is an artist in every single sense of the word. Painting, songwriting, singing, makeup... etc. Autumn sits down with us today to discuss how she got started in her artistic roots, her involvement with Black Lives Matter, political thoughts... oh and let's not forget about that one time she helped out with a porn film. Sit back, have a drink or two and listen in with The Painted Lady of LA. Find Autumn at: IG:...