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Special Report: August Auto Sales Analysis

Charlie Chesbrough, Senior Economist and Senior Director of Industry Insights for Cox Automotive, is back on Beltway Talk to kick off a reoccurring series of podcasts analyzing the most recent monthly auto sales reports. In today's episode, Charlie gives us an overview of August's numbers, explains why Subaru and Toyota dealers have reason to be happy, and breaks down how both hurricane Dorian and upcoming UAW negotiations may impact future sales reports.


Dealer Sentiment & D.C.

Charles Chesbrough, Senior Economist and Senior Director of Industry Insights for Cox Automotive, has studied the American auto industry for more than 25 years. In his role as a quantitative analyst and researcher, he has developed a unique perspective on what the future holds for dealers, and what issues are giving them the most heartburn in August 2019. In this episode, Charles shares with Beltway Talk listeners the results of Cox's latest dealer sentiment study and how Washington, D.C.,...


Get to Know Manny Manriquez, General Director of JAMA USA’s Washington, D.C., Office

On today's Beltway Talk Podcast, Manny Manriquez, General Director of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association Washington, D.C., office, gets into the fundamentals of what it means to run an association focused on Japanese nameplate brands in today's political climate, why you should never be on time for a meeting with your Japanese coworkers, and what challenges and exciting opportunities he sees for Japanese manufacturers moving forward. In his conversation with AIADA's Hannah...


Q&A With Global Automakers’ Don Stewart

During a crucial week for autos and trade, we sat down with Don Stewart, Global Automakers' new Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, to talk tariffs, dealer engagement, and what exactly the Washington Nationals need to do to pull out of their spring slump. Stew's extensive experience on Capitol Hill (paired with a brief but unforgettable stint as a dealership 'lot boy') gives him a unique perspective on the auto industry and what dealers can do to move the needle on issues important...


A Conversation with Honda’s State Relations Manager, Ember Brillhart

Ember Brillhart, Honda North America's Manager of State Relations, joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss her work on state legislative issues, a typical day in the office, why she loves working for Honda, and what she enjoys doing in her free time.


Why Dealer Involvement REALLY Matters

In this episode of Beltway Talk, AIADA Chairman Howard Hakes explains why it's so important for dealers to make an effort to get involved in what's happening to their businesses on a federal level. "A lot of the people are just, 'Oh, Howard, you're taking care of that, appreciate what you're doing for us.' I say, 'Well, I need you to be part of us now.'"


Dealers Respond to 232 Tariff Threat

AIADA Vice President of Public Relations Libby Newman, standing in for regular Beltway Talk host Hannah Oliver, sits down for a quick interview with AIADA President & CEO Cody Lusk to discuss tariffs, national security, and why dealers need to care about it. With auto imports in the cross hairs, international brand dealers have every reason to be concerned. Lusk has the background on what's happening, and some tips on what dealers can do to prepare for what comes next.


Death and Taxes

In this episode of Beltway Talk, Patrick Conner, a partner with Husch Blackwell in St. Louis, MO, breaks down what dealers need to understand about the Estate Tax, and how they can best plan for a future for their business and their families. As a Financial Services & Capital Markets expert, Patrick knows what dealers need when it comes to estate planning, and what they can learn from Aretha. Yes, that Aretha.


A Conversation with AIADA 2019 Chairman Howard Hakes

We sat down with AIADA's incoming 2019 Chairman to talk about what's on his mind, and what challenges and opportunities he sees for international nameplate dealers in the coming year. Howard Hakes, a California dealer who's always been engaged in politics, gives us the lowdown on trade, regulations, and SEC football.


A Conversation with John Bozzella, President & CEO of Global Automakers

John Bozzella, a veteran auto industry executive, is the President and CEO of Global Automakers since 2014. In this episode of Beltway Talk, John sits down with AIADA's Hannah Oliver to discuss the challenges facing the auto industry in Washington, D.C., and the important work his association is doing to advance the interests of auto manufacturers inside the Beltway and across the nation.


Midterm Madness

With just days left before the 2018 midterms, Beltway talk host Hannah Oliver sat down with Rachel Robinson - Capitol Hill veteran and vice president of AIADA's government relations department - to find out what issues and candidates on the ballot will most impact dealers. One thing we know for sure: dealers must vote!


Talking Taxes

Sarah McKnight with AIADA partner Moss Adams knows taxes and the auto retail industry, so she was the perfect guest to help us develop our understanding of how recent changes to the U.S. tax code will impact dealers in the coming months. Moss Adams is one of the 15 largest public accounting firms in the United States and provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to public and private middle-market enterprises in many different industries.


Q&A With Christopher Wenk, VP of Government Affairs for Kia Motors

Christopher Wenk sits down with Hannah Oliver to discuss his role as Vice President of Government Affairs in Kia's Washington, D.C., office, some of the challenges he sees facing dealers today, and the positive impact Kia has on the communities it touches.


What’s the Big Deal About Tariffs?

AIADA Vice President of Government Relations Rachel Robinson explains how a 20 percent tariff on imported vehicles and vehicle parts could impact the United States auto industry - and why dealers should care.


Social Media and Dealer Advocacy with Toyota’s Becca Steele

Toyota's digital advocacy strategist for government affairs, Becca Steele, drops into the AIADA studios to discuss everything from her background on Capitol Hill to the best ways to make your legislators sit up and take notice of your messages on social media. Listen in for all the dos and don'ts of sharing your story online.


One on One with AIADA Chairman Brad Strong

In the latest episode of Beltway Talk, AIADA Chairman Brad Strong breaks down how he maintains a relationship with his member of Congress, how he first got involved in AIADA, and some of his favorite sales memories.


Introduction to Beltway Talk with Cody Lusk

Host Hannah Oliver breaks down what's happening in D.C. - and why dealers should care - with American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) President & CEO Cody Lusk.