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Time to Fight Back

AIADA Chairman Steve Gates sits down in our podcast studios to discuss how the year has taken shape and why union-only EV tax credits has dealers getting engaged and fighting back on Capitol Hill. He discusses the impact of such a provision on both individual stores and the industry at large. For his stores: "At a $4500 disadvantage? I don't think we'd ever sell an EV."


What’s the Big Deal About EV Tax Credits?

AIADA board member and Ohio auto dealer John Connelly joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss his career as a criminal-lawyer-turned-auto-dealer, the value of advocacy, and why he needs fellow dealers to pay attention to Washington's latest scheme to single out certain EVs for special tax credit treatment. Connelly highlights why it matters to lawmakers when dealers speak up and what he likes about being a dealer.


By the Numbers: International Automakers and Dealers Are Moving America Forward

AIADA President and CEO Cody Lusk and Autos Drive America President and CEO Jennifer Safavian join Beltway Talk to discuss the latest figures from the 2021 Economic Impact Report: International Automakers and Dealers in America. Lusk and Safavian highlight the role the international auto industry plays in the U.S. economy, explain why trade is crucial for our industry, and discuss how proposed EV tax credits aimed at unionized factories will do more harm than good to the American auto...


The State of the Auto Retail Industry: A Conversation with Steve Shannon

Steve Shannon, former vice president of marketing at Hyundai Motor America and current advisor for Podium, joins Beltway Talk to discuss the trends and factors he sees in the auto retail space in 2021 and beyond. Listen in to hear his take on digital retailing, communicating with customers, EVs, and more.


How to be a Dealer Advocate

In this 50th episode of Beltway Talk, Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, once again dials in to discuss AIADA's Dealer Visit Program. She emphasizes the importance of bringing lawmakers to dealerships so that they can see firsthand the investment dealers make in their districts, and the brand-new opportunities AIADA has made available to help dealers jump start their advocacy efforts.


How to Be a Dealer Advocate

In this 50th episode of Beltway Talk, Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, once again dials in to discuss AIADA's Dealer Visit Program. She emphasizes the importance of bringing lawmakers to dealerships so that they can see firsthand the investment dealers make in their districts, and the brand-new opportunities AIADA has made available to help dealers jump start their advocacy efforts.


Volkswagen Sees Retailers as Industry “Champions”

Today's episode features Anna Schneider, Senior Vice President, Industry-Government Relations and head of Public Affairs for Volkswagen Group of America. She discusses Volkswagen's wild year (and role as a major mask-producer in 2020), what she needs the Biden administration to understand about international auto manufacturers, and what's coming for VW's dealers in 2021 and beyond. She emphasizes that retailers are the leading champions of the auto industry and the best advocates for their...


In New Jersey, Dealers Model Resilience

Jim Appleton, President of the New Jersey Coalition of Auto Retailers, shares some insight into how New Jersey auto dealers have weathered the past year, the many ways in which they have stepped up to serve their communities, and why he believes advocacy is key to their future.


Summer 2021: Dealers Make an Impact

Ashley Burch, AIADA's Senior Manager of Grassroots & Advocacy, joins today's episode to talk advocacy, action, and how dealers can make this a summer of impact in Washington, D.C. She shares important information about the exciting advocacy and social media campaign dealers will join this summer in lieu of a traditional 2021 fly-in, and the cutting-edge tools AIADA will make available to them.


Breaking Down the Walls of Dealer Involvement

Howard Hakes, AIADA's 2019 Chairman and the current Chairman of AFIT-PAC, joins this episode of Beltway Talk to discuss the importance of dealer engagement. Hakes has long been at the forefront of state and federal issues that impact the livelihood of dealers and explains how they can make sure legislators understand the effect their decisions have on dealerships and the communities they serve. Listen in for practical ways to make sure Washington hears from you.


Pandemic Performance Fuels Investor Interest in Dealerships

Erin Kerrigan, Managing Director of Kerrigan Advisors, the leading sell-side advisor to auto dealers in the U.S. joins BeltwayTalk to discuss the disruption year of 2020, it's impact on the dealership buy-sell market, and the "once in a lifetime" valuations she sees for dealers today. Armed with her latest Blue Sky Report, Erin offers valuable insight for dealers wanting to learn more about acquisition trends and how their business is valued today.


How Toyota Turned Dealers into Digital Storytellers

Rebecca Steele, Director of Emerging Technology Policy at Toyota North America, oversees digital advocacy for the automaker. In today's episode she discusses how she was able to help Toyota pivot to an all-digital advocacy force in 2020 and how she plans to maintain that momentum into 2021.


Charlie Chesbrough’s Spring Sales Round Up

In today's episode, Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough offers listeners an overview of the 1st quarter of 2021, and some idea of what the rest of the year holds for the auto retail industry. Charlie touches on what he sees happening in the EV market, why he anticipates the second half of the year will be a busy one, and what dealers and consumers can expect in terms of supply. This is a must-listen episode for anyone wanting a big-picture view of auto retail sales.


Hyundai’s Rob Hood on Policy, Innovation, and the Opportunities of 2021

Rob Hood, Hyundai's Vice President of Government Affairs, joins Beltway Talk to discuss his background as a Washington veteran and what he brings to his position with Hyundai. With over 30 years of experience across the government and private sectors, Hood tells dealers about the policies on his radar this year with new leadership in Washington, as well as the biggest challenges he encountered while joining Hyundai's D.C. office in the middle of a pandemic.


Connecting with Dealership Customers in a Contactless World

Ross Tinkham, Director of OEM Sales and Business Development at AIADA Affinity Partner Podium, joins the Beltway Talk podcast to discuss how dealers can connect with customers in a contactless business world. He discusses the ins and outs of text messaging as a mode of customer engagement, how it has increased during the pandemic, and what dealers should consider as they maintain customer engagement in a post-pandemic environment. Find out more about what Podium can offer dealers at...


Get with the Dealer Visit Program

Ashley Burch, AIADA’s Senior Manager of Grassroots and Advocacy, joins the first Beltway Talk podcast of 2021 to talk about how dealers can get involved through AIADA’s Dealer Visit Program this year. Burch walks dealers through the process, including how to hold an in-person socially distanced or virtual visit with their legislators – and she explains why maintaining and building relationships with legislators is more important than ever in 2021. To schedule your own Dealer Visit, or learn...


Charlie Chesbrough’s End-of-Year Sales Round Up

Cox Automotive’s Charlie Chesbrough calls in to give listeners an overview of 2020’s auto sales and a peek at what lies ahead. He touches on a number of subjects, including his concerns for the 1st quarter of 2021, why dealers could see a blow-out second half of the year, and segment trends. This is a must-listen episode for dealers wanting a big-picture view of auto retail sales.


The Year That Was

AIADA chairman Jason Courter takes a look back at 2020 and his year at the helm of the association. In a period filled with challenges, Courter chooses to focus on the resilience of dealers. He discusses what it was like to watch the COVID-19 epidemic unfold in his own community in March, his efforts to keep his employees safe, and the one thing his father told him that guides his decision making even today.


Georgia’s On Her Mind

Following our eventful 2020 election cycle, AIADA's Vice President of Government Relations calls into the Beltway Talk studio to discuss the results. D.C. veteran Rachel Robinson breaks down the surprises she saw in the House, what remains to be decided in the Senate, and how the outcome of the presidential race could impact auto dealers. With all eyes on Georgia, Robinson, a Peach State native, walks you through the ins and out of our political landscape and gives you an insider's...


Q&A With NAMAD’s Damon Lester

Damon Lester, president of The National Association of Minority Auto Dealers (NAMAD), joins Beltway Talk to discuss his organization's mission, the challenges they face, and his vision for a more inclusive auto retail industry. NAMAD celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and looks forward to many more decades of advocating for its members.