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Welcome to Curb and Canyon – a podcast for Porsche enthusiasts BY Porsche enthusiasts. A collaboration between Porsche tragics, Andy Gaunt of ‘Last Rasp’ and James McGrath of ‘Auto Amateur’, Curb and Canyon is all about the lifestyle choice that is Porsche ownership. We’re not experts, we’re mates having a laugh about owning and driving these great cars, the roads we’ve driven, the upgrades we’ve made, the mods we’ve messed up and the great people we’ve met along the way. We want the world to know how awesome it is to own a car with the Porsche crest on the hood! New episodes dropping weekly with regular guests and panelists from across the Porsche world.


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Welcome to Curb and Canyon – a podcast for Porsche enthusiasts BY Porsche enthusiasts. A collaboration between Porsche tragics, Andy Gaunt of ‘Last Rasp’ and James McGrath of ‘Auto Amateur’, Curb and Canyon is all about the lifestyle choice that is Porsche ownership. We’re not experts, we’re mates having a laugh about owning and driving these great cars, the roads we’ve driven, the upgrades we’ve made, the mods we’ve messed up and the great people we’ve met along the way. We want the world to know how awesome it is to own a car with the Porsche crest on the hood! New episodes dropping weekly with regular guests and panelists from across the Porsche world.




Porsche nostalgia, road trip adventures, the art of customization and just calm the f*** down!

Welcome to another episode of Curb and Canyon! Come along with us as we reflect on a recent local car show that stirred up nostalgia-filled emotions with some epic examples of truly classic Porsches. Swapping car show tales for adventure stories, we recount recent road trips and the thrill of maneuvering through curving backroads both through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming for James as well the Aussie bush for Andy. We also dive deep into a detailed chat about the intricacies of the 991 generations. For those Porsche nuts who love to compare, we've got you covered. Wrapping up the episode, we tackle a rather philosophical question - do we all need to calm the f*** down with Porsche?? Tune in, kick back and let's talk!


Revving Engines with Luke: A Journey from Passionate Car Enthusiast to YouTube Phenomenon

Get ready to rev up your engines as we bring you an exclusive conversation with Luke, the man behind YouTube’s ‘Cars With Luke’ with his jaw-dropping cinematic car videos, set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Join us as Luke dives into his passion for cars, the profound influence of the TV show Top Gear on him and his latest adventures in auto trading. Our exciting conversation with Luke takes a detour into the realm of car journalism as he shares his experiences with the iconic Porsche 964 Turbo, the Alpine Vibes series, and much more. So, fasten your seat belts and turn up the volume for this high-octane discussion about cars, passion, and the art of visual storytelling.


Exploring the Legacy of Porsche: From the iconic 911 ST to its modern day 992 reimagining

Ever wondered about the secret sauce behind the enduring success of the Porsche brand? Prepare to have your curiosity satisfied as we talk through the history of the iconic Porsche 911 ST, to the engineering marvel that is the Porsche 992. Get ready for a wild ride as we slay the Dragon with motion sickness and make bold decisions on whether to hold on to a beloved car or pursue a new project. We also delve into the nuances of car modifications, the beauty of Porsche colors, and share tales from personal adventures. Our friend Chris’s recent acquisition of a 991.2 GT3 Touring sparks a thought-provoking debate, leading to the decision to auction off Bluey and pick up something new for the Auto Amateur garage...! This episode is a tribute to the test drivers who tragically lost their lives on the Nortschlifert recently, reminding us to follow our passions and love what we do every single day, and a tribute to the love of all things Porsche. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with James and Andy in this latest episode of Curb and Canyon.


Driving Passion: A Journey into the World of Porsche with Mo' and Kerstin from Flat 6 High 5

Do you ever wonder what it truly means to be embedded in the world of automobiles? Meet Moritz and Kerstin from Flat 6 High 5, as they intertwine their love for Porsche vehicles into their relationship, creating a unique dynamic, shared experiences and a story that every car enthusiast would appreciate. We navigate through their vibrant journey, from Mo's inherited passion for mechanics to Kerstin's inculcated love for the thrill of Formula One races and Ducati motorcycles. We delve into the distinctive design of the Porsche 911 that exudes style and grace, and how Mo has infused his personal touch to make this iconic vehicle his own. This episode also uncovers the symbiotic work dynamics between Mo and Kerstin, and how their shared passion for Porsche cars has led to a unique bond between them. You'll find out how they handpick members for their events, focusing on people with unique perspectives and shared passion, rather than the cars themselves. From their hilarious encounters with a race car driver at a gas station to tales of pushing their cars to the limit, they share the thrilling world of Porsche ownership in all its glory. Lastly, sit back and virtually join them on their French Alps adventure, as they share tales of leading Porsche events and the family-like atmosphere they cultivate. We discuss the power that design elements exert in creating shared experiences, from customized apparel that evokes nostalgia to the importance of capturing the essence of the event. We wrap up with plans for their upcoming Porsche rally, reflecting on the ripples their passion has created in the world of car enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this fascinating journey filled with high octane tales and captivating insights into the Porsche world.


Under the Hood with Henry Catchpole: Exploring Porsche's Legacy

Get ready to rev your engines and shift into high gear as we embark on a thrilling journey exploring the realm of motoring journalism with the one-and-only Henry Catchpole. Renowned for his articulate and engaging content, Henry takes us down memory lane, sharing his two-decade-long passion for automobiles, his admiration for Evo magazine and his love for extracurricular activities like running and cycling. Stay tuned as we take a deep dive into the world of Porsche. We uncover the hidden allure of these iconic cars, discussing their unique appeal and the hair-raising exhilaration they induce. We further delve into the different Porsche models, discussing our experiences with the 997 and the future of electric sports cars. Our conversation veers into the perfect road trip and the ideal Porsche to accompany it, with Henry leaning towards a 2.7 RS for Scotland and James favoring his Cayenne for a Chipotle run. We wrap up our fascinating chat reflecting on Henry's illustrious career. We discuss the shift from writing to video content creation, Henry's unique style of storytelling, and even our shared love for racing games during our younger years. Join us for this riveting episode as we navigate the exciting twists and turns of the automotive industry, with invaluable insights from one of its most respected voices. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Revving Up with Porsche: Celebrating Innovations, Anniversaries, and Road Trips

Hold onto your steering wheels as we're diving into the captivating world of Porsche's Mission X concept car. Will it live up to the brand's hypercar legacy? As we celebrate Porsche's 75th anniversary, we also take a closer look at their latest models and ponder whether we're experiencing the golden years of the brand. Plus, find out how the Porsche Center Melbourne marked the milestone anniversary in style. Finally, buckle up as we share our own Porsche road trip adventure and discuss the recent Le Mans race. We also touch on the jaw-dropping $1.2 million sale of a 996 Club Sport Classic at auction and of course the Video of the Week: "Headlights North," which chronicles a road trip from Helsinki to Nord Cap in a classic Porsche. It's time to rev up your engines for this latest episode of Curb and Canyon!


The Porsche Connection: Emblem Makeover, Reunited with Past Loves, Porsche Super-Villains and a Heartwarming Update

James and Andy are back again for more Porsche banter! Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about the cars you used to own and wondering if you should buy them back? This week, our Porsche passion is reignited as we discuss the new Porsche Crest design, share stories about our favorite past cars, and even touch on the tale of a kangaroo colliding with a Porsche. We also congratulate a few friends on their new cars and explore the possibility of a carbon fiber hood for 'Bluey.' Join us in our lively conversation about the design details of the new Porsche crest, including the differences between the black and white and color versions, as well as the texture of the antlers and Porsche text. We then dive into our relationships with former cars, the idea of taking them back, and how our lives and circumstances change over time. Don't miss our personal encounters with the Porsche 996 C4S and the iconic first-generation 991 GT3. Lastly, we discuss the challenges of making tough decisions like selling a beloved car and weigh the cost of starting the process all over again against the appeal of air-cooled cars. We also share the heartwarming story of a Porsche enthusiast living in Ukraine, and how James' family is sponsoring him and his family to come to the US to escape the war zone. Tune in for an exciting episode filled with Porsche passion, heartfelt stories, and a surprising superhero connection with Condor Man.


The 718 Spyder RS, vicarious living through your Porsche purchases and the usual Porsche banter

This week we're talking about the new 718 Spyder RS - perhaps Porsche's swan song for the Cayman / Boxster's combustion engine. We also have not one but two 'Videos of the Week' for you, both with epic cinematography telling compelling stories about the Porsches they feature. Plus we're back with all the usual insult throwing, chaos laden Porsche banter between Andy and James. Tune in, check it out and enjoy! Welcome to another episode of Curb and Canyon.


The 911 ST, 992.2, Hybrids, the next Porsche Hyper Car and more

Andy and James are back, talking all things Porsche. In this episode we're talking about some of the latest news and rumors from the world of Porsche from the whispers of the new 911 ST, the forthcoming second generation of the 992 and the potential for Porsche going all-in on their vision for hybrid 911s and EVs. We're also talking about Andy's most recent 'Alpine Range Rally 8' outing with epic roads, night driving and kangaroos, James' midnight 911 shopping and several upcoming Porsche events. Finally don't miss out on the latest 'Video of the Week' and the new segment that puts a spotlight on the global Porsche community. Tune in, kick back and enjoy!


Andy's Latest GT4 Video and Everyone's Going Surfing Safari, Porsche Style

Back for more Porsche banter, the Curb and Canyon team is back!! Andy and James are talking all things Porsche as usual. In this pod we talk through Andy's recent 'Last Rasp' video which gives the GT4 lovers some epic content to drool over, James just bought a new Porsche (!) but unlike several other enthusiasts at the moment he is NOT going all 'Safari' mode on it... yet. Join us for this and much, much more.


992.2 Updates: the Dawn of the Hybrid 911? A new 4.0 NA Engine?? Porsche banter and more.

Welcome back to the Curb and Canyon podcast, now in its 3rd season! In this opening episode we talk about one of the most anticipated (for better or worse) generations of the Porsche 911 to be released in the last 50 years... the first ever HYBRID version of the 911 that is rumored to be coming with the latest 992.2. While news of a potential hybrid offering has some of the purists sweating anxiously, another rumor of a newly engineered 4.0 liter naturally aspirated flat 6 engine being introduced with the 992.2 has everyone's pulse racing. Join us for an hour Porsche banter about the 992, upcoming road trips, Andy's shenanigans with his GT4 and James' plans for his next 911... tune in, kick back and enjoy the ride.


Holiday Special - A final hurrah for 2022 with the new Porsche Dakar, Tasmania, Andy's 964 performance mods and more Porsche banter

In this final episode for 2022, James and Andy are rounding out the year by talking about their thoughts on the new 911 Dakar and how Porsche is preparing for the kind of future you saw in the Mad Max movies... Andy just recently completed an epic tour of Tasmania in his GT4, we're talking about James' future plans for his 911 ownership and much, much more... think of this as your Curb and Canyon BUMPER Holiday Special. Put on your ugly holiday sweater, kick back with some mulled wine and mice pie and enjoy. Thanks guys!!


Ours and Your Favorite Drives, the new 911 T and special guest, Andy at 9 Werks Radio

James and Andy are back for more Porsche banter and this week they have quite a lot to talk about! The new 911 Carrera T has been released at the tail end of the 992.1 generation, plus there are new rumors and speculation are swirling around Porsche and their potential entry to Formula. The main topic up for discussion in this episode however is about driving. James and Andy talk through their Top 5 moments behind the wheel as well getting a favorite moment from a very special guest, Andy Brookes from 9 Werks Radio (the lesser - ok better - Porsche podcast). Find out more about Andy's incredible example of a 964 and the magic of 9 Werks here: #993Andy @993Andy


Fashion Designer and Porsche Enthusiast Rik, the man behind Rico Customs

Joining the Curb and Canyon podcast is special guest Rik, the man behind 'Rico Customs' - a fashion designer and Porsche enthusiast based in the Netherlands. Rico has a passion for building Porsche 911 Outlaws and a fashion designer building Porsches for fun. Stay tuned for more Porsche news and banter with Andy and James dropping weekly, right here on Curb and Canyon.


10k, Road Trips, Luft 8 and some good old fashioned Porsche banter

Andy and James are back with some good old fashioned Anglo-Australian-'merican Porsche banter. In this episode we're talking about James' recent tour of the Smoky Mountains with his group of friends who all slayed the world famous Tail of the Dragon on US highway 129. We're talking about how to destroy hours of paint correction work like a pro, how to make a 911 Turbo sound just as good as a naturally aspirated 911, the recent incredible Luft 8 Porsche event and much much more.


The new GT3RS and CheckedItOut Chicago '22

In this episode of Curb and Canyon, James and Andy are talking about their impressions of the eagerly awaited 992 GT3RS that has just been released by Porsche and the future of that platform. This week has also been quite the week of car events with James attending CheckedItOut Chicago #Check22 where Bluey 996 was on show and Andy completing a winter rally with a squad of Porsche GT cars. As ever, thanks for listening and supporting Curb and Canyon. More episodes coming soon!


Luft is back in LA and what would you ask Porsche to build just for you?

Andy and James are back for your weekly dose of Porsche banter. This week we talk about the recent announcement of Luftgekühlt 8 which is taking place on October 9th at the Port of Los Angeles CA. We're also talking about the little known select service offered by Porsche, rumored to offer any build, of any generation of Porsche, for what is presumably a mountain of cash. But still - if money were no object, what would you have Porsche build you? Lots more too including an epic Video of the Week. Tune in, kick back, enjoy!


Kris Clewell at Overcrest says "Take the Car"

This week we have a very special guest - Kris Clewell from Overcrest Productions - known for his epic vintage air-cooled 911, his passion for wrenching on cars, his photography but maybe most of all, for his sense of adventure. Long time fans, James and Andy, get to speak with Kris about all of this and more. Enjoy!


Andy did a THING and James is totally uncool about it

Welcome back to Curb and Canyon! This week Andy tells us why he was absent from last week's podcast, throws some insults Jay Read's way, drops a bomb about his exploits from the last few days and James is very, VERY uncool about the whole fiasco. Exciting news, great Porsche banter and as always, lots of fun. Tune in, kick back and enjoy!


Special guest Jay Read talks about his current project car - His rainforest green Boxster

Andy is on a special mission this week which has taken him to Sydney. In his absence the Porsche influencer, YouTube rock star, ginger warrior - Jay Read - joins James as co-host for some banter and fun. In this episode we're talking about Jay's current project car, his metallic rainforest green first generation Boxster with its tan interior, soft top and 'runny eyes' headlights. We're also talking about the $15k repair bill James is facing for his 996 and the second annual 'Return to the Dragon' Porsche enthusiasts event in the Smoky Mountains this coming September. Tune in, kick back and enjoy!