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The hosts of "Everyday Driver", Paul and Todd, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goes on behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.

The hosts of "Everyday Driver", Paul and Todd, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goes on behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.
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The hosts of "Everyday Driver", Paul and Todd, get behind the microphone to answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs. Disagreement and debate are bound to happen. Along the way they discuss what goes on behind the scenes of their review films and other topics throughout the car industry.




324: Spanish Holiday, Culling The Herd, Move Over

Imagine your vacation house has a fun car waiting for you, but one purchased for a low budget for lack of use. Carlos S. in Montreal, Canada spends one month a year in Alicante, Spain, and is searching for a trackable, collectible, family car to keep there. Jordan in San Jose, CA is thinning out his 6-car collection, and trying to pare down to a number more reasonable for commuting and family duties. Finally, social media questions address the headspace of drivers who don’t let you pass on...


323: Road Trippin', Island Electric, Carsick Relatives

The guys discuss the best road trip car at any budget and offer completely different perspectives as to how they arrived at their decisions. Fern and Rad in Honolulu, HI write with their changing car needs to include a small dog and family members, and they are mulling electric cars that fit their lifestyle. Social media questions include discussion about cornering and motion sickness, dealership trust and the LA car scene… Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the show on IMDB and...


322: SS Excess, Farm Cars, 401k or 720S

Should you give your car to your wife, and wait to shop for something else for yourself? This is the conundrum for Tony C. in Jacksonville, FL, whose wife loves his Chevy SS, but still isn’t sure what she wants to drive next. The guys debate an extra car that will remain at the vacation home of Peter S. and his wife in the northeast US, and then discuss social media questions about meaningful drives, car collections based on engine placement, and the balancing act of saving for the future...


321: Explaining The Disease, Morgan 3-Wheeler, Wife Learning Manual

How do you convince your friends that driving can be fun? The guys take on this Topic Tuesday debate from Austin S., who asks for fresh ideas. The car debate is for Blake B. in Los Angeles, a Morgan 3-wheeler owning enthusiast who loves canyon driving. He wants a fourth car that is exciting yet functional; something his wife might consider driving. Finally, social media questions include best and worst car names, consistent vs. formulaic video content, and possibly letting your best...


320: Killing Camry, Fast Not Furious, Hillclimbing MPG

Is it possible to have simultaneous sports car ownership and start a family? The first step is to purge the Camry and consider other options, like Dale D. is doing in Tacoma, WA. When you’re re-inspired by the driving you did early in life, track cars come back around, but they need to do everything else too. David E. in Omaha, NE is looking at choices for both street and track. Finally, the guys discuss best approaches for getting good MPG while climbing hills, the most American car you...


319: Too Precious, Too Flashy, Too Many Gears

Do you own your car, or does it own you? The Topic Tuesday debate is about buying your dream car and hating it, because you want to keep it perfect and scratch-free. Michael in Houston TX writes about his predicament of wanting a fun, inexpensive sports car, but not wanting to appear ostentatious as a young professional. Social media questions include discussion about the most recognizable design elements that define a brand, the COTA F1 race in Austin, and how many gears is too many?...


318: Bored With Subaru, Hatfields And McCoys, Defining Aggression

What happens when your car is suddenly boring to you? Get something different? Try to squeeze more enjoyment out of your old one? Although the budgets are different, the dilemma is the same for Jody B. in Utah and Brooks and his wife Sara in California. The guys talk about taking sides over brand loyalty and how to avoid getting disowned by your family, and they clarify the discussion on aggressive vs. purposeful driving… Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the show on IMDB and...


317: Great To Drive But Terrible To Own, Cars For Doctors, Traffic Flow Debate

This Topic Tuesday centers around cars that are great to drive for a variety of reasons, but probably offer a less-than-ideal ownership experience. Also, there have been prior debates on car choices for many professions, but this time the spotlight is on Dr. Aleem N., who recently moved from NYC to Seattle. In addition to many social media questions, the traffic flow/lane merging issue stands out as an argument to solve, but the guys aren’t sure if they do… Please rate and review the...


316: Experiencing Japan, Best Darth Vader Car, Budget Pain Threshold

Driving cars in their country of origin could be a bucket list all by itself, so during the time period that Matt H. works as an English teacher in rural Japan, he wants to experience the local car flavors and roads there. Nick J. lives on Yonaguni Island in Japan as well, but when he moves to the U.S., he wants an ideal sports car to track and autocross -- so the guys offer up their suggestions. Finally, questions from social media include discussion about best cars that look like Darth...


315: Best Cars By Decade, Whole New Garage, LS Swap Dreams

What brands or cars are best represented in each decade? The guys tackle this Topic Tuesday, going back to the 50’s and discussing notable milestones that stick out in their minds. They also debate changing over George and Sarah’s garage in Guatemala City, GTM, talk about the Singer/Williams DLS Porsche 911, best sleeper cars, and brands that no longer exist—what happens to maintenance and repairs if you buy those cars? Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the show on IMDB and...


314: Buy Now Or Wait, Don’t Get Arrested, Maserati Rant

Should you hold off on buying a fun car, or wait for future models and technology to appear in dealerships? That’s the debate for Derek in MI, who likes frugal living but wants to get something emotional. Maurice in Quebec, Canada likes enjoying enthusiast cars under the speed limit, and wants a car that won’t attract much attention but still be fun. More questions from social media include favorite V8 sounds, great BMW cars without M badges, and the once-a-year car… Please rate and review...


313: Moment In Time Cars, First Fun Car, Most Visceral

Sometimes cars get built that change a brand’s perception entirely, or maybe they leave a lasting impression on the driver. The guys talk about the ones that represented an industry shift, or simply cars that changed their driving forever. They discuss first fun car choices for Greg W. in Kentucky, who still needs four doors but wants a great drive. Then, social media questions bring topics like viscerally stimulating cars, supercharging the Toyota 86, and whether or not to get higher...


312: Miata Rollerskates, Sell It Anyway, Watches And Helicopters

Remember good visibility in cars? Larger A-pillars and new proportions on modern cars make it seem like the old cars were better to see out of. Jess in northern California is addicted to old Swedish turbos, but willing to make a change if he can find a more modern sports car with good sight lines. Russell in Maryland is an empty-nest enthusiast, and wants to add some fun car spice back in his life. The guys then discuss social media questions too, with topics like Level-2 electric car...


311: Distracted Driving, Quirky Cars, About Leather

Distracted driving is never a good habit, and the guys have touched on the subject before, but have never talked about it in-depth. They discuss ideas about the problem in the form of graduated licensing, in addition to road rage and lifted pickup trucks. Terrance C. in Illinois is looking for a quirky-yet-fun car to move on to, and social media questions include discussion about leather, rear-engined SUVs, and what kind of performance driving will best enhance your daily skills? Please...


310: The Middle Car, Infecting Your Spouse, Cloning Elon

If you already own the "enthusiast bookends" like Robert B. and his wife in Spring, TX, what is a good 'middle-ground' kind of car? Megan in Utah also writes with the admission that she has been influenced by her enthusiast husband, and now wants to buy a fun car for herself. The guys take on social media questions too, and discuss the best time of year to buy a car, run-flat tires, and what it would be like to clone Elon… Please rate and review this podcast on iTunes, the show on IMDB,...


309: When Is Old Enough, Artist's Exotic, Hire-Fire-Clone

Which enthusiast cars should you consider driving in every decade of your life? The guys treat this Topic Tuesday like an ongoing bar discussion, with many caveats but many good suggestions. Andrew is a graffiti artist and illustrator in Austin, TX, and asks what exotic car will inspire others, empower his business and open up new opportunities, in addition to being great to drive? Social media questions are answered too, like why don’t more companies have signature colors, why Dodge...


308: Do You Even Drift, Reliable vs. Money Pit, Car Conclusions

How do you keep boys (and cops) away from your teenage daughter who is just learning to drive? That’s the debate for Erik in northern California who is looking for pre-emptive advice, so the guys share their ideas. They also reveal some recent car buying conclusions from the debates, and compare the cars people bought vs. cars that were recommended. Finally, social media questions inquire about cars that "just run" vs. German maintenance hogs, how to make a car feel lighter through power...


307: Influence Your Parents, Rediscover Convertibles, Explain To Your Spouse

As a kid, your persuasion skills were pretty much limited to toys and food. But once you get older, what about convincing your parents on their car choices? Jax in the Bay Area, CA is shopping for both his mom and dad, so the guys add their opinions on what they should buy. Then, Dan in LA is ready for another convertible in his life, and lives in the right city to own one. Finally, how do you justify the on-going car search to your spouse? The guys explore this question, along with which...


306: Crossover Curse, Tesla Lamentations, Discovering German

It's a rant-filled podcast about the popularity growth of CUVs in the marketplace, Tesla pre-buyer's remorse and company-wide layoffs, and that lingering wish you had discovered German cars earlier in your life! The debates are for Olen R. in Seattle, who is aspiring to sports car ownership despite receiving his Model 3 build slot, and Chris S. in St. Louis, who is an Audi owner mulling over his newfound track driving obsession… Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the show on...


305: Cars For College, Minivan Hate, Forbidden Fruit

What kinds of inexpensive do-it-all, and still fun to drive cars work best for college students? The debate explores options for Thomas, who is a climber in Indiana, and Austin, a National Guardsman in Pennsylvania. Minivans are definitely useful for many reasons, but not often recommended by the guys, so they explain. Finally, listeners ask what cars in Europe should be made available in the U.S., driving tips for new parents, and thoughts on dealership advertising on cars… Please rate...