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Hatching Godzilla Ep. 3 – Forgotten Speed

A dominant race car, an engineering marvel and an enthusiasts dream, the BNR32 Skyline GT-R is one of the most important cars in history. The departure of Shinichiro Sakurai in 1984, during the development of the R31 Nissan Skyline, lead to his apprentice, Naganori Ito, taking over as the lead engineer for the upcoming R32 generation Skyline. His apprenticeship under Sakurai had provided him with all of the tools he would need to be a successful lead engineer, but the disappointing launch of...


Hatching Godzilla Ep. 2 – Forgotten Speed

Shinichiro Sakurai's Skyline engineering team at Nissan had been working on a secret weapon. A race car project that after the frustration and attrition brought on by the merger of Prince and Nissan, the team would finally introduce the world in 1969: The first Skyline GT-R. In this episode we follow the story of the earliest GT-R models, along with the R30 and R31 generations including the build up to the legendary R32 GT-R. Follow me on instagram @dustycompany Youtube at...


Hatching Godzilla Ep. 1 – Forgotten Speed

The BNR32 Skyline GT-R is a special car. Just saying the name is enough to perk up the ears of any car enthusiast or petrol head in earshot. It's a car that I personally have a soft spot for, but I've been curious for a while now about how this came to be. I wonder, why is it, here in 2017 automotive enthusiasts and even casual car people around the world still love this car? What were the circumstances that allowed for the rise of this specific model? How did it pierce into the...