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126: The Congregation Show 2018

Loud Pipes will be taking a short break for the next few weeks. Watch our social media accounts for our return in June 2018. New Topics The Congregation Show 2018 (https://www.thecongregationshow.com) - Charlotte, NC Congregation 2018 - Tubo Maximus https://uploads.fireside.fm/images/e/e9f8d2eb-9140-4ae8-8ade-c38bd0c47027/qulBCD-1.jpg Congregation 2018 - 5 https://uploads.fireside.fm/images/e/e9f8d2eb-9140-4ae8-8ade-c38bd0c47027/CzZ8WFBf.jpg Congregation 2018 - 4...


125: Ducati Enters AFT, Carbon Fiber Progress, and Some Deep Topics

Couple news topics this week and we get deep in conversation about what your last wishes are and have you shared that with anyone. New Topics New Carbon Composite process from BMW, may reduce costs (https://newatlas.com/bmw-carbon-composite-manufacture/54068/) We talk about flat track racing, inspired by MotoNobodies podcast season 1 episode 6 (http://www.motonobodies.com/s1e6) featuring Cruiser Bruiser Ducati Enters American Flat Track...


124: Motocross Racing with Joey Mitchell

We shift gears and bring in Joey Mitchell to talk about motocross racing, dirt bikes, electric bikes, and more. We are off this week for spring break and travel, next live show will be Thursday April 12. New Topics Joey gives us him experience in motocross racing We talk about Alta Motors and electric bikes Supercross and other racing series we also get Joey's 8 days a week list Joey Mitchell motocross racing...


123: Good Rides, Good Friends, Good Times

For the first time in a while, we all were able to get out and ride during the last week. There was a long time meetup that finally happened. New Topics Rich and Rico meetup for an impromptu lunch at Upstate Craft Beer Co (http://www.upstatecraftbeer.com) Jon talks about riding with local Moto Amino Dragon Krew as they did a recon ride to prep for the East Coast Meetup We talk about dream trips we would like to take and recall a previous episode where we planned out the ultimate Loud Pipes...


122: Finding Your Community with Liza Miller (explicit)

To round out our new rider series we talk about finding your community. We have brought in fellow podcaster, host of Motorcycles and Misfits podcast and owner of the Re-Cycle Garage - Liza Miller. Also, just a heads up that there is a little explicit language this week. New Topics Final topic of the New and Returning Rider Series - Finding your community Re-Cycle Garage (https://www.facebook.com/recyclesantacruz/) Moto Amino (https://aminoapps.com/c/motorcycle-amino/info/) Facebook groups...


121: West Coast Road Tripping with Aaron Smith

For this espiosde we once again have the pleasure of welcoming Aaron Smith, who has been on the the show a few times talking about the Road Hogs group rides. New Topics Aaron rides from South Carolina to San Francisco, CA. Started September 19th, 2018 and returned September 29th, 2018. Planned to take northern route (I-80), however snow in the mountains changed plans to the southern route. Completed back to back days over 1,000 miles each. Spent two days in San Francisco, CA Traveled thru...


120: Introducing the MotoNobodies Podcast

This week we have some very exciting news to share coming out of RDub Studios. To help with this news, we invited Amp'd and Bacon to join us. So the big news is that we have launched a second show! It's going to be hosted by Bacon, Amp'd, and Jon. The show is called MotoNobodies and will be a chat about the MotoNobodies meet-ups and the daily chats within the group. The MotoNobodies group started back in 2016 and have been talking and meeting up since then. The plan is also to bring in...


119: Jon has an Iron Butt

Tonight Rich and Rico get the latest news from Jon on his past weekend trip with the Moto Amino Dragon Krew. Jon took a little adventure and rode down to Key West, Florida. On the ride down the plan was to complete the saddle sore 1000 Iron Butt Challenge. This challenge is to complete 1000 miles in 24 hours or less. There was a small delay in getting out of North Carolina as DaRula's chain broke while running about 70 mph on I-85 just south of Charlotte, NC. To answer the question - yes...


118: Get a Bike - New and Returning Rider Series

Continuing along with our new and returning rider series, this week focuses on getting your first bike. We give our first bikes and stories and debate the direction of new and returning riders. TOPICS U-TURN KTM Super Duke GTEric via FacebookEVENTS 2nd Annual Congregation ShowCaptial Powersports3rd Annual Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge1st Annual Loud Pipes Meetup14th Annual Barber Vintage FestSupport the show and receive rewards for your contribution by visiting loudpipes.net/donate....


117: Yamaha Star Eluder - First Ride

TOPICS Yamaha Star EluderSport Durst Powersports UTURN EVENTS 2nd Annual Congregation Show3rd Annual Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge1st Annual Loud Pipes Meetup14th Annual Barber Vintage FestSupport the show and receive rewards for your contribution by visiting loudpipes.net/donate. Patreon is our focus and is an ongoing support model. There is also a link for one-time donations and support of any size is greatly appreciated Running time: 1 hour 26 minutes Questions...


116: Harley-Davidson Results and LiveWire Confirmed!

Colin aka Broncoride joins us to discuss the latest results from Harley-Davidson and the news around closing Kansas City final assembly and the confirmation of LiveWire coming in 18 months! To top it off, Colin is also to most recent member to the Riders of Loud Pipes and we thank him for his support! TOPICS BroncorideYouTube channelHarley-Davidson 4th quarter and year end resultsLiveWire demo ride with commentaryLiveWire full ride video UTURN Ted from the Motorcycle Men...


115: Get Some More Training and Some Gear

Bacon's Broken Bits joins Rich this week to cover some additional rider training and gear for new riders TOPICS Rider training schools Motorcycle Safety FoundationRiders EdgeBike SafeMidwest Motorcycle TrainingGet some gear MSF requirements #1, your gear is your primary setup for climate control, get something as comfortable as possible, and minimize gear that is distracting. Find a helmet that FITS properly! Boots Gloves Three finger gloves for...


114: Easyriders Show Charlotte 2018

Main topic this week is our visit to the 2018 Easyriders show in Charlotte. Rico's brother Kevin joins us to review our favorites and general discussion about the show. Don't miss the update from Jon on the new Spyder and he has a surprise in the events section! We also welcome our latest member to the Riders of Loud Pipes and we thank James Providakes for the support. EASYRIDERS SHOW Enjoy the photos below and we discussed several during this...


113: Get Some Training Part 1 - New and Returning Rider Series

We want to help out new and returning riders and give our input on what should be some of your first steps. With Jon on the Moto Amino app and hanging with the Dragon Krew, he meets Irishman. Irishman is a 23-year motorcycle veteran with well over 300k on sport and cruiser bikes. Then on top of that, he was a full-time MSF instructor while stationed in Japan and still fills in at Nash and Franklin County community colleges. We also want to thank Irishman for his service to our country as...


112: New Rider Series and Spyder Sadness

This week kicks off with an announcement of our new rider series. At least four episodes dedicated to helping new and returning riders get into motorcycling. Jon is pulled into the conversation on his Spyder so that we can all get a proper update on all the sadness. NEW RIDER SERIES We are starting a mini-series, that eventually will be put together as a reference episode. The idea is, let’s do our part for the motorcycle community and help to foster new riders Four part series covering...


111: Annual Predictions Show and 2017 Year of Beer

We score our 2017 motorcycle predictions and make new ones for 2018. There is an update on the R6 build and the 2017 year of beer compilation following this episode audio. Predictions First up, scoring 2017 predictions from episode 70: Scoring: 2017: Rich: Jon: Rico: Rider of Loud Pipes!: Mark A Micah: Zyon: (2) HD in 2018 will expand the 107 to the Softail and Dyna lines. 2018: Rich: Jon: Rico: This may have already happenedRider of Loud Pipes!: Chris...


110: Ten Cold Weather Riding Tips with KP Moto

KP Moto joins us this week to discuss cold riding and we give ten tips if you plan on doing that. A little longer episode than usual as we head into the Christmas holiday week. On Thursday December 28, 2017 we will record our annual predictions show. We score the round from last year and make new ones. This year we are also taking predictions from listeners, if you are interested please reach us on our feedback page loudpipes.net/feedback KP on his Yamaha FJR 1300 Eight Days a Week (KP...


109: NYC IMS with Chris Geiss

TOPICS: NYC IMS motorcycle showKawasaki Z900 RS Yamaha Eluder Kawasaki Z900RS left side Ducati Custom BMW R 1200 R BMW R nine T Scrambler NYC Kawasaki Z900RS right side Indian FTR 1200 Jonathan Rae Kawasaki ZX10RR World Superbike UTURN: SPEND MY MONEY: Chris is looking for an aftermarket exhaust for his 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S EVENTS: Easyriders Bike Show CharlotteCongregation show3rd Annual MPCRIDERS OF LOUD PIPES: New support level called the SlackPackSupport the...


108: Justin Webster - City Scrambler and More

Justin Webster is back in the house (previously episode 75) to give an update on what he's been up to. The City Scrambler that we saw as a rough setup in January has been received very well in finished form and he took that to some bike shows, was featured by Bike EXIF, and more. The topics are many and this episode is all Justin and we parked all the other segments until next week. TOPICS Photo: Wren Salgado Handbuilt Show OG Moto in LALossa EngineeringMax Hazens shopMax with Anthony...


107: Are You Shadetree?

Are you shade tree and how do you feel about that term? We get into the definition and break down some of the stigma around the term shade tree. Mike from the Riders of Loud Pipes joins us for the conversation and other topics. TOPICS Urban dictionaryWikipediaU-Turn Suzuki V-Strom 1000Versys 1000NEWS RAPID FIRE A moto auction site dedicated to vintage bikesRoyal Enfield taking on Harley street with new 650cc twin engineEVENTS Support the show and receive rewards for your contribution by...


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