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Two friends and automotive experts make sense of everything car-related for anyone from the everyday driver to the automotive enthusiast. It’s car stuff made simple for Canadians.


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Two friends and automotive experts make sense of everything car-related for anyone from the everyday driver to the automotive enthusiast. It’s car stuff made simple for Canadians.




Episode 37: Say Goodbye to These Disappearing Cars

Dan and Jodi go through all the cars that will be discontinued at the end of 2023 and discuss why these cars have been cancelled. Which ones are you sad or surprised to see go? Email us at expert@trader.ca with your picks or any questions you’d like to ask us.


Episode 36: Our Favourite Cars and Why

While the AutoTrader Award winners are picked by a jury of experts, Dan and Jodi discuss their personal favourite vehicles and what makes them so good.


Episode 35: Advanced Safety Features and How They Work

Dan and Jodi demystify some of the most common advanced safety features and explain how they might help you.


Episode 34: Today’s Biggest Automotive Design Trends

Dan and Jodi discuss today’s defining automotive design trends and the factors driving them. Huge grilles? Fake exhaust pipes? What’s the deal?


Episode 33: Is Diesel Dead?

Dan and Jodi discuss the pros and cons of diesel cars, why diesel vehicles never really became popular in Canada, and why they might be dead entirely.


Episode 32: The Future of Performance Cars

Dan and Jodi discuss how performance cars are changing as electrification becomes the norm. How will completely silent EVs live up to the drama of gas-powered performance cars? Is this an existential crisis for driving enthusiasts? Tune in to find out.


Episode 31: How to Sell Your Car for Top Dollar

Dan and Jodi go through what you should do to get top dollar when you sell your used car. They also chat about the pros and cons of selling privately vs. selling to a dealership or trading it in.


Episode 30: What’s Coming in Car Tech?

Dan and Jodi look at some exciting innovations that are happening in the automotive industry that could be in the next car you buy. From colour-changing paint, 3D printing, TikTok integration, and more, here’s what the future of cars could hold.


Episode 29: Unwritten and Forgotten Rules of the Road

Dan and Jodi take the terrible driving they’ve witnessed recently and turn it into a refresher course on forgotten and unwritten rules of the road. Who has the right of way? What’s the etiquette for EV charging spots? And why don’t people pull over for emergency vehicles these days? Listen to find out! Note: the video freezes from 25:34 until 27:59. The audio is unaffected.


Episode 28: What’s the Deal with All These EV Conspiracies?

Dan and Jodi dig through the comments section to find and debunk the most egregious EV conspiracy theories and misinformation. EVs can be a lightning rod for crazy comments, but we try to set the record straight.


Episode 27: What the Heck Is Going on with Car Prices?

Dan and Jodi are joined by AutoTrader’s data genius Baris Akyurek to discuss what’s going on with car prices these days. From lingering supply chain issues, to gas prices, and more, Baris demystifies all the factors that have been affecting new and used car pricing over the past few years.


Episode 26: Car Features We Can’t Live Without

Dan and Jodi admit they’re spoiled when it comes to car features, but they share the ones they consider must-haves for any Canadian driver. Bonus round: Our hosts talk about some of the fanciest and most silly car features they’ve come across.


Episode 25: Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked EV Questions

Dan and Jodi answer your most commonly asked questions about electric vehicles including: Are EVs reliable? Do EVs work in the cold? and Why are EVs so ugly?


Episode 24: Why Are We So Grumpy About EV Charging?

Dan and Jodi get grumpy because they love electric cars but are frustrated with the public charging infrastructure. If you don’t have a place to charge at home and are considering an EV, don’t miss this episode.


Episode 23: Is Premium Gas Worth It?

Dan and Jodi demystify premium gas and tell you the facts about when you should use it, when you shouldn’t use it, and when it’s an absolute waste of money.


Episode 22: 2023 AutoTrader Award Winners

The winners for the 2023 AutoTrader Awards are here! Canada’s most trusted automotive awards celebrate vehicles that go above and beyond to give Canadian drivers the absolute best. Our experts voted on the best cars in over 30 different segments to help you feel more confident the next time you’re shopping for a car. Dan and Jodi go through some of the winners and chat about what makes them so good.


Episode 21: What’s the Deal with All These New EV Companies?

New EV companies seem to pop up all the time, but few seem to be successful. Dan and Jodi chat about some of the new EV makers coming to Canada like Vinfast and Rivian, some of the challenges they face, how Tesla made it sexy to be an EV company, and what’s going on with the rumored Apple car.


Episode 20: Demystifying EV Range

There’s a lot of confusion around electric vehicle range, so Dan and Jodi share some real talk about the facts, the myths, and what they’ve learned driving EVs so far. EVs aren’t perfect, but they’re not as scary as you might have heard.


Episode 19: How to Save Money on Your Car Expenses

With inflation kicking everyone’s butts and so many of your expenses out of your control, Dan and Jodi share tips on saving some cash on your car expenses. They also share a warning on what not to do if you’re looking to cut down on costs.


Episode 18: Top Searched Vehicles of 2022

Dan and Jodi go through AutoTrader’s Top Searched Vehicles for 2022, how it was different from last year, the provincial breakdown, and what interesting trends seemed to emerge from the data. They also go through some of the automotive highs and lows of the year. We’ll return in January with new episodes! Drive safe and happy holidays!