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A couple guys sharing their love of all things motorcycling.

A couple guys sharing their love of all things motorcycling.


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A couple guys sharing their love of all things motorcycling.




Episode 4 – Congratulations n00b!

Crash and Steve welcome new rider, Tucker (also Steve’s nephew), to the show to talk about his recent purchase of a Kawasaki W800. They also discuss the Harley Panamerica, modular body armor solutions, and the new lane filtering law in Montana. Lane Filtering Now Legal in Montana Harley Panamerica Video Forcefield Body Armor


Episode 3 – “New” ‘Busa, Farewell Sporty

Crash is in Japan and out of quarantine. The guys talk about the 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa as well as some of the bikes that are not returning after 2021. They discuss Harley-Davidson’s new plan, called “the Hardwire”. The 10% tax credit for electric motorcycle purchases is extended until the end of 2021. Triumph teases an […]


Episode 2 – KLR Finally Gets Fuel Injection

Crash has spent his first 24 hours on lockdown in Japan. Steve gets up early to talk Harley-Davidson. A new, ok not super new, KLR is announced with FUEL INJECTION (GASP!). 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650 Moto Guzzi V85TT Ducati Multistrada V4 Motorcyclist Magazine MC Commute DRZ-400SM


Episode 1 – A New Era

The Cafe Racer Podcast is now The Motorcycle Show! is now The show has a slightly new format in addition to Patreon supports getting a video that include some before and after of the production of the show. Email us your feedback to Ducati North America Headquarters Raided by FBI KTM teases […]


Episode 171 – How do I start the show?

Crash completely blanks out on how to do the intro. DaddyNoFun makes fun of him. They ramble about lots of non-motorcycle topics with a few motorcycle things thrown in. They chat about holiday movies, Raising Arizona, tripods, and the Fujifilm Instax Camera. It’s a Wonderful Life Die Hard Raising Arizona Travel Tripods Fujifilm instax camera […]


Christmas Cards 2020

Hey everyone! We are going to send out a little Christmas card to all the patrons. If you want one, please make sure your address is shared with me via Patreon and it’s up to date by December 16. You can also sign up up support the show by Dec 16 if you want to… […]


Episode 170 – 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

DaddyNoFun has some #vanlife adventures and visits Roosters Kitchen in Charlotte, NC. They both discuss some gift ideas for the holidays with links below. They also discuss the Long Way Up, which Crash binge watched and the new electric Definition CE 04 scooter concept from BMW. Roosters Kitchen Koso Heated Grips Lee Parks Gloves Street… […]


Episode 169 – Tacos You Fat Bastard!

Crash can’t decide between a TW200 or a Trail 125. DaddyNoFun tries to convince him to get the Honda. They discuss motorcycle rental options as well as DaddyNoFun’s test ride of the BMW R18 and K1600GT. They wrap it up by talking about Crash’s trip to Sedona and San Diego’s famous Tacos El Gordo. Twisted… […]


Episode 168 – The KTM Gang

Crash and DNF (That’s Daddy No Fun for you uninformed types) have a couple of guests join them for this episode. Thomas, who just completed a Blue Ridge Parkway trip on a KTM 790 Adventure that included a ride on Amtrak’s Auto Train. And our old friend Doug from Amen Moto stopped by DNF’s house… […]


Episode 167 – Moto Photos

DaddyNoFun and Crash talk about voting, updates to Rever, and mostly some cool places to find motorcycle photographs. Links below! Mick Fleetwood Photos Rever Trans America Trail Mr. Pixelhead Rodeo Cowboy Tim Burke The post Episode 167 – Moto Photos appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 166 – Trail 125 Excitement

Honda is releasing a CT125 / Trail 125 here in the United States! It’s the postie bike you’ve always wanted, but with fuel injection. Crash and DaddyNoFun talk about the new Trail 125 as well as Giant Loop Gas Bags vs Rotopax and also the Kawasaki Z900RS (nothing new about it, just some conversation. The… […]


Eipsode 165 – Looking at Pictures on the Internet

DaddyNoFun and Crash are back and someone doesn’t know what year it is. We get a little meta by looking at pictures on the internet and talking about people complaining about us looking at pictures on the internet. They discuss some 2021 bike models and how everything gets pushed back to the next year thanks… […]


Episode 164 – DGR, IMS, Photography

Crash goes up to LA to hang out with friend of the show Sam Bendall. Sam is the City Host for the LA Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as well as a member of the staff organizing the International Motorcycle Shows. Sam is also an experienced motorcycle and auto photojournalist. He and Crash chat about all kinds… […]


Episode 163 – Shut Up and Ride

Crash and Steve chat briefly about Steve’s socially distant vacation. They are then joined by Shantell Williams to talk about her past 48 state tours and her upcoming one sponsored by Harley Davidson promoting awareness of one of the motorcycle communities least known heroes, Bessie Stringfield. Crash also interviews Mike Grady from Bessie Stringfield… […]


Episode 162 – FTP!

Crash and Steve are joined by comedian and motorcyclist Alonzo Bodden to discuss the events surrounding the death of George Floyd and the resulting riots. Alonzo offers his perspective as a black man and give Crash and Steve a new way of looking at it. They do get around to talking about bikes as well.… The post Episode 162 – FTP! appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 161 – DIRT BIKE!

Crash bought a 2006 Yamaha WR450F. What more needs to be said than that? The post Episode 161 – DIRT BIKE! appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 160 – Coyote vs V-Strom

Crash and Steve are joined by Rob. Rob lives in San Diego and recently crashed his V-Strom after hitting a coyote. They discuss how Rob’s gear and bike fared during the crash. They also talked about whether or not the High Pipe Moto event will occur and the possibility of renting TW-200’s for it. Aerostich… The post Episode 160 – Coyote vs V-Strom appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 159 – The Urban Monk

Crash and Steve have a special guest, Urban Monk, on the show to talk about his custom bike build, YouTube channel, and book. They discuss the problems with “kids today” and the lack of education and respect for trades. As always this episode is brought to you by Discount Ramps. Use code CAFE for 15%… The post Episode 159 – The Urban Monk appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 158 – The VID

Crash and Daddy No Fun discuss the adventures of shelter in place, their jobs, and how the COVID19 pandemic will effect the motorcycle industry. The post Episode 158 – The VID appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.


Episode 157 – A Wild Orchid

Crash and Daddy no Fun have special quest Monica on from the Too Wild Orchids Podcast. We talk about her new Biltwell Gringo and buying gear for a pillion rider. The post Episode 157 – A Wild Orchid appeared first on Cafe Racer Adv Motorcycle Podcast.