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Episode 46 - Camaros spotted in Melbourne, new Toyota Corolla, & a Lego Barra engine

In this week's episode, James Cleary, Richard Berry, and James Lisle start off the episode as always with Muskwatch (0:50), where they are surprised to hear about Elon's apologies for his erratic behaviour of late, even more surprised about Tesla's 15% stock jump, and less surprised about his Twitter attempt at a Hitler related meme. In other news, Richard has just returned from the local Mercedes-Benz A-Class launch and gives us a rundown (05:00), J3 has just returned from his...


Episode 45 - Merc X350d 4matic, SsangYong is back, and the Queen's selling her Rollers

In this episode James, Matt and Tom take to the recording studio to chat about the recently revealed Mercedes-Benz X350d 4Matic pricing and specs (4:40), Mazda's introduction of a 5 year warranty (9:30), and the reintroduction of SsangYong to the local market (14:35). The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has launched a new campaign to raise awareness for the Takata recall (21:05), Lamborghini has snatched back the Nurburgring production car lap record from Porsche (24:45), and the...


Episode 44 - New Ford Focus, BMW M2 Competition Pure, & Mercedes-AMG C 63 S

In this week's episode James and Mal are joined by regular CarsGuide contributor Peter Anderson to chat about his recent go steering the new Ford Focus (3:50), and the fact that Ford's new Ranger Raptor doesn't have AEB (8:20). James can finally reveal what the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S is like to drive (10:50), BMW is releasing a Pure variant of the M2 Competition (16:05), and Porsche has revealed images of the second-generation Macan, which looks pretty much the same as the first-gen...


Episode 43 - Rolls Royce Cullinan, a digital showroom, and a flying Aston Martin.

This week James, Richard, and Tom start as always by paying respects to alleged deity (probably more Old Testament than New at this point) Elon Musk, recapping his recent ego fuelled twitter tirade and the eventual attempt at an apology (0:55). Richard tells us about the Rolls Royce Cullinan reveal (5:10), but James can't tell us much about the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S launch (yet) (11:20). Aston Martin has built flying car (17:45), the Bugatti Divo has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring...


Episode 42 - Commodore police cars, Bugatti Divo, and is Elon God?

This week Richard takes the reigns to cover for James (who's mysteriously missing), and is joined by Mal and Matt to discuss Elon's new God-like image, and his God-like attempt to save the Thailand soccer team (1:30). Also on the tables is the Holden Commodore joining the police fleet in South Australia (6:15), Bugatti's teasing of the Divo, a $7.8m hypercar (10:50), and the announcement of the Audi R8 Sport Performance Parts (16:15). Matt Campbell has a game that he didn't warn us about...


Episode 41 - Jimny confirmed for Australia, Porsche's Nurburgring record, & police break ins

In this episode James, Richard and Matt kick off with Muskwatch (0:50), where they are happy to learn that Model 3 production did meet the (revised?) goals, and wonder if Tesla can keep this cadence up, especially since chief vehicle engineer Doug Field left the company last week. Matt tells us all about his disappointingly easy test drive of the new Subaru Forester (6:15), and is super excited about the Suzuki Jimny coming to Australia (10:15). Richard drove the new-generation Santa Fe...


Episode 40 - VW destroys Pikes Peak, Mazda finally has CarPlay, and it's Elon's birthday!

This week James and Mal are joined by Tim Robson, who gives us a rundown on what's happening in the motorsport world, namely F1 being faced with its first ever triple header (27:40), the possibility for Daniel Ricciardo to become our highest paid sportsperson (29:10), and Fernando Alonso's interest to move to America to drive for a British team founded by a New Zealander (32:05). But first, as always, we start off with Muskwatch (1:00), where we wish our fearless leader Elon a happy...


Episode 39 - A call from Italy, a snap from VW, and an email from Musk.

In this episode James and Mal are joined by Andrew Chesterton to chat about Musk's last minute assembly line in a tent (1:30), his company-wide email about a "saboteur" within Tesla's ranks (2:30), and give an update on the Model 3 production tracker (3:30). Chesto fills us in on the highlights of his time in Italy so far, including the launch of the new Mercedes C-Class (5:40), Mal is excited about news of the Suzuki Jimny returning to Australia (8:05), and Volkswagen has revealed price...


Episode 38 - Le Mans, flying cars, and flamethrowers.

In this episode James, Richard, and Matt discuss Tesla's near decimation of its workforce (1:10), all the 'wrong' reasons people are using their Boring Company flamethrowers (4:30), and give a Bloomburg Model 3 production update (6:00). Everybody's (read: Richard's) favourite car, the MX-5, is finally getting more grunt (6:35), ANCAP says AEB is missing from 60 percent of cars (9:45), and the RAM 1500 is here (13:45). Finally, Le Mans is on this weekend (20:50), Porsche has named its...


Episode 37 - The year 2022, a Maserati hybrid hypercar, and Musk's problem with Time

In this episode James, Richard and Matt discuss Elon Musk's "problem with time" (0;55), and the three-star ANCAP safety rating on the new Mustang (3:25). A Cadillac CT5 has been spotted testing in Melbourne (7:30), Jeep is going to extend the 'Trackhawk' treatment to other cars in its range (8:35), and RAM is going to build a HiLux sized ute by 2022 (12:25). Speaking of the year 2022, it's the year Alfa Romeo is planning to revive the 8C and GTV nameplates with two all-new performance...


Episode 36 - Elon and Donald need to log off, Ford buys a train station

In this episode James, Richard and Matt discuss how Elon Musk really needs to log off (1:05) and another autonomous car crash (3:30). BMW is introducing wireless charging for your car (5:55), Ssangyong is back (9:05), another million cars recalled over Takata airbags (11:15), and James decides cars are apples (12:35). Frosty Chops is probably on the wrong side of this one (16:25), we've been inundated with a YouTube comment (17:35), Panasonic is ditching cobalt but probably strip mining...


Episode 35 - Stress reduction, highway hellbeasts and defusing Richard

In this episode James, Matt and Crafty marvel at how Elon is rich in spite of not being able to deliver seemingly anything (1:15), revisit how he invented bricks (2:35), not signing up to be first to try the SpaceX Crew Dragon (3:20) and why the Model 3 "car of the people" is suddenly not for all people (4:05). Electric cars make driving less stressful (5:55), however the stuff they're made of is getting expensive (7:45), and NSW Police finally settle on their new highway patrol cars...


Episode 34 - There's a lot of Ford news, there's a lot of recall news, there's a lot of anger... from Richard

In this episode James, Richard and Matt talk through Tesla's senior vice-president of engineering going on an oddly-timed sabbatical (1:05), Elon's plan to fix the Model 3 production issues with a hackathon (2:50), and this week's Model 3 production tracker update (3:25). Matt has been in The Europe driving the new Ford Fiesta ST and the updated Mustang, but can't talk about either of them (4:30), the Blue Oval has bumped up its warranty coverage (8:55) and the Ranger Raptor's engine...


Episode 33 - Diesel downturns, Putin's new ride and more flying cars

In this episode James, Richard and Peter discuss Elon's musk sticks (1:05), his $10 million share purchase (2:20) and the real probability Tesla won't be building 6000 cars a week by June (3:20). Volkswagen's former boss has been indicted by the US DOJ (3:45), Nissan announces the end of diesel engines in Europe (5:25) and Mazda trademarks...Mazda (7:35). Frosty Chops isn't living up to his name (12:50), Uber's autonomous cars think people are garbage (14:15) and they're also partnering...


Episode 32 - CX-5 facelifts, fines for Ford and Jeep unleashes freedom

In this episode James, Richard and Matt discuss Elon's love of YouTubers (1:25), ponder how exactly he plans on making the Model Y (2:30) and poke around the recent teardown of the Model 3 (2:50). Mazda has launched an updated CX-5, but you wouldn't know unless you're very in-tune with the engine's firing order (5:00), Ford Australia has copped a whopping fine for their whopping transmission problems (8:35) and we let you know where your car is most likely to get stolen (12:00). Jeep has...


Episode 31 - Episode 31 - HSV vs Tickford vs Toyota and Haval's Way X

In this episode James, Richard and Matt discuss Elon's robot uprising (1:05), getting closer to more missed goals (2:20) and how Tesla's days are numbered (3:10). Mercedes-Maybach has a new SUV which is being shown off in China, because reasons (5:40) while Haval has unveiled its Way X concept to much skepticism in the studio (8:25). Matt has been driving a lot of new utes from Toyota, Ford and Holden with the promise of more utes in his immediate future (10:45) and Richard has been...


Episode 30 - X-Class hot takes, Mustang Supercars and Lexus luxury

In this episode James, Richard and Matt find out the best way to speed up production of a car is to, in fact, stop it, and also to make up words for things that already exist, and to make promises you're never going to keep (1:00). Matt can't talk about the 12th generation Toyota Corolla, but does anyway (3:15), while Richard can, and does, talk about the new Lexus LS flagship (7:40). Frosty Chops is on the Gold Coast. Don't ask. Just don't (11:55) Ford returns to the Supercars...


Episode 29 - We've received a letter, BMW's new M5 and how to tow

In this episode James, Mal and Crafty discuss touring Elon's in-factory crib (0:55), pricing for Ford's Ranger Raptor (3:55) and how we've been inundated with a letter (5:55). Mal talks about BMW's new M5 (9:15) and Crafty offers some basic tips on how to tow stuff (13:00). Frosty Chops is back in the States, but still seemingly up to no good (19:20), James has a new round of Is It Illegal? (20:45) and Volkswagen is getting a new CEO (23:40). Finally, Crafty talks used and possibly a...


Episode 28 - Electric Ferraris, Holden's mountain and a lot of HiLuxes

In this episode James, Richard and Matt discuss Elon taking control (1:20) but still not building as many cars as he said he would (1:40). Tesla introduces a new warranty for cars they do build (2:45) and while Holden acknowledges it has a mountain to climb, there's a real probability they haven't brought the right gear for the job (6:10). Matt went to Melbourne and saw a room full of new HiLuxes (HiLuxii?) (11:20), Frosty Chops is exploring a new market (15:10) and a lot of people are...


Episode 27 - JC in NYC, the i30 N arrives and why Aston Martin designed a submarine

In this episode Richard, Peter and James discuss how Elon Musk is embracing the Silicon Valley trend of inventing things that already exist (1:40), and how a hedge fund manager reckons Tesla has only months to live (3:20). James is on the phone from New York New York talking all things New York motor show including the AMG C63s, new Porsches, new Toyotas and a Cadillac that Holden and HSV should probably be looking at (4:55). The boss of Volvo says it's time to pull the reins a bit on...