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My thoughts and ideas about American muscle cars, as well as my 1966 Chevy Impala project

My thoughts and ideas about American muscle cars, as well as my 1966 Chevy Impala project
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My thoughts and ideas about American muscle cars, as well as my 1966 Chevy Impala project




Episode 65 - The 2017 Car Craft Street Machine Nationals

I talk about going to the 2017 Car Craft Street Machine Nationals with my family


Episdoe 64 - 426 Hemi vs 427 Cammer

Today I talk about two awesome engines, the 426 Hemi and the 427 Cammer, also known as the 427 SOHC The Allpar page I mention with the cool drawings of the Hemi. Please leave me an iTunes review at Email me feedback at


Episode 62 Dodge Demon and Dodge Viper

Today I talk about the upcoming Dodge Demon Challenger and the Dodge Viper. See my blog at Please support my podcast, if you use Amazon, use my affiliate link It will help me and not cost you anything.


Episode 59 - Towing a car

Some thoughts on towing a car


Episode 58 The Future



Episode 57 - Ford Modular Engines

Welcome back, or more accurately, I am back. Sorry for the long delay between podcasts. Today I talk about the Ford Modular engine family. I did a blog post about these engines a while ago, but since we recently bought a Ford Expedition with a 5.4, I thought it was time to revisit it. Please leave me an iTunes review at You can email me at You can also leave comments at


Episode 56 - Driving in the Winter

Today I get a little off topic and talk about driving in the winter. The reason I am talking about this is because it is snowing here and since it is one of the first snowfalls of the year, a lot of people around here are still remembering how to drive in it. I talk about how to practice driving in the winter, hint find a big parking lot. I also talk about traction control, ABS, 4 wheel and all wheel drive. I also talk about snow tires, and how they work better in snow. Please email...


Episode 55 - High Performance Only Engines

Today I talk about High Performance Only Engines, that is Muscle car engines that didn't have a low performance version, or the low performance version was enough different that the basic engine block wasn't the same. Like the Chevy 302 in the first gen Z/28 or the Mopar 340, there was no low performance version. Others, there were changes in the basic engine block, like going to 4 bolt mains for more strength: Or even cross bolted mains: Some Like the previously mentioned 302 and...


Episode 54 The Future of Muscle Cars

Just a quick show today Leave an iTunes review -


Episode 53 - Improvising repairs

What do you do when you drive three hours to go camping, and the cable that raises the top of your pop-up camper breaks? You can either go home, or practice your skills at improvising repairs. Guess which one I picked? If you don't know, here is what a pop-up camper looks like folded: And here is it set up and ready to camp: There is a cable that lifts the top up, and that broke. And here is me getting the top lifted so we could use the camper: Listen as I talk about how I...


Episode 52 - Emissions standards are a good thing

Yes, you read the title right, emissions standards are a good thing. If we didn't have them, we wouldn't have all the awesome engines that we have today. Muscle cars were already on the decline before the manufacturers had to do much of anything with emissions standards. And having to clean up the exhaust on the cars forced them to make major improvements to the engines. Yes it was painful for a while, but look what we have for engines now. As a comparison, let's look at the Ford 302 and...


Episode 51 - Horsepower vs Torque

Today I talk about the difference between horsepower and torque. I go over the differences between the two, and how they are related. To understand foot pounds of torque, imagine you are trying to get a rusty bolt off. You weight 200 pounds, and have a ratchet with a one foot long handle. If you are putting your entire weight onto the handle, you have 200 ft-lbs of torque. If you put a two and a half foot piece of pipe over the ratchet, you now have 500 ft-lbs of torque. Horsepower was...


Episode 50 - My Top 10 Muscle Cars

So today I decided to make a list of my top 10 muscle cars. Rather than going with the fastest, rarest or what ever other criteria to pick by, I just went with my favorite ones. Please listen along as I list my favorites, and why they are my top 10 muscle cars. Here is a list of them in pictures: #1 - 1969 Dodge Charger #2 - 1969 Hurst Olds #3 - 1970 GTO Judge #4 - LS6 Chevelle #5 - AMC SC/Rambler #6 - Fox Body Mustang #7 - 1987 Buick GNX #8 - Boss 429 Mustang #9 -...


Episode 49 - Brands that are no longer with us

Today I talk about car brands that were around during the muscle car era, but are no longer here. I talk about AMC, Mercury, Oldmobile, Plymouth and Pontiac. To email me, If you want to help support the podcast and you buy from Amazon, go to to use my affiliate link


Episode 48 - Hello and Update

Just a quick podcast today to say hello and give an update of my future plans. You can reach me at To find me on iTunes, go to If you would like to help with funding for the podcast, you can buy stuff from Amazon through my affiliate link


Episode 47 - Buying a Muscle Car

Today is a special podcast for me, I had a suggestion from listener Ryan about what to look for when buying a muscle car. You can see the show notes at I go over what numbers matching means, and thinking about what you want your car to be. I also talk about making sure you understand what it is like to drive an older car. For rust, I talk about some gadgets I have heard of to help find body filler. I will give a few Amazon links to show what I am talking...


Episode 46 - Marketing

Today I talk about marketing, and what to look for and at when you are looking to buy something. And where to go to find more information about a product to see if it is really what you want. And the most important thing, keeping what you want in mind, as that will be different than what someone who posts in a forum or a web site may want. You can reach me by email at and I would love a review in iTunes at You can reach my site post...