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A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads.


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A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads.






Topless in Pomona: A Radio Play

The Round Six Gearhead "Faces for Audio" Players present an absurdist, theater of the mind radio play. Come along on an adventure that uses one sense, yet makes none all at once. Marvel at the plot, loosely held together by happenstance! Behold the world's most violent lap dance! Laugh, cry... maybe even poo just a bit.


The State of the Hobby Roundtable

The Gearheads hosted a roundtable of a different sort, discussing the state of the hobby at the 71st Grand National Roadster Show. We arranged a cast of builders, owner/clients and builder/owners to talk about where the hobby is at, where it's going, and what the stakes are with regard to quality and chasing perfection. This episode is an amazing look into competing at AMBR/Slonaker/Ridler levels from nearly every perspective. We invited Erik Hansen, who has owned high-profile cars (including "Sedeuced," the 1932 Ford which was featured on the TV show Rides, season one, episode ten) to provide his perspective as a client. We also invited builder and prior guest Tim Strange, and builder/sometimes self-client JF Launier to provide the builder perspective on the state of the hobby, and what goes into putting a car together at the upper level. It is an interesting and entertaining look inside of the relationship between client, designer and builder, and a fascinating peek behind the curtain of competing for the top awards. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING AN INDUSTRY AMBASSADOR Real-world ambassadorshipheroesget out in the garage


It's a Supercharged Brunchtime

"HE'S TEARING THIS THING APART LIKE HE'S AT PICK-N-PULL." The Gearheads sit down with long-time friend David Engle of Engle Brothers Fabrication to talk brunchtime. Namely a brunch that didn't happen, really. Without giving too much away (you'll have to tune in on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, April 3, 2020 and watch the new episode of Stories N' Steel), it involved a secret overhaul of Brian's Challenger. Calling in friends from all over, some of whom made the cross-country trek to be a part (like Tim Strange), the gang pulled a supercharged surprise. From Hotchkis Sport Suspension to a Magnuson supercharger, Baer six-piston brakes, Toyo tires, a carbon fiber Speedkore spoiler and custom badges from Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles, it was an ambitious one-day project to say the least. It even got its own t-shirt, featuring artwork by Round Six's Del Swanson. You can grab your very own RIGHT HERE. You can get inside of Brian's head (don't say that we didn't warn you) by reading his take on the day HERE. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE:


Hot Rod Ambassadors: Jason and Mike

GLOBAL HOT ROD AMBASSADORS The Gearheads sit down with hot rod ambassadors Jason Rushforth and Mike Keller (of Big Creek Restorations in Kansas) in The Round Six Experience at the 2020 Grand National Roadster Show and discuss the 2019 Riyadh Auto Salon in Saudi Arabia. You've read the opinions of many who weren't there on social media, now here's the inside scoop from two industry professionals who were there. Jason and Mike discuss local sights, sounds, culture and more. Learn all about the event, and what it's like to be one of the first tourists in Saudi Arabia. It's a fascinating look at the worldwide automotive culture, and how cars are always the great equalizer. Our extreme gratitude to Jay an Mike for sharing their experiences and time with us. This is a fun episode that offers a great look into the international scene from a very personal perspective. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can read more about Jay's trip HERE, and see a few photos as well. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Bob Florine'sPulp Fiction


A Supercharged Episode from GNRS

A SUPERCHARGED GNRS EPISODE The Gearheads sit down with Erin and Dustin Helm of Magnuson Superchargers for a, well, supercharged discussion. Talk goes deep into careers in the aftermarket, the value of networking and a covert-ops mission worthy of a television show. Episode seventy-three dives headlong into some fun topics, as well as laying the groundwork for anyone looking to get a foot in the door of the High-Performance Automotive Aftermarket Parts industry. Of course, Erin and the team at Magnuson Superchargers were tremendously instrumental in making Project Emanon come together, for which "thanks" just doesn't seem enough. We touch on that project, the covert ops behind it, and how it all came to be. Dustin gives some background to his career as a fabricator, and explains his path to working with one of the premier brands in the industry... And how it all began with Marine Biology. We have fascinating guests, and they always bring a great story!And if this weren't enough for you, we dive deep into the mechanics of a couple who work together, and how that all adds to the relationship. We're a lot more like Oprah than Dr. Phil in this one. It's a value-added episode in terms of pursuing a career in the industry, and we cannot thank Erin and Dustin enough for their insight, candor and great advice for our listeners hoping to pursue their aspirations. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Dave Englealways


Jason Rushforth: What's in a Name?

"IT ALL STARTED IN AN EL CAMINO." The Gearheads sit down with designer and artist Jason Rushforth... finally. One of the marquee names in the industry when it comes to design, boutique wheel brands and just an all-around nice guy, it's a twisting and turning bunch of topics.Episode seventy-two gets right into it with a discussion about the recent Riyadh Auto Salon in Saudi Arabia. Jason was fortunate to be one of the hot rod industry ambassadors who attended the event, and we talk logistics, the local scene and more. From humble beginnings as a BMX-obsessed kid to providing design guidance to some serious players in the business, Jason Rushforth is an inspiring, forward-thinking trendsetter whose designs are instantly recognizable anywhere. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: BMX


Stories N' Steel: New Series Debuts

"STORIES N' STEEL IS A CAR SHOW ABOUT PEOPLE." Our all-new series, Stories N' Steel drops this Black Friday (November 28, 2019) on Amazon Prime Video. The Gearheads sit down to discuss the show, what it's about, where to view it, and most importantly how it all ties together with the podcast. Stories N' Steel is a car show about people. That means no fake drama, no made-up deadlines or other nonsense... Just the stories from the hot rod builders, collectors and craftsmen who lived them.Stories N' Steel is like the podcast; it's one part conversation, one part storytelling, and all parts laid-back benchrace session. If you've ever wanted to get to know the whole story of some of the nation's top builders, then you're going to love what Stories N' Steel brings each week. Hosted by our own Brad King, episode one takes you deep into the history of Squeeg's Kustoms with Doug Jerger. If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to run one of the top hot rod shops in the country, or what it's like to win the AMBR on accident, or even how to pinstripe all no-hands like, well, you'll like where this is all going. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Auto Revolution


John Oro Drops by for an Intervention

"NO RULES, NO DUES." John Oro, the ever-smiling, always awesome face of the C-10 Club joins the Gearheads for a quick visit in The Round Six Experience at GNRS. We talk C-10 culture, clubs, and the whole family aspect of the scene. It's a great look into what makes this whole thing "click," and spoiler: It's the people. We talk about the upcoming C-10 Intervention and the Round Six connection (Round Six's Brian creates the artwork for each event), and it's one of those shows that you don't...


Kevin Whipps: We're going to Pavillions!

Brian heads out all solo-like to Squarebody Syndicate World Headquarters and takes a break from another One 'n Done on Joe Yezzi's diesel crew cab to sit and talk with Kevin Whipps. We dive deep into the philosophy of the Arizona community and family, and what makes it unique, and then into the builds that made for a career. It's a laid-back ride through the importance of the people over the vehicles every time. We talk mini trucks, the growth and heyday of the Euro tuner scene in the 1990's and beyond, to the influence of Courtney Hallowell on his and future generations and more. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Import RacerLowrider EuroEnglesanother


M2 Machines: Passion and Detail with Extra Cool

Sean Taylor, Vice President of Product Development at M2 Machines joins the Gearheads for an evening of laid-back conversation. We talk cool cars, the genesis of M2 Machines, the life of a die cast car company professional, working from home and more. We dig into the current and upcoming M2 Machines offerings, and geek out over the samples we were fortunate to have in hand thanks to Sean... THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: FooseLicensing Squarebody Syndicate


On the Wings of an Alex

"THERE'S STILL SOME JUICY LEFT IN THAT FRUIT." On episode sixty-eight, it's all about Alex. And starvation. But mostly Alex. And maybe menopause. And a Magic 8-Ball bowling ball. And soup. And souls and Camaros and angels. ...but mostly Alex. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Hardly Earl


A Triple Gun Award Episode of Near-Excellence

"THAT'S WHY THEY PUT WHEELS ON TOOLBOXES." On episode sixty-seven, we head back in time to January at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, and a quick session with Darryl Hollenbeck and Zane Cullen. It's a paint all-star spectacular, and the conversation starts with a discussion of the Triple Gun Award of Excellence, and goes outrageously sideways.Great time at a great how with great friends. It's a laid-back look at the industry through the eyes of two seasoned pro's... And three podcast hosts just trying to keep it on the rails. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: GNRSPaint technologyFoose


Paint in the 'Blood: Kenny Youngblood

"THE PRINCIPLES OF ART DON'T CHANGE." On episode sixty-six, we're joined by the legendary Kenny Youngblood. An automotive artist of the highest order, his early start in the funny car lettering field is where most will know him from. A man whose professional career has been spent around and working with legendary names like John Buttera and Don Kirby, the stories are practically endless.The Gearheads are joined by Round Six's fourth man, Carson, and his interaction as a young kid with Kenny led to a long career in the industry. Kenny was cool enough to give a kid some lessons, and inspired him to take up the brush. A life-lesson in that example for anyone who sees the spark in the next generation to be sure. Please go and do likewise! Carson went from being a kid hiding in a corner watching, to becoming a skilled sign painter. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Carson hanging aroundHot Wheelsonpainting carsFine Art


Where a Derelict Becomes an ICON

"I WANT MY STUFF TO BE WHOMPED ON." Here on episode sixty-five, we sit down with ICON 4x4 and TLC founder and CEO Jonathan Ward. It's a laid back, candid look at building cool vehicles in a very technology-driven world. A self-starter in definition as well as practice, Jon's childhood acting days (from a chance shot in Peter Pan to Charles in Charge to a stalker incident) and an interest in restoring old tech and cars lead to starting a business. We explore the passion that drives ICON, the idea behind the brand, and the marketing approach. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: compositesold-school craftsmanshipPeter PanSEMA Australia


Bob Thrash: Surrounded by Legends

"PUSH THE ENVELOPE TO SEE HOW FAR THE CUSTOMER WILL LET YOU GO." We sit down with Bob Thrash to talk hot rods, a career in the hot rod world, and having worked alongside so many legends. From early influences and opportunities, Bob has always found himself surrounded by an extremely skilled team. It's not often that someone learns among legends almost exclusively, but Bob Thrash is one of those guys. He learned to airbrush with Scott Sullivan. He cut his teeth in the talent-breeding powerhouse that is Rad Rides. He's worked for and among the best in the business, and shares that path with us. Honing the craft on some of the highest-end cars in the world prepares you to go it on your own in a very unique way. We get into that and more here. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Scott SullivanBonesBumongousAl Slonaker Memorial Award


Indianapolis Joe and the Temple of Cool

"HE BOUGHT A LION." The Gearheads sat down with Joe Yezzi of Squarebody Syndicate to talk truck builds, lifestyle branding, making a huge splash at the 2018 SEMA Show and hot-lapping at Indy. If you're into the squarebody GM truck scene, then you know the Squarebody Syndicate brand. What began as a hobby has turned into a serious player in the lifestyle brand scene, and is one of the most recognizable brands in the C-10 community. Joe and Rob Yezzi set the pace, building a killer truck a couple of years back (SS01) that debuted in the Royal Purple booth. This past year, they stepped-up their game and went over the top with their 1976 GMC Indy Tribute, SS02. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: t-shirt model car boxnearlyM2 Machinespeopleclublifestyle


Design Driven Down Under with Ziggy

"WE HAVE A VERY UNIQUE FLAVOR OF BUILDS." The Gearheads were honored to jump a half day into the future and visit with Ziggy Sadler of Ziggy's Design Driven. Joined by guest host Carson Lev, the talk runs from SEMA involvement on Australia to four-door hot rods and historical race cars. Ziggy Sadler is directly involved with SEMA's push to help develop the Australian aftermarket, and we explore that in some detail.Talk naturally turns to Carson's passion for the Jocko streamliner, and this kicks a number of fun doors open. The gang explores racing history, a number of delicately-interconnected events and people, and even hatches a plan to tour the car in America once again.From humble, early days of sneaking into car shows, Ziggy parlayed that love for cars into a career. Eventually traveling to America in the late-1980's, his exposure to builders like Boyd Coddington and Troy Trepanier and Chip Foose, he set a benchmark for the work to come out of Ziggy's Design Driven. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: The DelaHyundai SEMA AUSTRALIA, THE AFTERMARKET AND BEYOND THE JOCKO CAR Chip Foose ZIGGY'S CAREER AND THE FUTURE Spellbound


Art School the Disney Way

"SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER AND PAINT COMES OUT..." The Gearheads have some cool friends and colleagues, and all have some superhuman talent, making our relationships that much more incredible. Art Alvarez is one of those gifted people, and the gang finally found a few minutes where schedules aligned, and we get the full Art school treatment. One of the pioneers of the early-1980's airbrush movement, Art Alvarez forged a path and a name for himself by pushing to learn the airbrush after seeing one in action at a car show. From there, it's a legendary rise through the ranks, touring with Ed Roth. Where some may have been satisfied at that, Art continued, landing a gig at Disney, drawing custom big rigs, rendering amazing cars, illustrating children's books and traveling the world as a Fine Artist. Oh, and that's just a part of the story. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: SolvangDisneyBeauty and the BeastPirates of the Caribbean


It's Booger Time

"THE JONATHAN GOOLSBY..." Jonathan Goolsby of Goolsby Customs joins the Gearheads for a very interesting episode sixty! We celebrate with talk of Dusters, late-model racing, red boogers and the only aftermarket wheel you'd really like to hug. A Goodguys Trendsetter for good reason, Jonathan talks early influences, development of a build style, and the value of not pigeon-holing a shop.The guys get into a talk about nostalgia, flipping trends on their ear, and under-car neon lighting. If you thought that you were safe from ever hearing about the Aquarius wheel again, well, find your safe space... THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: newFiero 4M4SEMAone-man shopcarbon fibervery


A Circus of Paint and Lettering

"THE STREETS WERE LINED WITH FUNNY CAR BODIES..." Bert Quimby, the multi-talented, laid-back and very-hyphenated sign, lettering and graphics master from New Jersey joins the Gearheads here on episode fifty-nine! Bert was one of the guys putting down pigment on some of the most memorable funny cars of the golden era at Circus Paint, and has been a trendsetter ever since. The gang sits down and talks about the transition from paint to vinyl, and how to combine the two using modern techniques, as well as sharing insight on the technology and trends of the present day. Bert Quimby is one of the leading lettering, sign and graphics painters in the world, plying his craft in his shop, Bert Graphix in Riverdale, NJ. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: CorvetteDennis Ricklefs