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A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads: Brian Stupski, Brad King, Alex Welsh, Eric Hibbs and Del Swanson.

A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads: Brian Stupski, Brad King, Alex Welsh, Eric Hibbs and Del Swanson.
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A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads: Brian Stupski, Brad King, Alex Welsh, Eric Hibbs and Del Swanson.






The Tucci Two-Fer: Dave and Dom Talk Hot Rods and More

"HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE." We finally get the chance to fully explore a shop with a true in-house design with Dave and Dom Tucci, a father-and-son powerhouse from Macy, New York.For twenty-one years, Tucci Hot Rods has been building some of the coolest and most finely-detailed and designed cars on the planet, and have forged a reputation a one of the best. A study in humility, this multi-generational family affair is proof that hard work and being of stand-up character will get you...


Codename Chromefinger: Josh Mishler

"THE LONGEST ROADS OFTEN LEAD TO THE BEST DESTINATIONS." We start the new year with a fresh season of the podcast, and our first guest of 2019 is a guy who was one of the first on Brian's list, Josh Mishler.Having started his career very young, writing for the Goodguys Gazette at seventeen years old, and moving up the ranks in the magazine world, Josh has a lot to offer by way of career advice. If you're a young writer or photographer looking to break into the field, you can learn a lot...


The Year in Review

"A YEAR IN REVIEW EPISODE? THAT'S SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN WATCHING CORVETTE SUMMER AGAIN." The Gearheads take a look back at 2018, and do their best version of a 1990's sit-com, and relive the past thirty-nine episodes, the events, travels and terrible puns that made 2018 well... this past year.HUGE thanks to our friends and family for supporting us as we launched this mess, and to Carson for the representation, guidance, and for pushing us through a few big doors.To you, our amazing...


Intellectual Property Management with Carson Lev

"GETTING A CHECK IN THE MAIL IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY." Carson Lev once again joins the Gearheads for an evening of learning. This time, we're starting an on-going series on Intellectual Property, Copyright an brand management, all aimed squarely at helping artists and designers to protect their work, and lay the foundation for a career. We're joined by co-host Del Swanson, who is nearing completion on his long-term project which has taken him away from the show for a bit, and it's...


Simple is Hard to Do: Steve Cook Creations

"IT'S FUN TO LOOK AT THEM, BUT YOU CAN'T REALLY ENJOY THEM UNLESS YOU'RE DRIVING THEM." Steve Cook Creations has a reputation of building incredibly clean, detailed and subtle cars, and on episode thirty-eight, the Gearheads got a chance to sit down and talk with Steve, his son Mike, and Alan Childers. We dove deep into the design sense and philosophy of the build team. Steve lays out a lot of insight and perspective on cars as a passion, and the realities of building them as a career. Yep,...


High Pants Drifter, Brian Lohnes

“HISTORICALLY, I'VE FOUND THAT RASH REFERENCES NEVER PLAY WELL IN MIDDLE AMERICA.” BRIAN LOHNES BRINGS THE ADVICE. The Gearheads were honored to welcome the man with the golden voice, Brian Lohnes. Recently named as the Lead Anchor in all NHRA TV broadcasts next year, it's a dream come true of sorts for a guy who grew up watching it on television. More than just the sum of his manly chest, neck and head that you'll see on race coverage, he's a man with gasoline and room-temperature shrimp in...


Roger Hickey: Gravity and Coyote Attacks

"YOU START OFF BY GOING SEVENTY MILES PER HOUR STANDING UP." ROGER HICKEY LIKES SPEED. The Gearheads host entrepreneur, world record-holding gravity racer, aerodynamic expert, inventor and coyote attack survivor, Roger Hickey. If you've never gone downhill on a skateboard at one-hundred miles per hour, been mistaken for an alien craft, or lit off your dad's fuel car in the garage at eight years old, then you're not our guest on this episode. Much like the Highlander, there can be only one...


From the Lodge at Camp Wannapaintem: Cristina and Jeremy

A THIRTEEN-FOOT CANOE, BEARS, SQUIRRELS AND A FEAR OF SNAPPING TOWELS. The Gearheads went deep into the woods of the 2018 SEMA Show, and wandered into Camp Wannapaintem, PPG's latest show-stopping display. We were fortunate to fall under the guidance of camp counselors Cristina Fronzaglia Murray and Jeremy Seanor (of Lucky Strike Designs). We sat for a while and discussed paint technology, creativity, marketing, and the importance of passion Most important of all was the lesson that paint is...


SEMA Show 2018

THE GEARHEADS GO DEEP INSIDE OF SEMA SHOW 2018 AND SURFACE RELATIVELY UNSCATHED. WELL, MOSTLY. SEMA Show 2018 winds down, and the Gearheads were granted some pretty hefty access. We took some time to sit and discuss the show from the Magnaflow stage in Hot Rod Alley. We wanted to thank some old friends, recognize some new ones, and reflect on what was easily the most memorable show in any of our memories. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Squarebody Syndicate Indy Tribute truckChipCarsonEngle...


The Fiber at the Speedkore: David Salvaggio and Lyle Brummer

COOL CARS AND SOME VERY NORMAL PEOPLE FROM THE LAND OF ED GEIN AND JEFFREY DAHMER. The Gearheads grabbed a few valuable minutes of pre-SEMA Show thrash time to sit with David Salvaggio and Lyle Brummer of Speedkore. To say that we walked in as fans of their work would be understandable. Walking out of the studio as fans of their character and knowledge, well, that's a no-brainer. Fantastically fun, intelligent and humble guys who are pushing the envelope with technology to build some of the...


Zane-al Retentiveness and the Cullen-ary Art of Hot Rods

TRENDSETTER, HALL OF FAME MEMBER AND ALL-AROUND NICE GUY ZANE CULLEN JOINS THE GEARHEADS. THEN WE CORRUPT HIM. The Gearheads spent the evening with our good friend Zane Cullen of Cotati Speed Shop. He's a Goodguys Trendsetter, a Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame member, a father and husband. Zane is also a new product judge at the SEMA Show. And one of the three behind the Triple Gun of Excellence Award at GNRS alongside Darryl Hollenbeck and Charley Hutton. We dig deep into the...


Guys on Film: Rappin with McGaffin

TALKING MAGAZINES AND MORE WITH PHOTOGRAPHER ROBERT MCGAFFIN. The Gearheads spend an evening with Robert McGaffin. He's an Automotive Photographer, industry good guy, friend and the Creative Director and co-Founder of Wheel Hub Magazine. From early days building and shooting model cars to school and a carer in Commercial Photography, Robert has some varied experience. Yet it all comes back to cars. The guys over at Robert's latest venture, Wheel Hub Magazine have been gracious in extending...


The Jimi Day Experience

ALEX AND BRIAN JAM WITH JIMI. Brad was off on a top-secret mission at Steve Strope's place, and that left Alex and Brian to do their thing. It was the perfect time to grab a guest we've wanted to have on for some time, Jimi Day of FM3 Marketing. We're just weeks out from the SEMA Show, and it was a nice, relaxing evening talking to one of the amazing people behind may of the absolutely mind-blowing automotive events which his company produces and promotes. If there's any truth to the old...


A Well-Executed Fart: Steve Strope

THE GEARHEADS GET INSPIRED BY STEVE STROPE. The Gearheads spent the evening talking with the always opinionated, always fascinating and extremely insightful Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design. We talked cars, bass guitar, millennials and even splitting wood... And it all came back to a central point: Just get out there and do something. Steve isn't one to mince words, and his motivational style is representative of his East Coast upbringing, which he and show host Brian share. From Summers...


It's About the People: Brian Brennan and Naked Street Rodders

THE GEARHEADS TALK EVERYTHING HOT RODDING WITH BRIAN BRENNAN. The Gearheads sit down and talk all things street and hot rodding with Brian Brennan. As the man with fifty years at the helm of some of the leading magazines in the industry, he has a few tales to tell. Suffice to say, this one is loaded with incredible stories. We go deep into his experiences with legends like Pete Chapouris, Little John Buterra and more, and even get into the life lessons of hot rodding. Looking toward he...


From No Brakes to the 200 MPH Club: Mike LeFevers

THE GEARHEADS TALK ENGINES WITH MIKE LEFEVERS. The Gearheads sit down and talk engines, Bonneville records and more with famed racing engine builder and machinist Mike Lefevers of Mitech Racing Engines. He's soft-spoken guy with some serious history. LeFevers was the Engine Development Director at Carroll Shelby Enterprises, spent five years in Gale Banks Engineering engine department, and was involved in the Buick Indianapolis program. He's not only the Treasurer of Save the Salt and...


SEMA, Projects and the Monkey Montage: ChurroFest 2018

THE GEARHEADS UNWIND AND TALK SEMA, SPONSORSHIPS AND PROJECTS. AND BROWN DIAMONDS. Episode twenty-six goes all sorts of places as Brian, Brad and Alex discuss projects of the artistic and four-wheeled sort. They preview the SEMA Show preview, talk churros and racecar sponsorships, and then it all goes weird with kit car talk and celebrity tribute parts. It's been a while since we just sat and talked, and thought it was a good time to lay back a bit prior to the buildup to SEMA...


Throwing Back a few Torts with Chris Jacobs

CATCHING UP WITH CHRIS JACOBS Episode twenty-five is a reunion of sorts on a few levels, as the Gearheads take a few minutes to catch up with a friend of the podcast, Chris Jacobs. An actor-turned television host, he's most well-=known in our industry and hobby from his work on Overhaulin' with another good friend of the show, Chip Foose, as well as one of the roaming personalities at the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Boasting a variety of roles on TV shows like The X-Files, Two and a Half Men,...


From Mullet to Billet: Brad Fanshaw

BRAD FANSHAW SPENDS AN EVENING TALKING BRANDING, MARKETING AND ADVENTURE Episode twenty-four gets right into it with the man behind more cool stuff than you can shake a billet guitar at. Brad Fanshaw has launched action sports brands, managed the most well-known hot rod shop in the universe, and was the first to take an automotive aftermarket company public. He hosts a couple of well-known podcasts: Man Seeks Adventure (with Dave Marker and Heather Storm) and Shift and Steer (with co-hosts...


Making Old Men Polish Bolts: The Spirit of Hot Rodding

JF LAUNIER BREAKS THE RULES... AND HAS SOME PUT IN PLACE BECAUSE OF HIM Episode twenty-three heads to The Great White North and drags JF Launier back like a felled case of Labbatt Blue. JF is a long-time friend of Brian's, and brings his outstanding, catchy spirit of what hot rodding really is to the podcast. Who else can say that they've built a Ridler Award winner and then done donuts in Cobo Hall with it? Or driven it at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge? No one that we know...