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We're just people who really geek out on cars. We like to drive cars, fix them, and admire them. We're here to have as much fun as we legally can with other car enthusiasts. Come along for the ride.

We're just people who really geek out on cars. We like to drive cars, fix them, and admire them. We're here to have as much fun as we legally can with other car enthusiasts. Come along for the ride.


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We're just people who really geek out on cars. We like to drive cars, fix them, and admire them. We're here to have as much fun as we legally can with other car enthusiasts. Come along for the ride.




Fun with Ferraris, Part I

Our guest is Ferrari Market Letter editor Jim Weed, who tells us all about Ferraris and their owners, and how his old hippie-van led to a career working with Italy's most famous fast cars. Dave recalls being a pirate on the high seas and confesses a desire to name a hamster Civic, Mickey sleeps in an MR2 on the way to Hell, Dawn travels to Texas to meet Minnesotans but winds up with beer and corn chips, and you can't kill a LeBaron with fire! We welcome your support via Patreon and your...


Meet Mike from Meguiar's

We welcome Mike Pennington from Meguiar's to talk about innovation in car care. Mickey is star struck and may have actually confessed to trade show larceny. Ben explains that it will take more than Meguiar's to address some of the Yellotus's cosmetic issues. A brief discussion of idiosyncratic European car enthusiasts leads to a conversation of first cars. We explore the role of fragrance in car care products, although Dave's proposal for s'more scented car wax probably doesn't have a...


No Nuns Were Harmed in Making this Episode

We welcome our new friend who's name may-or-may-not be Sohan to talk about his thoughts on EVs and the impact they will have on enthusiast motoring in the future. Dawn on the Autobahn tackles numerology in the world of cars and road-tripping, and Amanda has great advice for how to leverage OCD to detect credit card fraud. What's Grinding Mickey's Gears this week? (Besides his nun issues, that is.) Drivers who get indignant over horns honked in self defense. In listener mail, Robert Drake...


A Trip to the Garage Mahal!

On Valentine's Day, we welcomed Mary Williams to discuss the role of the "art car" in Culture Collision, and her Nissan Frontier's evolution into an homage to Damian Hirst. Our friend Cathy Poley joins us to tell her worst car story, the death of a Chevy Caprice known as the Flying Nunmobile. Ben Takes a Moment to appreciate the humble snow plow. And we learn what was the reasoning behind the name "Olds 442." #artcarmuseum #grittertracker We welcome your support via Patreon and your...


Adventure Calls!

We welcome Dan Greg, author of the Road Chose Me. In That New Car Smell, Ben talks about changes to the Lotus car line. Yellotus update: Ben may have solved the oil leak problem. Our guest Dan has driven the Pan American highway and circumnavigated Africa in a Jeep Wrangler! Dave has a serious schoolgirl crush on Dan, and thinks the Jeep build-out is serious engineering porn. In the News, Dawn and the panel chat about the accelerating move towards EVs at major auto manufacturers. Our friend...


Autonomous Tiger Racing

Four wheel drive can get you going faster, but it won’t stop you any faster. Lee Anne joins in to tell us about Auburn University’s Autonomous Tiger Racing team and the quest to advance autonomous driving technologies. Mickey rants about the dubious need to carry your license and proof of insurance with you as you drive. Dave can fly a plane! Ben confesses he made a mad driver dash on a suspended license. Mickey’s dreams are crushed, but then they’re resurrected. Dave wants to discuss the...


Looking For Signs of Life

Guest Robert Drake wants to talk more about the labeling of battery terminals, and asks "What is it about a Dodge Charger that makes some idiot think they're immune to traffic laws?" Mickey brings up a security question for keyless entry vehicles. Dawn is On The Autobahn. Her window is fixed, but the seatbelt is broken. And the CD changer is not doing well, either. Mickey grinds some gears and the words "nasal deployed meatball armature" get worked into the conversation. We welcome your...


Athena Racing for the Win!

Loxley Brown from Athena Racing joins, Mickey, Misty & Ben. We explore Athena Racings dedication to giving opportunities to girls. Athena Racing is the all-girls STEM education program applying STEM principles to the track and life. You can learn more about them at In the News, Misty dishes on Formula One livery designs; talent turnover within F1 racing teams; and then just starts picking random fights with her husband, Ford and Ferrari. In That New Car Smell, Ben talks...


Nuns on Bicycles

TTAC goes international! We welcome Misty from The Netherlands to a new Two Girls & a Car episode. In Relationship Roadster, Amanda delves into Ferraris. Mickey grills Misty on her love for Formula One racing, and we learn about how Misty is learning to navigate multi-use traffic circles amidst tram tracks and bicycles. Ben's Lotus update: his 1970 Elan Plus 2 has hit the road! Unfortunately, it's leaving oil on the road. Listener Jennifer Bell writes in to ask the best way to junk a car....


Lav Luv's Power Up Tour

Dave does a segment we're calling “True Crime Auto” in conjunction with the law firm “Screech, Screech, Brake, & Bang." He discusses the most commonly stolen cars in America, and cars associated with the top crimes in history. Special Guest Lav Luv talks about the Power Up Tour that he made across the country in his Tesla, his love of Teslas, and his desire to do a more extensive Power Up Tour in the future. Ben has a moment talking about Oldsmobile and divulges something disturbing about...


Happy New Year from Howard and Marian! (And you thought they wouldn't remember.)

We recorded this show on New Year's weekend while sitting around in pajamas drinking mimosas. Dawn on the Autobahn explores winter inclement weather driving safety tips, while the guys ask "why the hell are you on the road to begin with?" What grinds Mickey's gears THIS week? Replacing buttons with touchscreens on the dashboard. Listener Karen describes the braking problems with her worst car, a '72 Dodge Dart. This leads Ben to nostalgically recall his own early history with a brake...


Putting On The Iron

Ben notes there’s something interesting going on with Cadillac on “That New Car Smell.” Dawn looks into the future with some predictions in her segment, “In The News.” Dave says his car-buying plans have been hijacked. Robert sends in a question about battery design. We try to convince Ben to do an instructional video on how to properly jump start one’s car. We welcome your support via Patreon and your questions and feedback via our website.


Run-Away-Go in a Winnebago

We delve into the history of the Lincoln brand. In Cultural Collision, Dave and Dawn hit the road to discuss the history of the motorhome and its role in American culture. Our guest Arp brings us a discussion on "The Zen of Options" and asks the question: "Do we need rain sensing wipers and ventilated seats?" Ben takes a moment to talk about convertibles. (No! Dawn still doesn't have her rear window fixed yet!) In listener questions, we discuss why you might smell a horse in your defroster....


Bout the Bitchin' Camaro

Today, Dave takes on the Chevy Camaro in Cultural Collision, and its ownership of the testosterone niche market. Beka confesses to one of deepest, darkest secrets, ever. Ben takes a moment to talk hotrods and the parallels to jazz music. Beka rejects naming her segment "Wheels with Winifred." Listeners write in with more worst-car stories, including a Pinto, the "Little Red Fireball of Death." We welcome your support via Patreon and your questions and feedback via our website.


An Ambulance Ride Back To The '80s

Amanda tells us all about ambulances, and she should know since she's been in a few--luckily she wasn't the patient! Dawn takes us back to the '80s for a fond look at a weird but fun era in which cars managed to be cool despite the world conspiring against them. Mickey still wants a Mister Two and Ben confesses his lust for a Scirocco. IROC-n-Roll! Put on your parachute pants, mousse-up your hair, and come along for the ride! Be careful if you can't drive 55 though, because our Grand Trivia...


The Sign Says "NO"

Dawn on the Autobahn explores traffic signs of the world, and Mickey's got a thing about dealer stickers. Dawn regales the panel with strange traffic signs around the world, and initiates a savage game of Punch-Buggy between Mickey and Dave. We learn the history of cobblestones, and why it makes driving in downtown Savannah a challenge. Our guest Trent makes the case for hatchbacks. Dealership stickers grind Mickey's gears. We continue our investigation of listeners' worst car experiences,...


Racing, Bourbon and Random Pharmacology

In That New Car Smell, Ben talks about how the current weakness in the new car market is strengthening the used car market; guest Lee Anne Patterson joins us to talk about NASCAR racing news and the joys of the Bourbon Trail; we still don't have a name for Beka's news segment but we talk about flying cars, a hit-and-run at a car show, a the latest news from "Florida Man"; Mickey reads listener stories about the worst car they ever owned, and we advise listener Laura on new cars under...


Holiday Episode! The Thing About Car Gifts...

The Holiday Season is upon us! In a departure from our usual format, the TTAC crew talks about Christmas gifts for their cars and drivers, as well as gifts for the car enthusiast, both serious and humorous. Our guest for this episode is Mario, who talks about his interests in cars, Volvos, Hondas, but not McLaren! On behalf of all of us at The Thing About Cars, we hope you and yours are all remaining safe and warm. Happy Holidays! We welcome your support via Patreon and your questions and...


Those Fabulous Thunderbirds

In Cultural Collision, Dave talks about the role of the Ford Thunderbird in American Culture; we welcome back and catch up our good friend Greg; in honor of Halloween, Ben Takes a Moment to discuss the history and design of hearses; and listener mail addresses how not kill yourself while changing a battery & the impact of wildfire smoke on air filters. We welcome your support via Patreon and your questions and feedback via our website. TTAC records at Strongbox West, in Atlanta.


Spawn of Mini

Beka's News in the Fast Lane leads the panel to speculate on how to insult a driverless car and a dogmatic debate on the stick shift; show guest Tim Rogers discusses Petit LeMans; we delve into Beka's rodent hostage situation; in Dawn Drives the Decades, we discuss about how smaller, lighter cars came on the scene in the early 1960s; and Mickey reads a story in Listener Mail that leads to a discussion of DIY repairs that wind up costing more than taking it to a shop. We welcome your support...