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From motorsports to adventure and more, the team at Rogue Element takes you on a ride from zero to sixty!


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From motorsports to adventure and more, the team at Rogue Element takes you on a ride from zero to sixty!




Episode 13 - Grant Willbanks & Thomas Rhines

We sit down over some cocktails and whiskey and talk overland with Grant Willbanks of Arkansas Offroad/Backcountry Adventure Mods and Thomas Rhines of Backcountry Adventure Mods at the inaugural 2021 Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado.


Episode 12 - The New and Improved Podcast

After a 3 year hiatus of the Zero2Sixty Podcast, Jeff is joined with other Rogue Element crew members Christian Ramirez and Gene Pascua while out filming their newest overland film. They catch up on the past three years, film projects, builds and more!


Episode 11 - Christian Ramirez

Jeff and Christian talk shop over some beers and go over the past couple months of filming Brotherhood of Brew, Christian's first hunting experience and more!


Episode 10 - Tony Satamian

Jeff sits down with friend and fellow hunter Tony Satamian and talk about their elk hunts and more!


Episode 9 - Jeff Coxen - Part 2

Jeff sits down and continues with the last podcast and talks more about film projects, sponsorships, hunting and more!


Episode 8 - Jeff Coxen

Jeff sits down solo and goes over what's in store for the future with Brotherhood of Brew, Rogue Element and other projects as well as a few stories and thoughts. Everything from hunting to business and beer!


Episode 7 -Rogue Element Crew

Jeff hangs out with Steve Toms and Christian Ramirez at The Hallmark Inn in Newport, Oregon after a long couple days of filming Brotherhood of Brew and talk about the trip, future projects and random shenanigans.


Episode 6 - Beer Guys

**WARNING** If you are at all sensitive and get "triggered" easily, we suggest you don't listen to this episode or at the least have an open mind...You've been warned. We get pretty tossed and words fly out unfiltered and not very PC. Jeff joins his friends up in Oregon and they sit down for a bottle share of some great and not so great brews. It get's weird right out of the gate and keeps trucking for two hours. Joine Jeff, Joe, Bird and Donnie as they make fun of each other, break down beer, talk music and whatever else comes out. Enjoy and strap in!


Episode 5 - Brotherhood of Brew Film Crew

Jeff kicks it with the production crew for Brotherhood of Brew (Anthony Gainer, Reece Mladjov, David Mori) while filming out in Montana in their hotel room. They talk about the trip up to the Big Sky State, what they just got done filming, future shoots and more.


Episode 4 - Steve Toms

The first "Campfire Sessions" with Jeff and Rogue Element/Brotherhood of Brew member Steve Toms. They chat about upcoming films, hunting, fishing and a ton of other fun stuff at camp in beautiful Northern California.


Episode 3 - Christian Ramirez

Jeff sits down with fellow overlander, EMS and traveler Christian Ramirez aka @Bear.Wagon. They talk about his backpacking trip through Europe, future trips planned and the crazy stuff he sees being an EMS.


Episode 2 - Hunter Rapwell

Jeff sits down with long time friend and hip hop artist, music producer and host/co creator of the documentary they are both working on "Lifting the Redwood Curtain" Hunter Blackwell aka Hunter Rapwell. They go back and forth between old stories and explain their experiences with what has been filmed so far between a few bottles of wine.


Episode 1 - Taylor Robinson

Jeff sits down with Taylor Robinson, formerly of The Chive and Caffeine Gasoline. They talk shop, motorcycles, adventure and the new series Brotherhood of Brew.