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History of the Volkswagen Beetle | iDSC151

History of the Volkswagen Beetle The fascinating history of Volkswagen's Beetle could take up far more than a 30-minute podcast. It's one of the most-built, best-selling, most-modified, loved and nicknamed cars on the planet. What other vehicle has a childhood game named after it? I can't think of one... if you can please let me know! All incredible things must come to an end. Yes, 2019 marks the end of the road for the Slugbug, the Bug, the original Volkswagen, the Type 1 - the Beetle. The...


LA Auto Show 2018 – Top-5 Picks | iDSC150

LA Auto Show 2018 Top-5 Picks The LA Auto Show is special for many reasons. First, and simply, because it's one of the biggest new car shows on the planet with an incredibly long and rich history. Second, because it's family-friendly fun that often winds up bonding generations that might otherwise have little in common... Of course, there's also the incredible new shiny things everywhere. The introduction of the latest mobility technology and the tease of what's to come. But for us here at...


LA Auto Show Press Days | iDSC149

AutoMobility LA 2018 LA Auto Show Press Days The Los Angeles Auto Show marks the beginning of the major automotive shows around the world each year. AutoMobility LA is technically the preview event that lasts nearly a week for the global press corps before the doors open to the public. We bring our cameras, laptops, microphones... and personally, I still bring an old-school notepad and pen. Big announcements are made, the future is predicted and shiny new products are rolled out with much...


2019 Honda Civic Coupe Test Drive & Review | iDSC148

2019 Honda Civic Coupe Test Drive & Review The 2019 Honda Civic Coupe is fun-to-drive, fuel-efficient, highly-versatile and now comes in what will be a wildly popular Sport trim. Featuring bigger wheels, paddle shifters and an overall incredible list of features for the price the 2019 Honda Civic Coupe is a great value. Even more so when you go to iDriveSoCal's Honda partner in the Inland Empire - Rock Honda. Our Professor, Clinton Quan, made his way to Rock Honda in Fontana for a day of...


ArtCenter Car Classic | iDSC147

ArtCenter Car Classic The ArtCenter College of Design, right here in SoCal, is one of the top schools for transportation and automotive designers around the world. So it's logical that the school host an annual exhibit showcasing the works of it's best and brightest. From concepts to classics. Exotics to muscle. This year's ArtCenter Car Classic provided something for everyone. And rightfully so, as the theme of this year's car show highlighted the school's 70-years of contributions to the...


Rideshare Guy on SoCal Mobility | iDSC146

The Rideshare Guy - Harry Campbell on Southern California & Mobility Uber, Lyft and the on-demand economy from the workers perspective - all topics that The Rideshare Guy covers on his website, in his podcasts, and through his YouTube videos. If you're driving for Uber, Lyft or a food delivery service like Postmates then you probably know of and subscribe-to Harry Campbell's variety of media channels. If you're not a subscriber then you should be, because Harry is the real deal. As an...


LA Auto Show Hackathon | iDSC145

LA Auto Show Hackathon ...Code AutoMobility LA The LA Auto Show always delivers something for everyone and lately that's been expanding to even include the Silicon Beach set with the addition of an annual hackathon! It's being called Code AutoMobility LA and it's an automotive and technology industry facing convergence event that's ultimately meant to make all of our driving lives easier in Southern California and beyond. I grabbed some time from Alexis Evans, Director of Communications for...


VW Oktoberfest Car Show – Air-Cooled | iDSC144

Air-Cooled Volkswagen Club @ Ontario VW's Oktoberfest Classic Air-Cooled Volkswagen's are some of the most identifiable vehicles on the road - any road. Whether you happen to... be celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany, visiting another European country or find yourself anywhere in the world - especially right here in Southern California. As part of Ontario Volkswagen's Second Annual Oktoberfest Car Show, two 'Best of Show' awards were given out... because you can't give just one. You have...


VW Oktoberest Car Show – Water Cooled | iDSC143

Water-Cooled Volkswagen Club @ Ontario VW's Oktoberfest True love for Volkswagen's and Southern California are two things that have always just gone together. And nobody truly 'gets' that like the leadership at Ontario Volkswagen. For the past two years, Ontario VW has altered their entire businesses operation for what would otherwise be a very busy day. And they've done that to morph their dealership in a venue for all types of Volkswagen fans to gather, show their cars, swap their car...


VW Oktoberfest Car Show | iDSC142

Oktoberfest Auto Show at Ontario Volkswagen Ontario Volkswagen's 2nd Annual Oktoberfest Auto Show was a huge success! The 2018 event brought out V-Dubs from old to new and, of course, they were driven by the owners/lovers of them. I've always known VW as a quality German import vehicle with a serious cult-like following. But working with Ontario VW this past year I've developed a completely new appreciation for the brand and its followers. They all love Volkswagen - seriously. But there's a...


2019 Honda Pilot Test Drive & Review | iDSC141

2019 Honda Pilot Test Drive & Review The 2019 Honda Pilot truly puts the utility in crossover sport utility vehicle. Honda's 2019 refresh of its mid-to-full-size class leader offers so much to so many that it's tough to say who this vehicle might not be a great fit for. It's sporty, stylish, spacious, powerful, seats up to eight and can be equipped with creature comforts that can make you forget you're driving a Honda and not a luxury crossover SUV. I picked one up from our pals at Rock...


Ride-Hailing vs. Vehicle Ownership

Ride-Hailing vs. Vehicle Ownership With the ease and accessibility of app-based transportation options, right at our fingertips, you may be one of the many people who've considered ride-hailing exclusively versus vehicle ownership. And as cheap and convenient as those Uber and Lyft rides can be it's logical for the thought to have crossed your mind. The cost of parking, tolls, vehicle maintenance, gas, the cost of your car itself, insurance... heck that all adds up - right? Well our friends...


Top 10 Best Selling Vehicles in History | iDSC139

Top-10 Best Selling Vehicles in History What do you think are the Top-10 best selling vehicles in history? When we saw the headline we had to dive-in... it's not only a fun topic but interesting - truly. Before reading, on listening, jot down what cars, trucks and or crossover SUVs made the list. Bet you don't get them all. In this iDriveSoCal Podcast I give Clinton "The Professor" Quan a puzzle that he comes close to figuring out, and does a great job, but even he was stumped and surprised...


BMW Ultimate Driving Experience | iDSC138

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience iDriveSoCal's Professor, Clinton Quan, is dialed into all the best automotive events and experiences throughout the Southern California Region. In this iDSC Podcast the Professor explains just what an autocross event is and how you can get yourself access to future events. But you have to hop to it because there's not nearly as many of them as there once was. Not to worry, sign-up for the iDrive SoCal newsletter and we'll keep you posted on all the best...


Don’t Drive In-Text-icated | iDSC137

Don't Drive In-Text-icated! You've heard it before, don't drive in-text-icated. And it makes perfect sense, but then why are so many of us still breaking the ethical rule and safety law? I think we need more example-setters and less exception-makers. Can you be an example setter? Can you and I make a pact - right here and now - not to touch our phones at all while we're in the car and it's turned on? Seriously, that's a tough proposition. But my son just turned one and he loves sitting on my...


OC Auto Show w/ Bernie | iDSC136

OC Auto Show Wrap w/ Bernie's Top 5... or 6! The 2018 OC Auto Show was a great success by all measures. In fact, iDriveSoCal's Bernadette Sanicola was so impressed by the automotive wonderland that she lost track of counting her Top 5 Best of Show selections! In this iDriveSoCal Podcast Bernadette shares her favorites from throughout the show. You will notice a big difference between Bernadette and Clinton, The Professor, Quan's Top Picks. And that's one of the things that makes cars and...


Orange County Auto Show | iDSC135

Orange County Auto Show Professor Quan's Best of Show The 2018 Orange County International Auto Show was a blast by all standards for the iDriveSoCal Team. And our very own Professor, Clinton Quan, dove deep into the automotive wonderland to determine what would compose his carefully crafted best of show list. After careful calculations, a great deal of cross-referencing manufacturers specifications, and independent third, fourth and fifth party participation the Professor was ready to share...


2019 Jaguar F-TYPE R OC Auto Show Test Drive | iDSC134

2019 Jaguar F-TYPE R Test Drive at the OC Auto Show The 2019 Jaguar F-TYPE R was made available for test drives during the Orange County International Auto Show and iDriveSoCal's Professor, Clinton Quan, wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to get behind the wheel. Not only did Professor Quan test drive the vehicle but he was allowed rare, off-course, access giving him the chance to let the kitty-cat-car purr! We hope you have as much fun listening to this iDriveSoCal Podcast as we had...


2019 Mazda CX-9 OC Auto Show Test Drive | iDSC133

2019 Mazda CX-9 Test Drive at the OC Auto Show The 2019 Mazda CX-9 Crossover SUV available to test drive at the Orange County Auto Show and iDriveSoCal's Professor, Clinton Quan, couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. Call it a mid-size crossover SUV or call it a full-size crossover SUV... either way, it's a big vehicle that delivers a great value the Mazda-way. What exactly is the Mazda-way? It's a lot of things that only Mazda does and you'll understand better by clicking play below and...


2019 Acura RDX OC Auto Show Test Drive | iDSC132

2019 Acura RDX Test Drive at the OC Auto Show In case you missed test driving the all-new 2019 Acura RDX at this year's OC Auto Show, not to worry, the iDSC Team has you covered. We dispatched the Professor, Clinton Quan, on a quest to check out the new offering from Honda's luxury sibling and he came back with a report that would make the vehicle's redesign team proud - to say the least! Click play below to hear Professor Quan's detailed review of his Acura RDX test drive and check out the...