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The Luka Doncic era has begun: Diving deep with a Mavs fanatic and internet troll

Kirk Henderson, aka @KirkSeriousFace, is a well known internet presence and noted Mavs fan. We sat down to discuss all things NBA, including the Mavs' heist of the #3 pick and Luka Doncic. 2:00 - Heir apparent to Dirk in Dallas? 3:45 - Hawks made the bet that Trae Young is going to be better than Luka Doncic. 8:00 - Doncic has played 150 professional games in last two season. Also, eating lots of snacks. 12:15 - Immediate draft reactions that do actually bear out (aka Anthony...


How the Warriors impacted the NBA draft, and how their championship season led to fantastic new book

Thomas Bevilacqua recently became a doctor, yet somehow found time to write a BOOK about the Warriors' 2018 season that debuted a few days after the title. We sat down with him to discuss that, as well as talked with our resident draft expert Charlie Stanton about the newest Warrior, the 2018 NBA draft as a whole, and the state of the league. Annotated list of topics, add time for commercials inserted, etc: 2:40 - Jacob Evans, newest Warriors, reaction from Charlie 5:45 - League not...


How Warriors vs. Cavaliers Round IV is like a Black Mirror dystopian sex scene

Golden State of Mindcast welcomed Fear the Sword’s inimitable social voice and internet troll Ryan Mourton onto the pod to talk all things Warriors vs. Cavs. At the beginning of the year, many predicted a fourth installment of summer’s biggest blockbuster, namely, these two teams matching up. But, there’s a certain magic that is missing. A certain innocence we’ve lost through these long years. Either way, Ryan and I jumped down into the fight pit, cage match, to discuss such things as...


NBA Playoff Seeding Mayhem

The Golden State Warriors are now firmly locked into the #2 seed, while seeds eight teams below them vie for positioning. How will the Warriors' injuries affect the team heading into the playoffs — and who the hell are they going to play? Bram, Charlie, and Ivan talk about it, among other topics — the mild success of Quinn Cook and how it affects the team's roster decisions going forward; the NCAA Tournament and consternation caused by the fall of amateurism in sports; and gambling,...


Disrespect and the Houston Rockets

Nate, Daniel, and Ivan reflect on the crime committed by James Harden against Wesley Matthews, and how much we appreciate the gamesmanship of disrespectfulness in basketball. We also discuss the threat, or lack thereof, of the Houston Rockets, and why the Warriors' lackluster defense won't be a problem down the stretch. All that and more! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play! 00:45 - James Harden embarrasses Wesley Matthews 04:20 - The value of disrespectfulness in...


Behind the scenes at NBA All-Star weekend

Brady Klopfer, our trusted colleague, was one of only two SB Nation team bloggers credentialed for NBA All-Star weekend. He joins Mindcast to give us a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the weird frivolity that transpired with the game in Los Angeles. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play! Annotated list of topics covered: 1:00 - Welcome Brady! 7:00 - All Star weekend in LA is just a weird, wild party. Also, all the players must have been out the night before, etc. Street...


Would you root for Russell Westbrook if he was on your team, or still hate his iso-heavy style of play?

Nate and I jumped on the Mindcast to discuss how no matter where you live, you can still hate on the Thunder, should you desire. Also, we delved into the question of: “If Russell Westbrook was on your team, would you root for him, or hate his iso-heavy, domineering style of play?” We also asked ourselves how we enjoyed rooting for (recently) Draymond Green who other teams’ fanbases tend to despise, and (longer ago) Monta Ellis, who was basically “Westbrook-lite.” Time-stamps: 2:00 - The...


Golden State of Mindcast: Breaking down the surprising Timberwolves with David Naylor

Bram was off for this pod, but Ivan and Nate welcomed Minnesota Timberwolves writer David Naylor! As always, we love having David on Mindcast. We talked all things Wolves and Minnesota, while breaking down how the Timberwolves have been one of the most interesting teams in the league so far, racing out to a third (or currently fourth) place standing in the packed Western Conference. Annotated list of topics covered: 1:30 - David explains his twitter handle, which for some reason has to...


2018 NBA All-Star MOCK DRAFT! Steph vs. LeBron — who you got?

Bram Kincheloe and Ivan Bettger are joined by Daniel Hardee to discuss the 2018 NBA All-Star picks, and the intrigue surrounding Stephen Curry and LeBron James as captains. Daniel hosts a mock draft, and things get very petty. We also talk Westbrook, the Cleveland Cavaliers' decline and next move, and the wild Rockets/Clippers show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Stephen Curry’s newest injury, how the Raptors are for real, and more

Nate and I welcome famed GSOM writer Hugo Kitano to the pod, covering a huge swath of issues including injuries, the nature of fandom, and how life can change in an instant. Enjoy! We had a blast with this one. 1:00 - A brief football discourse, and how championships and struggle are processed. 5:00 - Welcome Hugo! Talking about how he twisted his ankle a bunch of times and how that impacted his pick-up hoops game. 6:30 - Looking at All-Star voting, the doldrums of the...


Re-drafting the Harrison Barnes draft, and wondering why we still care

Nate and I welcomed GSOM writer Charlie Stanton to his inaugural pod, and broke down 2018, the Warriors’ biggest storylines, our lingering obsession with Harison Barnes, the 2018 NBA draft, and much more. [Annotated list of topics, add time if advertisements inserted] 0:50 - Welcome to 2018. We ... made it? 5:00 - Mavericks vs. Warriors always reminds us of “We Believe.” 6:00 - Finding meaning in each new year. 9:20 - What’s the storyline that will dictate the rest of the...


Golden State of Mindcast: Christmas day complaints: All the beef you’ll ever need

It’s Christmas! It’s time for family, cheer, holiday wishes, and well wishes. So, of course, we got on a podcast and talked soooooooo much s—t about the Cavaliers, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and the Rockets (and Clippers). Our souls are broken, I suppose. In other news, this podcast originally included about 45 minutes of Kobe Bryant talk (read: hatred) that I edited out because ... why waste more words on that dude? Enjoy our vitriol and go out and spread some cheer on our...


Playmakers on the wings: Klay Thompson, Pat McCaw... Nick Young?!

Nate, Dubydubdubs, and Ivan discuss all of their favorite players, including Dallas Mavericks Best Player Harrison Barnes. We go into depth on the development of Patrick McCaw, the growth of Klay Thompson as a playmaker (or so our eyes would make us believe), and "found money" Jordan Bell. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Curry’s injury provides the first “wake-up call” of the season

Golden State of Mindcast is back! Nate and I sat down with new writer Thomas Bevilacqua to discuss the season, how Curry’s injury has really been a “wake-up call,” the limits of fandom, and mortality. Sounds like a nice little jaunt through the first part of the season! 1:30 - Where are we as Warriors fans, especially with championship fatigue and the Stephen Curry ankle injury? 6:20 - When will we see Curry again? 9:30 - Reactions to the injury, how it brings back old pains. 11:30 -...


Which teams can challenge the Warriors next year?

Welcome home Ivan! We are back, and geared up to talk about all things Warriors, including the new uniforms, all their offseason moves, the return of their core, and much more! [Annotated list of topics] Let’s do this! 1:00 - Ivan is back and the first thing we talk about is ... uniforms? 8:30 - When and where did Ivan find out about the Nick Young signing? 11:30 - We are obsessed with Patrick McCaw, as you may have noticed. 12:30 - Are the Warriors being #lightyears by burying...


2017 NBA Draft: Live podcast reactions that we recorded as the draft happened

Welcome back to Golden State of Mindcast! We haven’t had a chance to gloat and crow about the fact that the Golden State Warriors are CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, but I promise we’ll get to that. Instead, Ivan, Nate, and Bram sat down to live-podcast-blog (however you would say that) the NBA Draft which transpired last night. It was a fun thing, and we are planning on maybe doing more of these for regular season games or whatever next season. I mean, what’s better than hanging out with your...


Golden State of Mindcast: The Finals are finally here!!

Boy howdy, things are about to get fun. It’s almost June, and that means it’s time for our annual Warriors vs. Cavaliers match-up in the NBA Finals. Yes, that’s right. Round Three is almost upon us! Ivan and I sat down last night to discuss the Finals, LeBron’s legacy, the nature of legacy, the fact that people think the Warriors are evil, and much, much more. As always, we wandered off track and (sort of) found our way back. [Annotated list of talking points:] 2:00 - People love to hate...


Golden State of Mindcast: Sitting down with Marcus Thompson II to discuss ‘The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry’

Beloved Warriors scribe Marcus Thompson II has a fantastic new book out called, “Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry.” We did a giveaway a few weeks ago, but if you didn’t win the giveaway, or if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the book, DO IT NOW! Seriously, it is required reading for all Warriors fans. We were very happy to welcome Marcus to the pod, as he sat with us for well over an hour, talking about the book, talking about Curry, telling future kids to get off our lawn,...


Golden State of MindCast: Will Steve Kerr’s absence hurt his legacy?

Ivan is a Steve Kerr hater. Bram obviously has to put him in his place. We discuss that and much more on the latest episode of Golden State of Mindcast! Annotated list of topics covered: 0:50 - Apparently I’m an “excitable lad.” 1:00 - The Warriors crushed the Trail Blazers. 2:30 - Did we jinx the Clippers for the second year in a row?! 5:50 - I can’t pronounce Joe Ingles’ name. 8:45 - Doc Rivers needs to be removed as “Captain” of the “Clippers.” 9:15 “Imagine Steve...


Golden State of MindCast: As the Warriors dominate the first round, we brazenly look ahead to Round 2

Last year around this very same time, Golden State of Mindcast feverishly roasted the LA Clippers and salivated at the Warriors dismantling them in the next round of the playoffs. During that very recording, Chris Paul broke a bone in his hand and derailed the Clippers' playoff run. Fast forward to last night, when we got carried away with yet another anti-Clippers roastfest, and, lo-and-behold, what happened? Blake Griffin injures his toe and is out for the remainder of the...