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@shane_meade - @brosephbiscuit @aj_santangelo Three Phillies fans discuss weekly on this brand new podcast all things Philadelphia Phillies!


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@shane_meade - @brosephbiscuit @aj_santangelo Three Phillies fans discuss weekly on this brand new podcast all things Philadelphia Phillies!




Offseason Talk

@shane_meade is joined with @brosephbiscuit in the first official episode talking the offseason for the Philadelphia Phillies.


Back from the Hiatus!

@aj_santangelo, @brosephbiscuit and @shane_meade are back with the So You Think You Can Manage Podcast! After stepping away for a brief period, the Phillies began to win and win a lot! For the good of the Phillies, we stayed on hiatus until the run was over and what a run it was! The boys talk all things 2022 season, magical playoff run and more in this return edition of the Pod.


Andrew Returns w/ Biscuit

@aj_santangelo returns with @brosephbiscuit for another episode of the So You Think You Can Manage Podcast. The boys talk the Phillies struggles with the Mets, lower fan attendance, the thinning bullpen, 2023 schedule release and a quick preview of the upcoming week.


Good Baseball in Philly!

@shane_meade steps in for lead host @aj_santangelo and is joined by @brosephbiscuit to talk all things Philadelphia Phillies. This week the boys talk the legit offense, state of the rotation, new hero by the night and what it feels like to finally have a baseball team and an organization worth getting excited for.


Post Trade Deadline Show

@aj_santangelo is joined by both @brosepthbiscuit and @shane_meade to break down their deadline reactions as well as their thoughts on the 5-1 roadtrip for the Philadelphia Phillies


Phils Respond Against ATL

@aj_santangelo has both his co-hosts back in @brosephbiscuit and @shane_meade to talk the first two series out of the all star break. The boys talk a bad series loss and sweep against the lowly Cubs and a strong response against the NL East second place Braves. With the trade deadline a little less than a week away, we also dive into TDL philosophies, what prospects we'd move, who we wouldn't and how we hope this team looks after August 2nd.


Puppy Harper's Debut!

@aj_santangelo introduces the fourth member of the team in his new pup, Harper! @brosephbiscuit and @shane_meade can't handle how adorable this little lady is and struggle to stay on topic through the early ways of this one. Once settled, the boys talk the overall state of the Phillies as the All Star Break is officially here after a rare sweep in Miami to close out the first half.


Phillies Continue to Face Adversity

@aj_santangelo is back with @shane_meade to talk the recent losing streak, vaccination concerns and the general state of the Phillies as they truly limp to the break.


Exactly 82 In - A Report Card

@aj_santangelo is back from vacation and joined by lead co-host, @brosephbiscuit to break down and grade the Phillies roster through 82 games.


D. Hall To Save Us All

With SYTYCM frontman @aj_santangelo out on vacation, @shane_meade steps in to host and is joined by @brosephbiscuit. The boys talk about the state of the Phillies with Harper out for the foreseeable future and a once again sputtering offense leaves much to be desired.


Regressing To The Mean

With lead host @aj_santangelo out, @shane_meade and @brosephbiscuit talk the first signs of struggle under the Thompson era.


Phils take a series they never take

@aj_santangelo is back with cohosts @brosephbiscuit and @shane_meade to talk the continued hot streak for our Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies take two of three against their daddies, the Miami Marlins in a series that could have just as easily ended in sweep for either club. Something feels different with this team, but is it different enough to feel confident just yet?


Are the Phillies back!?!?!?

@aj_santangelo is back talking Phillies baseball and a winning streak in the post Joe Girardi era! With @brosephbiscuit out for the evening, Andrew is joined by @shane_meade as the two discuss the young players, winning streaks, the curious case of 6th inning Nola and what we need to continue to see going forward to fully believe the Phillies are back.


Girardi OUT Part II

@shane_meade and @brosephbiscuit are back with part two of the Girardi is out pod! Shane and Biscuit talk about the press conference introducing Rob Thompson as the interim manager, the phone call to the MLB network by Joe Girardi and the myriad of reports coming out from writers, analysts, scouts, players and fans on the exit of the now former skipper of the Phils. Be sure to check out the earlier Part I reaction podcast as well with @shane_meade and @aj_santangelo.


Girardi OUT - Part 1

@aj_santangelo is back in as host with @shane_meade for this immediate reaction to pod on the firing of Joe Girardi. That's right, the bad man is finally gone! He does leave us his right hand man in Rob Thompson to close out the 2022 season, so much to be desired there, but change has started in the city of brotherly love!


Eve of the GIrardi Exodus??

@shane_meade is joined by both SYTYCM co-hosts in @brosephbiscuit and @aj_santangelo to talk the full state of the Philadelphia Phillies and how we got here to quite frankly the lowest we have been in years. Is this it for Joe Girardi? With the off day looming and much speculation, the boys talk whether they believe the firing will occur. - Players underperforming - Manager is an idiot - Free agents did not attack actual holes/needs - Lack of development and trust in young players -...


You just cannot defend Joe Girardi anymore

@shane_meade and @brosepthbiscuit discuss at length the Joe Girardi problem in Philadelphia.


Biscuit and Shane Talk Ball

@shane_meade steps in for @aj_santangelo to host tonights show with @brosephbiscuit. This episode is special as two guys who love the game of baseball fawn all over it. We talk the beautiful aspects of the game and appreciating the sport for what it is and can be.


An uninspiring team pulls one out in Seattle

@shane_meade is mercifully joined again by both co-hosts, @aj_santangelo and @brosephbiscuit to discuss the current state of the Philadelphia Phillies. The three talk Girardi, an uninspiring product and the identity of this team going forward.


Shane goes solo for the evening

Shane takes over for Biscuit and Andrew who are tied up with other commitments for the evening. In this brief episode Shane basically just does his Shane thing and you get the picture. Enjoy 19 minutes of quality solo podcast material we here at So You Think You Can Manage hope is infinitely more pleasurable than our Philadelphia Phillies team proves to be night in and night out.