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NBA Schedule's & Hot Takes

Kevin and Justin are back and this week they are focused on the NBA Schedule being released. They talk about the Toronto Raptors getting snubbed AGAIN from Christmas day games. They also focus on the other important schedule dates, MLK day and Opening week. They also read some submitted "Hot Takes" from Reddit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Team's Over/Under

Kevin and Justin are back to talk about the NBA! This week the guys find a Sports betting line and talk about the Over/Under for each team and debate which one they would put their money on! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA 2k Ratings... Right Or Wrong?

The Drive and Dish NBA podcast is back with a list of the NBA 2K19 Player ratings... they run down the list and talk about who is rated too high, and who is too low. They also weigh in on Clint Capela getting a 5 year 90 million dollar deal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Magic are a playoff team with Nick Gryniewicz

The guys are back with a special episode. Kevin is joined by Nick Gryniewicz (@ESPN580Nick) from ESPN 580 Orlando. Topics include Vince Carter signing with Atlanta for his 21st and possibly last season, CJ vs. KD on Twitter & all things Magic. How good of value is Aaron Gordon’s contract? Is this the year Nick Vucevic finally gets moved? How encouraged are we by Jonathan Issac & Mo Bamba after summer league, and can the Magic really make the playoffs? Leave us a review on iTunes & we’ll...


Catching up! Kawhi, Melo & Power Rankings

The guys are FINALLY back... this week they talk about the Kawhi Leonard trade. What does this mean for the Spurs future? Are the Raptors favorites to win the East now? True or false, Demar once averaged a little under 10% from 3 for a whole season… where he played 82 game. Then, they play their segment. HOT TAKES FROM REDDIT! lastly, they hit come rapid fire topics... Bulls sign Jabari Parker? Are they out of their mind, or quietly putting a squad together? Carmelo Anthony trade: Melo...


Free Agency In The East

Kevin and Justin are back with a midweek episode talking about the less than exciting "NBA free agency" in the Eastern Conference: Nets: Ed Davis, 1-year $4.4 million, Joe Harris 2-years $16 million, Pacers: Tyreke Evans, 1-year $12 million, Kyle O’Quinn 1-year $4.5 million, Doug McDermott 3-years $22 million. Bucks: Ersan Ilyasova 3-years, $21 million and Brook Lopez at a VERY team friendly deal. Knicks: Mario Hezjonia, 1-year $6.5 million Celtics: Aaron Baynes, 2-years $11...


Look at the NEW West Coast Teams!

The guys are back to break down what every move that happened in the Western Confrence during this Free agancy: Warriors: DeMarcus Cousins, 1 year 5.3 mil, Kevin Durant 1-1 deal $61.5 million, Kevon Looney 1-year $1.6 million, Jonas Jerebko 1-year deal Lakers: Lebron James, 4-years $153 million, Rajon Rondo 1-year $9 million, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 1-year $12 million, Lance Stephenson 1-year $4.4 million, Javale McGee 1-year deal Thunder: Paul George, 4-years $137 million, Nerlens...


#NBAFreeAgency 2018

They guys are back to talk about the NBA free agency! they decide to talk about the "set in stone" moves first then work towards the unknown. first on their list, Marcin Gortat getting traded to the L.A Clippers for Doc Rivers Son, Austin Rivers. Then, They work over to what this trade means for Deandre Jordan's Future and how he is "Verbally agreed" (again) with the Dallas Mavericks. After that its on to Thad Young and how he was smart to pick up his player option, and how that could hurt...


We are fixated on the NBA Draft!

Literally, the whole crew is back together! Tim Thompkins, from the Sun's solar panel podcast, comes back to the Drive & Dish to talk NBA draft, and how the Suns did with the #1 pick. This will get interesting because he was in the Luka Doncic camp more than Deandre Ayton. They guys then freestyle the rest of the episode talking about other NBA Draft night winners and losers... And the Philly Trade! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Draft, Kawhi & Dwane Casey (w/ Cole Zwicker)

Justin and Kevin are back for another great episode. This week the guys talk about the Kawhi Leonard situation and possible places he could go if he wants off of the San Antonio Spurs train. they then take a second to talk about the new Detroit Pistons Coach Dwane Casey and how he can change the team for the better. They also talk about Nick Nurse taking over in Toronto as the head coach. Then, the guys take a turn to the NBA Draft and Kevin brings on Cole Zwicker, NBA CBA,...


NBA Season Recap, Highs and Lows!

Kevin and Justin are back to talk about the 2017-2018 NBA season as a whole. We know they love Analytics and dive into some of their own Twitter stats to re-live this nba season! They talk about Kevin Durant winning the Finals MVP over Steph and ask if Curry could every win MVP with KD on the team. They talk about Lebrons Hand and how its impresive he could even shoot the ball after game 1 of the finals. Plus some hot takes from Reddit! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Sweeps, New Coaches and Burner Accounts... What even is the NBA?

How crazy is the NBA right now? The guys try to dissect the Finals and how great Lebron is, will Kevin Durant ever get the respect from fans back? Warrior fans what it but is Steph Curry the Finals MVP? They then do some "HOT TAKES FROM REDDIT" and chat about Trevor Ariza leaving the Rockets and if the Boston Celtics should be concerned with Kyrie Irvings Injury history. The last part of the episode is spent talking about the Social Media Scandal with Bryan Colangelo and the 76ers. how can...


From Our Burner Account, Warriors In 5

Justin and Kevin record one more episode before the NBA finals start. They guys recap both game 7s (Rockets v Warriors & Celtics V Cavs). they the preview The Finals Match up part 4... Does Lebron have any hope of winning this year? They also talk about the Ringer's report that the Sixers president of basketball operations, Bryan Colangelo has burner accounts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Rockets Harden Up! Thoughts From The Conference Finals.

The guys are back to chat about the NBA! on this episode they talk about how amazing the Rockets win against the Golden State Warriors was, they also talk about how the Iggy injury is to blame. they then take it to Mailbag questions and answer things about this years Draft class, who will be the stars in 2020 and what team they would want to play for. lastly they end talking about the Celtics game 5 win over the Cavs, and ask about the "Hot Take" That Kyle Korver is/was a better NBA player...


#503 Conference Finales, Lotto & Coaching Probz

Kevin and Justin are back with a TON of NBA news to talk about... First, The Conference Finals Boston Looks UNSTOPPABLE as the Cavs struggle... and don't count out the Rockets just yet, they may have found the Warriors weakness. Then, the guys jump into Balling and Falling... Lotto Addition. what teams won in the Lottery and what teams were real unlucky. after that they talk about the new Coaching news with Stan Van and Dwane Casey getting fired and Mike Budenholzer landing in...


#501 The Conference Finals We've Been Waiting For!

We're finally getting the Conference Finals we've been waiting for! The golden State Warriors are playing the Houston Rockets! the guys dive into what they think will happen this series, plus look back at the impressive season by the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans. they then take a look at the Boston Celtics going up against the Cleveland Cavaliers! How many games can Boston win? we also look back at the 76ers and Celtics Series and talk about the future of Toronto. Finally, we chat a...


Episode #500 New Coaches & Old Playoff Problems.

Kevin and Justin realize that THIS EPISODE is their 500th Drive & Dish Episode! They talk about the recent coaching changes, JB Bickerstaff locking in with the Memphis Grizzlies, David Fitzdale joining the New York Knicks, and Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Igor Kokoškov landing a Head Coach position with the Phoenix Suns! the guys then turn their attention over to the playoffs, where they are mostly disappointed in the Toronto Raptors, and 76ers... Mad props to Lebron and Kevin Love. The Most...


NBA playoffs Round 2!

Justin and Kevin are back to talk NBA! this time they look forward to round two of the playoffs. they make predictions about the Utah Jazz vs Houston rockets series. While also asking whats next for the Timberwolves and Thunder? Then they look to the New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors Series and wonder how effective Anthony Davis can be. Then they take it East and Ask should the 76ers prefer the Bucks or the Celtics, and ask whats next for the Bucks after a first round exit?...



Justin and Kevin are back to talk about the NBA playoffs first round, they talk all the trending topics, Houston Rockets blanketing Karl Anthony Towns... The Utah Jazz and OKC Thunder are going to go 7 games... The 76ers and Heat are getting physical! Should the Cleveland Cavaliers Panic, and Can The Pacers get it done? Why cant the Bucks beat an injured Celtics team? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Playoff 2018 Preview

ITS HERE!!! 2018 NBA Playoffs! we're so pumped! We run down the first round matchup and fill out our Playoff brackets, we talk Westcoast first and run down the Houston Rockets Vs Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Utah Jazz, Portland Trailblazers Vs The New Orleans Pelicans, and The Golden State Warriors Vs The San Antonio Spurs! Then we talk about so Hot Takes From Reddit. After that, time to dive into the East! with Toronto Raptors Vs The Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics...