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184 - Totally Awesome Made-Up NBA Awards Predictions for 2018-19 (Part 1)

Who needs those regular, run-of-the-mill, also-ran, officially official NBA awards, am I right? Hardwood Knocks journeys off the beaten path for its latest trick. In Part I of this two-podcast series, Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) joins Dan to roll through a handful of totally made up, but definitely awesome awards predictions for the 2018-19 season. Our categories for this first installment include: Best Offense; Worst Offense; Best Defense; Worst Defense; Best Under-the-Radar...


183- Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less: Is LeBron James Done Making the NBA Finals?

Welcome back to “Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less,” a miniature version of the regular podcast in which we roll through audio versions of articles for NBA Math. This time around, Dan is joined by NBA Math founder and editor in chief Adam Fromal (@fromal09) to have a quick back-and-forth about, well, their previous back-and-forth: After signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, has LeBron James made his last NBA Finals? Be sure to read the text version of the article on NBAMath.com. Per...


182 - NBA Over/Unders, Western Conference Edition

Andy and Dan relay their 2018-19 over/under predictions for all 15 Western Conference teams. Some of their picks may surprise you—cough, Timberwolves, cough also Spurs, cough, and Nuggets, cough—so be sure to file these away for shaming purposes later. Also make sure you check out Hardwood Knocks' over/under predictions for the Eastern Conference in the previous podcast (Episode No. 181). As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on...


181 - Eastern Conference Over/Unders, with Extra-Sauce Takez on NBA Prospects

Get your piping-hot NBA over/under takezzzzzz here! Andy and Dan tip things off with the Eastern Conference. They roll through win-total predictions on all 15 teams, with an added emphasis on young prospects populating the most intriguing situations. When all's said and done, we deliver our officially unofficial, subject-to-change playoff-seeding predictions. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on basically anywhere podcasts are...


180 - MAILBAG: LeBron vs Kobe (Sort Of), Thibs' Future with Wolves, NBA's Best Duos

Since listeners sent in so many great questions the first time around, Hardwood Knocks runs it back for a second mailbag this week. Join Andy and Dan as they talk about LeBron James' legacy with the Lakers. Will his jersey be retired? Could he ever surpass Kobe Bryant in Lakers Lore? Plus: Tom Thibodeau's future in Minnesota, Carmelo Anthony officially joining the Rockets, a brief chat about the NBA's best duos, Jimmer Fredette's basketball future and so much more! As always, be sure to...


179 - MAILBAG: Jimmy Butler Trades, Wiggins vs Exum, MVP/MIP Picks, West Playoff Race

MAIL TIME! Hardwood Knocks is back and better than ever with its latest mailbag. Listeners were quite generous with their responses, so Andy and Dan ended up gallivanting all over the NBA and then back again. As a sampling, this podcast's topics include: Jimmy Butler trade destinations; the Timberwolves' future; an Andrew Wiggins vs. Dante Exum debate; Kevin Durant's 2019 free agency; Tim Hardaway Jr.; the Knicks' free-agent appeal; the Thunder's wing rotation; Most Improved Player picks;...


178 - Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less: Carmelo Anthony's Fit with Rockets

Welcome to the debut of "Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less," a miniature version of the regular podcast in which we occasionally roll through audio versions of articles written for NBA Math. Dan kicks things off by taking a look at Carmelo Anthony's fit with the Rockets, his NBA legacy, and whether he can help a team win meaningful basketball games at this stage of his career. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on basically...


177 - Kawhi Traded to Raptors: Leonard's future in Toronto, Spurs/DeRozan, Lakers Implications

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green are on their way to the Raptors in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poelt and 2019 first-round pick, according to ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski. Andy and Dan break down every aspect of the trade: Did the Spurs get enough? Will Kawhi stay in Toronto? How does this deal impact the Lakers and Clippers? How does DeRozan fit in with San Antonio? Plus, future outlooks for both the Spurs and Raptors, along with the next superstars who could reach the chopping block....


176 - Winners and Losers of NBA Free Agency (So Far), Impact of Melo to Rockets

Although the NBA is still waiting on some pretty big free-agency dominoes to fall, enough has happened for us to pluck out the biggest winners and losers of this year's silly season. So, you know, let's do that! Andy and Dan end up running through the entire league while choosing from a vast pool of players and teams who have either owned or been owned during the offseason festivities. They also find time to discuss the impact of Carmelo Anthony joining the Rockets; the Jazz's big-picture...


175 - GOAT Rankings, Karl-Anthony Towns' future in MIN, Post-LeBron East, Aaron Gordon, Trae Young

NBA Math's Founder and Editor in Chief Adam Fromal (@fromal09) joins Hardwood Knocks to talk about his super-official GOAT rankings, replete with an objective overview of the 30 greatest players ever. Afterwards, he and Dan dive into current events, tackling everything from the post-LeBron Eastern Conference pecking order; Aaron Gordon's contract; Cleveland's future; Lakers stuff; Kawhi Leonard stuff; Karl-Anthony Towns' future in Minnesota; the Boston vs. Philly debate; and much, much...


174 — End of LeBron's Title Window(?), Boogie to Warriors, Top Remaining Free Agents

Andy and Dan discuss LeBron James' decision to join the Lakers, whether it marks the end of his NBA title window, and how forfeiting cap space impacts LA's pursuit of Kawhi Leonard. Afterward, they dissect DeMarcus Cousins joining Warriors, and whether it actually means anything. Then, finally, they run through their predictions for the top 40 remaining free agents. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and BlogTalkRadio....


173 - MAILBAG: LeBron Opts Out, FA Targets for Grizz, Lakers, 76ers, Hawks, Kings, More!

The NBA's silly #SZN is officially upon us! LeBron James has opted out of his contract, officially making him an unrestricted free agent. This decision means a whole lot when looking at the context of his potential landing spots. Andy and Dan break down every angle of his latest foray onto the open market. From there, Hardwood Knocks' latest mailbag takes us...well, it takes use everywhere. Our covered topics include: Jabari Parker; the Bucks in general; the Lakers; Dante Exum; DeAndre...


172 - Jokic's free agency, Melo's future in OKC, Doncic's fit with Mavs, Kawhi/LeBron/Lakers Chitchat

In the first part of this episode, Hardwood Knocks is joined by The Ringer's Haley O'Shaughnessy (@HaleyOSomething) to talk gut-feeling destinations for LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. In the second part, Andy and Dan riff on their biggest draft takeaways, way-too-early Rookie of the Year picks, Carmelo Anthony's future in Oklahoma City and Nikola Jokic's upcoming free agency. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and...


171 - Hornets Trade Dwight Howard to Nets, Hypothetical Draft-Night Trades, Latest Kawhi Rumors

Dwight Howard has a new home, again, for the sixth time of his career. Andy and Dan break down all the repercussions of the Hornets and Nets swapping Howard for Timofey Mozgov—including what it means for their cap figures, and for Kemba Walker's future in Charlotte. After that, the real fun begins, as they propose a bunch of draft-night trades for you to consider. What are the best potential Kawhi Leonard packages? Can the Bulls trade up into the top five? Should the Knicks consider...


170 - NBA Draft Mailbag with Cole Zwicker: Kawhi Rumors, Luka Doncic, Potential Trades, Trae Young, Kangzzz, More!

If you're fully prepared for Thursday's prospect pageant, well, hey, good for you! If not, you will be at the end of this podcast. The Stepien's Cole Zwicker (@colezwicker) joins Hardwood Knocks to discuss all things NBA draft. Along with Dan, he plows through a mailbag directed by you, our ever-awesome listeners, that covers Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Deandre Ayton, the Cavaliers, the Knicks, Shai Alexander, Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, Troy Brown, the Clippers, under-the-radar prospects,...


169 - MAILBAG: NBA Draft Big Board, Chandler Parsons Trades, Free Agency, More LeBron!

NBA Draft #SZN is here, and Hardwood Knocks listeners were kind enough to gift us with a deluge of prospect questions. Andy and Dan talk about everything from the plummeting stocks of Luka Doncic and Trae Young, to the bizarre emphasis on big men, to potential high-end sleepers, to their 10 favorite prospects. (Spoiler alert: They're both exceptionally high on Jaren Jackson Jr., Zhaire Smith and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.) This mailbag journey does not stop at the draft, though. No, no, no....


168 - LeBron James' Best Free-Agent Fits, Kevin Love Trades, DET/TOR Coaching Hires

The Cavs and LeBron have a lot to figure out after falling to the Warriors in four games during the NBA Finals. Hardwood Knocks breaks down the King's foray into free agency from every angle: Where will he fit best? Are the Lakers favorites? Could a dark horse emerge? What trades could the Cavs make to try keeping him? As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and BlogTalkRadio. And as 50 Cent's biopic suggests: Follow Andy...


167 - Bryan Colangelo Fallout, Kyrie's Future in Boston, Rockets/Pelicans Outlook, LeBron to Houston Outlook

Who needs to talk about the inevitable end to the NBA Finals when there's an offseason to focus on? Not Hardwood Knocks, that's for sure. Andy and Dan (finally) get to discussing the offseason outlooks for the Rockets and Pelicans, complete with LeBron James, Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins scenarios galore. They also tackle the Sixers' future in the aftermath of Bryan Colangelo's exit and rap about a report from Yahoo Sports that the Celtics are worried about losing Kyrie Irving in free...


166 - Cavs/Warriors So Far, Offseason Outlooks for Celtics/Jazz, Sign-and-Trade Ideas

Hardwood Knocks takes stock of the NBA Finals with the Warriors leading the Cavaliers, 2-0, in this best-of-seven clash. Is Cleveland done? Will the Cavs give LeBron James help in Games 3 and 4 or nah? After that, Andy and Dan move onto their (delayed) postmortems for the Jazz and Celtics. Will Utah keep Dante Exum and Derrick Favors? Will it make any trades? Carve out any cap space? And as for the Celtics, can they afford Marcus Smart? Should they trade Terry Rozier? Will Gordon Hayward...


165 - Cavs-Warriors Finals Primer, Colangelo/76ers Twitter Scandal, Magic Hire Clifford

Hardwood Knocks drops their officially official primer and preview for Cavaliers-Warriors, Round 4. But before they get to NBA Finals anatomization and predictions, they must first navigate their way through the most 2018 scandal ever. On the heels of a report from The Ringer's Ben Detrick that suggests Philadelphia 76ers president Bryan Colangelo has five secret Twitter accounts dedicated to serving his own agenda, Andy and Dan discuss all the various forms of potential fallout. The...