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196 - Atlantic Division Preview, Part I: 2018-19 Outlooks for the Celtics, Nets and Knicks

Hardwood Knocks continues its season-preview series by moving on to the Atlantic Division. This will be the first podcast of a two-part breakdown. Andy and Dan go in-depth on the immediate and long-term futures of the Celtics, Nets and Knicks while, as always, talking about plenty of trade candidates and breakout prospects along the way. Be on the lookout for Part Two of this preview next week, which will drop just before the start of the regular season and feature deep dives into the...


195 - Jimmy Butler's Tour De Force, Central Division Preview

Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwovles are in the headlines. Again. For the umpteenth time. Andy and Dan have many thoughtz and feelz about Minny's cratering culture following Butler's, ahem, tour de force. You should listen to them. After that, it's on to the Central Division season preview. Our discussion covers all things Pacers, Bucks, Pistons, Cavaliers and Bulls while taking some detours toward the Sixers and potential breakout candidates. Let's do this. As always, please...


194 - MAILBAG! Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and More! PLUS, the Inaugural Social Media Minute

It's time for another Hardwood Knocks mailbag. But first! The inaugural Social Media Minute with a special guest who gives you the takes you need on Tristan Thompson/Khloe Kardashian, Donovan Mitchell, Josh Hart and Rudy Gobert's ducks. Yes, ducks. Then, Andy dives into the mailbag to tackle questions from all over the league. What's going on with the Jimmy Butler trade? Do the Mavericks or Grizzlies have a better shot at the postseason? Who is a darkhorse candidate for Rookie of the Year?...


193 - Jimmy Butler Trade Packages, Future of Timberwolves/Thibs/Wiggins/KAT

The Jimmy Butler trade-request saga is rolling along, so the fellas from Hardwood Knocks feel compelled to tackle it from all angles. The latest from ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski has Timberwolves coach-president Tom Thibodeau resisting outside inquiries while owner Glen Taylor remains open to moving Minnesota's All-NBA wing. Where will Butler land? Which teams should even trade for him? What can the Wolves expect to get for his services? PLUS: What does the future of the Timberwolves look...


192 - Russell Westbrook Injury, 2018-19 Preview for NBA’s Pacific Division

Hardwood Knocks is once again joined by Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) to break down the entire Pacific Division, in addition to discussing the impact Russell Westbrook's latest knee surgery could have on the Thunder and his partnership with Dennis Schroder. The most pressing topics from this episode: the progression of the Lakers' youth; the direction—or lack thereof—for the Clippers; Phoenix's ceiling with Devin Booker as its best player; the Warriors battling championship...


191 - MAILBAG: Trade Candidates, Gobert vs. Draymond, Surprise Teams, Stat Projections

MAAAAAIL TIME. Hardwood Knocks takes a break from the division-preview grind to answer a bunch of listener-posed questions that take them around the entire NBA and then back again. The topics of this edition's inquiries include potential trade candidates; a Rudy Gobert-Draymond Green debate; Nikola Jokic's passing; Frank Ntilikina's development; scoring-title predictions; surprise teams; LeBron James' title window; and so much friggin' more! As always, please subscribe to and rate Hardwood...


190 - Southwest Division 2018-19 Season Preview (HOU, NOP, SAS, DAL, MEM)

It's the Southwest's turn to be put under the Hardwood Knocks microscope. Andy and Dan go deep on the offseason and outlooks for the Rockets, Pelicans, Spurs, Mavericks and Grizzlies. They also take a dive into potential breakout and trade candidates for each squad. The biggest questions for this division: Are the Rockets that much worse compared to last year? How much better off are the Pelicans without DeMarcus Cousins? Are the Spurs lottery-bound? Did the Mavericks make the right call...


189 - Northwest Division Preview for 2018-19 Season (DEN, MIN, OKC, POR, UTA)

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled dose of NBA Preview #SZN! Hardwood Knocks continues its primer for the Association's upcoming festivities by rolling through the Northwest Division. This time, Andy and Dan are talking everything and anything related to the Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz. The big question: In the NBA's toughest division, which team(s) will be left out in the cold once the postseason tips...


188 - TRADE SZN: Dissecting Rockets-Suns Ryan Anderson-for-Brandon Knight Deal

The Rockets are sending Ryan Anderson and De'Anthony Melton to the Suns for Marquese Chriss and Brandon Knight, according to ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski. What's more, Houston doesn't have any plans to waive and stretch Brandon Knight's salary, per ESPN.com's Zach Lowe. Hardwood Knocks breaks down this deal from every imaginable angle. From Knight's fit in Houston and the Suns' train of thought, to prospective point guard trades for Phoenix and everything and anything in between, Andy and...


187 - Southeast Division Preview for 2018-19 Season (ATL, CHA, MIA, ORL, WAS)

NBA preview #SZN is upon us! Hardwood Knocks tips off its division-by-division breakdown with the ever-awesome Adam Spinella (@Spinella14), the Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Washington & Jefferson college, in addition to a contributor for BBallBreakdown and NBA Math itself. Dan gave him the option of where to start, and Adam, being the hero that he is, selected the Southeast division. So, on this episode, we're breaking down all things Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat,...


186 - MAILBAG: 1st-Time All-Stars, Jamal Murray/OG Anunoby Peaks, Shaun Livingston Feelz

Hardwood Knocks plows through another extensive bag of mail that takes them down rabbit holes indulging both nostalgia and future forecasts. Which players will make their first All-Star team in 2019? Will Jamal Murray or OG Anunoby become a star? How good was prime Grant Hill? What about pre-injury Shaun Livingston? How will the Lakers solve their starting-center issue? How will the Warriors address theirs? Is Trey Burke a long-term piece for the Knicks? Can Dante Exum make a leap? Andy...


185 - Off-Beat NBA Awards Predictions for 2018-19 (Part 2)

Let's get back to journeying off the beaten path, shall we? In the second part of this two-podcast series, Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) is back with Dan to rap about ll their totally arbitrary, definitely fake, categorically awesome NBA awards prediction for the 2018-19 season. This time around, our categories include: Most Likely to Used the 'I Was Hacked' Excuse by All-Star Weekend Award; 2015-16 Raptors Award; 2017-18 Raptors Award; 2017-18 Tyus Jones Award; Team Most...


184 - Totally Awesome Made-Up NBA Awards Predictions for 2018-19 (Part 1)

Who needs those regular, run-of-the-mill, also-ran, officially official NBA awards, am I right? Hardwood Knocks journeys off the beaten path for its latest trick. In Part I of this two-podcast series, Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) joins Dan to roll through a handful of totally made up, but definitely awesome awards predictions for the 2018-19 season. Our categories for this first installment include: Best Offense; Worst Offense; Best Defense; Worst Defense; Best Under-the-Radar...


183- Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less: Is LeBron James Done Making the NBA Finals?

Welcome back to “Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less,” a miniature version of the regular podcast in which we roll through audio versions of articles for NBA Math. This time around, Dan is joined by NBA Math founder and editor in chief Adam Fromal (@fromal09) to have a quick back-and-forth about, well, their previous back-and-forth: After signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, has LeBron James made his last NBA Finals? Be sure to read the text version of the article on NBAMath.com. Per...


182 - NBA Over/Unders, Western Conference Edition

Andy and Dan relay their 2018-19 over/under predictions for all 15 Western Conference teams. Some of their picks may surprise you—cough, Timberwolves, cough also Spurs, cough, and Nuggets, cough—so be sure to file these away for shaming purposes later. Also make sure you check out Hardwood Knocks' over/under predictions for the Eastern Conference in the previous podcast (Episode No. 181). As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on basically...


181 - Eastern Conference Over/Unders, with Extra-Sauce Takez on NBA Prospects

Get your piping-hot NBA over/under takezzzzzz here! Andy and Dan tip things off with the Eastern Conference. They roll through win-total predictions on all 15 teams, with an added emphasis on young prospects populating the most intriguing situations. When all's said and done, we deliver our officially unofficial, subject-to-change playoff-seeding predictions. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on basically anywhere podcasts are...


180 - MAILBAG: LeBron vs Kobe (Sort Of), Thibs' Future with Wolves, NBA's Best Duos

Since listeners sent in so many great questions the first time around, Hardwood Knocks runs it back for a second mailbag this week. Join Andy and Dan as they talk about LeBron James' legacy with the Lakers. Will his jersey be retired? Could he ever surpass Kobe Bryant in Lakers Lore? Plus: Tom Thibodeau's future in Minnesota, Carmelo Anthony officially joining the Rockets, a brief chat about the NBA's best duos, Jimmer Fredette's basketball future and so much more! As always, be sure to...


179 - MAILBAG: Jimmy Butler Trades, Wiggins vs Exum, MVP/MIP Picks, West Playoff Race

MAIL TIME! Hardwood Knocks is back and better than ever with its latest mailbag. Listeners were quite generous with their responses, so Andy and Dan ended up gallivanting all over the NBA and then back again. As a sampling, this podcast's topics include: Jimmy Butler trade destinations; the Timberwolves' future; an Andrew Wiggins vs. Dante Exum debate; Kevin Durant's 2019 free agency; Tim Hardaway Jr.; the Knicks' free-agent appeal; the Thunder's wing rotation; Most Improved Player picks;...


178 - Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less: Carmelo Anthony's Fit with Rockets

Welcome to the debut of "Hardwood Knocks in 7(ish) Minutes or Less," a miniature version of the regular podcast in which we occasionally roll through audio versions of articles written for NBA Math. Dan kicks things off by taking a look at Carmelo Anthony's fit with the Rockets, his NBA legacy, and whether he can help a team win meaningful basketball games at this stage of his career. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on basically...


177 - Kawhi Traded to Raptors: Leonard's future in Toronto, Spurs/DeRozan, Lakers Implications

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green are on their way to the Raptors in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poelt and 2019 first-round pick, according to ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski. Andy and Dan break down every aspect of the trade: Did the Spurs get enough? Will Kawhi stay in Toronto? How does this deal impact the Lakers and Clippers? How does DeRozan fit in with San Antonio? Plus, future outlooks for both the Spurs and Raptors, along with the next superstars who could reach the chopping block....