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Inside The Cylinder Ep. 68: Mailbag Episode!

This week we experienced the full spectrum of highs and lows associated with Pistons' fandom. After beating the Warriors at home, we proceeded to lay eggs against the Thunder and Bucks. We take a look into Dwane Casey and Blake Griffin's comments regarding what it takes to earn these fans and fill the seats. Also, we have experience several minor injuries to our guards and are potentially looking to upgrade at the SF position. What does this all mean? We seek answers. Also, we drop a...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 67: Blake for MVP? Andre Drummond, Detroit's unappreciated star - joined by Mike Snyder

In this week's episode - I'm unfortunately sans my beloved co-host, Joey Mack - in his place we have one of Detroit Bad Boys' finest, Mike Snyder. Mike is an x's and o's whiz - and one of the best follows on NBA Twitter, let alone Pistons Twitter - and if you don't already follow him, make sure to correct that now by hopping over to that little slice of hell and clicking follow on @M_James_Snyder. Mike and I discuss the following Pistons topics - Is Blake Griffin a legit MVP...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 66: Pistons' back on track - Dwane Casey's return to Toronto

The Pistons are once again above .500 and gifted Dwane Casey a W in his return to Toronto. The rotation seems to be settling in and Stanley Johnson has been a key contributor as the Pistons have won three out of our last four contests. The stats don't lie, and we take a deeper dive into how Stanley's game has improved as a member of the bench mob. We also analyze Andre's potential path to offensive dominance (note: it's not behind the three point line). There has been chatter around a...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 65: Tires skid in Motown

In this week's episode we take a deeper dive into Detroit's three straight losses, most notably the back-to-back heartbreakers in Boston and Brooklyn. We'll also discuss - Andre Drummond's tweets and the "media" reaction - Luke Kennard's injury - Pistons declining to pick up Henry Ellenson's option - Bench mob - Questionable rotations from Dwane Casey - Detroit's upcoming schedule All that and more, tune in! Where you can find ITC Listen and subscribe to Inside The Cylinder on...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 64: The Blake Griffin Show

The Pistons are 3-0 and Blake Griffin is showing why he gets paid the big bucks. In an early season favorite for game of the year he put up 50 points including a game-winning and 1. We dissect the Blake Griffin renaissance and how he has benefited from Dwane Casey's system. Also, does Joel Embiid own real estate in Andre Drummond's head? We dive into Reggie Jackson putting up a quiet 20ppg as he has transitioned to a new role with minutes off the ball. It's not all sunshine and rainbows...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 63: Opening night recap, and hypothetical Pistons questions

In this week's episode, David and Joey break down the Pistons performance in their first game of the season. Detroit starts the season 1-0, after a 103-100 win against the Brooklyn Nets. They discuss what they like, what they didn't like, and why they're optimistic moving forward. Following the game recap, the guys answer a slew of Pistons hypothetical questions including.... **** Where you can find Inside The Cylinder Listen and subscribe to Inside The Cylinder on iTunes! Follow...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 62: Eastern Conference preview (cont'd)

In this episode we analyze the Pistons preseason thus far and continue our Eastern Conference preview. Andre's three point shooting and Reggie's injury scare gives us cause for concern. All things considered this team is far too talented to miss the playoffs again. The Pacers got better this offseason but we aren't too high on our remaining Eastern Conference team's moves. The mess in Washington got messier with the addition of Dwight Howard and LeBron sighted greener pastures and left...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 61: Special Guest - Stan Remy - NBA Skills Trainer, and Eastern Conference Offseason Review pt. 1

Inside The Cylinder is back for their third season covering the Detroit Pistons! In this week's episode, David Fernandez and Joey Mack break down part one of their Eastern Conference offseason review. They'll discuss the top and bottom four team's acquisitions and departures, and give their offseason grades.. BUT FIRST David is joined by Stan Remy, NBA Skills Trainer and founder of #RemyWorkouts! Stan has trained some of the NBA's top players including Dwyane Wade, Ben Simmons, Paul...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 60: The Basketball Tournament continued, and Andre Drummond - three point sniper

In this week's episode, David and Joey take another deep dive into Andre Drummond and his three point shooting. What are the benefits? What are the detractors? Will this thing work? And how does Dwane Casey figure into this whole equation? They'll then discuss the recent training camp signee, Johnny Hamilton. Does he have a shot at making the squad? ALSO, the guys have returned from Atlanta, where they were able to watch The Basketball Tournament live! They'll recap their week in the...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 59: ANDRE DRUMMOND SOCIAL MEDIA BEEF & TBT deep dive!

In this week's episode, David & Joey discuss the Andre Drummond social media beef with Celtics Twitter. Do the guys agree with Drummond backing Stanley Johnson? Their thoughts on the current status of Detroit Basketball vs. Celtics hoops continue thereafter. They follow up NBA Twitter beef discussion with wishing Joey Mack and the City of Detroit a big ole' happy birthday. From there, David and Joey take a deep dive in The Basketball Tournament, the two million dollar, winner take all...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 58: Summer League, Roster Moves, and The Basketball Tournament

Basketball is back! We get our first look at several Pistons' newcomers as well as our Summer League vet (one Henry Ellenson). Some have looked better than others but it's still early. We provide our analysis of recent roster moves and how it impacts our rotation. Glen Rice III and Zaza are in, while Buycks, Moreland, and Tolliver are out (insert Jordan cry face meme). Also, we are heading down to Atlanta for The Basketball Tournament and provide a preview of what's to come. Many...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 57: PISTONS DRAFT, Coaching Staff and the Return of the Mack!

Joey Mack returns from his audio silence to join David back in the land of all things Pistons! We welcome Khyri Thomas and Bruce Brown Jr. to the family and analyze their games and how they fit in. The coaching staff and front office are beginning to take shape with the additions of assistants in each department. The Pistons philosophy is becoming clearer so we take a deeper dive on where we're headed. Front office by committee? Heavy backcourt rotation in case of injuries? We also take...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 56: The Dwane Casey Episode! Featuring Shameek Mohile

In this week's episode, David is joined by Shameek Mohile, Detroit Pistons savant and host of the 2 Gods and a Goose podcast. They'll discuss the Pistons new head coach, Dwane Casey, who was recently let go from his position with the Toronto Raptors, and who will most likely be named 2018 NBA Coach of the Year. The guys chat about the Pistons hiring process, their current front office, and Dwane Casey from a basketball perspective. What does his leadership mean from a locker room...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 55: Special Guest James Edwards III breaks down the State of the Pistons

In this week's episode, David and Joey are joined by The Athletic's James Edwards III, beat writer for the Detroit Pistons. They'll discuss his relationship with Stan Van Gundy, his first year covering the team, and break down the current state of the Detroit Pistons. James shares his insights into the inner workings of the team, and break down a possible strategy, should the Pistons decide a rebuild is in their best interest. They guys will also talk the NBA Playoffs, and answer your...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 54: SVG's gone - What's next?

Stan Van Gundy was let go of all duties with the Pistons' and we digest this recent move. We discuss our feelings on the SVG era and our reactions to the news and the ultimate state of the Pistons following his departure. We analyze the coach and gm market and breakdown who we want to see leading this team in the future. Is it time to break it up and start anew? Is our current team promising enough to keep moving forward? All that and more in this week's episode! Listen to the Almighty...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 53: Pistons & NBA awards, season recap, and playoff picks!

In this week’s season finale episode of Inside The Cylinder, David and Joey tie a bow on the Pistons’ 2017-18 season. They’ll also chat about Andre Drummond, and if he has a chance at nabbing an All-NBA spot. The guys discuss their picks for MVP, Rookie of the Year, DPOY and Coach of the Year. They apply a similar format for the Pistons team awards. Who is Detroit’s 6th man of the year? MVP? Most improved player, and defensive player of the year? Lastly, they’ll make their picks for the...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 53: Pistons & NBA awards, season recap, and playoff picks!

In this week's season finale episode of Inside The Cylinder, David and Joey tie a bow on the Pistons' 2017-18 season. They'll also chat about Andre Drummond, and if he has a chance at nabbing an All-NBA spot. The guys discuss their picks for MVP, Rookie of the Year, DPOY and Coach of the Year. They apply a similar format for the Pistons team awards. Who is Detroit's 6th man of the year? MVP? Most improved player, and defensive player of the year? Lastly, they'll make their picks for the...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 52: Playoffs?! Hall of Fame drama, and defining this season.

The Pistons have strung off five straight wins and three without Blake Griffin (possible concern?). The Pistons are essentially mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but ITC attempts to redefine the meaning of success for the team this season. Is Luke Kennard the answer as our third pg option next year? We also take a look at Henry Ellenson's future as a Piston. There some Hall of Fame drama in Michigan and Detroit basketball circles recently. Grant Hill is being inducted but did he...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 51: Respects for Zeke Upshaw, playoff chatter and Andre Drummond; marksman

With the return of Reggie Jackson the Pistons have put the clamps down on the 9th seed in the East. Playoff odds are dwindling but we analyze what it'll take to make it in and how Reggie affects our chances. The basketball community was saddened by the loss of GR Drive forward Zeke Upshaw. We take a look at his career and pay respect to the Chicago native! Andre has been putting in extra time working on his mid-range shot, is this the future?! Speaking of future, we take a way too early...


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 50: REGGIE BACK! Chauncey Billups in Detroit? Featuring Laz Jackson and Jamie Delaney

In this week's episode, David is joined by Laz Jackson and Jamie Delaney, fellow writers at Detroit Bad Boys. They'll discuss The Past, Present and Future aspects of Detroit Pistons basketball. The guys chat about Reggie Jackson's return, what to expect with Jackson back on the court, and what they'll be looking for from Detroit (on-court) for the rest of the season. They'll indulge in some revisionist history, taking a look at what could have been done to save the season (make the...