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Ep. 150: Pros and Kaans: Liam Doyle

The 3rd edition of Pro and Kaans features fellow Mobber and Director of Insight and Foresight (that title is wild) for the Dunc'd On NBA podcast, Liam Doyle. Kaan asks him about what his role consists of for Dunc'd On, how he goes about watching film, and where he pulls his favorite stats from. The conversation then moves into the New York Knicks and how the guys feel about their young talent, if the Jazz are struggling and whether or not we think itlll continue, and of course they touch on...


Ep. 149: Brooklyn Nets Mob's Trade Deadline

The Mob's trade deadline drops on a Tuesday once again as Kaan Erel (@iKaanic) takes on GM duties for the Brooklyn Nets, while Dj Rekstad (@djrekstad) takes over every other team. As always, we go through as many trade scenarios as we possibly can while also previewing the team. A couple deals did get done and you'll have to let us know if you agree with them or not. Also, reach out to us on Twitter, don't be shy. Listener input is always valued here on the mob. You can follow the pod on...


Ep. 148: Pros and Kaans: Nate Duncan

The 2nd edition of Pros and Kaans on The bench Mob podcast welcomes Nate Duncan. Kaan and Nate take the opportunity with the Hoiberg firing to discuss coach evaluation and how they would go about identifying strengths and weaknesses of coaches. Then they hop around several different teams as they discuss the Top 5 Offensive and Defensive teams in the league, as well as some that are trying to join the guys up top. Hope you all have a good time listening to it. You can follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 147: 76ers Mob's Trade Deadline

The MTD crew is back at it again for another week of the Mob's Trade Deadline. This week Kaan takes over the Philadelphia 76ers to see if he can round out the squad after the major Jimmy Butler trade while Dj and Sydney try to buy low on Fultz as well as pry some of the young talent away from the squad. Overall it was a very fun episode to record and we hope you have as much fun listening to it. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Ep. 146: Pros and Kaans: Stephen Noh

Welcome to the first edition of Pros and Kaans, where a pro is joined by a Kaan (The Mob's very own) and they talk about the pros and cons of different topics around the league. For the first guest, it only made sense to bring in Chicago Bulls expert,Stephen Noh from The Athletic, to talk Chicago basketball with our own Chicagoan Kaan. They break down the offense, the defense, and touch on every player on the Bulls roster. Hope you enjoy this conversation. You can follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 145: Kings Mob's Trade Deadline

The MTD crew is back at it again with the Sacramento Kings. The Kings have cap space and no pick, so it makes them an interesting target for salary dumps, among other things. Sydney takes control of the team this week and things get a little wild. Kaan and DJ are also on the call making things happen for their respective teams. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 144: Warriors Mob's Trade Deadline

Rarely do we get to discuss trades with the Warriors, but with all the drama circling around them lately we thought there was never going to be a better time. Kaan takes the role of Bob Myers and tries to see what he can get for some of his core pieces in the trade market. Even though the Golden State will most likely not look to trade there main pieces mid season, it's still valuable to see what kind of options they might have on the table. Dj and Sydney join in to make life hard for GM...


Ep. 143: Los Angeles Basketball with Eric Pincus

This episode of The Bench Mob we bring on friend of the pod back onto to the pod after about a year. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, Basketball Insiders, and the Hollywood Hoops podcast joins Kaan Erel as they talk LA basketball. Starting out with LeBron and the Lakers, followed by the surprising Clippers as well. We also talk about the current cap situation around the league and how 2016 led to another cap space year for more than half of the teams. Hope you enjoy. You can follow us on...


Ep. 142: Wizards Mob's Trade Deadline

The Washington Wizards badly need a make over, so Kaan Erel (@iKaanic) takes control over there front office and shops his star players around the league. Charlie Goldsmith (@2021_charlie) and Dj Rekstad (@DjRekstad) talk trade and get through quite a bit of different trade scenarios. John Wall and Otto Porter are heavily involved in most of the conversations, but did Kaan pull the trigger? Take a listen to find out. Hope you enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more...


Ep. 141: Philly, Minny and Jimmy From All Angles

Minneapolis native Dj Rekstad speaks with Philly mobbers Garrett Catalana and Dan Gladnick about how they all feel about the Jimmy Butler trade. Host Kaan Erel navigates the conversation and gives is Bullsian perspective of the origins of Jimmy Butler to the Wolves. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 140: Around the League with Keith Smith

The long overdue appearance of Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) finally happened on todays pod. The host of the Front Office Show podcast joins his producer, host Kaan Erel (@iKaanic) to discuss various teams and topics around the league. They talk about the Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, and the New Orleans Pelicans. Then they discuss the 3 #TradesOfTheWeek as well as answer several Twitter questions. Thank you for sending in your questions and voting on the trades, hope you enjoy the...


Ep. 139: Rockets Mob's Trade Deadline

The Mob's Trade Deadline is coming at you pretty steadily a Wednesday this season, this time we look at what the Houston Rockets might be looking at in the trade market. Kaan takes GM duties this time around as he tries and take away players from DJ and Sydney as the same MTD crew is back once again. There was some big fish hunting as well as a lot of discussion about the wings around the league that may just be available for Houston to scoop up. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on...


Monday Shootaround: Bulls, Celtics, Nuggets, Thunder, Wizards

Join us on a Monday Shootaround pod where Kaan Erel and Will Pennington hop around the status of several teams around the league. We start with the Chicago Bulls, move onto the Boston Celtics. Then we move to the northwest division and talk about the Nuggets hot start along with the OKC Thunder and their struggles. We close out on the Wizards who have a lot of talent that seem to just not like each other. Hope you enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad...


Ep. 137: Cavs Mock Trade Deadline

The Mob's Trade Deadline is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They've been in the news quite a bit for the firing of head coach Tyron Lue, and they will probably be shopping their players approaching the actual trade deadline. Sydney Robinson takes charge of the Cavs front office in this one and tries to direct this team on a better path. Kaan and Dj make it pretty tough on him though as the Cavs are in a tough situation asset-wise. Let us know what you think. You can follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 136: Suns Mock Trade Deadline

The Mob's Trade Deadline comes back after missing a week with the Phoenix Suns. Kaan (@iKaanic) takes charge of GM duties with Dj (@DjRekstad) and Sydney (@syd_rob25) take over all the other teams in a another down to the wire deadline. The Sunds are dying to get a point guard, find out if Kaan was able to get them one. Hope you enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 135: Dave DuFour on the NBA

Kaan Erel (@iKaanic) and (@2021_charlie) welcome Dave DuFour (@DaveDuFourNBA onto The Bench Mob podcast. We talk about Ingram vs Ingles, discuss the Nuggets hot start, what team really rules the East among the Celtics, Raptors, Bucks and 76ers (Pacers maybe?), and touch a little bit on the Chicago Bulls. This was a fun conversation and hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 134: Knicks Mock Trade Deadline

The New York Knicks are taken over over Sydney Robinson in this weeks edition of #TradeDeadlineTuesday. Kaan Erel and Dj Rekstad join in as the West and East GMs and they descuss a variety of moves. Sydney tries and creates some cap space, Kaan and Dj have an eye on his top level prospects. A couple deals do end up getting done, let us know what you think of them. Hope you enjoy. You can follow on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 133: Bucks Mock Trade Deadline

Welcome back to our continutation of #BucksWeek here on The Bench Mob podcast. The 2nd MTD of our new season gives the reigns of Milwaukee to Kaan Erel and he tries to make some trades with Dj Rekstad and Sydney Robinson. A couple blockbusters might have went down and the Bucks look super different by the end of this episode. Hope you enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 132: Coach Justin Wetzel Joins The Bench Mob

Atur Turakhia and Kaan Erel welcome the Assistant coach of the Wisconsin Herd onto The Bench Mob podcast. We discuss his coaching and player development philosophy, his time coaching in the continental basketball league, his Native American heritage, and more. Hope you enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 131: Timberwolves Mock Trade Deadline

#TradeDeadlineTuesday is back!!! We were going to start back up the Mock Trade season with Minnesota anyway, then Jimmy went ahead and requested a trade. We go through at least 15 potential teams worth of deals for Jimmy Butler, as well as tossing around ideas for some Wiggins or Tyus deals. In the end, native Minnesotan and frequent Mobber Dj Rekstad took over the team and came to an agreement on a trade. You'll have to listen to find out where Butler ended up. Kaan Erel, Charlie Goldsmith,...