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Ep. 134: Knicks Mock Trade Deadline

The New York Knicks are taken over over Sydney Robinson in this weeks edition of #TradeDeadlineTuesday. Kaan Erel and Dj Rekstad join in as the West and East GMs and they descuss a variety of moves. Sydney tries and creates some cap space, Kaan and Dj have an eye on his top level prospects. A couple deals do end up getting done, let us know what you think of them. Hope you enjoy. You can follow on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 133: Bucks Mock Trade Deadline

Welcome back to our continutation of #BucksWeek here on The Bench Mob podcast. The 2nd MTD of our new season gives the reigns of Milwaukee to Kaan Erel and he tries to make some trades with Dj Rekstad and Sydney Robinson. A couple blockbusters might have went down and the Bucks look super different by the end of this episode. Hope you enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 132: Coach Justin Wetzel Joins The Bench Mob

Atur Turakhia and Kaan Erel welcome the Assistant coach of the Wisconsin Herd onto The Bench Mob podcast. We discuss his coaching and player development philosophy, his time coaching in the continental basketball league, his Native American heritage, and more. Hope you enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 131: Timberwolves Mock Trade Deadline

#TradeDeadlineTuesday is back!!! We were going to start back up the Mock Trade season with Minnesota anyway, then Jimmy went ahead and requested a trade. We go through at least 15 potential teams worth of deals for Jimmy Butler, as well as tossing around ideas for some Wiggins or Tyus deals. In the end, native Minnesotan and frequent Mobber Dj Rekstad took over the team and came to an agreement on a trade. You'll have to listen to find out where Butler ended up. Kaan Erel, Charlie Goldsmith,...


Mock Expansion Draft Ep. 130

Jack, Garrett, Kaan, Atur & DJ execute the draft portion of our Mock Expansion series! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mock Expansion Draft Preview Ep. 129

DJ, Kaan, Garrett, & Atur introduce the Mob's first ever Mock Expansion Draft. Why was Al Horford left unprotected? Is DJ going to screw everything up in Seattle? Where is Jack going to put the 2nd franchise? All this on more for episode 129! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Tuesday morning coffee with Will and Deej Ep. 128

Will and DJ cover: Oklahoma City Hornets, Accelerating Timelines, Oklahoma Football, 30 for 30, Brandon Roy, Summer League, SBC, Chicago Bulls lost tapes, Crazy jerseys, Will knows the guy that got married for Hawks Tinder Night, what if we did a family reunion style mega competition for All Star Week, and what if all of the NBA GMs played Settlers of Catan? Perfect listen while you're enjoying your Tuesday morning, mid-morning, afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, night, and Tuesday...


One Year Anniversary Pod! Ep. 127

It has been one year since The Bench Mob dropped our first episode. DJ and Jack hop on to wax some nostalgia and chat about some current topics. NBA Scheduling, Twin Cities Pro Am, TBT and more are on this episode. @thebenchmobnba Thank you for listening! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep: 126: Offseason Recap

On this episode, Kaan is joined by Garrett, Atur, and Tim to break down the major moves of the offseason and what it means for each team from a cap perspective. The guys cover the Kawhi trade, the Melo salary dump, Lebron to the Lakers, the Bulls signing Parker, and the Nets sneaky good use of cap space. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Summer League Round 2 Ep.126

Round 2. Warning: Explicit language in this episode. Please enjoy responsibly. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Summer League Round 1 Ep. 125

We're live from Summer League! The Mob is back together and it feels so good. Round 1 of our thoughts is ready to roll, and we're recording more and more this week as we go along. Follow us @thebenchmobnba & Y'all are the best. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


LeBron, PG, and other Free Agency News

The Lakers are back! Yusuf Khwaja (@yusuf_k8) and Charlie Goldsmith (@2021_charlie) run through all the latest free agency news starting and ending with who else but LeBron James. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 123: GSW Mock Front Office

Atur Turakhia, playing the role of General Manager of the Warriors, is joined by Garrett Catalana and DJ Rekstad as they attempt to navigate the defending champs through the turbulent waters of an offseason. They seek to re-sign Finals MVP Kevin Durant, and look to add some younger talent on the back end of the roster. Follow the Mob on twitter @TheBenchMobNBA find us on facebook: or on our website at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Ep. 122: Just the Transactions with Charlie Goldsmith 6/26/18

Charlie takes a quick look and the transactions around the league cover 11 topics in a quick-hitting pod. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 121: Inside the War Room + Doncic Deep Dive with Pete Philo

Welcom back to another episode of the Bench Mob podcast. We had some unfinished business with TPG Sports group president and former NBA Director of Scouting Pete Philo from last weeks episode with him so we had to bring him back on. This time we talk about draft day, how trades are discussed, and the days following the draft. The second half of the episode we go into Luka Doncic and get Pete's expert opinion on him as a player, the competition he plays against, and we get new information...


Kawhi Leonard MTD Ep. 120

On this special edition of The Bench Mob Mock Trade Deadline, we have an all-Kawhi Leonard focused discussion. Kaan Erel controls Kawhi's fate as Atur Turakhia, Charlie Goldsmith & DJ Rekstad attempt to "Claw" him away from the Spurs. Give a listen! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 119: Cole Zwicker Joins The Bench Mob

Welcome back to another episode of The Bench Mob podcast. As the draft approaches, we went out and got draft expert Cole Zwicker to talk some prospects and get into some sleeper picks that might surprise some people come draft day. Sydney and Cole talk about guys like Lonnie Walker, Robert Williams, DeAnthony Melton and more. Hope you guys enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Follow Cole on twitter @ColeZwicker Visit our website Learn more about your ad choices....


Ep. 118: Pete Philo Joins The Bench Mob

Former Director of Scouting and current President of TPG Sports Group Pete Philo joins the Mob for an informative chat on international scouting and how teams form there draft board. We go into the details of what the day to day life of an international scout consists of, how international players make their way onto to NBA big boards, and the step by step process of how the board develops over the course of the season. Towards the end, we talk about Pro Scout School and the great things TPG...


Ep. 117: Zach Lavine, Rodney Hood FA Meetings

What's up everyone! Kaan, Charlie and Garrett are back at it with another Free Agent meeting episode. Kaan takes the agent duties of Rodney Hood and Zach Lavine, 2 restricted free agents who have important offseasons ahead of them. Will either get a max offer? How has the market changed for Rodney Hood after the playoffs. Find out on this fun episode of The Bench Mob. Follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Visit our website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


#ColangeloGate and NBA Finals Preview

Yusuf Khwaja (@Yusuf_K8) is joined by Kaan Erel (@KaaNBA_MTD) and Charlie Goldsmith (@2021_Charlie) to talk about the weird situation with Bryan Colangelo and the 76ers before diving deep into if/how Cleveland can make the 2018 NBA Finals competitive. Follow us on Twitter and FaceBook @TheBenchMobNBA Check out our website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit