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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author


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I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author









Turning Shy Off



Jose Figueroa Jr From NBC's The Voice

Jose's love of singing was solidified after his first performance in church at six years old. He continued singing in church and as his love of music grew his talent was quickly noticed. Professional gigs started rolling in and Jose soon found himself performing on stages all over the world. With a desire to share his experiences and help others nurture their relationship with music he began offering vocal and dance lessons. Jose now lives in Florida and is a respected performer and Zumba...


Just Part Of The Group



Pod Crashing Episode 99 With Roy Wood Jr From Roy's Job Fair

Pod Crashing Episode 99 with comedian Roy Wood Jr The podcast is Roy’s Job Fair. He explores the human condition every week through the prism of employment. Real people from ALL lines of work talking about their most memorable jobs, employment vacancies they’re looking to fill, scams they’ve run at the office, and of course, the cringe-worthy office romances.


The D Word



Cam Anthony From NBC's The Voice

Cam grew up in North Philadelphia and turned to music as an escape from the violence and crime he faced in the city. He learned at an early age how to control his voice and honed his skills in the church choir. At 11, Cam's life changed forever after a video of him singing a Bruno Mars song went viral. Cam was later invited to open for Patti LaBelle, perform on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and even perform at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll. At 12, Cam was signed by Dr. Dre....


The Daily Mess 25 Pounds

I'm extremely guilty of stuffing 25 pounds of expectations into a 10 pound bag. It leads to a never ending changed schedule. I'm not used to this new normal. The laid back vibe of the lockdown was an incredible pace. Less stress and more room to be not the image in the mirror that was constantly freaking out. Now when I turn out the lights at 11:30 pm 4:30 comes too quickly. 25 pounds in a 10 pound bag. All I can do is breathe in and breathe out.


Just Another Day With Ryan Jay Episode 041621

Three new movies make their way into our lives this weekend. Wait. It's really only two because according to Ryan Jay's Review the film Vanquish is a total no show and you should be to at theaters. Then there's the movie Monday. A whirlwind romance with lots of hot sexual heat. New on Netflix is the next best thing. Arlo The Alligator Boy. Look for the television series to begin the months ahead.


Play It Forward Episode 229 With Dr Randall Bell Post Traumatic Thriving

Hey it’s Arroe. This is Play It Forward. A look at the unexpected changes endured by entertainers, writers, camera people and all others affected but not infected by the global invasion of the Coronavirus. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 229 with Dr Randall Bell. His new book is titled Post Traumatic Thriving Trauma has a way of showing up when we least expect it, and society sends many signals telling us that it's admirable to put on a brave face and...


Don't Stop Saying Thank You

April 16, 2021 Can you see it? Can you feel it? The shift is happening. Not as fast as we’d like but acceptable. We’re moving into that thing called the new normal. And the body isn’t liking it. We’re not conditioned for the daily business stress. Oh it felt so good to work remotely from home! I got into having lunch with my teacher wife. Then we’d binge watch a show before she’d get back to the digital class. Look around you! Look at yourself. We’re back to stuffing 25 pounds into a 10...


Hans Aschim Releases The Book How To Go Anywhere

In his debut book, not only does Aschim tell the story of navigation while offering practical tips and tricks for budding explorers, but he also invites young adventurers to power down technology and encourages them to go outside. By learning observation skills and different means of navigation children will understand more about the world while enjoying the journey. With a curriculum-appropriate mix of history, science, and geography, accompanied by vibrant illustrations, photos, and...


The Daily Mess Flip The Coin

I believe it's the scent of coffee that I love more than the flavor. Flip the coin. Know why you truly love or hate something. It's not that I like watching a movie, I love the movie making process straight into marketing then watching you watch the movie. I'm on a huge lecture tour until Mid May. I'm not there because I love being up front. I love watching human minds expand. Flip the coin. What do you love and do you truly know why?


DeDee Pfeiffer From Big Sky On ABC

BIG SKY is a huge hit for ABC. The network has added more episodes to Season 1 after an initial 8 episode order. New episodes begin Tuesday, April 13th. This is the first time that Deede Pfeiffer has worked with her producer brother-in-law, David E. Kelley. Fans across the nation and abroad are tuning in every Tuesday night and in case they miss it, during the week on HULU to see what comes next on the Montana based series that features kidnappings, murders, a serial killer, human...