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Episode 68 - The First Behind the Scenes Episode!

We create something without any preparation! Will we make a hero? A villain? An environment? Something else entirely? We don't know yet! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:47:26 We recorded this episode live with the help of our Patreon Contributors! The episode is much better than the live recording, as Trevor has cleaned up the audio and also cut a bunch of dead time when we were just reading the chat and things like that. Still, if you want, you can watch the live video here. Want to be a part of...


Extrasode #2 - The Food Podcast

"Il Alimento" Episode #192 Show Notes: Run Time: 1:18:30 Our fourth annual Pasta episode. Chef Adam and Chef Christopher discuss pasta sauces, vegetables in pasta, and address the gnocchi controversy. They also answer questions from Il Alimento subscribers, and even read a few celebrity chef letters. Eat well, my friends. “Under The Sun of Italy” by Rossano Gentili Various Spanish Guitar Riffs by SoundSeq Studio Bouzouki Music by Hamza Zeytinoglu “Christopher & Adam Reading Letters...


Episode 66 - Legacy Supplemental

We're back to the very beginning! Revisiting the Legacy story from our very first episode. (This art is the pencils Adam did in 2010 for Legacy which were then scanned in and inked and colored to make Legacy's first character card art! Adam will probably hate that I used this art, but it's good to see your roots.) Show Notes: Run Time: 1:28:45 We start off by talking about the weirdness that is this coming Thursday's Extrasode. Then, just before 6 minutes in, we finally get into the...


Editor's Note #17

Another live-recorded Editor's Note! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:09:14 I'd recommend listening to the podcast over watching the video, as the audio quality is MUCH better, and Trevor does a great job with editing and producing. But here's the video! Upcoming Schedule: Get your Legacy and Food Extrasode questions in now! Topics we talk about today: Sentinels of Freedom video game At the end, we talk about our outtakes post, which we posted to the Patreon yesterday! Go check it out....


Episode 65 - NightMist's Little Black Book of Monsters

A whole book of creepy crawlies and the evil that lurks in the darkness! (No, not the book in that picture. A different book.) Show Notes: Run Time: 1:46:28 Lots of fun stories and mythology in this one! We start off with where this book shows up in the history of Sentinel Comics. Pretty quickly, we get to your questions! Just after 6 minutes in, we're already going into the Questions segment, and we use that to guide the stories from the Diamond Book of Monsters. And then, A bit...


Episode 64 - The Animated Series, Season One

Let's get animated! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:29:40 There is a lot of stuff in this episode! The first season of the SCAU (Sentinel Comics Animated Universe) is made up of 26 episodes and a movie, and we get into ALL of that! We talk about the episodes for over an hour, going pretty in-depth on many of them. At around an hour and 28 minutes, we start in on the movie. Then, at the one hour and 51 minute mark, we get to your questions. Also! A future section, about two hours and 21...


Episode 63 - Progeny

The dread scion! It only exists to exercise the will of OblivAeon! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:20:24 We start off with an overview of when and how Progeny first showed up in the pages of Sentinel Comics, starting with the Freedom Five book. Just before the 18 minute mark, we briefly get back into the debate of "does Progeny's head blasting off into space look cool." Spoilers: there is no real resolution to this argument. Just after 19 minutes in, we get to the Progeny origin story,...


Extrasode #1 - The GTG Origin Story

The first ever Extrasode! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:14:54 These were intended to be for Patreon supporters only, but we polled them, and they voted overwhelmingly in favor of making them available to all Letters Page listeners! That said, we did record it live with interactions from our Contributors, and then shortly after recording it, we posted this video for Patreon backers, so they got it first! Now, the episode goes live for everyone! This Extrasode is probably more serious than...


Episode 62: Disparation Dark Watch Team

We're talking about these so familiar and yet so different heroes! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:21:26 Welcome to April, and a whole new format! The next 3 months will feature different types of episodes than what you're used to, but they're going to be great! Interested in having input in what we talk about? Check out our Patreon! That's the best way to get involved in what we're doing here with the Letters Page. We jump around in time a bit to start off, but then! We actually lay out the...


Editor's Note #16

Our first ever live recorded Editor's Note! Here's the video! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:07:42 OK, first thing first: the video quality is AWFUL. But! We're working with Trevor to make it better in the future! As we mention in the first few minutes, we didn't yet know the upcoming schedule when we recorded, but since then, the voting has concluded! Here is the final tabulation of all three polls combined: So! Given those votes, here is the upcoming schedule for April! Now, please...


Episode 61 - Grand Warlord Voss

One of the most terrible villains of the Multiverse is here! Tremble before Grand Warlord Voss, Earthlings! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:13:34 We get right into it by talking about the first appearances of Thorathians in the history of Sentinel Comics. Then, we jump to the 60s to introduce Grand Warlord Voss himself! After that, the next divergence is talking about space stuff - the space race, space exploration, and the wonders of space as a genre, so to speak. Then, finally, we...


Episode 60 - Prime Wardens

A team that is sometimes extreme, but is always awesome. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:54:19 Our Patreon is running smoothly already, thanks to so many of you! As a result, this week, we'll be recording our upcoming Editor's Note LIVE for those of you at our Contributor level. Afterwards, the video will be posted for our supporters over on the Patreon. Anyway! Prime Wardens! We start off by digging into some of the specific dates of the history of Sentinel Comics - we use the historical...


Episode 59 - Tempest

The long-awaited episode for one of the first heroes from Sentinel Comics! Show Notes: Run Time: 3:29:10 Our longest episode yet! It is astounding to me that an episode about one character ended up longer than our previous longest episode, the Southwest Sentinels/Void Guard episode, about 4 characters who make up two teams with major changes in there. But, then again, hardly surprising that Tempest takes so long to cover - really speaks to just how much is going on in the Tempest...


Episode 58 - Environments of Power

One way or another, all of these environments house some great power... let's talk about them! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:42:54 We dig into the last of the environments - they only sort of go together in this episode, but they're all important parts of Sentinel Comics! Lots of cool story bits for each of those places! Next week is the long-awaited Tempest episode! Get your questions in using the submission form by end of day Thursday, March 8th! Aaaand, finally: our Patreon is now...


Episode 57 - Iron Legacy and Alternate Realities/Timelines

One of the most important heroes of Sentinel Comics is also one of its most terrible villains. Today, we cover the Fall of Legacy. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:50:40 In the first few minutes - after a bit of nonsensical side-tracking - we get right into the appearances of Iron Legacy in the history of Sentinel Comics. With that, we also tell some of the historical elements of the Young Legacy story, as that's a necessary part of the story setup. And then, things start getting really...


Editor's Note #15

An Editor's Note about Time and Space! Run Time: 1:12:33 Upcoming Schedule: We cover two primary categories of topics in this episode: TIME and SPACE! Also, at the very end of this month, we're launching a Patreon! Help us keep making The Letters Page, and be a part of the podcast yourself! We'll be putting more information here as we get closer to March. Next week is Iron Legacy and other alternate realities! It's going to be a lot of ups and downs...


Episode 56 - Miss Information

Lots of Fake News in this episode. Where is it all coming from? Show Notes: Run Time: 1:42:15 Let's go back to the 50s! This episode starts with story from very early on, and then works its way up through the end, slowly but surely. After fifteenish minutes of establishing backstory and world stuff and some goofs, we get into the villainous stuff. Then, we spend a bunch of time in the aughts! I don't want to spoil too much in the show notes - you'll just have to listen to find out...


Episode 55 - Parse

Parse has keen arrows, but a far more keen eye! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:30:53 We don't spend any time dillying or dallying in this episode! In fact, this may be most "content per minute" episode we've ever done - just jam-packed with the story of Parse through the years of Sentinel Comics! We start off in the 80s, including a bunch of information on how various titles are being treated then, laying the groundwork for Parse's origin. Just after the 6 minute mark, we mention that the...


Episode 54 - Supernatural Settings

The most settings ever covered in one episode! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:11:34 This episode is all about the weird and magical environments from the world of Sentinel Comics! An important note: There are a few spoilers in this episode for the story of the issues included in the Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit. If you want to avoid a minor spoiler, skip from 1:31:20 to 1:32:04. From 1:43:45 to just before 1:48, we do get into a few more notable story spoilers, so listen at your own peril....


Episode 53 - The Operative

She's a smoooooth operator! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:12:59 New intro on today's episode! Trevor's trying out something different! What do you think? Tweet at us and let us know: @SCLettersPage After some light silliness, we get right into her not-very-light backstory. We reference two other episodes a few times in this episode: the Mister Fixer episode, and The Chairman episode. They're both important to this one, so worth giving a quick listen to, though we do rehash a lot of the...


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