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Editor's Note #25

It's time for the Letters Page Listeners' Choice Awards nominations announcement! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:35:30 We have a special guest for this episode, and he makes the show even better! We spend the first portion of this recording discussing the recently announced awards. Once you've listened to all of that - including the most excellent question nominations - it's time to vote on your favorites! Check out the voting form here. After that, we SHOULD get to the schedule, but we're a...


Episode #94 - Disparate Reinforcements

Let's talk about all the heroes from the OblivAeon Mission Deck! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:03:42 Only a few minutes of goofs and gags before we get to a brief overview! Then, just after the 4 minute mark, we're right on to your insightful and exhaustive questions! The first question goes through ALL of the mission deck heroes, so that takes up the bulk of the episode. The question after that asks about the Be The Gate heroes, who cross over a little with the Mission Deck, but not...


Episode #93 - Disparation: Inversiverse Dark Watch

From morally grey to just straight-up evil - what could go wrong?! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:21:27 After the usual goofing around at the beginning, in a shocking change of pace, we bring back the Overview! There, we do some setting explanation to help place what's going on here, both in the world - or Multiverse, rather - of Sentinel Comics and in the metaverse, as well. We also talk about both Rook Cities. Two? Yes, two. But more about one than the other. Then, we get to your questions...


Episode #92 - Perestroika

It's time for an episode about a pretty new team of villains from another era! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:22:00 No overview today - it's straight to questions! No dilly-dallying, even! Right down to business! Our first question is from the creator of the Sentinel Comics Wiki. Hats off to him - that wiki is useful to lots of folks, including us! We go on after that letter with its many illuminating questions to more great questions from great question writers! At the end of the episode, we...


Editor's Note #24

Time for another Editor's Note! Lots of fun and announcements here! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:23:48 First thing, after mild tomfoolery, we announce the first annual Letters Page Podcast Awards! Two categories, four awards each! Awards for Episodes Awards for Questions Nominate episodes and questions using this form! Nominations are live until December 13th! Also, here's the upcoming schedule: And here's a photo of our calendar! Not shown on that calendar is when we're recording...


Episode 91 - Inversiverse Prime Wardens

A group of characters you know as heroes but in this other reality are far from it! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:22:51 After some brief goofs, we give a brief overview of the Inversiverse and what we're talking about specifically today. Then, we get right to your questions at only 6 minutes into the episode! Around the 14 minute mark, at the end of the first question, we get a request for pictures of each member of Perestroika for the upcoming episode. I put them on the Patreon, but...


Episode 90 - NightMist & Harpy

Two of our favorite magical friends! Show Notes: Run Time: 50:20 Hey folks! We're into the new format, and we're still having fun and revealing things that we haven't said before, so that's great! After some nonsense times at the beginning, we get right into talking about where the stories we've told of these two land in the history of Sentinel Comics, plus also some other high-speed recapping! That goes right up until it's time for your questions, about 8 minutes into the...


Episode 89 - Something Wicked...

It's time for some terror! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:07:21 OK, we do start off pretty silly, but don't worry, we get to questions in the first few minutes, and then we are very serious and very scary. No, that's not true, the first few minutes of questions are still silly. But then! A scary story! In fact, spoilers, if you don't like scary stories, you probably want to skip the tale from roughly the 7 minute mark to just before 38 minutes in. And then, on to more questions and...


Editor's Note #23

Big stuff in this update! Letters Page AND OblivAeon! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:55:58 We start off by talking about this very podcast! First, the format of the show itself: we'll be recording every Friday (barring scheduling conflicts) and we'll be putting out episodes on Tuesdays. This includes Editor's Notes, which will be recorded live for all Patreon supporters. Also, Extrasodes are going the way of the fondly remembered Interludes. Farewell, Extrasodes! Focusing this show down to the...


Episode 88 - The Art and Mechanics of Incapacitation

When the heroes are down and out, what's going on? Show Notes: Run Time: 2:34:06 We're talking about every single hero character card twice over, plus every Vengeance/VotM villain character card, so we have a lot to cover today. As a result, we get right down to business! Just before the 2 hour mark, we finally get to the villain character cards. Whew! So many cards! At around two hours and 13 minutes in, we answer some questions! Your questions, in fact! We've got an important...


Extrasode #7 - Casting the Voices of Sentinel Comics

Who sounds like whom? Show Notes: Run Time: 1:39:09 The final Extrasode! Going out with a bang! This is a pretty interesting look at how we think about a lot of our characters. But, starting next month, no more Extrasodes. The time of the Extrasode has come to an end. More on that topic in next week's Editor's Note. (Which is being recorded live today at 11 AM Central - anyone on our Patreon can watch that live recording!) We go through a bunch of casting for well over an hour (with...


Episode 87 - Sentinel Comics Animated Universe, Phase Two (Part 2)

Two shows and two movies! All totally real! (Note: this is yet another lie.) Show Notes: Run Time: 2:17:59 We're excited to finally be getting back to the animated series for this episode! Lots to get through here. We start right off with season 1 of the Prime Wardens show. Around 29 minutes in, we get into the two movies after finishing the Prime Wardens show. Both movies! Two of them. Then, just before 41 minutes in, we finally dive into the Dark Watch show, which takes a good deal...


Episode 86 - Burying the Blade

The final Baron Blade story of the Multiverse! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:12:01 Sure, we are still the fools that mess around for the first few minutes of the episode, but then we get right down to the story! And what a story!! We go through all 12 issues of the Burying the Blade limited series, though not in a page-by-page way, so much as a "telling all the story" method. Just before the 37 minute mark, we use the long-lost spoilers tag! There is spoilery stuff in here for the OblivAeon...


Episode 85 - Create a Story Live!

We take another stab at making a live story element! What are we going to make? We have no idea. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:24:10 This episode is all over the place, as we intentionally did no planning, letting our creative process take us where it would... and it turned out pretty interesting! Listen on to discover a bit of world building as we craft it. (After we spend the first 6 minutes stalling...) We get to live questions right around the one hour and 12 minute mark. These are all...


Episode 84 - OblivAeon, part 2

The end of the end... or is it? Show Notes: Run Time: 2:14:02 We get right down to the brassiest of tacks! And it's a good thing, too - there's plenty to talk about, still! We get to your questions about an hour and 27 minutes in. Thank you all for listening through the end of the Multiverse! Catch you next month for the very episodes for which you voted!


Editor's Note #22

An Editor's Note for between the two OblivAeon episodes! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:01:10 We answer questions NOT about the OblivAeon episodes! However, we will be talking about those in the next Editor's Note! IMPORTANT NOTE! The morning that this episode is released, we'll be doing a live recording of a "create a story live" episode! It's happening, today, September 20th at 11 AM Central! The live showing will be viewable by everyone on the Patreon! Come join in! Here's the upcoming...


Episode 83 - OblivAeon, part 1

It's officially the beginning of the end. Show Notes Run Time: 2:16:09 We jump right into the story, not wasting too much time messing around as we often do. And! You get to hear hints of some new music! What could this music be? Only time will tell. Initially, we go through snapshots of various events that lead up to OblivAeon. But, as we get deeper into the OblivAeon story, we zoom in more and more. That said, it's half an hour into the episode before OblivAeon finally reaches...


Episode 82 - Scions

The end of the beginning of the end. Or is it the beginning of the end of the beginning? Show Notes: Run Time: 2:03:17 We start with important info: don't listen to this episode. That is, if you don't have OblivAeon yet, we think you should wait. Now, if you're cool about spoilers, then go for it. But there's a few big things in this episode, and it's only going to get worst as the month progresses. That said, we're shipping out more and more copies of OblivAeon every day, so you will...


Extrasode #6 - Adam and Christopher Destroy the World

The most ill-advised episode ever. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:28:25 As we quickly realize, us formulating and planning out ways to destroy the world or take over all the people or anything along those lines... makes for a pretty dark episode. We're definitely going on some watch lists now. That said, a lot of the episode is caught up in arguing semantics and logistics. This is why supervillains frequently work alone. If they did work together, they'd be more likely to make a podcast or a...


Episode 81 - Multiverse Recap

Let's talk about... EVERYTHING. Show Notes: Run Time: 3:03:21 This episode is the most info-dump episode we've ever done, but it's all gotta get out there. We're doing a lot of connecting the dots between stories we've told across all of the episodes leading up to this one. But there's still lots of story to be found here! We jump right into it, digging in hard to the year by year of Sentinel Comics, since the beginning of the Golden Age. Not really a lot to say in the show notes that...