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Brighton, United Kingdom




The Damping Wells // 13 Apr 2021

latest Plague Edition with Dj Fiery Biscuits


The Damping Wells // 06 Apr 2021

Plague Edition 42 with over darned sock puppet Dj Fiery Biscuits sucking his teeth. Special feature for the 3rd Civil Disobedience compilation on Syrph raising monies for activists and artists to help communications from Myanmar during the vicious coup , go to or for info or to donate. Also we feature the brand new compilation out on Spirit Of Gravity to celebrate their 20th anniversary , lots of new tracks there. We have tracks from local bods Paul Khimasia...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 41// 30 Mar 2021

Latest Plague Edition from Lost Property Arts Collective with shaved mollusc Dj Fiery Biscuits leaving a trail you can follow. Special feature for the second Civil Disobedience compilation on Syrphe records raising funds for artists, activists and journalists based in Myanmar to allow them to easily bypass censorship and communicate with the outside world , and to help and support demonstrators and activists who fight for freedom as well as social, ethnic, sexual, philosophical equality and...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 40 // 02 Mar 2021

Plague Edition 40 with fully armatured mud pie Dj Fiery Biscuits flailing his lips , Special feature for the Civil Disobedience Pt.1 compilation on fantastic label Syrphe raising money for activists and artists and journos in coup-hell Myanmar to bypass the censorship and communicate the truth about the terror to the outside world, more info at or the Myanmar Artists Against Military Coup website or the Syrphe bandcamp page or the Lost Property show archive...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 39 // 09 Feb 2021

Latest Plague Edition with benign tumour Dj Fiery Biscuits filling out the space. we feature a compilation of experimental Mexican music from the excellent Unexplained Sounds label. Local Bods Distant Animals and Minimal Impact , the former just released and the latter from the Spirit Of Gravity's recent re-release of their second compilation in honour of their 20th anniversary. may the gods bless all who sail in her ! Huzzah!!!


The Damping Wells // 02 Feb 2021

Latest Plague Edition with long protein string Dj Fiery Biscuits. We have local wonders Monzen Nakacho, Noteherder & McCloud, and Spheress with new tracks, we heavily feature the latest albums by Mikado Koko and Colin Webster and a new compilation on Sonido Atmosférico Ediciones. We also have an oldie but goldie by Scanner from the very first Spirit Of Gravity compilation which the label have just re-released as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. Long may they reign! Huzzah!


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 37 // 26 Jan 2021

another Plague Edition to get you through lockdown with word warbler Dj Fiery Biscuits spitting feathers. All the fun of the fair, you get to go on all the rides without leaving your armchair. No candyfloss or donuts here , they're bad for your teeth and will rot yer brain. Stay safe, stay fluffy g x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 36 // 19 Jan 2021

the latest Plague Edition with subdural cranial irritant Dj Fiery Biscuits tying dendrites to axons, look at the pretty patterns! Big feature for Tim Berne's Hardcell, i'm playing the whole album coz its a bit good. Also a track from local luminary Cederik Knox out on Ceremonial Laptop. Stay Safe Stay Fluffy g x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 35 // 12 Jan 2021

Latest Plague Edition with sentient immersion heaterDj Fiery Biscuits scorching your cockles to combat the winter lockdown blues. Music to hate tories to. Stay safe stay fluffy g x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 34 // 05 Jan 2021

The First Plague Edition For Slack City with offal waffler Dj Fiery Biscuits serving up the sweetmeats. Featuring a track from Martin Chick who will be among the roster for our next online Splitting The Atom on Twitch TV at 8pm on Sunday 10th Jan, during which we'll be trying to raise money for the Rossi Bar (home of our dear friends Spirit Of Gravity) during their covid funding struggles in an effort to Save Our Venues....


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 33 // 26 Dec 2020

Latest Plague Edition with Dj Fiery Biscuits on mangle duty. Festive tunes for the festive perineum. Stay safe, stay fluffy x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 32 // 16 Dec 2020

Plague Edition 32 with Dj Fiery Biscuits and all the levers and buttons. Featuring a special tribute compilation from Brighton's Spirit Of Gravity Collective for founding member Minimal Impact. Also a great remix album from Lost Property favourites Tapsew and a host of heavyweight names. We have a few tracks from the new Suzana Lașcu, a bunch of belters from Manisdron, Facetoucher, Martyn Hare/Emetic, Mike Neaves and M-G Dysfunction, as well as a fantastic Maps remix by Simon Fisher Turner....


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 31 // 10 Dec 2020

Latest Plague Edition with gargling gargoyle Dj Fiery Biscuits on clown duties. All the fun of the fair this week, music to skelter yer helter by.


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 30 // 02 Dec 2020

Plague Edition 30 with bearded abyss Dj fiery Biscuits straddling the void. Featuring new albums by Subversive Intentions on Histamine Tapes, Mark Dicker on Tesla Tapes and Trouble Tracer on Crow Versus Crow. Some coastal contributions by Hardworking Families from Brighton and Ultralux from Portsmouth, a stone cold belter from The Cutting Room and a golden oldie of naughty angles by Music Revelation Ensemble. Music to bleach your brain. Stay safe, stay fluffy g x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 29 // 25 Nov 2020

another packed plague edition drenched in fun fire and fecundity with ole leather tongue dj fiery biscuits. music to lick batteries to. stay safe g x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 28 // 20 Nov 2020

Latest Plague Edition with ambitious amoeba Dj Fiery Biscuits leaving a trail over everything. Featuring local bods Gods Teeth & T.I.T.s crowdfunding a new release, as well as Kuroneko with a set of remixes. New releases come from Gagarin, Barberos and Hairs Abyss, among others, plus there's a trio of tracks from Dale Cornish..... When the lockdown gets tough, the tough get The Damping Wells - stay safe, stay fluffy


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 27 // 11 Nov 2020

Latest Plague Edition with word swallower Dj Fiery Biscuits of Lost Property Arts Collective. Experimental, electronic, improv, ambient, free jazz, noise and everything inbetween. Music to throw eggs at a curator to.


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 26 // 02 Nov 2020

Latest Plague Edition full of hefty stuff to see you into your lockdown groove, with hermetic speech mangle Dj Fiery Biscuits eating out of his own hand. Featuring an Almost Organs/Medical Negligence split out on Vacant Fulfillment, all proceeds of which goes to the LGBTQ Outside Project and the latest Karim Maas EP on UVB76. We also have 2 tracks from the Isntses podcast featuring various artists all using their DIY synth the Fort Processor which Lost Property commissioned for the last Fort...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 25 // 29 Oct 2020

The Damping Wells Plague Edition 25 another in the sporadic Black Lives Matter shows with sentient plank Dj Fiery Biscuits. Featuring James Brandon Lewis, Luke Stewart and Loraine James among others. I've included a couple of tracks highlighting one of the excellent Retrieving Beirut compilations on the ever intriguing and expansive Syrphe platform, and as a present to myself a blistering hard bop belter from trumpeter Freddie Hubbard recorded in the 80s. Ah the songs Jim they'll melt yer...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 24 // 22 Oct 2020

Plague Edition 24 of The Damping Wells with hyperbole vacuum Dj Fiery Biscuits of Lost Property Arts Collective. With him, the usual exploration of experimental, electronic, improv, free jazz, noise and outsounds from around the globe. He's always on the lookout for new stuff that fits the bill, especially local, so please send to