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In this podcast, we're peeking behind the curtains of several businesses to learn more about these entrepreneurs and how they've approached marketing to grow or scale their businesses!


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In this podcast, we're peeking behind the curtains of several businesses to learn more about these entrepreneurs and how they've approached marketing to grow or scale their businesses!



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Unlocking The Gift of Community Through The Power of Gratitude with Kyion Isaac

Step into a world where gratitude is the cornerstone of a life well-lived and genuine connections are just a click away. In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing, founder of The Human Experience Experiment, Kyion Isaac, describes how she channeled her own experiences of loss into the creation of T.H.E.E. -- a platform that encourages gratitude and human connection to nurture personal growth. Sonja and Kyion discuss the heartbeat of T.H.E.E., a 7-day journey designed to unlock the business and life potential within by facilitating deep self-reflection and fostering a supportive digital community. By deciding to use WhatsApp, Kyion has created a Gratitude Group, a network and community of individuals who can connect away from the typical norms of social media. She details how the group is flourishing organically as members invite friends. As the group has expanded, she also discusses how the demand for sharing her gifts has risen and how she's been able to build a sustainable business model. Throughout their discussion, Kyion shares words of wisdom about utilizing one's gifts, finding one's stride as a leader and human being, and unlocking the power of discipline for life and business. After listening to the episode, check out Kyion's "Self-Help Check List" for 2024 and more resources by joining the T.H.E.E. Community for free! About Kyion Isaac and The Human Experience Experiment Kyion Isaac, PMP is an accomplished entrepreneur who is a certified project manager, business lifestyle advisor and the ultimate people connector. With over 15 years of experience, Kyion has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on strategic planning, market expansion, and organizational development. Her expertise lies in developing cutting edge insights to identify opportunities, streamline operations, and deliver game-changing results. Kyion started her corporate career, working for companies like Gap Inc. and the Kimberly Clark Corporation, where she led and implemented multiple multimillion dollar initiatives that delivered exponential revenue growth and expense reductions. Kyion’s visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to produce stellar results for industry-leading companies such as BMW, Wells Fargo, Hillshire Farm, American Cancer Society, Amtrak, Ford and United Airlines. During this time, Kyion discovered her passion for guiding people to discover their untapped potential. While building her own brand, Kyion quickly learned early-stage entrepreneurship is anything but easy. She decided to take what she learned and help guide others that were on similar journeys. Her desire and dedication for garnering solutions led her to guide the paths of small businesses, independent consultants, and political officials. Kyion’s intuition and acuity helped her clients gain exponential market growth through brand redevelopment and achieve record-breaking revenue increases with cost reductions. Based in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Kyion continues to serve clients domestically and abroad. With years of experience, she strives to support early-stage growth companies by leveraging her knowledge and extensive network. Kyion holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Alabama State University and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Outside of work, Kyion lives by the motto: “Water does not resist and neither should you.” From sky-diving to raising her two beautiful children, Kyion enjoys taking full advantage of the adventures life brings. Learn more about The Human Experience Experiment and follow Kyion on Instagram.


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Building the Ultimate Marketing Team for Community Connection

Whether you're a one-person show or leading a team, this episode is all about taking your brand one step closer to cultivating an engaging and thriving online community. Sonja Crystal Williams, host of 10 Minute Marketing, discusses concepts around engaging with and building online communities from the past several podcast episodes and discusses the importance of approaching your development of an online community with a vision, clear strategy, and the right time management or outsourced support. Listen to this episode for tips on how to plan for audience outreach within groups, engaging your members, and how to position yourself to receive the right type of support.


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Building and Nurturing Facebook Groups With Consistency and Persistence with Veronica Broomes

It's a reality that many professionals will face when it comes to online marketing: the desire to engage more with their audience by building a group but not having the tools, skills, or knowledge on how to do it. In today's episode of 10 Minute Marketing, Veronica Broomes shares her story of taking on the challenge to build a Facebook Group from scratch, starting with 50 members and growing to 600+ today. Sonja and Veronica start their conversation by talking about Veronica's background as a sustainability expert and as the founder of Your Small Business Coach. Deeper into the episode, Veronica shares how another business coach sparked the idea for her to launch a Facebook Group and how she shifted from excitement to overcoming several mental roadblocks as she built the group. Veronica recounts her apprehension while building the group and how she overcame her concerns to realize the growth in her community would rely on her persistence, consistent actions, and establishing a community that fostered engagement. She shares some lessons learned, ranging from guidance she received from other business coaches to the need to participate in other Facebook Groups and allot time each day to nurture the group's growth and progress. After listening to this episode, download a copy of Veronica's ebook, "Common Pricing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them," for founders of small and medium businesses. About Veronica Broomes and Your Small Business Coach Veronica Broomes is a Business Growth Coach and Mentor, specializing in Pricing Strategies, Accelerating Business Growth and Sustainability. With over a decade of experience, Veronica has been described as a trailblazer with a passion for helping entrepreneurs to navigate pitfalls, set prices strategically and achieve sustained growth without burnout. Since 2010, Veronica's wealth of experience, coupled with her dedication to the small business community makes her a trusted contributor. Through leveraging her business coaching, training and startup experiences, she sparks transformative 'light bulb' moments for business owners. As the driving force behind the 'Gold Star Business Membership Program,' Veronica is relatable. She draws on her experience as an entrepreneur, her academic qualifications and 'hands on' approach to impart actionable tips and insights for business founders along with the vital principles of planning, productivity, pricing, and profitability to accelerate business growth. Her commitment to creating value for entrepreneurs is evident in her mission to help them avoid costly mistakes, garner leads, amplify sales and enable long-lasting business success. Learn more about Your Small Business Coach and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter).


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Harnessing the Power of Organic Growth on Instagram with Kelly Leardon

How did Kelly Leardon achieve a $28k product launch on only pure organic growth? This week on 10 Minute Marketing, Sonja Crystal Williams and Walk Like Warriors founder Kelly Leardon dive into the strategies that transcended Kelly's modest Instagram following and lack of any advertising. Her launch experience is not just about business success; it's a masterclass in recognizing and harnessing your unique value, your ethos, and your audience. Over the course of the episode, Kelly shares strategies that have stood the test of time in launching programs that resonate with audiences through her work as an operations director for big corporations and how that can or cannot be translated to small businesses. Sonja and Kelly also discuss the potency of nurturing genuine relationships and the surprising power that can result from a single share by a larger account. And in turn, how Kelly dealt with the sudden influx of waitlist members, coaching clients, and the push-and-pull of passion and time management. Tune in for all the insights from Kelly's experience and her testament to the strength of emotional bonds over numbers, proving that a small, engaged following can indeed culminate in real-world triumphs. After listening to the podcast, you're invited to download Kelly's free "Hyper Efficiency: 7 Strategies to Save 12+ Hours/Week" guide. In it, you'll discover seven pro tips for saving time so you can do more of what you love. About Kelly Leardon and Walk Like Warriors Kelly is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to build and scale the business of their dreams without sacrificing their personal lives. She loves helping women tackle the chaos of disorganization, the overwhelm of wearing ALL the hats, and the struggle for harmony between work and family. As a Certified Director of Operations and small business coach, she has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs in 40+ industries over the last 20 years. Learn more about Walk Like Warriors and follow them on Instagram.


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Creating An Intentional Online Community and Purposeful Podcasting with Quinn Tempest

What is the defining difference between audience and community? In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing, Sonja dives into the distinction between audience and community along with the entrepreneurial spirit behind the Create Your Purpose® Collective, Quinn Tempest. Quinn is a business and marketing strategist with over a decade of experience. She now helps clients transform their purpose into profit and cultivates an online community of women entrepreneurs who use her expertise and knowledge combined with one another's experiences to inspire growth. For Quinn, the key feature that separates an audience from a community is this: the space and the ability to be in conversation with each other. When it comes to cultivating and connecting with audiences, Sonja and Quinn explore the world of private versus public podcasting and how it can be a game-changer for audience connection. They unpack the perks of starting a private podcast, from nurturing a relationship with your listeners to attracting the clientele you've always dreamed of. After listening to the podcast, you are invited to take Quinn's My Purpose Quiz, which will help you go from frazzled to fulfilled in your business and uncover the unique "why" that drives you. About Quinn Tempest and Create Your Purpose® Collective Quinn Tempest, a bold color lover and desert dweller, is not your typical business & marketing strategist. As the founder of the Create Your Purpose® Collective, she leads a community of creative women entrepreneurs who are not just looking to grow their businesses but to do so with intention – all without sacrificing what matters most. With a background at the director-level in a marketing agency, handling big-name multinational client strategies, Quinn now focuses on helping out the little guys. She coaches & consults for small business owners, helping them craft life-first business and marketing growth plans that prioritize their values, well-being, and sense of purpose. Learn more about Create Your Purpose® Collective and follow Quinn on Instagram.


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Crafting a Thriving Community Through Strategic Marketing with Matt Chambers

Today's guest said it best himself: "You can watch thousands of millions of hours yoga and Pilates classes on YouTube, but you can't watch a class on community." Sonja Crystal Williams sits down to talk about the inception, growth, and community-building of M3 Yoga & Hot Pilates studio with its co-owner Matt Chambers! In this episode, Matt and Sonja discuss how he's cultivated a vibrant yoga community both online and offline, and how strategic marketing plays a crucial role in the studio's success story. As the marketing leader behind the studio's growth in Athens and Atlanta, Matt imparts wisdom on the true power of social media and the subtle dance between paid advertising and organic, heartfelt engagement. From seizing unexpected opportunities that lead to studio ownership, to exploring the contrast between the energetic teaching environment and the meticulous nature of marketing efforts, to carving out a distinct space in a crowded online fitness realm, Matt's journey is a testament to the magic that happens when passion aligns with profession. About Matt Chambers and M3 Yoga & Hot Pilates Matt is the co-owner of M3Yoga in Athens, GA and an avid advocate for making movement more accessible and approachable. After originally finding yoga through his partner Nick, Matt’s love for the practice came from Sound Baths and meditations at first, but grew over time to include classes for all levels and bodies. Matt’s trainings vary wildly from Hatha Yoga training with Darren Rhodes, Brigette Finley, Sam Rice, and Neda Draupadi Honarvar, Sound Bath training with Danielle Hall, and Inferno Hot Pilates Training with Gabi Walters. Expect a gentle guiding hand as Matt’s class experiences lead you to challenge yourself inside and out. And definitely a few jokes to make you laugh along the way. Matt also manages the marketing, branding, website and studio operations. Don’t be surprised to see him at the front desk, taking out trash or even on the mat next to you! Learn more about M3 Yoga & Hot Pilates, and follow their Atlanta and Athens locations on Instagram. Follow Matt on Instagram.


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Key Resources For Cultivating An Engaged Online Community

In this episode, Sonja shares several key insights around a vital area that every brand should focus on: Building and engaging with communities. Whether your brand's audience or community is online or in the "real" world, building a community will transform the way you interact with your audience. Sonja discusses the resources and tools that small businesses and popular brands use to engage their communities. Later in the episode, we dissect the art of initiating meaningful conversations that echo through the digital realm. After this episode, anticipate a sneak peek into future discussions with entrepreneurs who share their triumphs and tactics in nurturing communities that are not just vibrant, but fiercely loyal. This is your roadmap to creating a brand presence that resonates authentically with its most valuable asset—its community.


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Clever Networking and E-Commerce Business Growth Tactics with SirDarryl Roundtree

When someone hands you their business card, do you just add it to your Rolodex or are you actually building on that new connection? In this episode, Sonja Crystal Williams sits down with logistics virtuoso and founder of Zip Ship Inc., SirDarryl Roundtree. From a humble beginning in his home to a bustling warehouse hub, SirDarryl reveals how nurturing relationships has propelled his entrepreneurial journey and grown his business. They discuss how to transform mundane business card exchanges into thriving professional networks, how a timely 'thank you' and the judicious use of technology like ChatGPT can lead to serendipitous partnerships, and how both personal relationships and networking connections can help popularize your brand. The episode also ventures into positioning an online business for success through website development and digital marketing. About SirDarryl Roundtree and Zip Ship Inc. SirDarryl Roundtree, founder and president of Zip Ship, is a visionary entrepreneur and logistics expert. With over 20 years in the industry, he has revolutionized e-commerce fulfillment through innovative solutions. Under his leadership, Zip Ship has become a benchmark in efficiency and customer-centric service, expanding globally and setting industry standards. Learn more about Zip Ship, and follow them on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for New Clients, New Contracts, and New Jobs

Unlock the untapped potential of your LinkedIn profile with Sonja Crystal Williams as she shares a decade's worth of insider tips and personal success stories to elevate your professional image! If you've ever wondered how to turn your LinkedIn presence into a magnet for job offers, connections, and business growth, here is your golden ticket. With a focus on authenticity and strategic engagement, she peels back the curtain on creating a profile that draws the right attention and fosters meaningful relationships within your industry. This session isn't just about sprucing up your digital resume; it's a deep dive into the art of networking and the power of consistency in the LinkedIn realm. From practical guidance on profile optimization to a six-month blueprint for boosting your online visibility, Sonja discusses the intricate rituals of connecting with peers and influencers that can open new doors to success. So, get ready to transform your LinkedIn experience with actionable steps that go beyond the basics, and join the conversation by connecting with Sonja!


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Decluttering Your Life and Business To Create Space for Explosive Online Growth This Year

If you could come up with one guiding word or phrase for 2024, what would it be? In this episode, Sonja Crystal Williams shares how her own focus on the word "space" is shifting how she approaches life and work, and how your guiding word might inspire you to forge an exceptional year. As the new year has arrived, Sonja shares how she has been decluttering her home. But her decluttering hasn't been just about a simple spring cleaning; it's been about making room for growth, success, and leading with a clear mind. Sonja shares has she has tackled both cluttered cupboards and a cluttered mindset, discovering along the way how this process of decluttering is crucial for personal and business development. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the power of creating space—both in our environments and in our minds—and how this simple yet profound act can lead us to a path of greater achievements. Together, we'll explore the importance of intention-setting as we navigate the year ahead. We'll also talk about aligning our actions with our mindset to turn aspirations into realities. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or a professional climbing the career ladder, this episode is packed with insights on preparing for and seizing the opportunities that this year has to offer. Preparation for your brand includes starting with conducting an audit of your visual brand messaging with some help from our free Social Media Planner.


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Transforming Your Business Through Balance, Partnerships, and Collabs with Angela Henderson

What are the four key components of a balanced business life according to an international award-winning business consultant? That's exactly what today's 10 Minute Marketing explores. Sonja Crystal Williams delves into this answer with Angela Henderson, known for her unique, holistic approach to coaching women entrepreneurs. Angela emphasizes the need to address not just business strategy but overall life balance for achieving true success. Listen as she shares her insightful experiences from her psychology background, her journey from coffee dates to entrepreneurship, and her experience as an Influencer before it was mainstream. Angela and Sonja delve into their experiences of 'paying to play', from attending events to joining masterminds and conferences that led to powerful connections and growth opportunities. They highlight the importance of personal development and investing in oneself for their business, a path that Angela herself traversed. Wrapping up their discussion with an exploration on the role of rest and creativity, Angela shares how an event by Chris Ducker inspired her to incorporate these elements into her business. Transform your business approach and join us on this enlightening journey. Plus, as a special treat for our listeners, take Angela's free 3-minute Business Growth Scorecard assessment to pinpoint the exact areas you need to optimize to grow your business and still find joy in every day! About Angela Henderson Angela is an international award winning business consultant/coach, speaker and podcaster who helps women around the world make more money by creating a personalised business strategy and mastering their mindset, so they can create a business & life they love and want to show up for every, single, day. Learn More about Angela and tune in to The Angela Henderson Online Business Show Podcast. Follow Angela on Facebook and Instagram, and join her Women In Business Collaborative Facebook Group.


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Working Out Funnels, Offers, and Messaging on LinkedIn: Coaching Call with Akil Sherman, CPT

In this Coaching Call style 10 Minute Marketing episode, I’m thrilled to sit down with Akil Sherman, owner of Akil Sherman Online Training & Coaching. With over two decades as a Certified Personal Trainer and experience in corporate wellness, Akil now offers online fitness coaching to those seeking ways to lose fat and get healthy. In this episode, we talk about Akil's journey and finding his target audiences in both a pre and post-pandemic marketplace. We also peel back the layers of the success he has found on Facebook and mastering his marketing message, how he is testing various offers and the work he needs to do to crack the code on LinkedIn marketing. In this episode, we discuss how to craft a compelling LinkedIn profile and content that connects with potential clients. This includes the differences between branding on LinkedIn through a personal profile versus a business page and what tactics the LinkedIn algorithm will reward for each. We also touch on the importance of working on personal profile features to convert leads by offering a simple and enticing call-to-action. Tune in to this opportunity to learn from Akil's challenges with maximizing his marketing funnel, as well as my tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for business success! About Akil Sherman Akil Sherman has helped thousands of men and women lose body fat and build healthy sustainable lifestyles over his 23-year career as a Certified Personal Trainer. Check out Akil's free 7 Foods to Avoid for Fat Loss resource here. Learn More about Akil Sherman Personal Training. Follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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(Pt. 3) Quality vs. Quantity: Which Content Strategy Leaves Your Audience Begging for More?

Content creation: a tug-of-war between quality and quantity. Where should you be investing your time and efforts? In our final installment of this three-part series, we're diving deeper into the cause for quality and dissecting why leading brands pour resources into crafting research-driven, high-value content. This includes swaying user trust, boosting engagement, and bolstering your brand reputation. I'm Sonja Crystal Williams, your guide through this maze of content strategy. Tune in as I unpack how regular delivery of top-notch, well-researched content can elevate your brand to an authority in your field, magnetizing a loyal following. We'll also scrutinize the role your content creation strategy plays in your budget planning and team requirements. Join me as we wrap up this series with a fresh perspective on the quantity versus quality debate. It's time to discover if your brand needs a fine balance of both!


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(Pt. 2) Quality vs. Quantity: Which Content Strategy Leaves Your Audience Begging for More?

In Part 2 of this series on Content Creation: Quality vs Quantity, Sonja continues to navigate this debate, providing insights on why some brands need to consider Content Quantity as an approach to their overall content marketing strategy. Sonja kicks off with a compelling study from Semrush, revealing a surprising connection between content quantity and improved website rankings. This data-driven argument makes a strong case for considering content quantity as a viable strategy for brand growth. However, she emphasizes that a high-volume content approach is not without its challenges, requiring unwavering consistency, an in-depth understanding of your audience, and effective content production at scale. By auditing past content and smart budget planning, you can leverage a well-executed high-volume content strategy to significantly enhance your brand's visibility and growth.


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(Pt. 1) Quality vs. Quantity: Which Content Strategy Leaves Your Audience Begging for More?

What if you were posting content too often or maybe not enough and didn't even realize it? What would it mean for your brand's visibility and reach? In this episode, Sonja guides you through the twisty maze of content creation strategies, focusing on the controversial debate of content quality versus quantity. We take a look at the pros and cons of one technique versus the other. Later in the episode, Sonja shares insights on maintaining consistency, understanding social media algorithms, and effectively producing content. Tune in and discover how to turn your content into a powerful tool for brand growth.


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Coaching Up Your Business And Content With Confidence featuring Dallas Travers

Ever dreamed of scaling your business with ease and confidence? Today, 10 Minute Marketing shares the microphone with Dallas Travers, podcaster and founder of The Hive, a mastermind in attracting paying clients, building lists, and expanding businesses through courses. She's opening up about her unique Ripple Effect System - a step-by-step process that layers business growth, starting with private clients. Dallas emphasizes the importance of community in successful scaling, giving us a glimpse into her methodology and the three metrics she uses to measure readiness for the next phase. We also pick Dallas's brain on another topic she's excelled in: podcasting! She shares the behind-the-scenes of her podcasting journey, laying out how she crafts intros, creates engaging social media content, and delegates tasks to her stellar team. More than just techniques, Dallas delves into the significance of bringing a podcast to life and how it's been a game-changer for her business. But it's not all business - Dallas gets personal too, revealing the story behind her unique name, her non-negotiables in life, and a thought-provoking piece of advice from her daughter's kindergarten teacher. Get ready for a captivating chat that strikes a balance between professional insights and genuine human connection. So tune in, because you're about to understand why leading with your values can make all the difference. Plus, as a special treat for our listeners, take Dallas' The Coach's SuperPower Quiz - 90 seconds to uncover the precise next steps to find paying clients, build your list, or scale with a course. You'll receive a custom toolkit based on your strengths instead of a one-size-fits-all formula! About Dallas Travers If you're a coach who serves everyday people, you need to know Dallas Travers. Her Ripple Effect System teaches the exact steps to attract paying clients, build your list daily, then scale your business with a course so you never again have to ask, "what should I do today?" Learn more about Dallas and follow her on Instagram. Listen to Dallas' Coaches on a Mission podcast.


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Successful Ad Creation on Facebook & IG for Newbies with Sonja Crystal Williams

In this episode, Sonja reveals the power-packed potential of ads on Facebook and Instagram for your brand and how new advertisers should approach the technical and creative set up. With the world of social media changing the game for branding, Facebook and Instagram ads have become the new go-to strategy. But, should you be running ads on both of these platforms? Sonja walks through the common hiccups and provides a guide to successful campaign launches on both platforms. We go through the nitty-gritty of setting your ad budget and techniques to identify your target audience. Whether you're an enterprising entrepreneur or part of an organization, this episode is brimming with tips and tricks to maximize the impact of your campaigns. https://sonjacrystal.com/


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Entrepreneurial Insights From Digital Marketing Maven Stephanie Lichtenstein

Ever wondered how passion can turn into a successful business venture? Today's guest, Stephanie Lichtenstein, founder of Micro Media Marketing, lets you in on her fourteen-year journey filled with growth, opportunities, challenges, and triumphs. With the same exuberance that made her take her first steps into the digital marketing scene over a decade ago, Stephanie recounts her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. From launching her agency in the heart of New York to sharing office space with the renowned Gary Vaynerchuk at VaynerMedia, she reveals how she built a resilient team that shares her love for social media. As someone who has worked with giants like HarperCollins, Hubbell, and Colliers International, Stephanie's insights into focusing on diverse industries, particularly fashion, beauty, and home décor e-commerce brands, are invaluable. Stephanie delivers a candid narration of her experiences, including staying positive during recessions and understanding the importance of networking both online and offline. Her advice about saving for a rainy day and offering flexible options for clients is practical and a must-listen for any fresh business owner. Stephanie also sheds light on how she expanded her business through strategic partnerships and collaborations. So, gear up as Stephanie Lichtenstein takes you on a tour of her entrepreneurial world that's as thrilling as it is informative. About Stephanie Lichtenstein and Micro Media Marketing Stephanie Lichtenstein is the President and Founder of Micro Media Marketing. Stephanie’s passion for social media is contagious, it has led her to work with SMB to Fortune 500 companies such as HarperCollins, Hubbell, and Colliers International. 14 years ago she launched Micro Media with a dream in New York City working out of borrowed office space from Gary Vaynerchuck's Vaynermedia offices, she is now headquartered in Miami with team members throughout the US including in Chicago. Since then, Stephanie never looked back on her dream to share her passion for social media with online businesses and brands. Her biggest achievement is growing brands along with her team of women and stay-at-home moms specializing in the home decor space and spaces that speak to a woman audience. Be sure to also check out these amazing resources Stephanie recommends: Transform Your MarketingScience Of Well-BeingDie With Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your LifeFollow Stephanie on LinkedIn and Instagram. Learn More about Micro Media Marketing and follow them on Instagram.


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Driving Business & Branding Success Through LinkedIn: Coaching Call With Cloe Guidry-Reed Of Hire Ground

In this Coaching Call style 10 Minute Marketing episode, Sonja Crystal Williams sits down with Cloe Guidry-Reed, who has journeyed from being a risk management consultant to a tech entrepreneur as the CEO of Hire Ground — a SaaS platform that connects diverse suppliers and enterprise buyers. Throughout the episode, they outline the trajectory of Hire Ground's growth and Sonja underlines the significance of personal branding in humanizing a business and nurturing deep connections with customers. She also coaches Cloe up on how to leverage LinkedIn to enhance her personal brand and attract clients for Hire Ground, such optimizing her LinkedIn profile for enhanced visibility and engaging with digital communities for increased interactions. As Cloe continues to grow Hire Ground, her journey offers insights for other entrepreneurs navigating their own branding and business paths. You can also harness power of digital platforms to boost your personal and professional brands. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Cloe’s story offers valuable insights and inspiration. About Cloe Guidry-Reed and Hire Ground An Agnes Scott College and Georgia State University Executive MBA Alumni and former SVP in two global brokerage firms, Cloe Guidry-Reed spent over 16 years successfully helping clients solve challenging issues around supply chain risk and human capital management. She founded Hire Ground, an online marketplace that connects corporate and government buyers with diverse suppliers, with the mission of providing new-majority business owners with more opportunities to win supply chain contracts while also enabling enterprise buyers to build and strengthen their supplier diversity programs. As founder and CEO, Cloe is responsible for the overall success of Hire Ground by leading the development and execution of long-term strategies. She also co-hosts their Breaking Barriers podcast, speaking with leaders and rising stars in the increasingly vital field of supplier inclusion. Follow Cloe on LinkedIn. Learn More about Hire Ground and follow them on LinkedIn. Tune in to the Breaking Barriers podcast.


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Navigating Business Success Through Relationship Marketing with Lenica Stephen

Shifting from being on the verge of burnout to launching her own successful operations team and business, Lenica Stephen, the Founder and CEO of IBOSS, shares her inspiring journey from leaving the comforts of a corporate career to stepping into the challenging world of entrepreneurship! With her work at IBOSS, Lenica offers a unique perspective on how operations serve as the critical backbone of businesses. She also walks through her expert strategies for improving operations for business expansion that have proven successful in her own journey. In this episode, Sonja and Lenica also discuss the importance of finding a supportive community of business owners and the advantages of not going it alone in business. This episode wraps up with Lenica addressing the power of networking even when it seems challenging, harnessing the potential of social media to find clients, and sharing how she has leveraged the influence of referrals and relationships to grow her business. About Lenica Stephen and Interactive Business Optimization Services (IBOSS) Inc. Lenica Stephen is the Founder ad CEO of Interactive Business Optimization Services (IBOSS) Inc., an Operations Consulting Management Agency, who partners and consults with E-Commerce business owners on the strategies, team growth and operational efficiencies to implement or enhance in their business to effectively scale and grow in line with their vision. She has a passion for keeping her clients in their zone of genius while being their strategic partner and by working with business owners to take their business ideas from conception to implementation while ensuring these initiatives are aligned with their growth strategy. Lenica and her team believe in the importance of having a good support system whether in business or in personal life. Lenica’s vision is for IBOSS Inc. to be the chosen authority in providing strategic partnership and business operations services who provides an environment of support and empowerment that will lead clients to outrageous levels of success. Follow Lenica on LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn More about IBOSS and follow them on Instagram