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We are 2 business owners, 2 journalists and 2 working moms! Our lives are crazy as we live our dreams of entrepreneurship and raising a family. Sometimes those worlds collide, sometimes they co-exist and some rare times they work together.


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We are 2 business owners, 2 journalists and 2 working moms! Our lives are crazy as we live our dreams of entrepreneurship and raising a family. Sometimes those worlds collide, sometimes they co-exist and some rare times they work together.





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Unmasking Hate Next Door: A Journey into Extremism and Empathy

Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we dive deep into the world of extremism and hatred in our latest episode of 2 Girls Talking. We're excited to introduce you to the authors of "Hate Next Door: A Personal Journey into the Heart of Hatred and Extremism." This gripping book explores the darkest corners of society, shedding light on the impact of extremism on our communities. Get to know Matson Browning and Tawni Browning, the authors behind "Hate Next Door." Learn about their personal motivations, journeys, and unwavering dedication to exposing extremism. Discover what drove them to delve into this complex and challenging subject. Delve into the fascinating world of undercover investigation that laid the foundation for their compelling book. The authors share the trials and tribulations they faced during their mission to unmask extremism. Learn about the risks they took to uncover the truth. In this eye-opening discussion, Matson and Tawni humanize the individuals involved in hate groups. Gain insights into the intricate web of factors that lead to radicalization. Explore stories that reveal the unexpected facets of extremism and challenge our perceptions. Discover the authors' perspective on how communities can come together to combat extremism and promote understanding. Explore practical steps and strategies to foster empathy, tolerance, and unity in our society. If you're intrigued by the conversation and want to learn more about "Hate Next Door," don't miss the chance to explore this powerful book. Join us in unmasking the realities of extremism and uncovering paths toward a more empathetic and compassionate world. Explore the pages of "Hate Next Door" to gain a deeper understanding of the authors' incredible journey into the heart of hatred and extremism. This book is a testament to their commitment to unmasking the truth and promoting positive change. Check out The Hate Next Door


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Navigating the Corporate Jungle: A Conversation with Betsy Kauffman

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Betsy Kauffman, the Founder, CEO, and Coach at Cross Impact, a TED speaker, and a mentor in the Charlotte Women in Business Mentoring Program. Betsy's journey is an inspiring story of breaking through barriers, finding her voice in male-dominated fields, and making a significant impact on the corporate landscape. Betsy Kauffman is a seasoned professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University. She has a unique background of 20+ years in corporate America, striving to balance motherhood, a full-time career, and supporting her husband's business. Her company is Cross Impact, birthed in 2014, driven by her passion and a desire to make a difference in organizations globally. In this episode Betsy talks about growing up as the only girl on both sides of her family and how it influenced her success in male-dominated fields. Her work experience, including 5 years with the Boy Scouts of America, and the impact it had on her journey. You will come away with several key takeaways from this episode. Key Takeaways: Betsy's story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and following your passion. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more inspiring stories and insights. Connect with Betsy here.


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Elsie Guerrero - Promoting Inclusion Through Storytelling

Join us on the latest episode of 2 Girls Talking Podcast as we welcome a remarkable guest, Elsie Guerrero, whose mission is to advocate for inclusion in the realms of childhood disability and social justice. Elsie's impressive body of work includes over ten books focusing on children with disabilities and three books addressing social justice within the Latinx community. Elsie Guerrero is renowned for her tireless advocacy efforts, championing awareness for children with special needs and the Latinx community. Her dedication was acknowledged in 2020 when she received recognition as an honoree from Hispanic Lifestyle Magazine. Elsie's impactful work has also garnered attention from esteemed news outlets like NBC Latino and Telemundo. In this empowering episode we engaged in a thoughtful conversation with Elsie Guerrero, exploring the crucial theme of promoting inclusion and diversity. We dive deep into Elsie's personal journey, a tapestry woven with unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Drawing from her own encounters with diversity, adversity, and the profound beauty of human connection, Elsie embarked on a literary mission. Elsie's series, "Promote Inclusion," serves as a testament to the belief that stories rooted in personal experiences carry an authenticity and resonance that transcend words on a page. Through her writing, she possesses a unique ability to touch hearts, evoke empathy, and inspire change. Her narratives intricately weave together the threads of her life, inviting readers into a world where differences are celebrated, and inclusion is a lived experience. Elsie's characters reflect the rich tapestry of humanity, each with their own unique stories to share. As we delve into Elsie's journey, we're reminded of the profound impact that personal storytelling can have on the world. It's an invitation not only to enjoy her work but also to reflect on our own experiences, share our stories, and contribute to the ongoing narrative of inclusivity. Connect with Elsie here


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We have More in Common

Our country is divided. People can't agree on the much of anything. But is that divide real - or just in our minds? A new study reveals that maybe we aren't as far apart as we think we are. Enter Paul Oshinski and More in Common. A group that strives to find what brings us together - rather than tears us apart. Take their quiz - maybe you'll discover something surprising. At the very least, take a listen. More In Common History Gap


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You Are Loved Dearly

A flash of light in the dark. A breeze of cool air that came out of nowhere. Most of us have experienced strange, or unexplained instances. But have you ever wondered if these instances were actually signs from loved ones or friends who have passed but want to get a message to you? Frances Fayden says they probably were. Meet the Reverend Frances Fayden. She is an ordained minister and a mystic. She believes you can have a direct experience with God, and she is here to help you achieve that. Her encounter with the Mother Mary changed her, and since then Rev. Fayden has been spreading Mary's message. That includes from those who have left us. Rev. Fayden says our loved ones don't ever really leave us, they are all around us, watching over us, ready to help if we just ask for it. This is her story. Rev. Frances Fayden


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Finding Your Voice Through a Pen

When Robin Finn put her thoughts down on paper, she had no idea so many people would be interested in what she had to write. After all, she was just writing about her life parenting a child with ADHD. But she soon discovered that so many parents related to her and what she was going though. And she realized that writing can bring people from all over the world together. Heart.Soul.Pen was born. HSP has become Robin's community for women to explore their creativity, write what they want regardless of topic, and a safe place for women to find their voices. She believes everyone can write, regardless of your background or experience. And through writing, Robin says you can change your life. Don't think. Just write. Find out more on her website RobinFinn.com


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She Played Their Game. Then Changed the Rules

Sara McElroy was on the fast track to the C-suite. Everything she had worked for was within her grasp. And she hated her life. Work sucked, the company sucked, her bosses sucked harder. She had to make a change and a big one. Sara uprooted her life and moved to Florida for a new job, with a clean start. But life has a funny way of teaching lessons because the next job was even worse than the first. Instead of being pushed to the side, she was sexually harassed, enmeshed in a world of good ole boy cronyism and locker room antics. This time she knew it wasn't just change she needed, it was an explosion. This is the story of how Sara burned down her corporate career only to build something stronger out of the ashes: A movement that lights up others while feeding her soul called Raze to Rise. Raze to Rise


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A Dream Re-Imagined

Have you loved something so much, or wished for something so much - but when it comes true it's not at all what you imagined? In fact, it's not much fun at all. It happens often for entrepreneurs. Celeste Crutchfield loves fashion, so much so that after her military service she put all her passion into owning a boutique, where she could choose what kinds of clothes and jewelry to buy. It had been her dream to work in fashion some way and owning a business, especially a little boutique she loved shopping in herself - seemed the perfect answer. But sometimes what we thought we wanted doesn't work out, and Celeste made a very difficult choice to close the shop. Then she reimagined that dream. And now, she's happier than ever. Let her tell you her story


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How Sri Got Social!

Meet Sri Mahibir - a video visibility coach. She helps companies and individuals find their voice in video and on social media. Well that's what she does now, but she didn't start out as a video visibility coach. Sri began in sales then lost her job during covid - like much of the world. But Sri soon realized she wasn't getting noticed, and knew that had to change. So she stepped way out of her comfort zone and forced herself to go live on social media. And guess what? It worked. She found her people and people found her. Now she's taking her message to the world, and helping others broadcast their message too.


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Dear White Women

It's time to get uncomfortable. That's right. We are talking about race. That's the message from Sara and Misasha, two bi-racial professional women and moms. They met at a discussion about racial identity and have been talking ever since. Now they use their voices and the voices of others to bring women into anti-racism - and specifically White Women. Sharing their stories and the stories of other women, these two are hoping to change how we react, how we interact, how we teach the next generation to be anti-racist and what that really means. Listen to their own story in their own words now. Dear White Women


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Her Second Chapter

Tracie Potts was always up for a challenge. After two decades as an NBC News reporter, and working the very early morning hours, and covering some of the biggest stories of the 21st Century, she was used to challenges. But perhaps the biggest challenge of her career is happening now, her Second Chapter. Tracie traded in her professional journalism career for a life in academia, and helping future generations achieve their dreams. She is the Executive Director of the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College. And while she didn't know it at the time, everything she learned as a journalist prepared her for this new chapter of life.


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She Acted with Volodymyr Zelensky. Now She Does Nothing.

Meet Jessie Kanzer - modern, 21st century actress, author, essayist and mom. And a firm believer in the ancient practice of doing nothing. You read that right: Nothing. Jessie has led the life of a voyager, escaping from the former Soviet Union to the U.S., hitting the stage and big screen with the now President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Yes, THAT president. But it wasn't until she embraced the writings of the Tao Te Ching that she found her calling. Now she's teaching others how doing nothing can move you to create something. Jessie Kanzer


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If it’s not Right, Go Left

Most of us have a road map for our lives. We go to school, many on to college, then begin our adult lives. But what happens when the map we created takes us to places we don't love as much as we thought we would? Which road do we take? That's the question facing our latest podcast guest, Kristen Glosserman. Faced with her own personal turmoil she tore up that road map and started over. It was scary, it was overwhelming and it was freeing. When the choices she made didn't turn out to be the right ones, she turned left. Now Glosserman uses her life lessons to teach others how to commit, communicate and collaborate for change. And it may just work for you. Listen to her tips, and read more about Kristen Glosserman on her website


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The Great Resignation

Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs - and not for a better job. Are these workers just fed up with corporate life? Need a new outlet? The answer is surprising - and complex. But we are going to dive into all the scenarios with Mark Hamrick - Washington Bureau Chief of Bankrate.com. He is also the Senior Economic Analyst for Bankrate - which means he spends his days researching what this so-called Great Resignation will have on our economy, our lives and our future. Follow him at Bankrate.com and on twitter at @Hamrickisms


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How a Friendly Bunny can Help Your Kids Save Money

Money can be intimidating for adults. Many entrepreneurs have a love hate relationship with money. So imagine the perceptions we give to our kids? Teaching kids how to handle, and more importantly how to save money can be difficult for parents. Do allowances work? If we give allowances how much? Or should we pay them for extra work, like a wage? See? It's hard! And that's why Jim DeGaetano is here. Jim's book, Larry the Bunny Saves Money has been a godsend for the Girls, and he can help you too! Check out his tips in our latest podcast. Jim DeGaetano


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Kicking off the New Year with new adventures!

Happy 2022! Or is it? For both Ashley and Anna this is going to be a year of change and growth, and how better to tackle these challenges than talk about them! The girls are kicking off the new year with a new podcast to catch you up on how they're coping with two years of Covid, what they've learned, what they've overcome and the new adventures ahead.


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Living a ”Slightly” Greener Life

Hidden toxins are everywhere, and for many people they have a real detrimental effect on their lives. Just ask Tonya Harris. When one of her kids began to show signs of a learning disabilities she began doing some research. She thought she had been doing a good job reading labels, but soon realized some of the most dangerous toxins come cloaked in safe words. But to do a complete and total overhaul of her household would take time, money and a great deal of effort on Tonya's part. So instead Tonya took a "slightly greener" path. Starting with just some simple steps to detoxify her household. Now she's helping other parents find those toxins to keep other families healthy. And she's giving us some tips too! The Slightly Greener Method is available wherever books are sold.


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Anne Basham‘s mission: Stop Sex-Trafficking Before it Happens

Every 30 seconds a child in the United States is sold into slavery. That is a terrifying statistic. Even scarier, this happens everywhere. Your neighborhood, my neighborhood, affluent neighborhoods, schools, even some work places. When it comes to trafficking young people for sex or work slavery, anyone can be a victim. Most don't realize they've been groomed until it's much too late. Most parents have no idea their child is a victim until it's too late. Anne Basham knows this. She is the CEO of Anti-Trafficking International, based in Northern Virginia. The group works to educate young people and their parents on the ways of groomers and predators, to stop the trafficking BEFORE it happens - through school based curriculum and the International Human Trafficking Training Academy. Anne and her group work overtime to teach parents, teachers, law enforcement, coaches, neighbors - every day people - how to spot a predator. Because learning how groomers operate could save a young life. Find out more information at Anti-Trafficking International.


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Please Go to Sleep Baby!

Sleeping well is a skill. Who knew? Baby Sleep Boss Dana Obleman, that's who! Every parent of a newborn will tell you their biggest problem is sleep. Sleep for the infants - and adults too. When Dana's first child wasn't sleeping through the night, she started experimenting with different techniques and after just a few days she had found the right method to get her son to sleep 8 straight hours. And then 11 hours. And then 12. Not only was her son happier but Mom and Dad were better people too. Her techniques were so successful she began helping other parents, and more than a decade later she's helping adults sleep better too. Sleep is key to every aspect of our life, it's key to keeping us all healthy. So meet the woman who has been putting kids to sleep for years - she may be able to help you too!


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She Survived Trauma. Now Lorilee is Thriving and Helping Others

At first glance Lorilee Binstock had a perfect life. She is a successful media professional, has a great husband, beautiful kids. But she harbored a secret, one so traumatic that she kept it a secret even from herself, for decades. Lorilee was sexually abused as a child, and she pushed that trauma so far down in her subconscious that one day she forgot about it and built a life. Until one day she didn't want to live anymore. This is her story in her words of how this trauma suddenly made itself known and how she survived that realization. Today, Lorilee is thriving. With help from her husband, she received the help she needed to begin healing. And she is here to help other survivors get to a better place. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts the Crisis Lifeline is here to help. Text HELLO to 741741 or call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.