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40 Minute Mentor is a podcast on a mission to make business mentorship accessible to everyone. Whether you’re just beginning your career, are a Startup Founder or are just in need of some career inspiration, our show is designed to cover everything from the ground up in 40 minutes.

40 Minute Mentor is a podcast on a mission to make business mentorship accessible to everyone. Whether you’re just beginning your career, are a Startup Founder or are just in need of some career inspiration, our show is designed to cover everything from the ground up in 40 minutes.


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40 Minute Mentor is a podcast on a mission to make business mentorship accessible to everyone. Whether you’re just beginning your career, are a Startup Founder or are just in need of some career inspiration, our show is designed to cover everything from the ground up in 40 minutes.




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Mental Health Spotlight with Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder of Heights

“A healthier brain leads to a happier life. If you have more healthy habits than bad ones, you will ultimately be healthier and happier. But having healthy habits is hard….” For our final episode of our Mental Health mini-series, we look back on our conversation with the brilliant Dan Murray-Serter, serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Heights and host of the popular Secret Leaders podcast. In today’s episode, Dan shares some candid insights into Heights, including: 00:5203:5007:49If you...


Mental Health Spotlight with Reeva Misra, Founder of Walking On Earth

“I really think now is the time for business leaders to step up, act boldly and put in some of the changes that have been needed for a while.” In today’s Mental Health feature episode, we look back on our episode with Reeva Misra, the Founder and CEO of Walking on Earth - a holistic health platform on a mission to elevate human happiness. Reeva shares her candid insights from blending technology and holistic health, including: [01:33][06:09][08:20] If you enjoyed today’s episode, make...


Mental Health Spotlight with James Routledge, Founder of Sanctus

“Getting out of bed was hard. Every day felt like a chore - it felt like the grind. And one night in bed, I just thought to myself, if I feel the same way again tomorrow morning, I honestly don’t want to wake up…” Continuing our Mental Health mini-series, we look back on our discussion with James Routledge, Founder and former CEO of Sanctus - a purpose-driven mental health organisation focused on providing support in the workplace. In today’s episode we hear about James’s mental health...


Mental Health Spotlight with Carrie Carlisle, Sophie Scott and Rohan Kallicharan

“Silence is the oxygen [this illness] needs, it thrives on it. So the more insular that we become, the more we don’t talk, the more illogical and irrational our belief system gets.” In episode 2 of our Mental Health Spotlight mini-series, we cover segments from our roundtable discussion featuring Psychotherapist and Wellness Expert, Sophie Scott, HR Director and Mind Ambassador, Rohan Kallicharan and mental health campaigner and author, Carrie Carlisle. This inspiring panel of guests...


Mental Health Spotlight with Mo Gawdat, author and Founder of One Billion Happy

“If you imagine that life is just about now, then the purpose of cleaning the dishes is to do it as best as you can and enjoy yourself. You can find micro purpose and joy in everything you do.” To continue shining the light on the importance of mental health, we’re launching a special feature mini-series this week. Every day of this week we’ll be taking a look back on some of our mental health conversations from our 40 Minute Mentor archives. To kick off the series, we take a look back on...


Downing Street, Death Threats and DE&I with Baroness Oona King

“When I lost my seat in parliament, as devastating as it was, I genuinely felt relieved that I got out with my life.” We’ve officially reached our final episode of Series 7, but we’re definitely finishing on a high with today’s 40 Minute Mentor - it’s none other than Baroness Oona King. Oona has worn many hats throughout her career - from becoming the second black woman elected into British Parliament, becoming a Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister on Equalities, to ultimately pivoting...


Finding Purpose After Exiting Moonpig with Nick Jenkins

“If the product is good enough, ultimately the business will succeed.” In today’s 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by Nick Jenkins, Founder of Moonpig, former Dragon on BBC hit show Dragons' Den and angel investor. Due to its incredible success story, greeting card business Moonpig probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but we don’t often hear about the challenges it took to overcome to eventually sell Moonpig for £120 million to Photobox Group in 2011. In today’s episode,...


How To Build A $2 Billion Unicorn In Under 3 Years with Ankorstore’s Nicolas d'Audiffret

“Before you scale, you need to make sure you are solving big pains with a great value proposition.” It’s not every day you get to speak to someone who turned their Startup into a Double-Unicorn with over 500 employees in just 3 years. Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is Nicolas d'Audiffret, one of the Co-Founders of Ankorstore - the marketplace taking on e-Commerce giants like Amazon. Ankorstore was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and is a partner to more than 200,000 retailers,...


From Exiting Songkick To Tackling The Climate Crisis with Supercritical’s Michelle You

“Even if we electrify everything and switch to renewables and decarbonise - we still need to remove billions of tonnes of carbon from the sky because we have polluted so much.” Ahead of World Earth Day this week, we’re really excited to welcome Michelle You, Co-Founder of Songkick and Co-Founder and CEO of Supercritical, to 40 Minute Mentor. You might have heard of the popular concert ticket app Songkick before, which Michelle and her Co-Founders built to one of the most popular apps on...


Building Purpose-Led Brands With Natalie Graeme (Uncommon) & Orr Vinegold (Unrest)

“There’s a general recognition that doing good is good for business - and that applies at all levels of business.” This week we have the pleasure of welcoming not one, but two amazing mentors to 40 Minute Mentor - Natalie Graeme, Co-Founder of Uncommon Creative and Orr Vinegold, Co-Founder of Unrest. Uncommon Creative is an award-winning creative studio building brands that matter, make a difference and brands that people in the real world actually wish existed. And Unrest is an...


Destigmatising Death with Farewill’s Dan Garrett

“I thought burnout was just the equivalent of meaning you hadn’t got it - you couldn’t keep going. Then one day at work, I came out of a meeting and collapsed in the streets.” In this 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by industry-disrupter Dan Garrett, Co-Founder and CEO of Farewill - the multi-award-winning wills, probate and funerals company on a mission to change the way the world deals with death. In today’s episode, Dan shares thought-provoking mentorship, including: 💙A big...


The Power Of Personal Branding with Amelia Sordell, Founder of Klowt

“When people say that you can’t do something, it’s really because they can’t do it. Don’t stop doing what you want to do because someone told you you can’t, because you can.” To ring in the halfway point of Series 7, we had the pleasure of interviewing an absolute icon in personal branding: Amelia Sordell, the Founder of Klowt. Klowt is THE personal branding agency on a mission to build entirely authentic personal brands that drive real results - something we’ve had the pleasure of...


Closing The Financial Literacy Gap With Your Juno Founders Margot & Alexia de Broglie

In this episode we’re joined by sisters, Margot and Alexia de Broglie, Co-Founders of Your Juno - an app widely referred to as ‘the Duolingo of Finance’ and on a mission to empower women and non-binary people through financial education. The de Broglie sisters give us an exclusive insight into Your Juno’s amazing journey from conception to over 10k downloads and raising £1.6 million. 💙A big thank you to our Sponsors: Chipper Cash - an African cross-border payments company trusted by over...


Making Business More Sustainable And Developing Talent With Wing Chan, Co-Founder & CEO of Sourceful

In this episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming Wing Chan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Sourceful - the Index Ventures backed all-in-one platform bringing together tools, data and products companies need to make their supply chains more sustainable. In today’s episode, Wing recounts his experiences of quickly climbing the ranks at The Hut Group to become CMO at 25 and CTO at 28, what has led him to start Sourceful and he shares some excellent mentorship on the importance of seeing the...


From Olympic Gold To FemTech Founder with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

In this 40 Minute Mentor episode, we speak to one of Britain’s most decorated Olympians and Founder of FemTech Startup, Jennis, the incredible Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. Jess shares the ups and downs of her athletics career, including how setbacks early on in her sporting career turned her into the successful athlete she became and how she dealt with the pressures of Super Saturday. We also hear more about her FemTech business, Jennis, which is on a mission to change women’s lives by helping...


Scaling Lessons with Google For Startups UK’s Marta Krupinska

In this 40 Minute Mentor episode, we chat to the inspiring Marta Krupinska, serial entrepreneur and Head of Google for Startups UK - a programme run to support thriving, diverse and inclusive Startup communities around the world. Marta shares some brilliant mentorship in this episode, including the lessons learned from her first Startup, her candid take on the progress made in DE&I in the Tech sector and the crucial skills Founders should really be focusing on. 💙A big thank you to our...


Securing Series A Funding with AudioMob’s Christian Facey

To kick off Series 7, we had the pleasure of welcoming a real rising star in the UK Tech scene, Christian Facey, the Co-Founder and CEO of AudioMob. AudioMob allows brands to connect with gamers without interrupting their gaming experience, using in-game audio ads. In today’s episode, Christian gives us an exclusive insight into AudioMob’s fascinating journey to date and shares some great mentorship for any fellow Founders and aspiring entrepreneurs - including his advice following their...


Series 7 Trailer

40 Minute Mentor is back with a brand new series, filled with mentorship from Founders of some of the world’s fastest growing businesses and future unicorns as well as a number of world class leaders from other industries. To get a little preview of what's coming your way, hit play on our trailer. And if you've enjoyed the past 6 series, please leave us a review over on https://ratethispodcast.com/40mm - we absolutely love hearing your feedback and really appreciate all the support we get...


Where Are They Now: Ezechi Britton On His MBE & Advancing Social Mobility

Today’s ‘Where Are They Now’ episode is our last one before we launch Series 7 - and we’re definitely finishing on a high, as we catch up with the amazing Ezechi Britton MBE, Co-Founder of Code Untapped and Founding Member and Principal at Impact X. 2 years after his appearance on our 40 Minute Mentor social mobility special, Ez tells us about what it felt like to find out he received an MBE at the start of 2022 and we talk about the progress he’s seen in social mobility in Tech and VC, and...


Where Are They Now: Juliet Davenport OBE On Transitioning from CEO To A Portfolio Career

In this ‘Where Are They Now’ feature mini episode, we catch up with the brilliant Juliet Davenport OBE, Founder and former CEO of Good Energy Group. A year after coming onto 40 Minute Mentor, Juliet chats to us about her decision to step down as CEO of Good Energy, what she wishes she had known before her switch to a portfolio career, and she tells us what she’s been up to since. Plus, Juliet shares some candid insights into the changing energy market and how we can all play our part in...