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Search News For October - Changes To Google That You Need To Know

This week we'll be covering the recent updates around the web, particularly with Google that impact your business. Including, new updates to Google My Business as well as 3 Things We Can Learn From Google shutting down Google Plus.


Why Your Mission Statement Is Important To Your Digital Marketing Campaign

A mission statement is more than just something you put in a frame and never read again. For some businesses, it gives them clarifying purpose. Other's still get clarity around their customers and who they are really trying help. A great mission statement can create a lens with which to view any endeavor and one of the most overlooked ones is your digital marketing campaign.


Why Google Tag Manager Is Something You Should Learn (and the basics in this podcast)

For some time I've been fearful of Google Tag Manager (GTM). Even as someone who can code a little, it seemed daunting. Finally, I sat down and learned the basics and found it to be so useful I thought all of my podcast listeners should at least receive a primer course on it. Tune in today and hear the basics and learn why you should add this tool to your toolbelt.


6 Awesome Ways To Use Google For Easy SEO Wins

For most of our podcast's history, we've focused on how to rank higher or get more traffic from Google. However, we've never really talked about what a great tool Google can be for some pretty amazing SEO Tasks. This episode covers 6 totally awesome ways to use Google for some pretty nifty (and somewhat easy) SEO Wins for you small business or website!


How To Know If Google Whacked Your Website

Ever wonder if Google got mad at your website and whacked it, causing your traffic to go down and thus lose customers? Google made over 2,500 changes in 2017 so it's very possible that you might have been affected! How would you know? That's what we cover today is how to find out if your site got whacked and what to do to prevent it!


3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Internet Traffic

A little return to our roots of giving you digital marketing tactics that you can use today. We cover 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Traffic From Search Engines!


7 FREE Ways To Audit Your Site Like A Digital Marketing Pro

A few weeks ago I mentioned doing a podcast about tools that every digital marketer needs. Frankly, the tools were the same boring list that you've seen before with the usual suspects. These paid tools are great and every digital marketer SHOULD be using them, but what about everyone else who doesn't have $100 a month to drop on a tool they may only use one feature of? That's why I wanted to do an episode on FREE tools! Specifically I wanted to cover free ways to audit your website like a...


How To Get Google 5 Star Ratings On Your Search Results

Have you ever been searching for something and noticed that some of the results have Google 5 star ratings or reviews listed? Today we dive into just how to get those stars to pop up for your website when so that when visitors search they will want to click on your results (because of the great reviews).


7 Site Architecture Strategies That You Can Actually Use

In one of our first ever episodes we covered Site Architecture and why it's important to understand the fundamentals of SEO. Today we go a bit deeper but not too technical. Today we're going to talk about 7 applicable SEO Site Architecture tactics that can help you rank faster. In addition, I give away my content strategy secret that helps content I create gain momentum!


What is Digital Marketing and Other FAQs

Last week we answered "How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?" and uncovered that there are a ton of questions about Digital Marketing, like "What is Digital Marketing anyway?" In this episode, we cover the most common questions around the sometimes nebulas term of Digital Marketing. We'll answer what a digital marketing campaign is, what types of careers are in Digital Marketing and why it's important to your future as a business owner!


How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost

One of the most common questions I get is "How much does digital marketing cost?" Usually, my answer is "It depends." However, I think that is a LAME answer so I try to go into details that hopefully help you not only evaluate digital marketing proposals but actually gauge if you're ready to hire one. We cover not only what it costs but what's involved in different aspects as well as potential money savers opportunities.


Why SEO Matters To Your Business

If you've been listing to the 4rd Marketing Podcast for any length of time you know that I love to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It's a topic that goes beyond understanding Title and meta-tags. I think SEO should be applied to every aspect of your marketing. In today's episode we'll dive into what SEO is in it's simplest form and for those action oriented listeners, we'll cover how to rank from a 30,000 foot view.


11 Places To Share Your Content For More Traffic

We've covered how to make great content for almost a full year but haven't spent a lot of time covering where and how to share your content. Today we look at 11 places you can share your content to grow your audience and traffic. Some of these places are brand new, while others are some you've heard before (if you listen to our podcast!).


7 Keys to Success On Youtube

Facebook and Youtube are the two biggest requests from our audience so I set out to do research on what really makes youtube videos rank high and get views. In this episode we cover 7 keys to success with youtube. Some technical tips and some not so technical.


7 Growth Hacking Tactics For Facebook Success

One of the most requested podcast topics is Facebook marketing. Today we cover 7 easy ways to utilize growth hacking tactics for success on Facebook. Today's episode is highly actionable, with a recipe for how to boost ads, how to target new customers and more.


6 STEPPS To Creating Viral Content

Ever wonder how content goes viral? Why do some social media posts get shared and engaged with and others do not. It seems that there are some key STEPPS that you can follow to make your content more engaging.


6 Keys To How To Dominate Instagram Feeds

You should be using instagram, but have you ever wondered how it works. SEO is basically just making content that is optimized for search engines. Instagram is a search engine for photos (not really, but kinda). If you understand how it works, you can get an idea of to craft your content.


17 Landing Page Tactics To Capture More Clients

Landing pages have been around for some time now but I had no idea (and I'm guessing you didn't either) how important they are to conversion. Today we'll cover 17 different tactics on how to use landing pages and grow your conversions.


9 Keys To Generating Massive Traffic With Pinterest

I have to admit I overlooked Pinterest because of demographics. Like Instagram, Pinterest is massively popular and has some surprising stats that make it a must add if you want traffic to your website. Check out our 9 Keys To Generating Massive Traffic With Pinterest!


9 Tips To Generate Leads W/ LinkedIn's New Changes

We covered how to generate leads with LinkedIn before and literally 2 weeks later they made changes. These changes don't make the tactics we discussed any less relevant but they will require you to update your linkedin profile. Spoiler Alert! That's one of the tips! Updating your profile sends out a "signal" to your contacts and you should do it often. You'll have to listen to get the other 8 tips!