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Why SEO Matters To Your Business

If you've been listing to the 4rd Marketing Podcast for any length of time you know that I love to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It's a topic that goes beyond understanding Title and meta-tags. I think SEO should be applied to every aspect of your marketing. In today's episode we'll dive into what SEO is in it's simplest form and for those action oriented listeners, we'll cover how to rank from a 30,000 foot view.


11 Places To Share Your Content For More Traffic

We've covered how to make great content for almost a full year but haven't spent a lot of time covering where and how to share your content. Today we look at 11 places you can share your content to grow your audience and traffic. Some of these places are brand new, while others are some you've heard before (if you listen to our podcast!).


7 Keys to Success On Youtube

Facebook and Youtube are the two biggest requests from our audience so I set out to do research on what really makes youtube videos rank high and get views. In this episode we cover 7 keys to success with youtube. Some technical tips and some not so technical.


7 Growth Hacking Tactics For Facebook Success

One of the most requested podcast topics is Facebook marketing. Today we cover 7 easy ways to utilize growth hacking tactics for success on Facebook. Today's episode is highly actionable, with a recipe for how to boost ads, how to target new customers and more.


6 STEPPS To Creating Viral Content

Ever wonder how content goes viral? Why do some social media posts get shared and engaged with and others do not. It seems that there are some key STEPPS that you can follow to make your content more engaging.


6 Keys To How To Dominate Instagram Feeds

You should be using instagram, but have you ever wondered how it works. SEO is basically just making content that is optimized for search engines. Instagram is a search engine for photos (not really, but kinda). If you understand how it works, you can get an idea of to craft your content.


17 Landing Page Tactics To Capture More Clients

Landing pages have been around for some time now but I had no idea (and I'm guessing you didn't either) how important they are to conversion. Today we'll cover 17 different tactics on how to use landing pages and grow your conversions.


9 Keys To Generating Massive Traffic With Pinterest

I have to admit I overlooked Pinterest because of demographics. Like Instagram, Pinterest is massively popular and has some surprising stats that make it a must add if you want traffic to your website. Check out our 9 Keys To Generating Massive Traffic With Pinterest!


9 Tips To Generate Leads W/ LinkedIn's New Changes

We covered how to generate leads with LinkedIn before and literally 2 weeks later they made changes. These changes don't make the tactics we discussed any less relevant but they will require you to update your linkedin profile. Spoiler Alert! That's one of the tips! Updating your profile sends out a "signal" to your contacts and you should do it often. You'll have to listen to get the other 8 tips!


State of Tech & Marketing 2018 | 15 Takeaways For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

2018 Marks the first year that we've become a Mobile majority world. We cover this and 15 other 2018 changes in Technology and marketing. From Governmental changes that affect the economy to the Voice search. The advancements are moving faster and faster and while businesses don't have to experts on all of these changes, they need to be aware to navigate the next 5 years.


11 Updates From Facebook's F8 Conference

Every year, Facebook hosts a conference called F8 where they cover all the cool stuff that they are working. This year's F8 conference was loaded with some oddities as well as some vision of where they were going. I try to cover the highlights of conference with the 11 updates but 3 of them are key for small businesses to pay attention to. See show notes at 4rd Marketing.


5 Instagram Growth Hacks That The Pros Use

We've been covering different ways to grow your business but haven't talked about one of the best social networks on the interwebs. That's Instagram. Today we're going to talk about 5 Key strategies you can use today to grow your follower list and generate more traffic.


Why Security Matters To Your Online Strategy

You might be wondering what a Digital Marketing podcast has to do with online security. What part of security is SEO, SEM or anything in between. The reality of it is that for all businesses you need to have a look at your security, not just because it's the right thing to do. In fact, security plays a big role in SEO now as Google (for some time) has been saying some websites with forms on them are hazardous! On top of that the online world is on fire thanks to Europeans being concerned...


How to Prepare For The Mobile First Google Index

Today's episode is all about responding to the mobile first index. We've (SEO People) been talking about getting your website ready for the "mobile 1st" index initiative the Google has. If you're lost, then the short version is that Google wants to look at sites as if every viewer is on a phone 1st before it considers "desktop" sites. What can you do? We cover some basic things you can do and luckily there are plugins for most of these things if you're using wordpress. Check out the...


How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile So That Leads Find You

Today we cover Linkedin, quite possibly the most overlooked yet most powerful social network on the planet. Many businesses overlook this marketing channel or abuse it and yet the entire network was created just for businesses to do business with each other. Find out how to optimize your profile and be sure to head over to 4rd marketing to see the growth hack that helped us grow our list to 10,000 people.


5 Marketing Tactics That You Do That Don't Work

After helping several businesses this past year several poor marketing tactical choices have been failures. These digital marketing tactics are often based on great overall strategies but the execution is where they fail. Listen this week as we cover what isn't work with Email, Landing Pages, Pop Ups, Your Creative and even Hiring. As always more show notes can be found at: 4rd Marketing


Dan McGaw Teaches Us How To Do Growth Hacking Webinars And Remarketing For Small Businesses

If you wanted to know one of the biggest missed opportunities for small businesses it's Webinars and Remarketing. Our Guest today, Dan McGaw, should know, he's one of the orginal Growth Hackers from "back in the day." His time with Kissmetrics, Codeschool and the United States state department has brought with it the experience of just making it plain simple for him to explain these otherwise complicated lead generation techniques.


Interview W/ Dr. Rob McCleland Covering The 1 Thing That Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

Interview with Organizational Leaderhip expert, Dr. Rob McCleland covering the one thing that every business owner should focus on for exponential growth.


Interview W/ Mostafa El-Bermawy, Growth Hacker Breaks Down 2 Key Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business

Interview W/ Mostafa El-Bermawy, Growth Hacker Breaks Down 2 Key Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business. Mostafa is a NY Digital Marketing master and has worked with Ford, American Express and more.


4 Key Marketing Strategies That Netflix Can Teach Us

Rarely do I learn anything from watching Netflix, but this week we change all that and look at a business that has does a lot right when it comes to digital marketing.