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How to balance work + community + creativity.

How to balance work + community + creativity.
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How to balance work + community + creativity.






Episode 018: Angela Patrick Silva

This week, Angela Patrick Silva about her journey from meteorology to radiology, her work fundraising for bone marrow and cancer charities, and her sewing business. I got such an insight into what it’s like to be on the other side of the x-ray, and the thoughtful compassion health workers bring every day. Links to all the awesome things we talked about below. LukeStrong Angela's Stitchin' Styles St. Baldrick's


Episode 017: Andrew Dell'Antonio

University of Texas music historian and deep thinker Andrew Dell'Antonio joins us to talk about management, feminism, and disability access. We chat about how institutions can change, how to open up education, and how a sense of purpose helps you to keep centered, and how to reconnect with yourself. And that Andrew’s optimism is well-justified, a great message to his younger self. People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond Find a Taekwando class Universal Design in Higher Education: From...


Episode 016: Review, review

Safety and fear, trust and joy. Key takeaways and thoughts about the last three guests, Tone Nunes, Pam Victor, and Victoria Quine. Plus Book review: You Are A Badass More books by Jen Sincero You Are A Badass With Money You Are A Badass Every Day You Are A Badass Calendar


Episode 015: Victoria Quine

This week’s guest is Victoria Quine, Outreach Coordinator at the New England Center for Circus Arts. A former gymnast and competitive dancer, she has a degree in cognitive psychology and child development, and a special interest in social circus. We talk about pedagogy and what we learn from the act of teaching, the importance of asking, that we’re not alone, and how it all works out. New England Center for Circus Arts Theory of Multiple Intellegences Howard Gardner: Frames of...


Episode 014: Pam Victor

Today's guest is Pam Victor: improv comedian, teacher, consultant, author, and nice person. When you feel bad, ask yourself, where’s the joy, and if there’s no joy, where’s the peace? Energy is more beautiful than effort, so go experience the zen of improv, and set your heart singing. Happier Valley Comedy Improvisation at the Speed of Life Bad and the Word Launcher pamvictor.com


Episode 013: Tone Nunes

Today I’m talking with Tone Nunes, whose background as an actor has made him a fearless advocate for animals, and leader in management. We chat about how the higher up in a company you get, the more replaceable you are—the business will run without you—and how necessary it is to tell the truth to people in power, giving them the choice to make substantial change, or not. And how the cause dearest to Tone’s heart is the duty of care we have to our animals. Charity Navigator, animal...


Episode 012: Review-review

A review of discussions with John Bechtold, Àine Gallagher, and Eileen Carroll. Bringing your spheres of work, community and creativity together. Bringing an innovative, creative, even play-based mindset to work. also, a review of the book Nudge tabs with writing jobs: Current & Contena a site on writing better, and writers supporting each other: Scribophile


Episode 011: Elaine Carroll

Today’s guest is Elaine Carrol, an environmental civil engineer who figures out ways to make sure the rain in Ireland ends up as clean, manageable water. We talk about how she came to find her profession, the ways her work leads to creativity and community; and her involvement with No Drama Theater, an inclusive and supportive theater company, as well as the need to spend time in your head, balanced with the need to spend time in your body. No Drama Theatre No Drama on Facebook


Episode 010: Àine Gallagher

This week I’m talking with comedian Àine Gallagher. Besides her hilarious standup, she runs Bright Club, where she builds bridges between comedy and academia. We chat about how one thing leads to the rest, and when it gets rolling, you need to build in time to take stock, recognizing standup as an art form, and not needing validation from others to do what you’re doing. ainegallagher.com Àine's comedy on YouTube Bright Club Funny Women


Episode 009: John Bechtold

John Bechtold creates, produces, fosters, and teaches immersive theater in Western Massachusetts. His shows are unlike anything you've ever experienced. DASAC: Find out more about the Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp: deerfield.edu/dasac Eggtooth Productions: eggtooth.org Punchdrunk immersive theatre London: punchdrunk.org.uk Laramie project https://amzn.to/2BC1Hwj Winter’s tale: https://valleyadvocate.com/2016/09/26/walking-through-time/ Before You Became Improbable:...


Episode 008: Review Cubed

Thoughts on episodes 005: Craig Addis, 006: Chris Oakley, and 007:Meg Burch and Book review: 10% Happier by Dan Harris and Tabs: Your Hiring Process is Broken by Kira Leigh Dictation transcription audio to google docs The Author’s Business Plan Podcasting data for business The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll Bullet Journals This Emotion Can Make You Eat Healthier by Shanna B. Tiayon What If The Placebo Effect Isn’t A Trick? by Gary Greenberg Hoodie 1 & Hoodie 2 Applied...


Episode 007: Meg Burch

This week’s guest is Meg Burch, a nurse and former epidemiologist, environmental defender, and public health official. Her creative outlet is tae kwan do, a discipline where she’s recently become a teacher. We talk about going from being over scheduled to balance, making deliberate intentions to broaden your world, serving your community, and the deep importance of the growth mindset. How to find a Taekwando school Growth mindset for adults Grit: The Power of Passion and...


006: Chris Oakley

SHOW Circus School founder Chris Oakley talks about life skills, the zen of organization, the creative side of policies and procedures, and taking a performance break. SHOW Circus Studio


Episode 005: Craig Addis

This week is Craig Addis, a mechanical engineer with a second and third life of teaching, designing and building gorgeous boats, and mentoring kids through Boy Scouting. You can get a boat in eight weeks! Find out more about building boats at the Hill Institute Volunteer and support the Boy Scouts of America More on the necessary elements for creative work: Lifehacker: The Science Behind Creativity


Episode 004: Review & Book Review

Why I started this podcast and a review of key takeaways from the first three guests. Book review: How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett Listen to: Invisibilia on NPR This great blog: Barking Up the Wrong Tree


Episode 003: Alison Jean Lester

Alison Jean Lester joins us today, talking about taking yourself away to get things done, self confidence, isolation and the importance of your champions and the “not to do list.” She's the author of wonderful books including: Yuki Means Happiness https://amzn.to/2PSa7c4 Lillian on Life https://amzn.to/2FdAfdB Restroom Reflections https://amzn.to/2qDhLZW Locked Out https://amzn.to/2FfZ60d Communication, Your Key to Success https://amzn.to/2PMSquv


Episode 002: Hors D'Oeuvres

This week we welcome Hors D'Ouevres, drag queen extraordinaire. Hors runs her own entertainment company featuring body-positive, pun-filled burlesque and drag brunches. She cultivates and encourages new artists to grow a vibrant performance community. Find out more here: houseofhors.com and here: Valley Advocate review


Episode 001: Linda McInerney

Teaching, acting, directing, producing. Finding the courage to learn a one-woman show, and go put it on. For more information on Eggtooth Productions: eggtooth.org and thetakemagazine.com/eggtooth-productions-takes-its-all-the-worlds-a-stage-seriously