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Episode 9 - Executing Marketing Ideas — With Marc Rogers, National Sales Manager at WealthVest

This episode’s guest takes wholesaling to the next level. Marc Rogers, WealthVest’s national sales manager, has executed numerous marketing initiatives while working with top financial advisors across the U.S. Marc is here today to share the good and the bad, and how to avoid common mistakes when planning and implementing marketing strategies. In this episode you’ll learn: Tune in now and learn how to take your marketing ideas to the next level! Resources: WealthVest | Phone number:...


Episode 8 - Stop Overthinking It— with Kristen and Ed Judd of Five Rings Financial

Meet social-media savvy couple Kristen and Ed Judd of Five Rings Financial. This powerful duo experienced almost 50% growth in 2018, didn’t overthink their marketing strategies, and became “a little bit famous” along the way! In this episode, you will learn: ● How Ed quit his corporate job in front of 550 people to work with Kristen ● How Kristen and Ed manage to thrive as a couple while running a successful business ● Why Facebook Live is an essential part of the Judds’ marketing...


Episode 7 – Get to Know the Money Couple with Scott and Bethany Palmer

On this episode of the 99 Best Marketing Ideas, listeners meet Scott and Bethany Palmer, the founders of The Money Couple and the developers of the Five Money Personalities. In this episode you will learn: ● How Scott and Bethany both got their respective starts in the financial sector and how the Money Couple came to be ● Some of the missteps of the marketing for the Money Couple, and how Scott and Bethany grew from those mistakes ● How the Money Couple work with clients on their...


Episode 6 – Igniting the Fire Within—with Sam Legaspi

Meet Sam Legaspi, the founder of the Financial Liberty Project. In this episode of the 99 Best Marketing Ideas, Sam explains how focusing on his why has helped him identify his market and dominate it. In this episode you will learn: ● How Sam goes above and beyond for his clients to continually add value to the client relationship ● What it looks like to focus on education vs. sales ● How Sam and his team market their workshops to major corporations ● Why having face time with...


Episode 5 – Game Changers for Marketing to Young Professionals and Athletes—with Lauryn Williams

Lauryn Williams, a four-time Olympian and Certified Financial Planner professional, is a force of energy in the financial planning world. Most financial planners are overlooking a huge demographic, and their oversight is Lauryn’s gain—she’s out there serving this group and building lifelong relationships. In this episode, you’ll learn: Tune in now to learn Lauryn Williams’ cutting-edge marketing strategies for reaching a young demographic! Resources: WealthVest | Worth Winning


Episode 4 – Start Harnessing the Power of Niche Marketing

On today’s episode, guest Christopher Hensley shares his secrets to gaining loyalty and establishing social proof within a niche audience. Christopher is a financial advisor and president of Houston First Financial Group. He also hosts a radio show and podcast called Money Matters Radio. Christopher discusses why he stopped trying to be all things to all people—and why he now specializes in servicing educators. Tune in and learn about Christopher’s proven marketing strategies, which...


Episode 3 – If You Don’t Believe It, No One Else Will

Today on the 99 Best Marketing Ideas Podcast, Matt Halloran has a candid conversation with with Taylor, a fiery and energetic financial advisor who believes in prospecting like he breathes. Taylor shares his dynamic approach to prospecting, why he’s a believer in setting micro-goals, and why he believes that he is “probably the biggest failure you’ve ever met.” Tune in! Taylor has a contagious amount of energy that is sure to inspire you. Tune in to hear his inspiring story and learn...


Episode 2 – Pushing Your Practice Beyond Imagination – With Rebecca

Today, Rebecca shares why she chose to become a financial advisor and what makes her practice unique. She takes great pride in her client relationships, and always remembers the importance of culture within her team. Most importantly, Rebecca explains how she has used networking and referrals to push her practice beyond her imagination and into the next level. If you’re looking for a fresh restart on your career, this is a great place to start. You don’t want to miss out on this powerhouse...


Episode 1 – Think Differently and Stand out from the Crowd

Do you want to think differently? Stand out from your competition? Welcome to the first episode of the WealthVest podcast. Today, host Matt Halloran introduces Kelly, a financial marketing expert who is based out of Washington D.C. Matt and Kelly discuss the beginning of Kelly’s career and how he became a more effective marketer for financial advisors. By reinvesting in your company, catching clients’ attention, and using foresight, you can begin to make astute and strategic decisions that...