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Design Your Dream Life Tips for identifying non supportive habits that keep you stuck. New perspectives and strategies for designing and living the life you love.

Design Your Dream Life Tips for identifying non supportive habits that keep you stuck. New perspectives and strategies for designing and living the life you love.
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Design Your Dream Life Tips for identifying non supportive habits that keep you stuck. New perspectives and strategies for designing and living the life you love.








Ebony Rose – Reiki Practitioner

Ebony Rose is a warm and inspiring guest. She is an appreciative mother of two beautiful children. Ebony shares an inside look on what it's like growing up with anxiety and how she learned to overcome. I especially appreciate her views about following your heart and passion. If you have every felt like you are on a cross road in life, you will enjoy this interview with Ebony Rose. Connect with Ebony here. Stay connected with Rhonda here

Krysta Gerheim – Mindset Coach

If you are you an entrepreneur who is challenged with a chronic health condition such as an auto immune illness then you will really enjoy this great interview with Krysta Gerheim. She helps entrepreneurs break though mind blocks using strategic methods and turns them into a story telling marketing technique. Krysta shares an inspiring story of how she overcame limiting beliefs that were brought on by dealing with a chronic health condition. She found herself living in fear and from this...

Allison Hardy – Mompreneur Business Strategist

Enjoy a fun interview with Allison Hardy. Allison is a business strategist for Mompreneurs. She helps women raise their business through introducing automation, story telling through authentic social media and leveraging the power of Facebook Live in their businesses. Allison shares her journey and insight about what not to do, including how her previous businesses failed, what wasn't working and hitting rock bottom. Hear how she made a decision to invest in herself and changed the course...

Don’t Give Up Your Goals

Are you excited about your goals for the year or are you feeling defeated? In this episode, Rhonda puts a new twist on new year resolutions. Why do people fail to keep their new year resolutions? Could it be your awareness, your habits or perhaps it is as simple as not willing to make the necessary change. Connect with Rhonda in her facebook group, http://bit.ly/2mHowYS. If you are looking for the "how-to" set goals, or "what not to do" you will enjoy this episode. Want to take a deeper...

Goal Setting 101

Today's episode is a fun conversation with Holly Porter of Image Designs discussing in depth concepts of successful goal setting as well as potential road blocks. If you have set your 2018 goals for health, finances, fitness or relationships, you'll enjoy this episode.Great perspectives and amusing stories to help you have the best year ever. Want to connect with Rhonda? Join her FB group- http://bit.ly/2mHowYS. If you want to get clear on your goals or how to make a plan, book a strategy...

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year. In this episode, Rhonda talks about goals, resolutions and motivation. What are they and where to begin. Connect with Rhonda in her FB group, Million Dollar Mompreneurs. Looking for her new book? Grab a copy here: www.lifedirectionswithrhonda.com.

Unscripted and Real stuff

Just by using a composition book, you can manifest your dreams. Keep a list of things you are grateful for, things your are happy and proud of and write out what you dream to be, do and have in your life.

Kim Guillory- PUNCH LINE Coach

A great interview with Kim Guillory. Listen as she shares an inspiring story of taking control of her life and designing the life of her dreams. Having lived much of her life with self doubt and needing approval of others, Kim has overcome limiting beliefs with grit and resilience. She is now sharing her PUNCH LINE approach with others and teaching them how to find clarity and gain self confidence. Her favorite quote is "Be here now" and her favoring inspiration was a poem by Marianne...

“tid-bit” Gratitude

Rhonda is a Certified Transformational Coach helping women find personal empowerment through enlightenment. In this episode, Rhonda shares insight about the Law of Attraction and how gratitude plays an intricate part of manifestation. Rhonda talks about how having attitude of gratitude towards life is fundamental for finding happiness. Connect with Rhonda at http://www.bookeo.com/abalancedlifeforyou

Holiday Stress Buster – Part 2

In this episode, Rhonda and her guest, Holly Porter share another set of great tips so that you can have a happy and memorable holiday this year. Do you have tips to share? Post them in the comments. Happy Holidays ! To connect with Rhonda, visit www.abalancedlifeforyou.com. To connect with Holly visit, www.hollyporter.com

Holiday Stress Buster-Part one

Today's episode starts out a little silly. Rhonda and her guest, Holly Porter have a fun and engaging conversation about handling holiday stress. Hear stories and get great tips for staying calm and collected during the holiday season. Ideas to make this year your best year and the best memories.

“tid-bit” How Do You Compare

Rhonda is a Certified Transformational Coach who assists others in achieving personal empowerment through enlightenment. On today's episode, Rhonda shares a story about procrastination and tips to overcome this place of being stuck. When you compare yourself to others, you are giving away your personal power.

“tid-bit”- Inspirational readings

On today's show, Rhonda shares some of her favorite quotes and poems from the book "Just Blue Sky" by Marcy Blochowiak. These poems and quotes have had an impact on Rhonda's life and how she arrived at her present career as a new media influencer, coach and author.

Jena Harris – Sisterhood Connection

Jena Harris was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho and spent over 22 years Corporate America in an excecutive position before she stepped out as a "mompreneur" on her own. She is a Transformational Spiritual Teacher, Women's Empowerment Visionary expert in conscious living and a published author of three books. Jena is the founder of a non-profit Women's empowerment movement Sisterhood Connections. As a married woman and mother of three, Jena is fiercely passionate about her family. She...

Check in with Holly

It's been almost 12 months since our original interview and Holly is still going strong. I wanted to catch up with Holly because I know the has been designing and living her dream life. Since our last interview in 2016, Holly has written, co-written and compiled a total of 6 books in 2017. Several of them have been recognized as a number one best seller on Amazon. On today's show Holly also shares tips on what not to do as well as a video you can link to that helps Holly stay grounded and...

1 Year Anniversary_Thank you

Rhonda is a Certified Transformational Coach, speaker, trainer and author. Today's episode is a big "Thank you" to everyone who has reached out to listen and share the show. Without you, this would not be possible. Tune in to hear how life has evolved and what to expect in the upcoming year.

Stephanie Kato – A Metaphysical Cleanse

In today's episode, Rhonda interviews Stephanie Kato who has a unique story of divine intervention. Listen and laugh with us and time some time for yourself. Stephanie's desire to positively impact the world inspired her to write a book, "Embracing Life By Letting Go". You can also connect with Rhonda in her FB group, Million Dollar Mompreneurs.

“tid-bit” Productivity Hacks part 2

Rhonda Is a Certified Transformational Coach who specialized in working with Mompreneurs to identify non supportive habits and create new systems for increased time, energy and money. Today's episode talks about more "productivity hacks" that will help you be more effective and have more time. Connect with Rhonda in the Million Dollar Mompreneur FaceBook group.


“tid-bit” Productivity Hacks part 1

As a Certified Coach, Rhonda has a mission to empower Mompreneurs with tools to make their lives run smoothly by increasing their time, energy and money flow. Today's episode shares several Productivity Hacks that will help you be more productive and not just busy Simple concepts, that when applied properly, create positive habits.


“tid-bit” _ One-Day

This episode Rhonda sets the stage for self discovery. Have you ever wondered what is required to have success? What are the secrets? Honestly, it's not a secret. Here is a hint: stop living in "One-day" . Tune is as Rhonda describes how to withdraw from the "One-Day"club and begin your journey to success.