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Top international business leaders discuss what they are doing - and what they see coming - for manufacturing, supply chain management, new technologies, and e-commerce as we navigate our way into a new era.

Top international business leaders discuss what they are doing - and what they see coming - for manufacturing, supply chain management, new technologies, and e-commerce as we navigate our way into a new era.


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Top international business leaders discuss what they are doing - and what they see coming - for manufacturing, supply chain management, new technologies, and e-commerce as we navigate our way into a new era.




What You Need to Consider to Successfully Digitize Your Business

Everyone is talking about the importance of digital transformation, yet many companies are stuck as to how exactly to best implement it for their business. Regardless of what business you’re in, shifting away from legacy systems is never easy and not knowing best practices or even how to evaluate which system is best for you can make the process even more daunting. To get insights into what companies need to consider when making the leap into digitising their operations, I sat down with...


How Successful Startups Growth Hack Their Business

Starting a business is easy. Scaling it is where things get a bit more challenging. 70% of start ups fail within two to five years of launching. Not encouraging numbers. In today’s competitive market, even establish businesses are facing new and unanticipated market challenges. Still, we are firmly in the Age of the Entrepreneur, with solopreneurs launching new micro businesses, creators developing new products and services, and mega corporations being told to “be more entrepreneurial” in...


Getting Good Returns is One Thing. Knowing How to Keep Them is Another.

There are probably almost as many trading systems and investment philosophies as there are active traders. Each strategy promising to help people beat the market. But what if success was less a matter of a system or a strategy and more a matter of a certain mindset? Roger Khoury has over two decades of experience the field of market forecasting. In 2010, he developed an innovative probability-based form of price forecasting, called Market Vulnerability Analysis™, to overcome an inherent...


Supply Chain Strategies: What I Learned Growing Lettuce in China

Building a reliable supply chain is never easy. Especially when you’re dealing with a vast number of suppliers and when you are facing cultural differences in your vendor markets. It gets even more complicated when the product you’re sourcing is fresh food. So what are the best practices learned over the years from industry leaders who’ve meet the many challenges, spent sleepless nights and ultimately managed to succeed? One man who has been in the supply chain trenches - and succeeded -...


What 20 Years of Building Brands Taught Me About What Actually Works

If you’re trying to make sense out of a world where everyone seems to be launching the next unicorn. And where valuations seem to have little correlation to corporate values or even the value of revenue or profit generated … If you’re running a business without VC investment and feel like every day you’re pushing water up hill … or feel that your less glamorous, but profitable business is nothing compared with those start ups that keep getting new rounds of funding … Then this is the...


Cotton Price Outlook: Making Sense Out of the Current Market

If you’re confused about commodities… perplexed about where prices might be headed … and increasingly concerned about those rumours about potential shortages of certain raw materials - well you’re not alone. At a time when we seem to be surrounded by uncertainty, it’s difficult for even the most confident to leaders not to second guess themselves. While many analysts expect to see price increases as part of the fallout from the pandemic, others believe that higher costs are likely to...


How to Successfully Sell to Japan: 4 Things You Need to Know

Most brands are looking for new markets where there’s strong consumer demand - and buying power. Yet most over look Japan. Too complicated … takes too long to get into the market … then there’s the language barrier and cultural differences. Many would rather avoid it than risk possible failure. But what if the Japanese market wasn’t as challenging as it looks? What if brands could actually do quite well there, if they just understood what to do and how to do it? The Japanese market might...


How to Reboot Your Life

When your computer freezes you simply rebooted it. When your modem is running slowly tech support tells to try rebooting it. But what about when you feel that your life is stuck? When you feel that you’re going in circles? Or going nowhere. When you simply don’t know what what you want to do next. Perhaps what you need is to reboot your life. If you feel like your life could use a reboot then this podcast episode is for you! Debbie Gissoni faced life changing tragedy and had to find a...


Being a Great Leader - Simple Tactics to Go from Average to Awesome!

One of the key differentiators between good and great companies is leadership. For most companies the focus tends to be on financial results, product development - and recently on juggling supply chain crises. That leaves little time to think about leadership - let alone getting involved in professional development. However as many of have learned, the value of having capable leaders at the top and middle level of your organization can be a game-changer - and often times a...


Why Smart DTC Brands are Working with Micro Influencers

Direct to Consumer brands have been a rising market sector for over a decade. The massive shift to online shopping during the pandemic was the rocket fuel that propelled many new brand launches, and made many traditional brands aware of the huge opportunities in selling online. From potentially better margins to building closer engagement with consumers, most brands have made Direct to Consumer a priority. While DTC doesn’t necessarily mean that the consumer purchases the product online,...


How to Create a Business That's Built to Sell

When most people start a business their core focus is on product development, driving sales and creating customer loyalty. Few think about selling the business. Or more importantly, “if some day I wanted to sell this business what would make it attractive to investors?” By the time they start to think about this, it’s often too late. Turns out, that what’s a great business for the owner, is not necessarily that appealing from an investor’s point of view. If you’re looking to ensure that...


How to Start Building Your Dream Life - Regardless of Where You are Now

Have you ever thought of what it might be like to live your dream life? But then thought “well that will have to wait. There’s no way I can do that right now. “ Or maybe you’ve felt stuck, a lack of opportunity because of where you’re living or the nature of your job? What if there was a way to start moving towards living your dream life right now. A way to build a successful and happy life, regardless of where you are? This episode is part of our Launch to Legendary series where we get...


The New Technology Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate

One of the many sectors that have been disrupted by the pandemic is commercial real estate. From consumers embracing online shopping and people working from home for over a year - to what could be long term migrations out of cities, this kind of movement clearly impacts the property sector. However to fully understand what’s happening - and to be able to see where there might be opportunities - or obstacles - requires data. And the ability to not only collect that data, but also to analyse...


Building a Successful Fashion Brand: What I Wish I Knew When I Started

Many people dream of launching their own fashion brands but once they get started find that it’s much more complicated than it looks. That leads to stalled - or even failed businesses. Brilliantly creative products - that could be part of profitable companies - even up dyeing on the vine. Never making it beyond the sample room. If you’re thinking of starting a fashion brand - or if you have brand and you’re stuck trying to grow it, then this podcast could bring you some of the answers...


What Amazon Does Differently, How They Do It - and Why It Works!

Amazon is usually admired for its massive scale, obsession with serving customers and founder Jeff Bezos’ relentless entrepreneurial spirit. What doesn’t get discussed as often is the management principles and strategies that are the backbone of this organisation. The tenets that provide the infrastructure on which the Amazon empire has been built. However Amazon’s management philosophy and organisational tactics and strategies played a critical role in getting Amazon to where it is today...


How 511.Tactical is Expediting Innovation

Performance apparel remains a bestselling category. The challenge is to continue to add innovation - while meeting growing demand for better quality. All of which comes down to not only more investment in R&D but more strategic investment . When it comes to performance 5.11 Tactical is one brand where functional properties can be a matter of life or death. The brand’s core products are purpose-built to support first responders whose work requires gear that provides wearers with safety,...


How Thinking Like an Artist Can Lead to Better Business Strategies

What can business leadership learn from a professional artist? Turns out - a lot! At a time when we’re being encouraged to ‘think outside of the box’ fine art is probably as far outside of the traditional business setting as you can get. Yet it seems that occasionally swapping Excel sheets for art supplies can give executives a totally new perspective on where their business is now, where they could be heading - and how to get there. I’m Jane Singer and Welcome to A Seat at The...


Carving Out a Profitable Niche in the Activewear Market

The old saying that there are riches in niches is proving to be increasingly accurate. As consumers demand greater personalisation, brands that meet those requests are seeing steady sales growth - as well as healthy margins. In the past, brands grew their sales by trying to provide something for everyone. Today, that strategy is becoming increasingly unprofitable. New brands that focus on narrowly defined market segments are grabbing the high margin business. And those super narrower...


Turning a Love of Fashion into Business She Loves

Getting into the fashion industry as a designer is not easy. Staying in the industry can be even more difficult. Especially nowadays when companies are facing so much uncertainty. That’s gotten many designers wondering what alternatives might be available for them. If you love the fashion industry but are looking for a way to pivot from some the industry’s traditional careers, then this is the podcast for you! I’m Jane Singer and thank you for joining me on A Seat at The Table. This...


How A Savvy Social Media Strategy is Driving this Wildly Successful Online Business

What does it take to create a business selling very high end, exclusive products online - without any physical retail presence? How do you manage to standout from all of the noise and chaos on social media, let alone establish the level of trust necessary to convince customers, who are an ocean away, to spend tens of thousands of dollars on something they have not been able to touch or examine? I’m Jane Singer and thank you for joining me on A Seat at The Table. This episode is part of...