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Top international business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and authors share their experience, insights and outlook on how to drive business growth, build better companies, new fast growing technologies and where the next big opportunities are.

Top international business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and authors share their experience, insights and outlook on how to drive business growth, build better companies, new fast growing technologies and where the next big opportunities are.


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Top international business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and authors share their experience, insights and outlook on how to drive business growth, build better companies, new fast growing technologies and where the next big opportunities are.




How Open Source Technologies are Making Apps Faster and More Flexible

Digital transformation is one of the most talked about concepts in the business community. Most of the conversations focus around the pros and cons of various software solutions or in many cases simply the need for companies to digitise more of their operations. We don’t often hear much about the back end of digitization - what’s happening further upstream that’s powering all of our applications. Although we might not be aware of it, there’s a lot happening in the cloud - and one company...


Why Every Executive Needs a Personal Leadership Brand

Leadership and branding are two words that don’t typically appear in the same sentence. We think of branding as something that’s applied to products to give them an identity or greater consumer appeal. Leadership tends to conjure images of building team spirit or guiding a company through tough times or towards greater success. But what if to be more successful senior executives need to combine the principles of both branding and leadership? Today I’m speaking with Brenda Bence, whose...


How Digitization is Making Healthcare More Accurate & More Accessible

One of the lessons from the pandemic that is often overlooked is the critical role that data plays in the healthcare sector. Admittedly, if you don’t work in the sector then it’s something that you’d be likely to think about. However the importance of having your own health records digitised - and the ability for healthcare professionals to be able to access patient data across nationwide or even international platforms can be lifesaving. And yet despite huge tech advancement in...


Next Gen Data Security: Why Passwords are Less Secure Than You Think - and What's Replacing Them

Data security is something we take for granted. We don’t often think about the consequences, until one of our devices or data servers gets hacked. I’m talking about password protection. It’s a subject most of us overlook - me too! - until its too late. And it’s not only personal data, companies face dire situations when a hacker gets into their records and holds them for ransom. Today I’m speaking with Denis O’Shea, a technology expert and founder of Mobile Mentor, an endpoint ecosystem...


What the New Human-Centric Work Environment Could Be Like

As economies around the world start to reopen, one of the issues facing businesses is whether to bring everyone back to the office, continue working from home or implement some hybrid work format. Most people want to work from home at least some of the time. But how can leadership manage to keep teams engaged and productivity up to speed when everyone seems to working in different places and on different schedules? And will what worked when people were trying to get through the pandemic...


How to Overcome Executive Burnout

We’ve talked a lot about leadership from the point of view of managing our teams. What we don’t address as often is executive burnout. And yet especially in recent years, executives have faced excruciatingly stressful situations. So what can leadership do to help them reduce the stress and position themselves for greater success? Today I’m speaking with Michael King, an executive coach who has created a proprietary methodology called T.E.A.M.S For over 20 year he’s worked with both...


How to Sell on Amazon without Giving Up Your Profit Margin

Amazon tends to be the elephant in the ecommerce room. The platform has massive amounts traffic - which attracts a huge number of sellers to its marketplace, but being able to drive sales on Amazon is getting increasingly difficult - and expensive. So is there a way to succeed on Amazon - without breaking the bank? Today I’m speaking with Laura Meyer, founder and CEO of Envision Horizons, a leading Amazon Agency that was named in the top 18 Amazon Advertising Agencies by Business...


The Podcast Network where Serious Tech Geeks Hang Out

If you’re tech geek like me you not only want to learn about what’s new, but you also want to get feedback and opinions from tech insiders about which new apps, software and devices are worth using. But where can you find a community of tech experts who discuss everything from from computers to space exploration - and whose opinions you can trust? Today, I’m talking with Lisa Laporte, CEO of TWiT.tv, a dedicated podcast network that is the go-to place for anyone with a passion for...


Making Sense of Today's Unpredictable Markets

If you are like most people you are probably at least a little confused at where the markets might be heading. Commodities prices seem to have a mind of their own. Inflation is suddenly back … and after years of talking, central banks are now actually starting to raise interest rates - a little. An yet the stock market is still pushing upwards. But what causing markets to move in directions that seem to have even the best analysts scratching their heads? Today I am speaking with K. D....


How Multicultural Organizations Can Help Team Members Speak Up

One of the biggest challenges leaders face when managing multicultural organisations is getting everyone on the team to be engaged and to participate. Typically, one or two people do most of the talking, while many others sit quietly on the sidelines. But just because someone is hesitant to speak up in meetings, doesn’t mean that they don’t have ideas or insights to share. So how do we help our more introvert team members speak up - especially when English might not be their native...


How to Measure the Performance of Your Investment in Innovation

Every company talks about the importance of innovation and investment in innovation continues to grow. However many companies are finding that the time and money invested is not giving them the pay back that they had hoped for. But Is it possible to structure your initiatives so that you can drive better return on investment? And if so, what would that look like? Today I’m talking with Dan Toma, an innovation strategist and author of Innovation Accounting: A Practical Guide for Measuring...


Why Corporations Beat Startups for Innovation

When we think of innovation we usually think of startups - certainly not large corporations. Typically people think that if they want to be more creative or innovative then they have to leave the corporate world and either become an entrepreneur or at least look for a job with a newer and smaller company. But the idea that startups are the right environment to cultivate innovation might be more myth than truth. In fact, a lot today’s leading innovation is coming from enterprises such as...


A New Organizational Model for Speed and Agility

It seems like everything about the way we used to run our companies is changing these days. It’s not just remote working or employee resignations or digitization - companies are also realising that their entire corporate structure might no longer serve them as well as it used to. With this in mind, what might the new organisational best practices look like? And how can leadership determine which changes might lead their companies to better outcomes? Today I’m speaking with Jay Goldman,...


A Faster, More Reliable Solution for Last Mile Delivery

Ecommerce has moved logistics from the backroom to the boardroom. But it’s not only ecommerce - a growing range of businesses are looking for ways to optimise deliveries - whether it’s to consumers or to other businesses - even within their own locations. But how can businesses compete in the face of shortages of drivers, rising fuel costs and increased pressure to meet sustainability standards? Today I’m speaking with Bill Catania, founder of OneRail.io, an advanced last mile delivery...


How to Drive Up Return on Your Digital Marketing with Predictive Analytics

If digital marketing is part of your business then you’ve probably noticed that it’s gotten a lot more expensive. Customer acquisition costs have gotten so high that it’s been driving digital brands to open physical stores - which is now seen as the less expensive way to attract new customers. Is it just that the price per click is higher - or has the performance or conversion as it is called - gotten worse? And what can marketers do improve both conversion and return on their investment...


Turning a Passion into a Highly Profitable Ecommerce Business

We often hear about people who’ve turned a hobby or an interest, or as its now often referred to ‘a passion’ into a profitable business. But what does it take to actually achieve this? And is there a business model or a road map that people who have succeeded in doing this have followed? Today I’m sitting down with Cody Bramlett, who founded Science Natural Supplements and built it into a multi-million dollar ecommerce business. In addition to running his business, Cody now teaches other...


How to Build Team Engagement that Makes Employees Feel Connected and Valued

There’s a lot of focus these days on the number of people who are quitting their jobs. Many companies feel that they don’t need to worry about those people that are still working for them. However, not everyone has the option of leaving their jobs, but that doesn’t mean that they are happy, enthusiastic or engaged in their work. But why suddenly are so many people dissatisfied? And what don’t they like about where they work? Today I’m speaking with Paul Glover, a C-Suite performance...


The Next Big Growth Opportunities for Outdoor Sports

The outdoor sports sector has experienced explosive growth over the past decade - with both traditional sports markets and emerging markets getting on board. But what’s next for outdoor sports? Where could brands find the next growth opportunities? And in a market dominated by a handful of power brands, will we be likely to see new brands coming in - and succeeding? Today I’m speaking with Danay Lea, chief triage officer at Fluid State, where he helps outdoor sports brands solve business...


Lessons from Building Enterprise Software that Will Make Any Business More Successful

If you’re a SaaS software developer or start up that’s looking to scale or sell to enterprise customers, then this episode is for you. If you aren’t working in the tech sector - this episode is also for you. It’s my pleasure to welcome Girish Redekar to A Seat at The Table. Girish founded - and exited - RecruiterBox, a SaaS platform that helps HR departments manage recruitment applications. Girish shares not only a very candid view of what it takes to build software that meets enterprise...


Behavioral Technology Could Be the Next Big Thing for MarTech

It’s not often that words like marketing, creativity and digitalisation come up in the same sentence. However digital transformation is working to take marketing and make it more of a science than an art. But can we really automate creativity? And do we risk losing the human touch as we push for greater automation? To learn more about how digital transformation is changing, shaping and maybe even revolutionising advertising and marketing, I turned to Prantik Mazumdar, managing director...