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E33: Objectively Creative & Subjectively Analytical - Design Strategist Lee Fain

There is a hidden world of which the average consumer has no knowledge of its existence—the world of design and innovation that crafts nearly everything we see and use. Join Design Strategist Lee Fain as he takes us on a storytelling adventure using the Hero’s Journey to a new world of creativity, frameworks, prototyping, and customer discovery. Lee is co-head of design strategy at IdeaCouture, a global design and innovation consultancy. In this episode, Lee shares his wisdom on the business...


E32: Disrupt to Improve vs. Disrupt to Destroy

Your disruptive innovation Sherpas are back to discuss how the theory may be playing out in healthcare. Will Behrmann, Jay Gerhart and Ann Somers Hogg cover a lot of ground on the complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape. Is disruption truly occurring? Why does it matter? Do we really want it to occur? What will it look like? Weighty questions indeed. CVS/Aetna, primary care disruptors, health care system talent joining large tech companies, personalized care moving into the home…and...


E31: Sherpa Showdown: Fast Company Innovation Festival vs. Impact 2018

Two great conferences – two Innovation Engine Sherpas facing off to extol their virtues! Ann Somers Hogg and Will Behrmann each recently attended a stellar innovation conference and share their experiences via a good-natured duel, making the case for why YOU should attend the conference they attended next year. Which conference wins our Sherpa Showdown? Will it be the Impact 2018 conference hosted by Innovation Leader or the Fast Company Innovation Festival? What’s the Job to Be Done of...


E30: The (Cult)ivation of Failure: ILN 2018 InPerson Meeting Highlights

Jay takes the show on the road for the Innovation Learning Network’s InPerson Meeting (absolutely not a conference) in Sacramento, California, hosted by The Shop at VSP. He first talks on-site with ILN Executive Director Chris McCarthy and Christine Folck, Manager & Leader of Operational Strategy at VSP Global to set the stage for the meeting. Then he talks with Jay Sales, Co-Director, VSP Global and Keynote Speaker Chef Patrick Mulvaney about the local mental health issue that ILNers rolled...


E29: On the Road with Ann Somers & Elizabeth – Mayo Transform 2018

Join Innovation Sherpas Ann Somers Hogg and Elizabeth Watson in a continuation of their Twitter barrage sharing their experiences and highlights from their recent attendance at Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2018 Conference in Rochester, Minnesota. Learn about the industry’s focus to meet people where they really are, move from incremental to transformational change, and why moving care from the clinic to the home is critical for that transformation. Hear about Ann Somers and Elizabeth’s side trip...


E28: The Sherpas Make Time to Sprint with Jake Knapp!

Join your Sherpas as Ben & Jay give you a play by play of a recent Design Sprint bootcamp taught by Sprint author Jake Knapp himself! Hosted by the team at Wily, the 2-day Design Sprint Bootcamp was a condensed, accelerated, and supercharged training to teach the attendees the Sprint framework for rapid product design and testing. You’ll hear from Jake Knapp about how Sprint came to be, as well as his latest book Make Time. Eric Gorman, designer and founder of Wily, shares some opening...


E27: Coonoor Behal of Mindhatch – At the Intersection of Improv & Innovation

Ben & Jay have a lively conversation with Coonoor Behal, founder of Mindhatch, a creative consultancy that blends design thinking, organizational improv and innovation facilitation. Coonoor has had a fascinating career arc that spans entertainment, an NGO, a major consulting firm and now her own firm. Oh, and along the way, she happened to become an accomplished improv comedian and teacher! Coonoor talks in depth about how she brings improv skills and mindsets to organizations to help them...


E26: Bob Moesta – Following Language & Energy Through Time & Space

Welcome to the Bobcast! We’re thrilled to have our Jobs to be Done sensei, Bob Moesta, sharing his innovation wisdom across a wide range of topics. Bob is President and CEO of The ReWired Group, and one of the pioneers and principal architects of Jobs to Be Done theory. This fascinating conversation ranges from the next steps in his life journey, focusing more on teaching a full range of innovation skills – to his relationship with Clay Christensen – to how his family uses Jobs to be Done...


E25: Digital Innovation, Experience Enablement, and Customized Optionality

Get your gear ready for this episode on digital innovation, courtesy of Skookum’s own Jason Rome and Michael Ifkovits, along with our summer intern and technophile Nkechi “NC” Nwoko. They share their stories as digital innovators about how to enable the experiences consumers want that nail the Job to Be Done through tech solutions. We cover a lot of ground—what a typical client engagement is like, customer discovery methods, agile vs. design thinking, healthcare’s future in a digital world,...


E24: Futurespeak with Zayna – People-Powered, Digical & More!

Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist with SE Health joins Ben & Ann Somers on a wide-ranging conversation about the future of health and how to drive innovation. Before recently joining SE Health (formerly Saint Elizabeth Health Care), Zayna served as “Innovation Sherpa in Chief” at the REshape Health Innovation Centre at Radboud university medical centre in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Yes, she is truly a Sherpa, so of course we are thrilled to have her as our first international guest! Zayna has...


E23: “Yes, And” Now for Something Completely Different!

Your Sherpas enter unexpected territory when Jay has a transformative improv adventure at The Second City in Chicago – Improv & Innovation. Ben & Jay discuss how improv can help you be a better innovator and leader – and even bring it to life in the studio! Many, many thanks to The Second City Training Center, Second City Works & Kelly Leonard for mucho inspiration. @TheBenReport @JayGerhart #InnovationEngine @SecondCityChiTC @SecondCityWorks @KLsecondcity Jay’s Medium posts about his...


E22: Design Thinking: Tales from the Wild

We again welcome Innovation Provocateur David Phillips of Faster Glass to join our own Sherpa Elizabeth Benfield Watson to hear their insights on learning, teaching and practicing Design Thinking. Of course, you’ll hear about empathy, empathy, empathy – but how about design thinking as a risk mitigation approach? How did David & Elizabeth come to drink the Kool Aid? Where have they succeeded – and failed? The first of many conversations we will have on human-centered design – enjoy!...


E21: Special Edition: ILN Spring 2018 Highlights – We’re All In This Together

Your on-the-spot correspondent Ben Tingey captures live reflections and insights from a star-studded Innovation Learning Network roster. Your Innovation Engine Sherpas were proud to co-host the ILN Spring 2018 in-person meeting in Charlotte with the Business Innovation Factory. Hear from participants as they experience “Risky Business”! #InnovationEngine @TheBenReport @JayGerhart @ILNMuse @TheBIF https://www.iln.org/cpages/home http://www.businessinnovationfactory.com/ Our ILN podcast...


E20: HLTH 2018 - Quinoa and Carrots, Unlikely Pairings, & “Activated” Employers

Was your mind blown when you heard some of the news that came out of the inaugural HLTH conference in Las Vegas? Join Lindsay Deneault, Michael Johnson, and Emilie McKenna and get an insider perspective as they talk about their first-hand experience attending the conference, how and when their minds were blown, and the emergence of unlikely organizational pairings that may become the norm. You can also learn why Michael is no longer shopping at Walmart. @LindsayDeneault @ghiafixer...


E19: Risky Business – Business Model Innovation & Evolution

Your Innovation Engine Sherpas welcome Dr. Derek van Bever, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Forum for Growth and Innovation at Harvard Business School to the studio. As a close colleague of Dr. Clayton Christensen and an entrepreneur, Derek shares his great insights and experiences across various innovation and management domains to build and sustain a successful enterprise. We deeply appreciate Derek’s visit, as he served as keynote speaker for the Innovation Learning Network’s...


E18: Developing an Innovation Ecosystem – Collecting & Connecting the Dots

In a milestone episode, Ben brings our first two guests from outside Atrium Health into the Sherpa studio, Amy Chiou (former Executive Director of Queen City Forward) and David Phillps (founder of innovation consultancy Faster Glass). If you’re someone who’s not satisfied with the status quo, you’ll enjoy hearing about Amy and David’s extensive experience fostering innovation across a community. And no, David did not misremember Bad Idea Jeans! (see the great SNL skit below) @amychiou...


E17: Startups, Plug and Play, and Swiss Army Knives

Your Innovation Engine Sherpas are proud to host Dr. Matt Hanley, Chief Medical Officer – Metro Group at Atrium Health, Lindsay Deneault, and Michael Johnson (Commercialization and Technology Sherpas at the Innovation Engine). This is a fun team discussing the interplay between startups and large healthcare organizations – how they can best work together to solve complex problems. In addition, the team will provide insights and highlights from recent events hosted by Plug and Play, the...


E16: Disruptive Innovation: From the Classroom, to the Bedside, to the Home

Your Innovation Engine Sherpas are proud to host two Atrium Health senior leaders to discuss how they are applying their learnings from Clay Christensen’s HBX Disruptive Strategy course and their perspectives on disruptive innovation in healthcare. Dr. Scott Rissmiller, Deputy Chief Physician Executive and Collin Lane, Senior Vice President, share a wide range of experiences and insights across topics such as Jobs to be Done in health care, primary care disruption, home-based care delivery,...


E15: Special SXSW Edition – Welcome to the Jungle…And the Future

Join the Innovation Engine Sherpas as they provide a behind the scenes tour of the SXSW conference, recently held in Austin, TX. SXSW is an innovator’s playground, chock full of analogous learning opportunities and the chance to see emerging trends in various industries, including healthcare. There’s BBQ, bread, breakfast tacos and a lot more. Will and Sally discuss the insights gained from their first time, while seasoned attendee Lindsay explained how she played a role in hosting and...


E14: Proactive Health Part 2 - Creating a New Frontier

Your Innovation Engine Sherpas welcome back Dr. Greg Weidner in a "How We Built This" episode on Proactive Health - primary care, reimagined. He and Ann Somers Hogg discuss how the partnership of Proactive Health and the Innovation Engine emptied the innovation toolbox, moving from theory to application in the development of a new value-based primary care model at Atrium Health. In an extraordinary turn of events, Ann Somers actually kinda sorta pulls off a sports analogy! Then Ben sings...