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E57: Christi Zuber – Matrix Moments, Microclimates & Bridgebuilding

Ben talks to pioneer practitioner, leader and researcher on innovation and human centered design, Christi Zuber. Christi provides dynamic leadership to two progressive and collaborative innovation organizations – Aspen Labs and the Innovation Learning Network (ILN). Hear about her career journey, bridging the gap between innovation research and practice, her vision for the ILN, and who’s been inspiring her lately. Jean...


E56: The Chris Elmore - 5,000 Cold Calls, Bootstrapping, and a Beard You Can Hear

Chris Elmore rolls into the Sherpa studio--Company Evangelist for AvidXchange, a fintech unicorn based in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as author, teacher, speaker, father of four, and husband of 25 years. Referring to someone as “one of a kind” can be kind of cliché, but Chris lives up to the billing. He’s a dynamic and authentic purveyor of innovation and entrepreneurship wisdom. Hear his perspectives on innovation, as well as the outlook for a blooming innovation and entrepreneurship...


E55: Everyone is Creative and Everyone is Welcome

“Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome.” Long-time friends and Charlotteans Matt Olin and Tim Miner are the co-founders of Charlotte is Creative, a not for profit organization that develops programs and initiatives designed to break the Charlotte mold and re-make it with creativity—into a city that draws people in, excites them, and inspires them to invest their financial, social, and creative capital. Learn about some of the unique ways Matt and Tim foster a culture of creativity in...


E54: Michael B. Horn - The Jobs to Be Done of Education

Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Learn more about the Jobs to Be Done for which we hire education throughout our lives by listening to this episode, the third in our series on innovation in higher education, with co-author Michael B. Horn of the recently released book Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decision Throughout Your Life. Michael is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Entangled Group, an education technology studio, and a...


E53: Health Design Lab - A Bank Vault, MD Designers & a Custom Airstream

What does it look like when an organization has fully committed to human-centered design? It looks like this: https://www.healthdesignlab.com/ Learn from Robert Pugliese, Director of Innovation Design, and Dr. Kristy Shine, Director of Education and Research, about the Jefferson Health Design Lab, a creative space where people from different backgrounds come together to solve challenges and design a healthier future. In this engaging conversation, Kristy and Rob discuss how they gravitated...


E52 Part 2: Bob Moesta – Choosing Better for Learning and Healthcare

In the second segment of our super-sized “Bobcast”, uber-innovator and Jobs to Be Done expert Bob Moesta digs deeper into his recently released first book, Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decisions Throughout Your Life, co-authored with Michael Horn. The book isn’t just about the college decision--it encompasses life-long learning, whether it’s executive education, bootcamps, or on-line classes. Since many parallels can be made between the higher education and health care...


E52 Part 1: Bob Moesta – The Grad School Jobs to Be Done Interview

Bob Moesta rejoins the podcast during the release of his first book, Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decisions Throughout Your Life, co-authored with Michael Horn. In Part 1, Bob and Jay put Ben in the hot seat, conducting a live Jobs to Be Done interview about Ben’s process of picking a graduate school. This episode not only introduces Choosing College but also provides our listeners with another example of Bob’s renowned JTBD interview technique. Hear the Master compile Ben’s...


E51: A Healthcare Renaissance Man - Dr. Nisarg Patel

“I have a problem liking too many things.” Learn from Dr. Nisarg Patel, a healthcare renaissance man, about his journey into the world of medicine. Unafraid to “dive into the deep end,” Dr. Patel is a scientist and researcher of computational cancer genomics, synthetic gene circuits for engineered probiotic therapeutics, CRISPR/Cas9-mediated bacterial genome engineering, as well as applying machine learning to health policy and economics. He also worked in venture capital at Bessemer...


E50: The Design Value of Health with Steve Downs

What would it look like if Netflix was helping you stay healthy? Learn about how we can make health an inherent design feature in our everyday lives from Steve Downs, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In this, our 50th podcast episode, Steve paints a picture of a world intentionally designed to make it easier for individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors. How do we get there? Listen and find out! We discuss behavior change theories,...


E49: Industry Integration and Serendipitous Collisions with Mike Biselli

Episode 49 features Mike Biselli, a healthtech entrepreneur and community-building pioneer with a bold vision for reimagining healthcare. Learn about how Mike planted a flag in the ground and determined to create a built environment that would foster serendipitous collisions to catalyze innovation and transformational change. The result: Catalyst HTI, a 180,000 square-foot industry integrator campus designed to bring health-tech start-ups and established health care entities together under...


E48 Part 1: Designing for Cultural Competency and an Inclusive Workforce

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and wonderfully diverse. How can organizations keep pace with this expanding diversity and design with cultural competency? Episode #48 Part 1 features Kinneil Coltman, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health; Elizabeth Watson, Manager of Innovation; and Ben Tingey, Manager of Innovation and, for this episode, in a hybrid role as host and guest. Listen and learn about how a large healthcare system champions diversity and...


E48 Part 2: Designing for Cultural Competency and an Inclusive Workforce

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and wonderfully diverse. How can organizations keep pace with this expanding diversity and assemble an inclusive workforce? Episode #48 - Part 2 features André Blackman and Touré McCluskey of Onboard Health, an organization dedicated to building a dynamic ecosystem of career acceleration opportunities to cultivate a powerful, inclusive workforce that is well equipped to solve some of our most pressing issues. When talented individuals who reflect...


E47: A Passion for Product – Tom Schlegel of Radio Flyer

Ben & Jay talk to Tom Schlegel, Chief Innovation Officer of Radio Flyer, the iconic 102-year old company that’s on a mission to bring smiles to kids of all ages. During his 16 years at Radio Flyer, he has been a key leader in the evolution of the company from a steel wagon manufacturer to a customer-driven design and development powerhouse. Tom talks about how he has employed Dr. Clay Christensen’s theories of disruptive innovation and Jobs to be Done to help Radio Flyer hold potential...


E46: An Abundance Mindset with Robin Glasco

Get ready to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance in this episode of A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation featuring Robin Glasco, co-founder and Managing Partner of Bambü Global Healthcare Advisors. Robin is a healthcare strategy and innovation dynamo, co-founding Bambü after serving as EIR with the Nason Group, Chief Innovation Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and an executive at Kaiser Permanente. She serves on several non-profit boards in the Boston area, and is...


E45: Reframing Healthcare with Zeev Neuwirth, MD

For episode #45, it’s our privilege to welcome our Atrium Health colleague Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Senior Medical Director of Population Health, to our podcast. Zeev is the author of the recently released book Reframing Healthcare: A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change and is the host of the Creating a New Healthcare podcast. This episode began in a different way. Typically, we speak into the microphones while seated. Our episode’s guest, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, invited us to ditch the chairs,...


E44: Designing for People with Intermountain Healthcare’s Todd Dunn

Episode #44 features a man we admire from an organization we admire: Todd Dunn, Director of Innovation at Intermountain Healthcare. This inspiring innovator, compelling storyteller and self-described family man shares his go-to list of innovation books, lifelong principles that influence his learning, why empathy should be at the heart of healthcare, and the three C’s of design disease. He’s also a big fan of Clay Christensen’s theories and contributed to the writing of Competing Against...


E43: Turning Information into Innovation – Health Datapalooza Conference Recap

Episode 43 features perspectives from Atrium Health teammates who attended the 10th anniversary Health Datapalooza conference on March 27-28 in Washington, DC. Hosted by AcademyHealth, Health Datapalooza brings together a diverse group of healthcare leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and data analysts to discuss collaboration opportunities at the intersection of policy, data, and innovation. A sponsor at this year’s event, Atrium Health also sponsored the attendance of several...


E42: Karen Dillon – Bringing Great Theory to Life

Ben & Jay have the unique pleasure of speaking with Karen Dillon, NYT best-selling author and former editor of the Harvard Business Review, about her being in “the front seat of the Clay Christensen experience” through years of collaboration with Clay and some of their incredible colleagues. Karen may refer to herself as “semi-retired”, but she sounds pretty busy and is having great impact on the world as a co-author of The Prosperity Paradox with Clay and Efosa Ojomo (featured in Episode...


E41: #SXSW2019 – Human Connections, Analogous Learning & 147 Cheeses

Yeehaw! The Sherpas of the southeast went to SXSW in Austin, TX and lived to tell the tale. Listen to Lindsay, Jay, Sally, and Ben recap the sessions they attended, their tried and true success strategies for navigating SXSW, some of the overarching conference themes, the piles of delicious food they sampled, and the applications to innovation and healthcare they uncovered. You’ll learn that SXSW offers a Texas-sized assortment of innovation learning opportunities for any industry. You’ll...


E40: Efosa Ojomo Turns Theory Into Hope – The Prosperity Paradox

Ben & Jay are honored to speak with Efosa Ojomo, Global Prosperity Lead at Clayton Christensen Institute and co-author of The Prosperity Paradox with Dr. Clayton Christensen and Karen Dillon. Efosa talks about how he came to think that business might be the answer for developing countries, why not all innovations are created equal, and why “pull” strategies can work better than “push” strategies for all stakeholders. In addition, we discuss how The Prosperity Paradox can inspire and instruct...