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E25: Digital Innovation, Experience Enablement, and Customized Optionality

Get your gear ready for this episode on digital innovation, courtesy of Skookum’s own Jason Rome and Michael Ifkovits, along with our summer intern and technophile Nkechi “NC” Nwoko. They share their stories as digital innovators about how to enable the experiences consumers want that nail the Job to Be Done through tech solutions. We cover a lot of ground—what a typical client engagement is like, customer discovery methods, agile vs. design thinking, healthcare’s future in a digital world,...


E24: Futurespeak with Zayna – People-Powered, Digical & More!

Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist with SE Health joins Ben & Ann Somers on a wide-ranging conversation about the future of health and how to drive innovation. Before recently joining SE Health (formerly Saint Elizabeth Health Care), Zayna served as “Innovation Sherpa in Chief” at the REshape Health Innovation Centre at Radboud university medical centre in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Yes, she is truly a Sherpa, so of course we are thrilled to have her as our first international guest! Zayna has...


E23: “Yes, And” Now for Something Completely Different!

Your Sherpas enter unexpected territory when Jay has a transformative improv adventure at The Second City in Chicago – Improv & Innovation. Ben & Jay discuss how improv can help you be a better innovator and leader – and even bring it to life in the studio! Many, many thanks to The Second City Training Center, Second City Works & Kelly Leonard for mucho inspiration. @TheBenReport @JayGerhart #InnovationEngine @SecondCityChiTC @SecondCityWorks @KLsecondcity Jay’s Medium posts about his...


E22: Design Thinking: Tales from the Wild

We again welcome Innovation Provocateur David Phillips of Faster Glass to join our own Sherpa Elizabeth Benfield Watson to hear their insights on learning, teaching and practicing Design Thinking. Of course, you’ll hear about empathy, empathy, empathy – but how about design thinking as a risk mitigation approach? How did David & Elizabeth come to drink the Kool Aid? Where have they succeeded – and failed? The first of many conversations we will have on human-centered design – enjoy!...


E10: Mr. Magoo, Field Trips & Sparks of Curiosity

Your Innovation Sherpas kick off 2018 showing how Intentional Serendipity helps you find new ideas and perspectives. And Ben speaks in seven languages in addition to English. Our Chief Sherpa Dr. Jean Wright is back, joined by the one and only Elizabeth Benfield Watson, making her maiden podcast voyage. Ping us on Twitter or LinkedIn - we'll share our Intentional Serendipity "Teal Paper". #InnovationEngine @drjeanwright @ElizCLT @JayGerhart Shout out to: @alan_gregerman Author of The...


E9: Jobs to be Done - It's Not About Us, It's About You

Your Innovation Sherpas continue their series on Jobs to be Done. Why is this theory so well suited to the healthcare industry? How has Carolinas HealthCare System used Jobs to be Done to enhance its services and develop new products? #InnovationEngine @JayGerhart @annsomerswh @WillBehrmann Special thanks to: The Christensen Institute and Innosight for “HEALTH FOR HIRE: Unleashing patient potential to reduce chronic disease costs” by Clayton Christensen, Rebecca Fogg and Andrew Waldeck...


E8: Jobs to be Done - Start with the Why

Your Innovation Sherpas start a multi-episode series on Jobs to be Done. Why does this theory resonate so well? What jobs arise in your life? And the only way we've ever managed to stymie Ann Somers - old guy references. #InnovationEngine @JayGerhart @annsomerswh @WillBehrmann We are indebted to the following for inspiration, professional and personal growth: Clayton Christensen, Karen Dillon, Taddy Hall and David Duncan for writing Competing Against Luck Bob Moesta and the ReWired Group -...


E6: Special Edition - Health 2.0 Fall Conference, Let's Disruptivate!

Our start-up and tech sherpas, Lindsay Deneault, Michael Johnson and Emilie McKenna share their experiences at Health 2.0 11th Fall Conference in Santa Clara. Please provide feedback on Twitter to #InnovationEngine @LindsayDeneault (our startup queen) @ghiafixer (Michael Johnson, our blockchain dude)


E7: The Sky is Falling? Or Not?

Your disruptive innovation sherpas are back to sort out the kerfuffle (and scuttlebutt) around Amazon, Apple and Google causing all kinds of disruption in health care. Please offer feedback, opinions and ideas on Twitter to: #InnovationEngine @JayGerhart @annsomerswh @WillBehrmann This is a continuing conversation - Join us!


E5: Special Edition - Dr. Jean Goes to Holland #ILN17

Dr. Jean Wright, Chief Innovation Officer of Carolinas HealthCare System, head sherpa #InnovationEngine, highlights the Innovation Learning Network (ILN) 2017 on-site meeting in Nijmegen, Netherlands. And she'll teach you how to pronounce Nijmegen. We gratefully acknowledge the ILN for our partnership and the incredible innovators worldwide with whom we have the pleasure to learn and journey together. Learn more at iln.org


E4: Special Edition - Mayo Clinic Transform 2017 Conference Highlights

Ben and Jay share their experience at the Mayo Clinic Transform 2017 conference - Closing the Gap Between People & Health. We gratefully acknowledge the terrific work of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation for hosting the conference and all of the speakers who were so inspiring to us. The Transform conference "continues to emphasize the human perspective to guide innovation that will boldly create a sustainable future for health care."


E3: Not for the Faint of Heart

Your Sherpas discuss how incumbents disrupt themselves (successfully or not so much) and the concept of Dual Transformation References and Show Notes: Dual Transformation: How to Reposition Today's Business While Creating the Future - Clark G. Gilbert, Mark W. Johnson and Scott D. Anthony https://corporate.ford.com/content/dam/corporate/en/investors/investor-events/Press%20Releases/2016/september-2016-ford-investor-deck-for-web.pdf


E1: Is There Still a Travel Agency Industry?

Your Sherpas dive into Airbnb to apply low-end and new-market disruption theory. References and Show Notes: The Innovator's Solution - Clayton M. Christensen and Micheal E. Raynor "What Airbnb Understands About Customer's 'Jobs to be Done'" - Karen Dillon, Harvard Business Review, August 16, 2016


E2: Coaches, Clinics and Spitting Into a Tube

Your Sherpas talk about several disruptions within the healthcare industry. References and Show Notes: Exponent Podcast - Ben Thompson and James Allworth The Innovator's Prescription - Clayton M. Christensen and Jason Hwang


B. Behind the Scenes with the Sherpas

Ben and Jay go deeper into why the Innovation Engine is doing this podcast, some of their podcast influences and early learnings in the development process.


A. Teaser Trailer - Sherpas?

Ben and Jay introduce listeners to the Innovation Engine, why they should hire this podcast and what they should expect.