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This is the official podcast for ACA International, the largest membership organization in the accounts receivable management industry. ACA Cast delivers the latest accounts receivable management industry news and information.

This is the official podcast for ACA International, the largest membership organization in the accounts receivable management industry. ACA Cast delivers the latest accounts receivable management industry news and information.


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This is the official podcast for ACA International, the largest membership organization in the accounts receivable management industry. ACA Cast delivers the latest accounts receivable management industry news and information.








Compliance Under the California Consumer Privacy Act

It’s a brand-new world in terms of data privacy, according to June Coleman, managing attorney at the California office of Messer Strickler Ltd., on this new episode of ACA Cast focused on compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Coleman is joined by ACA International Corporate Counsel Colin Winkler and Cliff Berg, president of Governmental Advocates and legislative advocate for the California Association of Collectors Inc., for a comprehensive discussion on the landmark...


Answer the Phone so a Debt Collector Can Help

Consumers facing hardships have a better chance of resolving them when they communicate with debt collections professionals. The COVID-19 crisis has brought out the best in humanity as individuals, communities and corporations have found creative ways of assisting people feeling the weight of the pandemic. Interestingly, debt collection professionals have always lent a hand in helping consumers facing challenges through various hardship programs and financial options. In this episode of ACA...


COVID-19: Working in a New Environment

There’s no question that the COVID-19 crisis has presented many unforeseen challenges and opportunities that could become the “new normal” as we flatten the curve and transition back into the office environment. In this episode of ACA Cast titled, “COVID-19: Working in a New Environment,” Michael Lamm, managing partner at Corporate Advisory Solutions, and Kim Coghill, vice president of communications at ACA International, discuss the impact the crisis has had on the debt collection industry...


A Closer Look at M&As

Collectors Insurance Agency pros discuss ways M&As impact your bonds, licensing and insurance. If a merger or acquisition is in your company’s future, then this episode of ACA Cast titled, “A Closer Look at M&As” is must listen-to podcast for you and your staff. Tune in to hear Collectors Insurance Agency Licensing Manager Angela Butera and Sales Manager Dereck Tessmer answer tough questions about confidentiality and notification requirements associated with all merger and acquisition...


Identity Theft: Don’t Fall Victim to the Threat

Financial losses associated with identity theft seem to expand each year despite the safeguards and ongoing educational information published by government, financial and consumer groups. In this episode of ACA Cast titled, “Identity Theft: Don’t Fall Victim to the Threat,” Jessica Hearn, CFO and compliance director with Universal Fidelity in Katy, Texas, provides thoughtful insights on securing personal information and communicating with debt collectors about potential fraud. Hearn notes...


Alliance ACA is Here for You

When Larry Steller, owner and CEO of Quality Asset Recovery LLC, was looking for a new dialer program for his agency, he knew he needed an efficient option that wouldn’t be a cost burden. Being a small business in the industry, those factors were even more important. Steller was able to find help through ACA International’s Alliance ACA Program, which connects members with business resources they need and within a budget that makes sense for small-business owners. Support the show...


Collection Leaders Guide to Responding to COVID-19

As ACA International continues to monitor ongoing developments with COVID-19 to keep members in the know about resources for small businesses and licensing and compliance changes, CEO Mark Neeb connected with Jon Goldman, CEO of Turning Point and Brand Launcher, to talk about guiding your business in a time of crisis with positive, actionable steps. Support the show (


Valuation is in the Eye of the Buyer

Mergers and acquisitions are a hot topic in the accounts receivable management industry, making it important to stay in the know on the latest trends and “tricks of the trade,” explain Kaulkin Ginsberg’s President and CEO Mike Ginsberg and Vice President Michael Thomas on this week’s ACA Cast: “Valuation is in the Eye of the Buyer.” Support the show (


Court is in Session on Medical Debt Collections

This week’s episode of ACA Cast features a compliance overview of two cases resulting from consumer claims on medical debt collection. First, Compliance Analysts Andrew Pavlik and Laura Dadd dive into Rhone v. Medical Business Bureau LLC, which resulted in a significant win for the accounts receivable management industry when the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a lower court’s decision and ruled that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not require multiple debts owed to the...


Optimizing Your Operations to Manage Litigation Risk

Learn the latest in how due diligence can go a long way in managing litigation risk from established industry experts on this week’s ACA Cast in conjunction with the upcoming Hot Topic seminar March 5. Porter Heath Morgan IV, general counsel at Morgan Financial Group and partner at Malone Frost Martin PLLC, and Shannon Smith, founder at LitLogic, talk with ACA Cast producer Alex Szeto about practical advice to expect during the seminar, set for 2 to 3 p.m. Central Standard Time March...


Fundamentals of Tax Time Collections

On this episode of ACA Cast, host Anne Rosso May, managing editor of Collector magazine, talks with Williams & Fudge Inc. Director of Training Greg Ruffino about all things tax season. Ruffino presents tax season strategies that accounts receivable management industry professionals can use to help consumers pay down their debt. Support the show (


Figuring it Out: Health Care Billing Practices

On this episode of ACA Cast, host Kim Coghill, vice president of communications for ACA International, leads a discussion with Irene Hoheusle, vice president of collections and education with Account Recovery Specialists in Wichita, Kansas, and Tim Haag, president of State Collection Service in Madison, Wisconsin, on all things health care collections. Hoheusle and Haag revisit trends and explore new issues in health care collections following their 2019 ACA International Fall Forum & Expo...


Managing Industry Operations in 2020

On today’s episode of ACA Cast: Managing Industry Operations in 2020, host Alex Szeto checks in with regular guests Mike Ginsberg, president and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg, and John Hannan, the company’s research analyst. Ginsberg and Hannan revisit financial services industry trends to watch this year on the operations side as well as national economic changes in inflation, employment rates and mergers and acquisitions. Support the show (


Leadership Fuel with Michael Lamm: Getting the Most Out of Industry Conferences

Conferences and trade shows in the accounts receivable management industry are extremely valuable learning and networking opportunities for your company, if you make the most of these events. “One of the questions that keeps coming up from executives and future leaders in the industry is about budgeting and getting ready for which events to go to in 2020,” Lamm said on the latest episode of “Leadership Fuel with Michael Lamm” featured on ACA Cast. Tune in to “Leadership Fuel with Michael...


Working Together on Capitol Hill

During the latest episode of ACA Cast, ACA International's Vice President and Senior Counsel, Federal Advocacy, Leah Dempsey, Federal Advocacy Manager Patrick Russell and Lauren Valenzuela, compliance counsel at Performant Recovery Inc., discuss the CFPB’s proposed FDCPA rule and areas that should be improved upon so as not to create arbitrary barriers to moving forward with the use of newer technologies such as email. Support the show (


Insights on Call Auditing—No Two Calls are Alike

In a new episode of ACA Cast, Leslie Bender, IFCCE, CCCO, chief strategy officer and general counsel for BCA Financial Services, and Debra Ciskey, IFCCE, executive vice president of The Collections Coach LLC, share practical tips on how to create a truly effective call auditing program. They touch on how to build rubrics, structure call calibration sessions, evaluate related data and more. Call audits can give you a lot of critical information about your company, including the competence of...


Forecasting State Level Politics in an Election Year

State legislative bodies are returning to work this week for their 2020 sessions, which during an election year likely means a balance between politics and policies, according to Andrew Madden, ACA International’s vice president of state and government affairs, on the latest episode of ACA Cast: Forecasting State Level Politics in an Election Year. Madden, in discussion with producer Alex Szeto, discusses these topics and more on ACA Cast: Forecasting State Level Politics in an Election...


The Power of a Compliment

When consumers have a great experience with your company, do you make a note of it? Kenlyn Gretz, president and CEO of AmeriCollect Inc., does, and he uses that feedback to recognize employees for their good work, train staff and promote his company culture of Ridiculously Nice Collections. AmeriCollect is a health-care-focused accounts receivable management company based in Wisconsin that helps people understand their often-complex medical bills. Anne Rosso May, managing editor of...


Dissecting the TRACED Act

ACA International’s Vice President and Senior Counsel of Federal Advocacy Leah Dempsey and Mark Brennan, partner at Hogan Lovells US LLP in Washington, D.C. discuss the ins and outs of the legislation and ACA’s advocacy efforts on a new episode of ACA Cast. Dempsey and Brennan also discuss potential impacts on the industry in the future now that the TRACED Act is a law. Tune in to this comprehensive episode of ACA Cast for a recap of ACA’s advocacy with the TRACED Act, how we got here, and...


Meet Our New Advocacy Team Member: Patrick Russell

Patrick Russell hopes to be a source of outreach and education for legislators and regulators as part of ACA International’s team headquartered in Washington, D.C. Russell, ACA’s new federal advocacy manager, talked about his role with Communications Specialist Katy Zillmer on the latest episode of ACA Cast. Tune in to learn about Russell’s career, advocacy and plans to help expand ACA’s work with regulators and legislators on behalf of the accounts receivable management industry and...