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#ACUPWITHJO - #THEROADTO - EPISODE 13 - New agent. New office. Long overdue update.

Hi y'all, Yes, yes, I know.. Long over due update. Once you catch up here, feel free to catch up through the blogs! Personal Update: https://www.jordanschilleci.com/being-raw-here/ Jo & Co. Updates: http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/25/the-future-for-the-jo-and-co-office-real-estate-agent-the-woodlands-conroe-spring-klein-tomball-texas-tx/ http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/25/we-have-our-first-agent/ http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/27/we-got-a-counter-offer/...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 5 - Tracy Peck | Creations & Market Workshop

On this episode I will be speaking with one of the nicest people I know, Tracy Peck. She is not only a shop owner, but an EMT and grand mother. She is very kind and makes the most unbelievable pumpkin slice crock pot lattes. In her shop in Old Town Spring, we sat down to record this episode. My favorite thing about her shop is that it is dual purposed. You can stop in with your kids for a craft, or sign up for one of their craft nights with a friend OR you can shop in there. There are so...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 55 - Took a day off. Small changes are okay.

Good Morning Y'all, I am sitting here still sick. Yesterday was a better day, and today feels like something fell on me. That or I slept on a bed of rocks. I am so ready to be over this. I am spent so many days of the last month "under the weather". With all that aside, I am ready for the day. I have lots of my plate, and I am ready for it all. I am packing a positive attitude, and with my vacationing road trip only days of way, I am really energized. Seeing my husband for the first time in...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 54 - Why? Lol. I'm just being a drama queen. Kids say "hi!"

Hi Y'all, Yep, that's right, no "good morning", because it is PM right now and not AM.. Lol. I didn't really get to it in the episode, but the main reason I didn't record, was because Cameron and I woke up early together to do some homework of hers that was due the day before, but she misplaced. Then the sub-reason was my poor attitude and the events of the last two days, but oh well, here I am. To the shooooow notes.. #SHOWNOTES MY LIFE #YTT [Great morning. Turn of events. Lunch. Love my...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 53 - Vertigo is scary. Loving this book. Office meeting today.

Good Morning Y'all, Coming to y'all from the floor this morning. It just looked safe and comfortable. Last night was a very scary night. I suffered through an episode of vertigo, and it was traumatizing to say the least. I really don't even know how to comprehend the moment, but acknowledge it happened, I am scared of it happening again. I am obviously not paralyzed by the experience, but it took me by surprise to say the least. I am optimistic about today. I have a feeling I am going to...


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#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 52 - Hate being sick. Excited for pizza in the park night.

Good Morning Y'all, I actually have two hates on my brain today.. well let me say three.. I hate cleaning up the same mess three times in a row, but that one isn't the end of the world.. Just gives me a chance to problem solve.. Then there are over priced open houses.. But that was a lesson learning situation.. So not really complaining about that either, so yes.. Just one thing that I hate that I can't control.. I hate being sick. This October/November I have had it worse than any other...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 51 - Need some emergency, eggs, and vanilla. Open house today.

Good Morning Y'all, This episode was pretty short. I am not feeling well, and need to make it to the grocery store, so I can get some meds and make the kiddos breakfast. To the shooooow notes.. #SHOWNOTES MY LIFE #YTT [Yesterday the eggs got left out so no homemade breakfast. Showed 3 houses. Awkward moment. No one loves me. Lol. Burrito lunch. Shopping. Another showing. Girls came with. Coat shopping. Dinner time. Movie. Popcorn. Out with a friend. Juliette is hilarious. Sleep. Today I...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 50 - Dear Kanga, Paninis have grill marks. Showing Carlton Woods.

Good Morning Y'all, I CANNOT believe that we made it to episode 50. What a huge mark! I believe yesterday was the kid's 50th day of school, #sidenote. So I have been wanting to have this launch party for #ACUPWITHJO, but with all the holiday parties, and the illness that swept my house, I haven't gotten around to it. Maybe when I have interviewed 15 guests/small business owners for #POCUMENTING, I will just have some type of celebration! Ideas welcome. I tried to upload this podcast an...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 49 - Website so close to complete! Ear infection. Dentist appt.

Hi y'all! Yesterday was a complete blend of #realtorlife and #momlife at its finest. I tried to handle my realtor business and Lincoln said, "Nauht uh Mom." Lol. Luckily I had already requested the floors be mopped, so no harm to foul, well minus the broken spice jar. Cameron just left the room. She walked in and said I have great news. I don't know why, but when a 10-year-old says things like this I get worried. But in this case, no worrying needed. She then proceeded to announce that her...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 4 - Arisela Shaw | Monat Market Partner

On this episode I will be speaking with one of my favorite friends and networking buddies, Arisela Shaw. She stayed at home with her children and focused her attention solely on raising them and educating them for 16+ years. Now she is trying to break back into the business world as an entrepreneur and Monat distributor. Arisela really is a fantastic lady and friend. Enjoy the last 18 minutes of our 3 hour conversation. <3 #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the fourth...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 48 - When Lincoln hands you bananas, you make him some muffins!

Good Morning Y'all, My morning was a slight bit crazy. My knees are white from cleaning up the largest amount of baking powder that I have ever seen on the floor. Thanks Mister Lincoln. That was probably his sixth mess of the day. Now I know why moms of boys are so chill and cool. You have to be! My two little girls did not prepare me for this. That dude gets into and onto everything. He could probably win baby ninja warrior. Seriously. P.S. The muffins were disgusting! They have this...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 47 - Donuts w/ my girls. Most productive day ever. Love for Streak.

Good Morning Y'all! I am very excited about what the day is going to hold for me. We have so many little things planned, and while I am super excited for all of them, and I really excited to hang out with grown ups later this evening. Be sure to check Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram for some behind the scenes videos and good ol' fashioned posed photos. Well this morning is going by faster than I would prefer.. So.. To the shoooooow notes... #SHOWNOTES MY LIFE #YTT [My time in the office...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 46 - Follow through. Biggest month ever. Took some time off.

Good Morning Y'all! Sorry, but not sorry, for taking the last three days off. They were intentional, but much needed. It gave me some time to recoup. I didn't discuss this in the podcast, but last night before going to bed.. I got into bed about 8:15 PM, and I turned out the lights a little before 10 PM.. But last night I spend a lot of that time writing. I got a new notebook.. Dang this girl loves notebooks.. And on the spine of the book, and on EVERY page, it says "DO EPIC THINGS". Yes,...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 45 - Always have time. Photography day. Focusing on website.

Good Morning Y'all! So I am starting my day on fire! My literally, but you know, figuratively. I have my plan and all is going pretty smooth. No one has been sick since Tuesday morning. Kids had a happy Halloween. Lincoln is joyfully digging through my kitchen drawers and munching on a stolen mini chocolate bar. I am standing here at the kitchen counter patiently waiting for my episode to upload. I might not be showered or dressed yet, but I have my day planned, and yesterday was such a...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 44 - Astros are the World Series Champs!! Come to my event today!!

Good Morning Y'all and Oh my gosh! Sorry I missed yesterday, just decided to focus on work. So if you haven't put it together yet, I live in Houston, I was born in Houston, and I have been an Astros fan since my grandfather planted himself here from Louisiana over 50 years ago. If I am not mistaken, they were playing the opening game in the Astrodome the day he drove into town (I know they were playing, not sure which game), so they are in my blood. OH.. Point here.. The Houston Astros won...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 43 - Happy Halloween! Life hands you lemons, make a pound cake.

Good Morning Y'all and Happy Halloween, I went to bed last night so excited for the day. I woke up ready to run through anything the day might bring me. Then I read a 5 AM text message from our daughter, the one that watches the two littles, letting me know she was sick, and wouldn't make it to our house today. I blew it off for a couple hours, then once I knew people were awake, I started texting and messaging everyone my 7 AM brain could think of. I did manage to record my podcast, but...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 42 - Hi mom! Come to Thursday's networking event & FB class!

Good Morning Y'all, I am excited that it is Monday, and I am excited that the Astros won Game 5 last night!! I moved away from Houston when I was a little kid (remember I was born here), and I came back last time they were about to go this far. So I remember moments similar to this, and I love it! I grew up watching the Astros, with my grandparents, every summer I came to visit, and every year since. The other must visit place as a kid was Six Flags. I was pretty sad to see that place leave...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 41 - I am on fire. Ready for the week. Love my Apple watch.

Good Morning Y'all, So today is going to be an amazing day, and this episode was a fun one to record. I felt like a talked a lot. Lol. Enjoy.. To the shoooow notes.. #SHOWNOTES MY LIFE #YTT [Y: Listing update meeting. The office. The Mall. Gap. Apple store. Lunch with Abbey! Groceries. I MADE LASAGNA. Astros boo lost. T: Cinnamon rolls for the kids. Work out. Starbucks. Family time. Maybe laundry. T: Be on fire. Lol.] #TODAYSGOALS [Focus. Be organized. Laundry. Lol.] Love y’all. <3xojo...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 40 - Brrr cold. Lowering listing price.

Good Morning Y'all, One more domino fell. My daughter gave it to her boyfriend. He came over to take care of her the other night, and after doing that for two days, he caught it. Super sad, but hopefully he doesn't have to miss too much work. Being young, and missing work is not an easy thing. For the record, I still feel like a train ran me over. I am not sure exactly why, but I guess just being lethargic or something, who knows? I didn't end up making it to my fundraiser walk today. I am...