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#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 76 - Best Thanksgiving Ever. Love my family. Time blocking.

Good Morning Y'all, Welcome to episode 76. It has been a hot second since I recorded an episode in this series, so do forgive me, but some amazing things have been happening over here. I'll let y'all listen to catch up. Have an amazing day! Love y'all, <3xojo 11-26-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group 832-493-6685 Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | HTTP://BYJOANDCO.COM | HTTP://INSTAGRAM.COM/JORDANSCHILLECI | HTTP://FB.COM/JORDANSCHILLECIREALTOR


#ACUPWITHJO - #10MINUTESWITH - EP2 - Mike Riippa | Woodlands Natural Health | Wellness Center

Hi y'all! The other day, I had the insane pleasure of stopping by the Woodlands Natural Heath, wellness center and clinic, for this episode of #10MINUTESWITH. I had the honor of speaking with Mike Riippa, Yvette Raymond, and Stacy Rowlett. For their official bios: Mike Riippa, RN, ICP Mike Riippa is a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas. His passion rests in helping others regain balance in their health through a holistic approach. Mike’s overlying goal is to empower people to take...


#MYEARSTOYOURS - Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Curaytor & Author of Conversion Code - Oct24 #HARengage

Hi friends! A couple weeks ago, I attended HAR Engage for the third time. One of my mentor's was speaking, Chris Smith, and here is that talk he gave. I have seen him many times live in person, as well as watched him life online. This was my favorite talk to date! There are so many take aways, so grab your pen and paper! Love y'all, <3xojo 11-08-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | HTTP://BYJOANDCO.COM |...


#ACUPWITHJO - #THEROADTO - Episode 13.2 - Longest update ever. The last 8 months. Lessons learned.

Hi y'all, I have no idea how I haven't recorded an update to this series. Seriously, I would of lost some money on a bet, as to when I last recorded was. So since it has been so long since my last #THEROADTO, you might not have a clue, as to what this series is about. This series is one in which I document the founding, build and growth of my new brokerage, Jo & Co. Realty Group. The last eight months have been amazing, and I have managed to document bits and pieces here, and there, but this...



Hello hello hello.. Today (Wednesday, October 24th, 2018) I attended a conference, that HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) puts on every year called, HAR Engage. Chris Smith, author of two books, including the best seller Conversion Code, and co-founder of Curaytor, was our opening speaker and keynote. I have known Chris four a couple years now, and I believe I picked up on his book a bit before then. He is the leader in the real estate tech and coaching industries, and since being...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 75 - Closed on the new office. Busy life. Cut down trees.

Good Morning Y'all, I feel like yelling I'm back.. Lol.. Cause I just accomplished two podcasts in one week.. Woot woot. If you listen, you gonna find out I just slept 11 hours, and the kids are about the wake up, so no long description today. But.. Love y'all, <3xojo 10-3-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | HTTP://BYJOANDCO.COM | HTTP://INSTAGRAM.COM/JORDANSCHILLECI


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 74 - Today is the day y'all. It is closing day on the new office!

Good morning y'all! Jordan Schilleci is back. Lol. Being silly, but this is the first episode of #5AMDESK in a long bit. Summer hit me, and honestly, being so busy with work with the kids home and only 3 days of childcare each week was a bit to say the least. I managed over 20 transactions. It truly was amazing and world-wind and so worth it. Any who, enjoy the podcast, I need to get dressed, do my hair, wake up the kids, pack their lunches, get them off to school, grocery shop, and get...


#ACUPWITHJO - #THEROADTO - EPISODE 13.1 - New agent. New office. Long overdue update.

Hi y'all, Yes, yes, I know.. Long over due update. Once you catch up here, feel free to catch up through the blogs! Personal Update: https://www.jordanschilleci.com/being-raw-here/ Jo & Co. Updates: http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/25/the-future-for-the-jo-and-co-office-real-estate-agent-the-woodlands-conroe-spring-klein-tomball-texas-tx/ http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/25/we-have-our-first-agent/ http://byjoandco.com/2018/08/27/we-got-a-counter-offer/...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EP 73 - Delta Life Fitness. Ketones. Business is great. Almost summer!

Good Morning Friends, Sorry it has been so long. For the last 7 weeks I have been working out every day, with over 50 workouts clocked at Delta Life Fitness. I am a new huge believer in group fitness for that built in accountability and for the friendships I have created. I am still working out at home, but it is true, I am addicted to my Delta Life classes. Then for the last 8 weeks I have been drinking ketones every day, and honestly, that has changed my life. I went on YouTube some days...


#ACUPWITHJO - #10MINUTESWITH - EP1 - Christin Cherry | Delta Life Fitness | Women + Health Wellness

Hi Y'all, I am so sorry I haven't been updating y'all on the blog lately, but feel free to follow me on Instagram (jordanschilleci) or Facebook (jordanschillecirealtor) to stay in the loop. I promise to get back to the podcast regularly, but until then.. For the last 9 days I have been waking up to work out. Eight of those days I have woken up at 4:45 (or earlier) to attended the 5:15 AM class at Delta Life Fitness (Klein-Spring). If you haven't tried out their gym (women only), you really...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 72 - Happy 4th Birthday Juliette Blume. Positivity. Getting sleep.

Good Morning Y'all, Life is so freaking good right now. I am about to burst. I cannot wait to get out of the house and begin this week. Monday is my favorite day of the week! I am going to make this short and sweet. Yep.. Lol.. Have a fantastic day, and reach out if you need anything at all.. Especially relocation assistant.. Baha.. Love y'all, <3xojo 4-2-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | BLOG.REWITHJO.COM |...


#ACUPWITHJO - #10THINGS - EP3 - Recycling. Honey to do list. Essential oils. Nap time. Lol.

Hi y'all! Welcome to the third episode of #10THINGS. Happy Easter & Happy April Fools. Lol. Thank you for tuning in! Love y’all! <3xojo 4-1-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | BLOG.REWITHJO.COM | BYJOANDCO.COM


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 71 - Unintentional 1 month hiatus. This is the month. #LIFEISGOOD

Good morning friends! Life is so fantastic right now. It truly is. Every single time I think about what has happened and what is happening and what is about to happen, I get all emotional and teary eyed. I am in that moment. The between moment. Things are changing. Things are huge. The big inclination is that at least 5 people called me this week requesting to work with me, and at least 3 last week. March started off with me closing on my biggest transaction. ... OH my gosh.. The puppy dog...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 70 - That point of needing help. Got organized. March calendar out!

Good morning my lovely friends! This last week kicked my booty. I have hit that point of needing help in my business. I am so excited about this and every other thing happening in my life. Life is so good. I spent all day Monday getting organized. And then Tuesday was one of the most fun and packed days ever. But long podcast short, go check out the March Jo & Co Calendar: http://byjoandco.com/calendar. Go have a Pumpd Nutrition Smoothie on Sawdust Rd. And check out Big House. I am there at...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 14 - Brayden Fielding | MultiFlex Media

Hi y'all! So a couple weeks ago, I got to see down with a photographer for the podcast you are about to hear, and not just any photographer. Brayden Fielding is running his photography and videography business between studying for exams, doing household chores, and still being a teenager in 2018. I really enjoyed seeing business and life through the eyes of an teenager, and hope you pick up on the nuggets he shared. Enjoy the show.<3oxjo #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 13 - Jordan Marie Schilleci | Jo & Co. | By Wayne Schilleci Jr.

Hi y'all! So yes, my father does actually interview me for this episode. This episode is as raw and authentic as they come. Please listen to the whole thing. I am so proud of it, and I absolutely love my father. I am so thankful to have this conversation captured. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed documenting it. <3oxjo #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the thirteenth episode of A Cup with Jo, where my father actually interviewed me by #POCUMENTING my story. <3xojo...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 69 - Full schedule today and wouldn't want it any other way.

Good morning y'all, Short and sweet show notes. Like shortest ever. So happy for today. So ready for it. Reach out to me if you need anything! Love y’all, <3xojo 2-21-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | BLOG.REWITHJO.COM | BYJOANDCO.COM


#ACUPWITHJO - #THEROADTO - EPISODE 12 - The Community Room

Hi y'all and welcome to episode 12 of #THEROADTO. If you haven't listed to the other 11 episodes, I really encourage you to. There is nothing like hearing a story from the beginning. And that is exactly what this podcast series is. It is the story of the founding and build and growth of my new company, Jo & Co. Realty Group. On this episode, I briefly talk about the struggle I have encountered when it comes to recruiting other agents. I think creating awareness for my company, my brand, and...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 68 - Early voting starts today. Balancing #momlife & #realtorlife.

Hi y'all and good morning! I have my day pretty packed and planned out, so this will be short and sweet. I have a class that starts at 9AM, which happens to be the time Mother's Day Out starts, so if you see me frazzled today, that is the main reason why. Lol. I truly hope you have a fantastic day! Love y'all, <3xojo 2-20-2018 Jordan Marie Schilleci REALTOR® & OWNER Jo & Co. Realty Group Call/Text 832-493-6685 JORDAN@BYJOANDCO.COM | BLOG.REWITHJO.COM | BYJOANDCO.COM


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 12 - Jeff Stauber | For Harris County Pct. 4 Commissioner

Jeff and I had the opportunity to sit down earlier today. Upon meeting, I actually knew very little about him. I knew his position as lieutenant in the sheriff's department, where he is the commander over the robbery and burglary unit. I also knew he was currently running for Pct 4 County Commissioner. I personally had no idea what county commissioners do for our community before today. The four commissioners and a judge, oversee the whole budget for the county. This position is extremely...