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The Podcast for Sales Professionals. Gain insights into the Sales Industry, learn about using a Sales Process and gain knowledge from an experienced Sales Professional. Hosted by Steven Croft.

The Podcast for Sales Professionals. Gain insights into the Sales Industry, learn about using a Sales Process and gain knowledge from an experienced Sales Professional. Hosted by Steven Croft.




The Podcast for Sales Professionals. Gain insights into the Sales Industry, learn about using a Sales Process and gain knowledge from an experienced Sales Professional. Hosted by Steven Croft.






Episode 21 - How to get more value out of every opportunity with Meghann Misiak

My guest today is from New York City, her name is Meghann Misiak and she is a Sales Strategist & Trainer for B2B Sales Teams. She helps salespeople shorten the path to the President's Club. Recently she took the leap into her dream job as a Sales Training Consultant. We connected on LinkedIn not long ago and I’m really glad she’s joined me as a guest on the show today. Connect with Meghann on LinkedIn


Episode 20 - Selling massage chairs with Clayton Navarro

Sales conversations with Clayton Navarro from VA World Outsourcing. In this episode Clayton tells me all about his sales experience selling massage chairs over the phone. He talks about the many challenges he faced and the process involved. How do you sell something that people really need to see and touch over the phone? Have a listen and find out. Always love talking to Clayton and hearing about his previous sales experiences. Clayton Navarro on LinkedIn


Episode 19 - Sales needs to be a win/win scenario

In the world of sales you're looking for a win/win scenario. You want your customer to feel like they've had a win because they've been given great service, they got a great deal, they'll leave a good review and will likely recommend your service to others. You need a win so that you can make money off the deal, win a repeat customer and get good reviews. In this episode I talk about why this is important.


Episode 18 - Always follow-up

This episode is all about following up with your customer. After you've gone through the sales process and given your customer a quote it's important to follow-up. Get in touch with your customer again within 24-48 hours. Listen to my insights into why this is so important.


Episode 17 - Eight basic personal needs that motivate

When I was a sales trainer for a travel agency many years ago we would provide training around 8 basic personal needs that motivate. They are : Belonging, Achievement, Advancement, Power, Responsibility, Challenge, Recognition and Excellence. We would ask our staff to choose 2 or 3 that applied to them, then we'd discuss each of the needs. They would also disucss which needs applied to their team members. Which of these needs apply to you? What are your basic personal needs that keep you...


Episode 16 - Be Clear About the Sales Process

There is a small and very important step in the Sales Process, just after Discover and before Create, it's called Be Clear About the Sales Process. It's all about taking charge of the consultation. Let the customer know what you'll be doing today during this consultation. Let them know about the sales process and the steps involved. It's your chance to take charge and also mention a few other upsells or other components of your product. This small step made a huge difference for me and...


Episode 15 - Video face to face and how to do it like a pro with Russ Macumber

Today my guest is Russ Macumber and he has some really helpful tips on selling using video conferencing. He does this on a daily basis and during 2020 we were all forced to master the video sales call. Russ talks about the free stuff and the little cost stuff. Worth a listen for anyone selling by video.


Episode 14 - DISCOVER

The Discover stage is the second step in the sales process. The 4-step process is Connect, Discover, Create, Commit. In this episode I talk all about the Discover stage. What are you as the sales person doing during this stage? What type of questions are you asking your customer? This is the exciting part of the consultation. You've having a genuine conversation with your customer and learning a lot about their situation. Ask questions and listen to your customer. Let them do all the...


Episode 13 - Sales conversations with Clayton Navarro - How to sell phone plans in a supermarket

Clayton Navarro is back! Today he tells me the story of the sales process he used when selling phone plans to shoppers at the supermarket. He has a 5-step process and he goes through each step in detail and gives many insights in how to hit sales targets. It’s not an easy job trying to sell phone plans in the middle of a supermarket and Clayton definitely gained the skills to smash it. Check out this episode for lots of hints and tips for selling effectively.


Episode 12 - How to Respond to Just Tell Me the Price with Russ Macumber

Recently I found a great Hubspot blog post called How to Respond to 'Just Tell Me the Price,' According to HubSpot Sales Reps. In this episode I have a great chat with Russ Macumber about this topic. I ask for his advice and insights into dealing with this question from a prospect. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? What’s the best way to respond? Russ and I both have a lot of experience as salespeople being asked this question. Have a listen to our advice.


Episode 11 - Sales is a performance

After a couple of years of working in sales I realised that when I'm in a sales consultation I'm putting on a performance. I'm being the best version of myself and I'm on stage so I better give it my best. So when you're in a sales consultation just remember you are putting on a performance. Be the best version of yourself. This episode is an insight into my experiences working in sales and putting on a performance.


Episode 10 - Impulse Factors with Clayton Navarro

My guest on today’s episode is Clayton Navarro. He is the Director of VA World Outsourcing. He’s had various sales roles throughout his career and he gives me insights into using Impulse Factors throughout the sales process.


Episode 9 - Sales book recommendations with Russ Macumber

Russ Macumber is back! Russ is the GM and Strategy Director at Impressive Digital. He’s been working in sales for over 15 years and he’s read about 60 books about sales. He is my go-to guy when I need a good book recommendation about anything to do with working in sales. He has some book recommendations for me and he shares some of his favourites. He talks mainly about The Transparecy Sale by Todd Caponi. We also talk about Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount.


Episode 8 - CONNECT

The first stage of the sales proces is CONNECT. This episode is an overview of what's happening at this stage. You're building rapport here so we want to appear helpful and warm and friendly. Make some chit-chat. Introduce yourself and exchange names. Build the foundations here so you can have an amazing DISCOVER!


Episode 7 - Russ Macumber - first job in sales

In today’s episode I have another great conversation with Russ Macumber, Strategy Director & GM at Impressive Digital. Russ has been working in sales for about 15 years and he gives me insights into the struggles he faced in his first job in sales.


Episode 6 - What happens if I don’t use a Sales Process?

Today’s episode is all about what happens if you work in sales and you don’t use a sales process. There are many traps you can get caught in during a consultation if you don’t follow a sales process. You’ll make mistakes and assumptions and ultimately you’ll lose more sales just because you have no sales process.


Episode 5 - Social Styles - Conversations with Russ Macumber

In today’s episode I have a great conversation with Russ Macumber, Strategy Director & GM at Impressive Digital. Russ has been working in sales for about 15 years and he gives me insights into the four different social styles that people fall into and how to adjust your own selling style to better suit the sales consultation. LINKS: Russ Macumber LinkedIn profile Impressive Digital What Type of Salesperson Are You? What is SOCIAL STYLE?


Episode 4 - Benefits of using an effective Sales Process

Today I’m going to dive deeper into the Sales Process I was taught in my first sales role. In episode 2 I introduced this process to you. I briefly explained each step and now I’m going to go into a little more detail and give you more insights into the benefits of using an effective sales process. The sales process consists of 4 main stages: Connect Discover Create Commit.


Episode 3 - How I got my first job in sales

Today’s episode is an introduction into my sales work experience. I wanted to give you an insight into where I learned everything I know so far about working in sales. If I'm going to produce a podcast series about sales it’s important for you to know who I am and how I got here.


Episode 2 - The Sales Process

This episode is all about the sales process I was taught in my first sales role. I used this process on a daily basis with every consultation and I can tell you right now, it works. I didn’t create this process, I was taught this process and it’s something that guides me throughout my sales career. Throughout this podcast series I’ll be going over each stage in more depth and giving you insights into the experiences I’ve had using them in my sales career.