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Exploring the competitive advantages, systems, and industries that move Alaska's future forward.

Exploring the competitive advantages, systems, and industries that move Alaska's future forward.
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Exploring the competitive advantages, systems, and industries that move Alaska's future forward.






When Does Import Substitution Work in Alaska - Mouchine Guettabi, Institute of Social and Economic Research

Alaska doesn't necessarily have to create new industries in order to capture more value in our economy. Mouhcine Guettabi is an economist at the University of Alaska's Institute of Social and Economic Research. He shares how little of Alaska's GDP actually stays in Alaska and shares his insights on how Alaska's economy would be significantly boosted if we played a bigger role in existing industries. If you'd like to watch the presentation, go to Go to...


The China Market: Alaska’s Opportunities in Turbulent Times - Bill Popp, AEDC

Too often Alaskans think that their market for products & service is in Alaska even though there has never been an easier time of accessing demand outside of our state and selling directly to consumers. Bill Popp of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation shares how Alaskans can use Alibaba, the e-commerce site, to reach the growing Chinese market and gives his insights on where he thinks the greatest opportunities lie. Watch the presentation here: Go...


Educating For The Future - Dr. Jim Johnsen, University of Alaska

We take it for granted that a strong economy needs a great education system. But with the rising cost of higher education, a lot of us our left questioning, is it worth it? No one thinks about this more than Dr. Jim Johnsen, President of the University of Alaska. He knows the system needs to change. Graduates need to be prepared for the economy of the future, not the past. Watch the presentation here Learn more at


Tomorrow's Year Round Tourism - Adriel Butler, Borealis Basecamp

What does it take to launch a successful business in Alaska? According to Adriel Butler of Borealis Basecamp there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but knowing your consumer is KEY. His experience of living in China informed him on the behaviors of Asian travelers; how they consume information, when they make decisions, and how they make purchases. Adriel shares how he came to create a high-end lodging experience where the main entertainment is free and the many market opportunities that...


Trading in High Heels for XTRATUFs - Amanda Clayton, Alaska Wild Guides

There are over 2.5 million visitors to Alaska each year. An increasing number don't want to sit in a bus or a large boat. They are looking to experience the real Alaska. Amanda Clayton, co-owner of Alaska Wild Guides, details her journey from commercial loan officer to Alaska Wild Guide and shares some words of wisdom to those wanting to start an adventure travel business. Watch the presentation here Go to to learn how you can move...


Crossroads of High Tech, Green Tech and Modern Mining - Mike Heatwole, Pebble Partnership

We may not have a large high tech or green tech industry . . . yet, but according to Mike Heatwole of the Pebble Partnership, both industries are highly dependent on the minerals found in Alaska. Resource development is our largest industry in Alaska. I sit down with Mike to find out if there may be opportunities Alaskans may be missing out on. Watch the presentation here Go to to learn how you can move Alaska's...


Innovate Or Die, Alaska - Chris Cochran, Innovation Collective

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho is not an Alaska town but it may just provide the blue print for one. This lake town has been known as a tourist destination for many years. But since 2013, the town has seen over 40 new Startups, hundreds of new jobs, $34 million in capital deployed and a 36,000 square foot Innovation Den housing over 50 companies developed out of an abandoned Elk's Lodge. The Innovation Collective in Coeur D'Alene was founded in 2013 with the dream to create a system that allowed for...


Can Alaska Replicate Iceland's Success? - Jim Szczesniak, Director of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

In the past 5 years, Iceland has become a major tourist stopover destination. Can Alaska do the same? Jim Szcesniak seems to think so. Watch the video of the presentation here


Learning to Know & Learning to Do: Preparing Students for Success - Dr. Deena Bishop, Anchorage School District

The world we grew up with is completely different from the world our children will be exposed to, yet, our education system dates back to the industrial revolution. Dr. Deena Bishop explores the challenges associated with educating for the world of tomorrow and how the Anchorage School District will prepare students for success. Watch the video presentation here.