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Exploring the Impact of Additive Manufacturing in the Aviation Industry

Additive manufacturing (AM) has made it possible to manufacture lighter and stronger parts. It has also allowed software to play a bigger role and this has led to increased efficiency and flexibility. One of the biggest beneficiaries of AM has been the aviation industry, which encompasses the defense, aerospace, and space industries. Uniquely designed aviation parts can now be manufactured, tested, and certified within a relatively short time frame. Joining us today is Christina Kurth, Vice...


Part II: Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry with Dale Tutt, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software

With new technology comes new opportunities. But, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with its fair share of challenges. Software developers and aerospace manufacturers alike can clearly see the potential of adopting additive manufacturing in part production. As more of the industry leans into the possibilities, they’re seeing impressive ROIs that are easily justifying the switch to additive. Whether it’s through lightweighting or easing the environmental burden, it’s clearly the way of the...


Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry with Dale Tutt, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software

As we kick off Season 2 of the podcast, we’ll be exploring the various ways in which additive manufacturing impacts different industries. Starting with the aerospace industry, there’s a lot to uncover. One of the most important considerations in aerospace comes down to weight, and the faster parts and materials can adapt to the needs of manufacturers, the quicker they can get rockets into space and planes into the sky. This is where additive manufacturing provides unique benefits. My guest...


Understanding Multiphysics Simulation

One of the three differentiators of Siemens Intelligent Performance Engineering Solution was designed specifically to meet a very demanding set of requirements. Today, manufacturers demand products that are lighter, smaller, and more complex than ever before. That calls for evermore advanced software that is able to digest a multitude of information and has the ability to effectively communicate that data so that collaboration remains seamless. Joining us again today are Rahul Garg,...


Addressing Complexity through Intelligent Performance Engineering

Digital capabilities are proving increasingly valuable in the world of industrial manufacturing. As manufacturing increases in complexity, digital solutions are proving ever more valuable for companies hoping to outpace the competition. In order to address the needs of customers, we rely on intelligent performance and accurate, information-rich simulations. My guests today are Rahul Garg, Industry Leader for Siemens Industrial Machinery, and Giulio Camauli, Industry Solutions Manager at...


Facing Challenges and Unlocking the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing with Aaron Frankel

Additive manufacturing is a greenfield technology, and it’s so rare in a career that you get to work on something brand new, where everyone is at the same level of knowledge and we are all learning how to use it, together. Its potential impact on the industry and the fact that with almost a single push of a button you can realize your products on a 3D printer is absolutely fascinating! But, as with anything new and unknown, challenges are on every corner, and engineers are working...


Quality Control and Leading Customers into the Future with Materials Solutions

Additive Manufacturing is a technology with endless potential. Because it’s still relatively in its infancy, it takes a certain level of mental gymnastics to really comprehend where it could lead us. Certain industries like aerospace, automotive, and power generation came early to the table with ideas. Starting there meant that quality standards began at the absolute pinnacle. Since then, the possibilities have kept growing, opening doors to more and more industries globally. But with any...


Creating Solutions and Managing Complex Printing: A Discussion with Siemens Material Solutions

We talk a lot in this series about how Additive Manufacturing promotes innovation. Many of the uses for this technology weren’t even conceived of when we started, and we continue to be surprised and impressed by the versatility of this technology. The capabilities of additive is a collaborative process between customers and manufacturers. We’re constantly thinking about the possibilities when customers are in search of solutions. We are discovering that the capacity for printing intricate...


Simulation Investment and the Future of Additive Manufacturing

New technology never begins in a perfect state of readiness. There are inevitably bumps in the road that need to be traversed. In the case of additive manufacturing, this process is made even more complex by its diversity of use. It’s not for a single industry or product, but rather holds potential for many industries and a countless number of highly customizable products. The possibilities are endless and the journey to perfection may be a long one, but with so much potential, the value of...


The Current Landscape of Additive Manufacturing with Aaron Frankel

There is nothing more exciting than being on the cutting edge of the next big breakthrough in technology. Additive Manufacturing has been referred to as a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we couldn’t agree more. The fast pace of innovation in 3D manufacturing means that things are changing constantly. Keeping you informed about the latest technology and emerging industry trends is what this podcast is all about. No matter which aspect of additive manufacturing you might be...


Additive Manufacturing - What It is

This episode is a podcast with Ashley and Blake on what Additive Manufacturing is. So many topics will be discussed. See for privacy and opt-out information.