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Mike and Matt share tips, strategies, services, and "how to" advice for Online Reputation Management. This is the perfect podcast for individuals and business owners looking for ways to control how they look on Google.


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Mike and Matt share tips, strategies, services, and "how to" advice for Online Reputation Management. This is the perfect podcast for individuals and business owners looking for ways to control how they look on Google.




How many Times Is My Name Googled?

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt discuss essential methods for determining how often individuals or businesses are being searched on Google. They emphasize the significance of this data for SEO and online reputation management. Matt introduces the use of Google Keyword Planner, noting its limitation of rounding to the nearest 10 searches. He then recommends the Keywords Everywhere plugin, a cost-effective Chrome extension that provides monthly search frequency. Additionally, Matt mentions the paid tool for tracking keywords and search volumes. Mike highlights the importance of monitoring how people are searching for a brand and offers a service for businesses to track relevant keywords for reputation management. The episode concludes with insights on optimizing keyword selection for common names and a reminder to consult with experts for assistance. Learn more:


Ripoff Report Removal

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt explore the challenges posed by Ripoff Report and its twin site, Ripoff Reports, both helmed by owner Ed Magedson. They discuss the historical significance of Ripoff Report, its recent resurgence, and the peculiarities of dealing with these platforms. Matt introduces the concept of a "two-for-one" solution, involving de-indexing from both sites simultaneously. They delve into the impact of Ripoff Report on online reputation, emphasizing the prominence of negative content in search results. The conversation outlines the options of removal or suppression, offering insights into when each strategy is most effective based on budget and search result placement. The episode concludes with practical advice for business owners to safeguard their online reputation and considerations when engaging with Ripoff Report. Learn more:


How To Bury Negative Images On Google

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt delve into the intricacies of image suppression, discussing strategies to push down negative images on Google search results. They highlight the common issue of mugshots and emphasize the challenges of dealing with them, along with insights into the evolution of mugshot sites. Matt explains the tactics of promoting positive content by manipulating relevance through SEO and a "click team." The hosts explore the dual approach of reinforcing existing positive content and introducing new images across various platforms. Matt shares a unique tactic to influence Google's correlation between text and images, affecting the presence of the image tab. The episode concludes with considerations on the timeline for pushing down negative images. Learn more:


The About Me Strategy for Online Reputation Management

In this insightful discussion, Mike and Matt explore a proactive strategy for individuals to manage their online reputation—the "About Me" strategy. This DIY approach involves creating compelling and unique personal profile pages on an employer's website. They delve into the benefits of this strategy, emphasizing its potential to outrank negative content on prominent company websites. The hosts guide listeners on optimizing the content, covering aspects like writing in the third person, incorporating keywords, and using engaging imagery. They offer valuable tips, including content length and uniqueness, encouraging individuals to take control of their online narrative. The episode concludes with a suggestion to consider video introductions for added personalization. Learn more:


How To Delete CaseMine Court Records

In this engaging podcast episode, Mike and Matt delve into the intricacies of, a platform akin to Reddit but with its own unique challenges. Matt offers a vivid overview, likening it to the wild west of the internet, where users can freely post content. The duo introduces a removal solution, sharing insights from a specialist who effectively removes entire threads from Quora, providing a more comprehensive solution than seen on other platforms. The discussion navigates the complexities of Quora's oversight, and Matt emphasizes the effectiveness of the removal process, showcasing its potential impact on search engine results. Learn more:


How To Bury Negative Images On Google

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss the challenges of dealing with unwanted threads on Quora and introduces a removal solution. Quora, akin to Reddit, often lacks oversight, allowing for negative or harassing posts. Matt highlights a removal specialist who successfully removes entire threads from Quora, a more comprehensive solution than on platforms like Reddit. The removal is on a pay-for-performance basis, ensuring clients only pay if the thread is successfully eliminated. This podcast invites individuals facing Quora-related reputation issues to explore this removal option, providing relief from damaging online content within a few weeks. Learn more:


0-1 Visa Requirements: Test Case Wanted

In this podcast episode, Matt explores the possibility of utilizing online reputation management services for individuals applying for an O-1 visa, designed for those with extraordinary abilities in various fields. The discussion revolves around the importance of building a strong online presence, major publications, and positive media coverage to enhance an applicant's profile. Matt proposes a case study opportunity to test the effectiveness of these services for O-1 visa candidates, aiming to help them secure entry into the United States. The episode concludes with an invitation for potential candidates to participate in the trial, receiving services at a reduced fee. Learn more:


How To Delete Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

In this podcast episode, Matt discusses the challenges individuals face with TripAdvisor reviews, a popular platform for tourists exploring new destinations. The focus is on the common issue of negative reviews affecting businesses in the tourism industry, such as hotels and restaurants. Matt introduces a new contact with a successful removal rate of about one in three reviews, significantly improving overall scores. The conversation highlights the impact of addressing negative reviews on the platform and emphasizes the effectiveness of this strategy over solely focusing on accumulating positive reviews. The episode concludes with an invitation for businesses to reach out for affordable assistance in managing their TripAdvisor reputation. Learn more:


City-Data Removal Made Easy

In this podcast episode, Matt discusses the challenges individuals face with, a popular information aggregator, especially in the context of relocation. He emphasizes the need for removal, primarily driven by concerns about personal information exposure on sites like MyLife and Radaris. Matt highlights the heightened threat for sex offenders whose details may linger on City Data even after being removed from the registry. He explains the removal process, suggesting that if one is off the registry, they can attempt removal independently, but for those still listed, professional assistance is recommended. Matt also touches on burying information through positive content creation to mitigate potential reputational harm. Learn more:


How Men Can Avoid Extortion On Seeking Arrangement

In this podcast episode, Matt discusses the potential dangers and extortion risks associated with the website "" (formerly "SeekingArrangement"). He highlights instances where users, particularly high-net-worth males, face threats and extortion attempts from individuals who obtain personal information through the platform. Matt advises users to be cautious, use alternative contact methods, and avoid sharing personal details. He recommends scrubbing online information, providing tools and services to help maintain privacy. The episode sheds light on the darker aspects of online platforms and offers practical steps for users to protect their identity and reputation. Learn more:


How to Remove Negative Indeed Reviews

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss the challenges employers face with negative reviews on Indeed, a platform where employees rate their employers. They introduce a service that offers a 50/50 chance to delete one-star or two-star reviews, with a pay-for-performance model at $500 per review. The hosts clarify the guarantee, emphasizing that clients are only charged for successfully removed reviews, providing a risk-free solution to improve employer ratings. The episode offers insights into managing online reputation for businesses seeking a positive image on employee review platforms. Learn more:


How to Delete Negative Yelp Reviews

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike delve into strategies for managing Yelp reviews, offering three options for businesses facing online reputation challenges. The first option involves attempting to delete individual bad reviews, offering a pay-for-performance solution. The second option guarantees the removal or hiding of the entire Yelp page, providing a permanent solution for those frustrated with Yelp's impact on their business. The third option, known as the "reset," involves removing the existing page and creating a new one for a fresh start. The discussion provides valuable insights for businesses looking to navigate their Yelp presence effectively. Learn more:


Online Reputation Management For Lawyers: Case Study

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt discuss a successful case study involving a lawyer facing three major online reputation issues. The attorney had negative complaints on Google Business, an unfavorable news article on a prominent outlet, and a low-rated Yelp listing. Matt explains how they strategically addressed each problem, successfully improving the Google Business rating, pushing down the negative news article to page three, and effectively hiding the Yelp listing. The lawyer experienced a significant transformation, with positive content dominating page one, reducing stress, and boosting business. The process took a few months, resulting in a satisfied client who now maintains a positive online presence. Learn more:


How To Remove Negative Suggestions From Google Related Searches

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt discuss the differences between Autosuggest and Related Searches on Google. Autosuggest, also known as Autocomplete, predicts search queries while typing, appearing at the top of the search box. Related Searches, on the other hand, show suggestions at the bottom of search results based on the completed query. Mike explains his approach to managing Related Searches, leveraging a team to perform searches and tasks, influencing Google's suggestions positively. While Autosuggest has a guaranteed solution, Related Searches may take longer, with the timeframe depending on search frequency. Mike emphasizes the importance of natural-looking search activity for effectiveness. Learn more:


How To Remove Negative Predictions From Google Autocomplete

In this podcast episode, Mike and Matt discuss the service of managing Google Autosuggest, also known as Autocomplete. They explain how Autosuggest predicts and displays search suggestions, often leading to negative content. Mike introduces two methods to address this issue: a guaranteed program with a vendor and a manual search-and-click work approach. The guaranteed method requires a low upfront fee, with the balance paid upon successful resolution. The manual approach is less expensive but not guaranteed, offering an 80% success rate. Payment terms and commitments for both options are detailed, providing listeners with insights into effective strategies for online reputation management. Learn more:


How to Edit or Remove Wikipedia Pages

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss the challenges and strategies for editing or removing a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia's strict content policies often display negative information even if it's minor or dismissed. They introduce a seasoned Wikipedia senior editor with a pay-for-performance model for edits. Success rates depend on the nature of allegations, with dismissed allegations having higher success. The editor can condense negative content and, for less-known individuals, potentially remove the page. They emphasize the case-by-case assessment and encourage clients to reach out for a personalized evaluation and assistance in managing their online reputation on Wikipedia. Learn more:


How to Remove of ComplaintBox TV Posts

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss the online reputation threat posed by Complaint, a site engaged in complaint extortion. They delve into its use of AI-generated YouTube videos to create negative content, often sourced from the Gripeo website. The duo explores the options of suppressing or removing the damaging content from Google search results and the Complaint website. They emphasize the challenges of combatting negative videos on YouTube and the ethical dilemma of paying extortionists for removal. The episode provides insights into the strategies employed to safeguard online reputations and highlights the guarantee offered by the service. Learn more:


How to Delete Negative TrustPilot Reviews

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss Trustpilot, an online review platform, and the services they offer to businesses facing negative reviews. They explore the options of removing individual negative reviews and even getting rid of the entire Trustpilot page. The duo provides insights into the success rates based on review age and login credentials availability. Mike shares a personal success story of getting his own page removed and offers a pay-for-performance approach. They discuss the importance of managing Trustpilot reviews for maintaining a positive online reputation. The episode concludes with an invitation for businesses to reach out for assistance. Learn More:


How To Delete UniCourt Court Records

In this podcast episode, Matt and Mike discuss UniCourt, a court aggregate site that pulls from the Pacer government system. They highlight the challenges of removing court records from such sites and emphasize that removal is typically free only if the record is sealed or contains sensitive information. The duo shares insights on dealing with multiple UniCourt listings, the importance of building a positive online presence, and the guaranteed, pay-for-performance UniCourt removal service they offer. The episode provides practical advice for individuals facing issues with their online reputation due to court records on UniCourt. Learn more:


What is De-Indexing?

In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss the nuances between de-indexing and deletion, often used interchangeably. De-indexing involves hiding a webpage from search engines, leaving it accessible but undiscoverable on platforms like Google. The process can be initiated by webmasters or removal services, providing a strategic approach to handling negative content. On the other hand, deletion means the complete removal of a webpage, resulting in a 404 error. The hosts clarify that removal services often prioritize de-indexing, with deletion being less common and dependent on specific circumstances. The podcast aims to educate listeners on these reputation management strategies and their implications. Learn more: