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Agile Ideas. Agility in thought. Agility in action. Where amazing things happen.

Agile Ideas. Agility in thought. Agility in action. Where amazing things happen.




Agile Ideas. Agility in thought. Agility in action. Where amazing things happen.






#067 | Leanne Elich - from Oncology to Consulting

As one of Australasia's most successful Medical Technology Business Leaders, Leanne Elich is a passionate Oncology Advocate and Global Healthcare Specialist with over 25 years experience in both clinical and corporate environments with executive leadership. Leanne has led business operations teams, sales and marketing teams, technical and support teams along with product management and advisory groups. She is a motivating team leader and mentor with a strong passion for innovation,...


#066 | Molood Ceccarelli - Remote Working, Agility, Ways of Working & Communication

Molood Ceccarelli is a remote work expert and agile coach. Her work has been published in places such as Forbes, Huffington Post and as well as Scrum Alliance, Happy Melly and Shiftup. She is often referred to as the queen of remote work. She is the CEO and founder of Remote Forever where she helps distributed companies adopt agile ways of working and helps agile companies to embrace remote work. Remote Forever also offers online courses, workshops for remote leadership and online...


#065 | PMO Joe - on PMOs, Agile, AMO Method and Mental Health

Joe Pusz has worked in project management and has been learning about the PMO throughout almost his entire life. As a result, he has become an expert and was even named one of the Top 15 PMO Influencers in the World in 2020 by the Global PMO Alliance. Joe has started his own podcast series and has founded many PMO initiatives with a strong focus, one could even say his purpose-driven, on helping others achieve their goals. He is no doubt a leading authority on all things PMO! In this...


#064 | What's going on with PMO's right now?

In this episode, I outline 3 key observations with PMO popularity right now, and three challenges that relate, then delve into an idea that could be useful for organisations and leaders alike in transforming their PMOs for the future. This episode is brought to you by the one-stop-shop for all things PMO - Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in the future, or be part of our podcast in future...


#063 | Rachel Colla - Mental Health in the Workplace, Adapting to COVID and Positive Psychology

Rachel is a wellbeing, motivation, and performance specialist, whose work has spanned multiple sectors including corporate, health, education, and not-for-profit. As a trained psychologist, she has extensive experience in bringing the science of optimal performance and wellbeing to life, to assist both individuals and organisations to thrive. Rachel is an experienced facilitator and coach with expertise in goal setting and achievement, leadership development, and wellbeing. In addition to...


#062 | End of Year Reflections - Surviving 2020

In my rawest podcast yet, I share what 2020 has meant to me and our business, the ups, and downs, and how I and like many others were tested and pushed to our limits. I hope that this raw podcast helps you on your quest for happiness. Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in the future, or be part of our podcast in future episodes, please let us know by going to Make sure you...


#061 | Insights from Winning Project of the Year, the What, the Where and the How

This one is special because it coincides with Agile Management Office's win of Project of the Year and Professional Services of the Year awarded by the most reputable Project Management body in Australia! We were so excited to win this award and have decided to record this episode to talk more about the project, what it entailed, what we were doing, and how it resulted in being such a success. Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover...


#060 | Karen Ferris - Change Management Rebel, Being Resilient, Adapting to Change and Self Reflection (Author)

Talking all things Change Management with Karen Ferris. Acclaimed internationally as an author and speaker, with industry acknowledgment of her reputation as a Thought Leader, she provides both strategic and practical advice and insights to her audiences. She is the author of 4 books regarding organisational change and resilience. Her latest publication 'Balanced Diversity: A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change' introducing a new and innovative framework for ensuring that changes...


#059 | Insights on Agile, PMO evolution, key challenges and turning the tide - PMO Influencer of the Year Finalist Keynote

A humbling experience nominated as a World Top 3 Finalist in Global PMO Influencer of the Year 2020, along with being the only finalist from Australia. I was invited to present a keynote at the World PMO Global Awards 2020 hosted by PMO Global Alliance. In this keynote/episode, I explore: You can watch the keynote on our Agile Ideas YouTube page also. This podcast is sponsored by Agile Management Office ( providing high-impact delivery execution in an agile...


#058 | Ashley Cooper - 14 Year Epic Journey Documenting Impacts of Climate Change, Climbing Mountains, 800 Rescues & Confronting Images

Ashley Cooper is a professional environmental photographer. He spent fourteen years traveling to every continent on the planet to document the causes and impacts of climate change and the rise of renewable energy. This epic journey was entirely self-funded through image sales to newspapers and magazines. Ashley then crowdfunded £45,000 to self publish the award-winning book, Images From a Warming Planet. Coopers work has appeared on the front covers of most major UK newspapers and is widely...


#057 | Julia Steel - What you need to know about change management, having courage and leadership lessons

Julia Steel is a change speaker, trainer, and coach who works with organisations to turn their great ideas into incredible outcomes. She is the author of two books Buy-in: How to Lead Change, Build Commitment and Inspire People and Unite which includes 13 messages of hope and action from the VID19 Conference which she launched in March, in response to COVID-19. Julia says we all need the courage to take action and change, and the strength to see it through. In this episode, Julia and I...


#056 | Vladimir Pacheco Cueva (Professor, Researcher, Author) - Project Academia & Industry, International Governance, Economic Diversification & Living with COVID

Vladimir Pacheco is currently an Associate Professor in Governance and coordinator of the International Studies programme at the Department of Global Studies in the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark. His current research interests include analyzing the governance mechanisms, economic policy prescriptions, and socio-economic impacts of resource extraction in Latin America and beyond. Before this position, Vladimir held senior roles in Australia with the Foundation for...


#055 | Steve Glaveski - Being Time Rich, Entrepreneurship Lessons, Innovating in a Pandemic & the Reverse Side Hustle

Steve Glaveski is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, providing services of management consulting, business consulting, and Human Resources consulting. He runs Collective Campus, recognised in 2018 as one of Australia's fastest-growing new companies by the AFR. Collective Campus is a corporate innovation and startup accelerator based in Australia and Singapore that’s been home to over 100 startups that have raised more than US$25M and has worked with the likes of Village Roadshow, BNP...


#054 | Steve Abboushi - Supporting our Youth, Advocating for Communities, Being Elected Youngest Deputy Mayor, City of Melton and Dealing with Criticism

Steve Abboushi has been a City of Melton resident for 12 years and during that time has, as a volunteer, mentored and taught highly disadvantaged young people life skills to help them lead productive lives. He has a Bachelor in Criminal Justice Administration and has worked in the State Government and not-for-profit sector. Cr Abboushi was elected to Council in 2016 and will serve as Deputy Mayor for the 2019/20 term and is the youngest to be elected. He is passionate about ensuring his...


#053 | Failing in Business and Getting Back Up to Try Again

Wanting to run a business and actually doing it are two different things, both are fraught with challenges but the journey makes it a learning adventure. I've set up two businesses, one that failed and one that is continuing to show that learning from mistakes is the right thing to do. From growing up in a migrant family to learning about entrepreneurship at a very early age. Thank you for listening to this podcast. We welcome any feedback. If you would like us to cover specific topics in...


#052 | Survive or Thrive - Evolving the Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is lagging behind Delivery to the point that they’re no longer effective. The objective of this webinar is to demonstrate the key areas which cause such lag (or disconnect) and provide insight into the various techniques which can be applied to help evolve the PMO. This webinar is based on over 12 months of research leading up to the development of an industry-first global white paper series called ‘Is the PMO still fit for purpose?’ For access go to...


#051 | Increase Your Success in Winning Government Tenders

The most important part of any business is bringing in new sales, for sales are the lifeblood of any business. One way to do this is to be securing lucrative government tenders as these tend to provide good opportunities to grow your business, though getting them is very hard. After four years in business, I've been fortunate to secure one a year but that hasn't been without its challenges. There are a lot of tenders we didn't win but we learned a lot along the way. As such this episode will...


#050 | Ten Tips to Transition from Employee to Contractor

How do you move from being a permanent employee to a contractor? This is a question I get commonly asked, in fact at least monthly someone wants to discuss this in detail. They want to know the secret formula for being a successful contractor in today’s contracting market. It’s not a secret, there is no magic formula but there certainly are things you can do to get the most out of being a contractor. After 15 years of contracting myself, I have collated my top 10 tips. Thank you for...


#049 | The Importance of Assessing Your Business Capabilities

Capabilities themselves are often misunderstood because the concept of capabilities can mean both those abilities of an individual but also capabilities at an organizational level. Reviewing these capabilities is important as it can inspire for all-round improvement. The difficulty lies in looking at the capabilities of an organization or a business and assessing how it/they can improve those capabilities and uplift them to better align their objectives and what they're trying to do...


#048 | Top 10 Challenges when Introducing Agile and What You Can Do About Them

Today, we're going to be talking about all things Agile, Agile, and challenges faced in adopting Agile, introducing Agile, or applying Agile. The reason why I thought to share this topic today and discuss it in more detail is that, through conversations with many different people around the world, it seems that there is an abundance of challenges when applying Agile or looking to introduce. I thought that I would share some of those and give some insights or ideas as to how to address them...