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A show for Real Estate Agents who are tired of running their business using strategies and methods that don't feel right. If you're looking for ways to reduce overwhelm, be more productive and create more alignment between your business and your life - this show is for you!




A show for Real Estate Agents who are tired of running their business using strategies and methods that don't feel right. If you're looking for ways to reduce overwhelm, be more productive and create more alignment between your business and your life - this show is for you!




3 Mistakes that are Impacting Your Success

In this episode, I'll be walking you through the 3 most common mistakes business owners make (that YOU are probably struggling with right now) and how to re-align yourself in order to create more happiness and success in your business. _________________________________ Don't miss out on these too!👇🏻 ⚙️ Create the Success you want with these tools and courses! 💿 Get your DISC Assessment: 🖥️ Master your Mindset Group Coaching Program:...


How to Stay Consistent with Your Routine

We all know that the more productive we are the more results we produce. BUT, productivity is more than just "doing". It's CONSISTENCY that brings true results. So today I'll be talking about how we can stay consistent with our routines of productivity _________________________________ Don't miss out on these too!👇🏻 ⚙️ Create the Success you want with these tools and courses! 💿 Get your DISC Assessment: 🖥️ Master you Mindset Group...


How to Make 2023 Your BEST YEAR to date (Before it even starts!)

How to Make 2023 Your BEST YEAR yet (Before it even starts!) Winding down at the end of 2022 is something we're all looking forward to. But, we still have to be mindful of keeping the wheels of our business turning. So don't let your business growth stop over the holidays. End the year off strong so that you can hit the ground running in 2023. In this video I cover 3 things you can start doing today to guarantee your success in 2023! ⚙️ Create the Success you want with these tools and...


THIS is why you’re not being Productive!

STOP the Procrastination Trap! You might not realize it, but procrastination is a fear response. It has nothing to do with laziness or you not be competent. It has everything to do with stressful thoughts. I'm going to show you exactly what I mean in today's video and I'm going to teach you how to overcome the traps that are holding you back from creating the success you want! _________________________________ Register for the FREE WEBINAR:...


The TRUTH About Multi-Tasking!

Is multitasking really productive? Despite popular belief, what we think is “multitasking” is actually just a series of start-stop behaviours. Tune in to this video as I share the truth behind multi-tasking and how to boost productivity with one simple change! _________________________________ Register for the FREE WEBINAR:! _________________________________ ⚙️ FREE Resources 💿 Get your DISC Assessment:...


How to Hack your Brain for Success!

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to stay consistent? Why, no matter how much we want something, we fall back into bad habits? Tune in to this episode to learn more about how to hack your brains natural mechanisms to create better habits and boost productivity. _________________________________ Register for the FREE WEBINAR:! _________________________________ ⚙️ FREE Resources 💿 Get your DISC Assessment:...


Create Success with these TWO Mindset Shifts!

In order to achieve success, there a lot of things we need to consider and sometimes the information out there and the many ways it is presented can overwhelm us. Today I'm going to be breaking it down to a few simple things. The two things you need, the two things you must focus on, and the two kinds of mindset you can start shifting towards in order to get you on that right track! Are you ready? _________________________________ Register for the FREE WEBINAR:...


How to Overcome Social Media Anxiety

Social media is such a powerful tool for your real estate business. But, it can also be extremely overwhelming and cause what I call “social media anxiety”. If you resonate with this, then join me in this video where I dive in and talk more about the most common causes, the things that are stopping you from showing up, and tips for how to overcome your social media anxiety Let's face it. As a realtor you’re expected to have some form of social media presence to drive sales and engagement to...


How To Be More Productive | My 4 Best Productivity Tips

If you're an entrepreneur, chances are you're always looking for ways to be more productive. In this episode, I share four of my favorite tips for increasing productivity and getting the most out of your day. Have you had the feeling like you don't have enough time in the day? Time is the most precious commodity for any business owner and I know just how hard it is to get anything done once the tasks come flooding in. On top of that we feel overwhelmed and stressed. Which is why today I...


How to Plan your Day the Night Before

There's no magic pill when it comes to success. However, there are certain habits that can help you set yourself up for success. One of the most important habits is starting a productive day the night before. Join me today as I talk about 3 easy and simple habits you can implement in your nighttime routine in order to set yourself up for success the next day! While there are many success strategies that people swear by, the number one strategy is actually quite simple: starting the night...


How to Close More Clients | My Best Real Estate Lead Conversion Technique

Lead conversion is an essential part of any business's sales process. After all, without conversions there would be no revenue. While there are many different methods for this, one of the most effective way is to use DiSC personality profiles. And this is what we will be talking about today. By understanding the communication style of a client, you can more effectively communicate with them. For example, leads with a high D score tend to be more direct and to the point. As such, they...


How to Overcome Perfectionism

In this week's episode, I will be sharing with you 3 tips and strategies that can help you overcome the traps of perfectionism and when to take your foot off your brake pedal behaviors— to start taking action in order to get the results that you want for your goals and your business. If you're like me, you probably have a lot of goals that you want to achieve. But, if you're going to achieve them you need to make sure you don’t get stuck in traps like perfectionism. Perfectionism is when...


3 Habits I SWEAR BY for Productivity & Focus!

We’ve heard this time and time again that habits are the foundation for success. Today I will be sharing with you the 3 habits that I swear by, and how they’ll help you be more productive and focused. In today's episode, I will be sharing with you how and why developing better habits will help you create better results in your business. Because lets face it, even though we want to do it all, it can be hard to manage! When you put these 3 habits in place you’ll be able to be more productive...


How to Effectively Communicate with Clients

Communication is Key. But, did you know communication is not about delivering the message the way you want, but rather delivering the message in the way the other person needs to receive it? In this episode, I'll be going over how to use your DISC profile to communicate effectively with different personality types! Become an expert communicator no matter which client and personality type you're talking to. Today I'll be talking about your DISC profile and the different communication styles,...


How to be Productive When Life Happens

Experiencing high levels of stress and being unable to manage overwhelm is very common among entrepreneurs especially when life outside AND inside your businesses become very VERY busy. Which is why today, in this video, I'll be sharing THREE KEY STRATEGIES that can really help you reduce the stress and manage the overwhelm when life demands your attention away from your business. Being able to stay on top of your business when life and other things demand your full attention can be...


Learn The Business Leader Formula - Get clear, be aligned and take action!

Join me today as I share with you how you can step out of the "Follow the Leader" mindset and step into the CEO ROLE in your business— Reducing your stress and overwhelm while increasing your productivity and seeing the results you want. Running a business is no joke. There’s so many moving parts, and so many things to think about that it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed. But is that really the reason we are overwhelmed? Is lack of knowledge causing the stress and overwhelm? In this...


Open Bidding - The Next Big Disruptor? with Daniel Steinfeld

In today's video, I am joined by Daniel Steinfeld, co-founder of On The Block Realty, who has been using the Auction Process for over 5 years now. He explains Open Bidding, Banning on Blind Bidding, The Auction process and goes in depth into what they all mean & how they differ from each other.


0 to 20 Transactions In Her First Year in Real Estate!

In today's video, I am joined by Angelique Panther who shares with us her journey being a realtor. From her struggles at the beginning to how she overcame those challenges! Come and join us as she talks about what helped her get from 0 to 20 transactions on her FIRST YEAR in REAL ESTATE!


How to Network Like A Pro for INTROVERTS

Join me today as I talk about some tips and strategies for networking like a pro as an introvert! Watch to see how, as an introvert, you can use your qualities and strengths in your favour to become better at networking for your business! Networking is an entirely different experience for introverted people than it is for extroverts. But does it really have to be as daunting as everyone seems to perceive it? Today I am going to be talking about networking and how even as an introvert, you...


Becoming a Better Negotiator in Real Estate

"What we do matters but only if we do it well." Suze Cumming, founder of The Nature of Real Estate and Canadian Director of The Real Estate Negotiation Institute joins us today to talk about how we can master ourselves and our business when dealing with a changing market, and what is it that TRULY defines a good realtor. In today's video, I am joined by the one and only Suze Cumming who talks about the necessary skills in order to become better negotiators and how to adapt in an ever...