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Learn Before you Leap Each Week With Us!

Learn Before you Leap Each Week With Us!


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Learn Before you Leap Each Week With Us!








#63 | How to Become a Human Resources Professional with HR Expert Pamela Taylor

Everything you need to know about pursuing a career in Human Resources, with HR Expert, Pamela Taylor. We tap into Pamela's vast knowledge of HR after working in this field for 30 years. She has done it all, seen it all and now shares it all with us! In this episode find out: √ Best Education to prepare you for a career in HR √ Which HR Certification should you pursue? √ Best training/preparation to work in HR √ How to reach senior levels in HR √ What a typical day as an HR Director...


#62 | Learn the Benefits of Taking a Gap Year with Rebecca Barr of EF Gap Year

Are you considering taking a Gap Year? Learn about the possibilities in this episode! We will explore the benefits, costs, and experiences of taking a Gap Year. Join us for an in-depth discussion with Rebecca Barr, the Strategic Partnerships Manager of Education First, an organization that has introduced millions to educational travel, language learning, cultural exchange and provide connections in 114 countries. Rebecca is no stranger to travel and international education, having studied...


#61 | Tips and Strategies for Career Services Providers and Job Seekers with Rich Feller, PhD

Do you work in career services or career development? If so, join us for an in-depth conversation with Rich Feller, PhD, a nationally known and respected leader in the career development space. We ask Rich how career coaches/counselors can best serve the public and he offers some incredible advice that you will not want to miss including the best four questions to ask your students and clients. We also discussed strategies for job seekers and Rich provides some great tips for everyone from...


#60 | Learn What it Takes to Become a Quality Assurance Engineer & Operations Manager with José Díaz Aquino

Interested in learning what it takes to become a Quality Assurance Engineer? Packaging Science expert? Our guest, José Díaz Aquino, shared that if you have eaten Cheerios in your lifetime, “I, no kidding, probably packaged it.” José shares his wealth of expertise in quality assurance engineering where he reached high levels of responsibility at General Mills. You will learn the advantages and drawbacks of working as a quality assurance engineer, what it takes to prepare for a career in...


#59 | The Future of Work and Learning with Michelle Weise, PhD | Author of Long Life Learning

What does the future of work and learning look like? What do you need to know to prepare? According to Dr. Michelle Weise, “for the future of work, we are all going to have to be very skilled problem solvers and system thinkers” and “that really does require a different approach on the part of higher-ed institutions in cultivating those kinds of learners.” Michelle’s work focuses on the bottom 25% of income earners and what needs to change to help them to overcome barriers that prevent...


#58 | Do the Humanities Have a PR Problem? With Krista Law Jackman & Molly Campbell

If you are average, you will change jobs like 14 times. Technical skill will get you that first job. But those who pivot, advance, and move into leadership positions are more likely to have… a strong foundation in the humanities. Wow. But it is STEM studies that have higher perceived value. Lecturers Molly Campbell and Krista Jackman think the humanities have a PR problem. “People think, ‘Oh, that career path doesn’t have one particular outcome.’ People are saying that like that’s a flaw...


#57 | College “Cheat Codes” and How Gen-Z Can Leverage LinkedIn with Justin Nguyen

WARNING: This is not your parent’s career advice. This is Gen Z-er, Justin Nguyen’s, careers-for-peers approach that has 18, 19 and 20-year old's binge-listening his podcast and contributing crowdsourced, real-time data for young job hunters. He leads from experience. After college-age, Justin sent out a fruitless pile of internship applications, he discovered, over a dish of ice cream, that the real path to Fortune 500 internships is networking. Then he landed three of them. While...


#56 | Learn About a Career in Hotel Management and Patient Care Services with Odette Perriel

Want to learn what it takes to reach the highest levels in hotel management? Are you currently working in the hospitality space and looking to transition to health care? If so, then this podcast episode is for you! We interview Odette Perriel, V.P. of Patient Care Services at Maine Medical Center | Maine Health. Odette reached a very high level working for the Ritz Carlton Hotel before she made the transition over to health care and patient care services. She explains how a background in...


#55 | Learn How to Become a Speech & Language Pathologist with Catherine Francoeur and Sue Caron, ASHA Certified

If you are considering a major in Communication Sciences and Disorders, or if you are thinking about becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist, then this is the podcast for you! We found the perfect combo to interview for this profession, as we have a mother/daughter team with a combined 43 years of experience in a wide variety of settings. Sue Caron, the Mom, and Cathy, the daughter, share with our listeners what it takes to become a speech and language pathologist. Cathy as the more...


#54 | Founder of Your Career Design Lab, Debra Olshan Cooper

We have an amazing guest this week. Meet Debra Olshan Cooper, a woman with 30 years of expertise in public relations and marketing, landing her clients on numerous tv shows such as Good Morning America, as the owner of FreshConnect. Debra now uses those same strategies to help recent college grads develop and pitch their own story to land amazing jobs. Debra has some great advice for recent college grads, such as, “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough” and “if you can...


#53 | Learn What it Takes to Have a Career In Business, Sales & Marketing with Jeff McAndrew, M.B.A.

Interested in a career in business? Thinking about earning an M.B.A.? Considering a career in Sales & Marketing? If so, then this podcast episode is for you! We interview Jeff McAndrew who shares his career journey, from his start at Penn State, to his work in Sales at Tyco Integrated Security (now Johnson Controls ), to earning his MBA at Northeastern University to working for a start-up called PIKA Energy to now working as the Director of Sales at Generac Power Systems. If you are...


#52 | Learn How to Become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine with David Doiron, DC, MS, CSCS

Are you considering a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine? If so, then this podcast is for you! In this episode we chat with Dr. David Doiron, an experienced chiropractor and sports rehabilitation specialist who has been in private practice since 2012. We talk about David’s undergraduate years at UNH where he majored in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and was also a NCAA Division 1 Track Athlete where he specialized in the Decathlon. We also discuss what chiropractic school was...


#51 | Learn How to Achieve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Organization with Janice Z. Gassam, PhD author of Dirty Diversity

Interested in learning how to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace? If so, this podcast episode is for you! We interview Dr. Janice Z. Gassam, an experienced consultant and founder of BWG Business Solutions. Janice helps organizations interested in making positive changes. Janice also recently released her first book on Juneteenth called Dirty Diversity: A practical guide to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace for all. Janice also hosts a podcast called, Dirty...


#50 | Learn About a Career/Academic Major in Science/STEM Fields from, Amanda Reynolds, PhD

Are you interested in Science? Do you want to learn about career options that are available to you with a degree in science? Are you considering an academic major in Molecular Biology and Chemistry or Biomedical Engineering? If so, then this podcast episode is for you! Today we interview Amanda Pellowe Reynolds, an extremely accomplished young woman with her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree in “BioChem” from Gettysburg College. Amanda shares in...


#49 | Learn Insider Job Seeking Tips from an Executive Headhunter and Founder of the McGehrin Group: George McGehrin

Are you a job seeker interested in landing a high-level, executive position? Or, are you a business owner/hiring manager that is in need of a high-level executive? Or, are you just starting out in your career and looking for some great tips from a pro recruiter on how to launch a successful career? If so, then this podcast episode is for you! In this episode, we talk with George McGehrin, founder of The McGehrin Group, a firm that specializes in executive talent acquisition. George provides...


#48 | Monday Mashup: Meg and Bobbie Discuss Their Presentation to the Maine Career Development Association

In today's "Monday Mashup," Meg and Bobbie discuss their recent experience of presenting a 75 minute workshop to the Maine Career Development Association, on Podcasting and YouTube as a Career Development and Job Seeking Tool. Bobbie & Meg really enjoyed the experience and of course it wasn't without its mishaps which we discuss in this podcast. The presentation was a part of the MCDA's bi-Annual State Conference. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the MCDA had to shift the conference to a...


#47 | Learn How to Become an Urban & Regional Planner with Mikaela Gerry, AICP

Today we have a very special guest on the podcast… Meg’s daughter and Bobbie’s niece, Mikaela Gerry. Mikaela shares with our listeners what it takes to become an Urban and Regional Planner. If you are interested in a career as an Urban or Regional Planner, then this podcast is for you! Mikaela talks about her entire journey to becoming a planner…. from her undergraduate years at Gettysburg College, to her graduate years at the SUNY Albany, her internships, landing her first planning job,...


#46 | Monday Mashup: Meg Gets Interviewed and Bobbie's Son Graduates!

Meg was a guest on Mac Prichard's Podcast Find Your Dream Job and in today's Monday Mashup we talk about what that experience was like for Meg. She shared some great tips on how to achieve career clarity and what you can do to narrow down your career choices to one that is right for you. Check it out and send her some love! Bobbie's son Christian graduated from Tufts University on May 17th and she talks about their stab at celebrating his graduation amidst Covid...some successes and some...


#45 | How to Help Your Teens Plan for Their Future with Emma Perez

Do you want to learn how teens can make thoughtful decisions about their future? Join us for today’s podcast where we interview Emma Perez, founder of Life Quest. Emma is a mentor and coach to teens and young adults. With Life Quest she guides students through self-discovery, career exploration, and vision creation. As the author of What's the Point of School: Ed Transformation, a Matter of Life and Death, Emma is pushing the education transformation movement forward. We had a great...


#44 | Mother's Day Monday Mashup

Bobbie and Meg recall a funny story about their Mom in this brief, four minute episode! This Monday Mashup (that is being released a day early) is dedicated to all of the wonderful Moms out there! Happy Mother's Day everyone! Join Our Podcast Email List! Follow Our Podcast: Website: Listen To Our Podcast Here YouTube Channel Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram All Things College and Career Meg's LinkedIn Bobbie's LinkedIn ACADEMIC & CAREER ADVISING SERVICES: Visit Website: Academic...