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Could YOU improve your small business by 1% each week? Get more customers, make more money - WITHOUT working harder - with the ambitious, lifestyle business podcast.


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Could YOU improve your small business by 1% each week? Get more customers, make more money - WITHOUT working harder - with the ambitious, lifestyle business podcast.




"I grew my business by 75% last year... and it nearly broke me!"

Nicky Thomas is the founder of The Growth Community, a networking group that promises “Real Community Business Networking”, with relaxed, purposeful networking, and no membership sales pitches. Nicky joined the One Percent Club 18 months ago, and as a result, grew her business by 75% in her first 12 months of membership. That huge level of growth doesn't come without a cost, however, and it's this cost that we talk about in today's episode - the price small business owners pay for growth. This episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast (together with another 106 episodes from the back catalogue) is available wherever you listen to your podcasts.


"I want EVERYTHING I do to have an impact..."

Graeme Tennick is Chief Impact Officer at Tennick Accountants, where he isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves, and is on a mission to empower trades and professional services business owners who know the grind of long hours, minimal returns, and the frustration of hefty taxes. The word "impact" runs through today's episode - Graeme talks about the impact of his father's forklift business on him as a young man, the impact of making a few wrong decisions (and more than a few right ones!). As I implore readers of The False EXIT to "truly live and breathe" their vision and values, Graeme is doing just that - demonstrating how small business owners can impact their own lives, as well as those of their immediate family, team of co-workers, clients - and ultimately leave the world a better place. How will YOU have an impact today?


TWO pieces of TIME-SENSITIVE information...

I've got two pieces of time-sensitive information to share with you today - one involving an 82% discount, and on that could (literally) change your life. But BOTH require some action in the next 8 days...


"I REFUSE to take no for an answer..."

Never give up in business. If there's one piece of advice that today's guest Alastair Imray embodies, it is this. Alastair's business career began with no qualifications and no money but a determination to start his own business. Alastair has proven that hard work, determination, constant learning and never giving up has been the key to running a successful business. Wearing a Nike "Just Do It" T-short, Alastair tells us: How he sold anything and everything - from ice cream on Bondi Beach, to items he found in dumpsters. Why you should never give up in business. How Michael Lieberman became a hero to Alastair. A few dozen of the business books that helped shape his success. How Alastair won a contract with his dream supplier - by refusing to take no for an answer! Exactly how Alastair removed himself from the day-to-day "on the tools" running of his business.


"Exit Strategy for Small Business"

What's the best Exit Strategy for a Small Business? It depends... In this summer-special podcast, John and Jason discuss their (many!) failed attempts to exit their small business over the years, including: Thinking they sold their company for £2m - only to get a Dear John email. John giving away 49% of his small business for free What happens when you abdicate rather than delegate. How to choose the right exit strategy for small business owners. Why "doing nothing" isn't really an option. How John and Jase discovered the "False EXIT" - and why they're glad they did!


How to Exit Your Business (and STILL own it!)

Do NOT sell your business... At least not until you've read John's new book - The False EXIT. The False EXIT isn't a book about selling your business. It's a book about NOT selling your business - it's about keeping, rather than killing the golden goose. The book is available NOW on Amazon (in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover formats), with the Audiobook version coming in January 2024. For the next 48 hours, there's some VERY special launch pricing, making the book as cheap as it will ever be. In John's words, "fill your boots! Buy 1 copy, 10 copies or even 100. Get one for clients, colleagues and people you vaguely like - anyone who needs to read this book." In this episode, John practices his narration for the audiobook (only stumbling over the phrase "lugging buckets") by reading the introduction for us - enjoy!


"I've got a 120-year plan - including climbing Everest!"

How many goals is too many? If you're today's guest Nathan Pascoe, there is no limit! In this episode, Nathan explains: Why he has a 90-day plan AND a 120-year plan. The importance of reviewing your goals twice a day. How everything he does is for his "future self" The relentless focus on high value tasks (such as sending Weekly Emails) Why Nathan focuses on the "long game" How he achieves just about ANYTHING he sets his mind to. Why John calls him "the most ambitious, ambitious lifestyle business owner we've ever had on the show!"


"To live longer, get stronger..."

"To live longer, get stronger..." Today, on the Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast, we're joined by Matt Fox from Physiocore, a group-based class which helps people to live longer and get stronger, by future-proofing their bodies with a unique combination of mobility, core, balance and strengthening exercises. As a Physiotherapist with a degree in sport science, he has worked in the NHS, private practice and spent over 10 years working full time in professional football at Manchester City and Bolton Wanderers FC. Matt has helped many hundreds of people create a flexible and strong body with a view to keeping active and healthy for life. In this episode, Matt tells us: How we can outperform our age. Why we should avoid "junk miles" - for our bodies AND our business. How he's used the Evergreen Assets ecosystem, and the Could Do List to improve his business. Why it took hearing the "constant, never-ending improvement" message more than 100 times before the penny dropped. The moment he designed his own ambitious, lifestyle business, camping in his back garden with his kids. That he's a bit of a routine machine...


"I was hospitalised due to overwork..."

In this episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast, we meet Stephen Gibbens from Accountech. A culture of overwork led to Stephen collapsing in his car, fearing a heart attack - or worse. He'd spent decades growing his business and had no desire to become the richest man in the graveyard. In the hard-hitting episode, Stephen tells us: Why overworking is bad - for your health and your wealth How to spot the symptoms of overwork. Why he never considered his to be a lifestyle business. How Jim Collin's Hedgehog Concept changed his thinking. Why "clients with very little money" are his perfect niche.


"Our 100th Episode..."

"Our 100th Episode..." In December 2016, I uttered the immortal words to Jason: "Do you fancy starting a podcast?" Just over six years, and 99 episodes later, the Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast is about to hit the 100 episode milestone - something that seemed impossible when I felt like quitting after 6 months. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - consistency is a superpower. How did we get to 100 episodes? One episode at a time, one month at a time. We found a way to make it easy. We mastered the art of showing up, every single month. We made it FUN. Including THIS special, 100th episode, recorded in front of a live audience of listeners and previous guests. Here's to the next century!


"I made ONE decision - and it changed my life..."

"I made ONE decision - and it changed my life..." In this episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast, we meet Roger Haycock from Roger's Bakery. One decision led to us talking to Roger today. That one decision, made on 30th December 2020, led to a succession of domino-effect decisions that have profoundly changed Rogers's life as he embarks on his "third challenge". Roger tells us that: One decision started it all. He is naturally curious, wanting to find out how things work. How food poisoning led to him starting a conservatory business! His secret ingredient for artisan bread - FIRE! How Routine Machine motivated him to change "routines that weren't working" Roger's advice for anyone looking to make ONE decision to change their life. How you can learn ANYTHING from personal development books.


"I'd advise people NOT to join the One Percent Club..."

In this episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast, we chat with James Crow from Posture Stars. James is an Ergonomist, Posture Pro, and Alexander Technique Teacher who *won't stop* until you can sit and work comfortably without pain. With over 15 years of experience helping people sit, stand and live with better posture, it's his mission to save the universe from the modern pandemic of slouching, slumping, and generally feeling run down! James tells us: Why "sitting is the new smoking". 3 simple improvements we can ALL make to improve our posture. The daily routines that help him hit his goals. What three months of weekly 1% improvements looks like. How seeing other people failing helps James. The effect that Jim Collins' book Good to Great has had on James' business. Why James does want ANYONE else to join the One Percent Club.


"I lost my dream job - and created my dream business..."

In this episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business Podcast, we meet Tom Edwards from Tom Edwards Sound and Five29 - a company which specialises in final post-production services for factual content - helping make TV shows such as Cash in the Attic and The One Show sound amazing. We discuss: Why losing his dream job forced Tom to become a "reluctant business owner" How to find your niche in business. What good sound actually sounds like. Why Tom said "yes" to every opportunity that came his way - and how he discovered the "hell yeah or no" mindset. How quickly the "hell yeah or no" goalposts move - and former dream clients/opportunities can become nightmares The upcoming 100th episode of the ALB podcast - and how you can take part! How Tom embraced the Dream Clients strategy - with amazing results in just two weeks! 90's WWF wrestlers - yes, really!


"Why this Money Mindset book is my book of the year…"

"Why this Money Mindset book is my book of the year…" So here it is - Merry Christmas! Everybody’s… designing their 2023 goals. In this Christmas special, John and Jason put the year to bed, and the world to rights. The boys discuss: Their books of the year - including the money mindset book that will be crucial to read in the current economic climate. Why John is learning how to care less about work - dialling down his ambition and slowing down. How “constant never-ending improvement” has actually been around for centuries. The upcoming 100th episode of the ALB podcast - and how you can take part! Why grown adults are competing to win an inflatable flamingo - and learning how to work less in the process. The False EXIT - John’s new book, coming out (sometime!) in 2023. It’s definitely NOT a DCI Lamerton crime thriller!


"How To Grow a Small Business Into a Large Business..."

In this episode, John and Jason are joined by Vicky Jinks, who works with the boys, helping to look after One Percent Club members. Together, they discuss how to grow a small business into a large business - using the same “1% better each week” strategy that they preach. You’ll hear:: Why people's definitions of “small” and “large” businesses are highly individual. How even the largest, trillion-dollar businesses started as tiny upstarts. The importance of getting started. Accepting that version 1.0 will look nothing like version 10! When to stop growing.


"I hid under a table during a military coup..."

Today, we're joined by Caroline Gurtler from Curious Rose. In this episode, you will hear: How Caroline showed tremendous bravery to be brutally honest about her problems - and how that led to an outpouring of help that turned things around How to balance "selling out of products" versus simply "selling out" Why Caroline took a 1-year-old baby to Cambodia. How, after hiding under a table during a military coup, Caroline doesn't really fear anything. Caroline describe her journey as a "road to entrepreneurship, paved with disasters"! What an ambitious, lifestyle business means to Caroline.


My ALL-TIME top 10 business books.

This is it - the BIG one! My all-time top 10 business books. I’ve read more than 1,000 business books over 20+ years – and these are my top 10 business books of all time. The TEN most read, most thumbed, most recommended, most highlighted, most implemented business books on my bookshelf. I’ve read every one of these books multiple times, and they’ve become an essential part of my small business toolkit. I couldn’t run my businesses anywhere near as well without them. While I rarely prescribe “one-size-fits-all” book recommendations, I truly believe that every small business owner will have a significantly better business if they have these ten books on their shelves too. I hope you’ve enjoyed my definitive top 100 best business books – I’d love to hear from you (email me -, whether you’ve just read a book that you think I’d enjoy – or just want to tell me how wrong I am for not including your favourite book in the top 100! Additionally, I’d love to hear from you if my favourite books have inspired you to read more. Remember though, to read the books AND follow the instructions!

"I broke my leg - and FIXED my business..."

Today, we're joined by Michele Marsland from Marslands Accountants. In this episode, you will hear: Why breaking her leg was the best thing that ever happened to Michele's business. How Michele has become the Queen of the Let Property Campaign. Why Michele played "chapter roulette" with Routine Machine. How to change your money mindset - optimising your actual hourly rate. The subtle difference between earning £5 an hour and £95 an hour. Why Michele lives in "Pink Flamingo Land" - and how YOU can too!


My Top 10 Customer Service Books

Here are my Top 10 Customer Service Books, featuring titles by Pat Flynn, Roger Dooley, Nir Eyal, James Sinclair and Joey Coleman. This is part of my Top 100 Best Business Books project - do you agree with my choices? - what book(s) should I have chosen? What's YOUR number one?

My Top 10 Business Strategy Books

Here are my Top 10 Business Strategy Books, featuring titles by Dan Bradbury, Matthew Syed, Daniel Priestley, John Warrillow, and Mike Michalowicz. This is part of my Top 100 Best Business Books project - do you agree with my choices? - what book(s) should I have chosen? What's YOUR number one?