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Leadership and Regional Expansion of DocDoc with Grace Park

Grace Park, co-founder & president of DocDoc joined us in a conversation about leadership and regional expansion of DocDoc in Asia. Grace started the conversation, narrating her background as a military officer with the US army and how she moved subsequently from a military career into a business executive in notable healthcare companies. Grace shared the backstory behind the founding of DocDoc as a leading patient intelligence company from her perspective and offered her perspectives in how...


Venture Capital in Southeast Asia with Justin Hall

In episode 310, Justin Hall, partner from Golden Gate Ventures joined us in a conversation to discuss the state of venture capital in Southeast Asia. Justin shared his career journey in how he progressed from an associate to a partner within one of the well-known venture capital firms in Southeast Asia and explained what he has learned over the years from working with startup founders and companies. From there, Justin extended the conversation to offer his perspectives to how the...


Digital Transformation and Real Estate with Wilma Gerber

In episode 309, Wilma Gerber, the chief operating officer for project and development services in JLL Asia Pacific, joined us for a conversation on digital transformation in the real estate industry. Starting from her work in building technology before the iPhone turned the smartphone mainstream to building the 4G network in India which becomes Reliance Jio, she offered the important lessons that explained the intersection of business and technology. Moving forward, she offered her...


Smart Cities Success with Charles Reed Anderson

In episode 308, Charles Reed Anderson joined us to discuss the recent report "Smart Cities Success: Connecting People, Proptech and Real Estate" which he collaborated with JLL. Charles discuss the major findings in the report and examine the role that governments are playing in shaping the concept of smart cities. Continuing the conversation, Charles shares the opportunities and challenges for different countries in Asia Pacific from China to India and offers his perspectives to where we are...


South China Morning Post and Perspectives on Media with Gary Liu

In Episode 307, Gary Liu, the chief executive officer of South China Morning Post (SCMP), joined us to discuss the vision and mission of the media outlet and offer his perspectives on media across Asia Pacific. We started with Gary sharing his career story and how he came to lead SCMP. He discuss the core audience of the media outlet and the new content and innovations that is driving the transformation of SCMP. Last but not least, Gary offered his perspectives on the current trends driving...


The Tech Cold War with Tim Culpan

In Episode 306, Tim Culpan, columnist from Bloomberg, joined us in a conversation to discuss the tech cold war. Starting from the definition when the event started with US ban on Huawei, Tim explained how the global technology supply chain will be affected in the process from Foxconn, TSMC to Apple. Tim also offered his perspectives on the recent change in leadership within Foxconn, Alibaba's listing in Hong Kong as a hedge and the impact fo the tech cold war on SoftBank's Vision Fund. Here...


The Laws of Human Nature with Robert Greene

In episode 305, Robert Greene, author of the famous "48 Laws of Power", joined us in a conversation to discuss his latest book "The Laws of Human Nature". We dived deep in Robert's background and how he was inspired to write the "48 Laws of Power" and subsequently his other books that led eventually to "The Laws of Human Nature". We discuss how business leaders can learn to lead in difficult times and how to navigate the current climate of populism by understanding the laws of human...


Xiaopeng Motors and the state of EVs in China with Rui Ma

In episode 304, Rui Ma, co-founder of Transformative Technology Academy and co-host of the Techbuzz China podcast joined us in a conversation to discuss Xiaopeng Motors and extending the conversation to analyse the state of electric cars (EVs) market in China. We dived deep to the origins of Xiaopeng Motors with its legendary founder, He Xiaopeng, and how it amassed a huge and massive funding from Alibaba Group and other investors. From there, we bring in the other key players: Nio, WM...


The US Ban on Huawei and Peak Smartphone with Bryan Ma

In Episode 303, Bryan Ma, vice president from IDC joined us to discuss the US ban on Huawei and its implications to the smartphone market across the world. We dived deep to how Huawei will be crippled by being on the US entity list and whether Samsung will make a comeback due to this surprise turn of events. Next, we discuss the major smartphone and PC trends across Asia Pacific, the recent foldables fiasco by Samsung and what the next innovation for smartphones might be on the...


The Landing Pad with Austrade & Perspectives on Southeast Asia with Taliessin Reaburn

In episode 302, Taliessin Raeburn, the trade commissioner to Singapore with Australia Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) discuss the landing pad program in Singapore and shared his perspectives on business entry into the highly diverse Southeast Asia market. We began with an introduction to Austrade and the landing pad programs across the world and specifically zoom into the recent interesting initiatives achieved by the Landing Pad in Singapore. We discuss how Austrade helps...


Tencent Q1 2019 Earnings and Wechat 7.0 with Matthew Brennan

In episode 301, Matthew Brennan from China Channel joined us in a conversation to discuss Tencent's Q1 2019 earnings and how the latest version of Wechat app is now evolving with the consumers and enterprise. We discuss the recent Q1 earnings of Tencent and how the company is moving ahead with the obstacle of getting games approved in China. Then we dive deep into Wechat 7.0, the super app's latest iteration, the new features and why the Wechat enterprise is not given a serious look from...


Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Bernard Leong

In our episode 300, our host Bernard Leong will be interviewed on everything under the sun on Analyse Asia. With the interview conducted by Carol Yin, co-producer of the podcast, Bernard started with a couple of major announcements for Analyse Asia. Next, Bernard answered many interesting questions posed from the audience of the show such as: (i) the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southeast Asia, (ii) who will win the race between Grab and Gojek, (iii) fun and interesting...


Episode 299: Can we invest into technology companies from China? with James Hull

James Hull, co-host of China Tech Investor podcast and founder of Hullx, joined us to discuss whether we can invest into technology companies from China. We start our conversation with James' background and how he came to China and work in the realm of investments with different funds and capital groups. James explained how he assembled together a portfolio of technology companies and discuss the major misconceptions about investing into Chinese companies. Last but not least, we dig deeper...


Episode 298: Employee to Entrepreneur with Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski, host of Future Squared podcast and founder of Collective campus, returns to our podcast to discuss his latest book "Employee to Entrepreneur: How to earn your freedom and do work that matters" and offered his thoughts to how the podcasting movement in Asia Pacific is evolving. We dived deep into why and how Steve wrote the book and his thoughts on how one should build the entrepreneurial mindset in his or her career. Podcast Information: RSS FeedApple...


Episode 297: Gojek vs Grab - Dawn of the Super App with Jon Russell

Jon Russell, reporter from TechCrunch, joined us in a conversation about the continuing war between Gojek and Grab with the dawn of the super app. We started our conversation on Honestbee's recent predicament, the growth in series B-D funding for startups across Southeast Asia and Eduardo Saverin's B-Capital recent raising of 406M for their fund. Then we dived deep into Grab vs Gojek and their narrative from fundraising valuation to the paradigm of super app, and discuss whether each of them...


Episode 296: Disrupting Japan with Tim Romero

Tim Romero, chief technology officer for TEPCO Ventures and host of "Disrupting Japan" podcast, joined us in a discussion on the entrepreneurial technology ecosystem of Japan. We started with Tim's background and how he built his podcast to discuss startups & innovation in Japan. Subsequently, Tim dived deeper into the current evolution of the Japanese startup ecosystem, highlighting the key verticals from space, robotics and consumer Internet, the cultural changes that have taken place in...


Episode 295: Docdoc & Digital Healthcare in Asia with Cole Sirucek

Cole Sirucek, CEO and co-founder of Docdoc, joined us to discuss the evolution of his digital health startup leading in patient intelligence and shared his perspectives on digital healthcare across Asia. We started from Cole's early career highlights particularly his time with Temasek and subsequently, the backstory to how Grace Park, his wife and he both started Docdoc and how the company transformed both the healthcare and insurance space. Last but not least, Cole discuss the major trends...


Episode 294: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation across Asia Pacific with Joyce Yang

Joyce Yang, founder of Global Coin Research is back on the podcast to share an overview of the regulatory landscape for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency across Asia Pacific with China included. She discuss the major misconceptions on the regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain by governments across Asia Pacific and how startups and major corporations need to do in order to navigate the ever changing industry with blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Episode 293: Insights into Huawei's recent troubles with Zen Soo

Zen Soo, technology reporter from South China Morning Post (SCMP) and host of Inside China Tech, joins us for a conversation on Huawei's recent troubles. We begin with Zen's introduction of her coverage with SCMP, and the interesting story of her podcast. Then Zen dived deep into Huawei's recent troubles which include the arrest of their CFO, Meng Wanzhou in Canada, and the fallout between China and US on 5G with Huawei in the centre, and its implications to the other Chinese technology...


Episode 292: RHL Ventures & Venture Capital in Southeast Asia with Rachel Lau

Rachel Lau, managing partner of RHL Ventures joined us in a conversation to discuss their newly formed venture capital firm and discuss her perspectives on venture capital trends in Southeast Asia. Rachel began the conversation with her background and how RHL Ventures is formed under a group of well-established family businesses behind them, their investment thesis and the verticals which they are currently focused on. She also offered her perspectives on how one need to think of Southeast...