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Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse

Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse
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Keep on Hashing! The most engaging blockchain podcast you'll find! Join Neal and Nathan as we look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, all manner of other cryptocurrencies, interview noteable Blockchain startups, and look at the economic forces that shape the cryptoverse






#150 - Interview with Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz

Today we speak with Alex Dreyful, CEO of Chiliz. Their main product, is a digital sports club membership platform based on blockchain, where you can become a member of your favourite sports team and use that membership to vote, having an influence on decisions that team makes. Chiliz uses their tokens as rare and collectible club memberships, allowing sports teams to interact more directly with fans in a decentralized way. Will this lead to professional teams being renamed to...


#149 - Ethereum Hard Fork on the Horizon

On Wednesday Ethereum will implement their Constantinople hard fork (Although it's Istanbul not Constantinople...). This is the next phase in their road map to transition from an electricity intensive proof of work system to a proof of stake system. But what does this mean, and what are the tradeoffs? Ethereum is the granddaddy of programmable blockchain, with a well established token economy and large community of miners. This move has been well planned and thought through but even so, a...


148 - Interview with Antonius Link, Cofounder of Hygh AG

Everyone is expecting security tokens to be paving the way for the future. Companies don't need a completely decentralized protocol to take advantage of the benefits of token-based revenue shares and liquid equity trading. Hygh AG is doing just that. Their system is a marketplace allowing people with outdoor advertising screens to dynamically connect with advertisers, reducing the barrier to entry, and they have incorporated a token model that allows holders to share the revenue. What will...


#147 - Incentivize This!

Blockchain is more than just digital money that we hope will go to the moon so we can get a Lambo. Blockchain is a way of creating entirely new economics and incentive structures so we can create digital platforms and infrastructures that don't rely on a central company keeping control of all the value or information. As we move forward to the new year we need to think of the new projects and new incentive models that will define the future of Blockchain. But what is an incentive model...


#146 - Outlook for 2019 with Sebastian Markowsky, GP Bullhound

It's a new year, but what will the new year bring? Instead of merely prognosticating, we went to someone with his finger on the pulse of all things crypto. Sebastian Markowsky is a Director at GP Bullhound, a prominent M&A and Advisory firm. Sebastian heads the blockchain and crypto initiatives of the firm. GP Bullhound recently released a report on their Technology Predictions for 2019, and we are grateful to Sebastian for sharing his insights on which direction he sees the winds blowing...


#145 - Will 2019 be the year of Bitcoin Maximalism?

If there's one voice that has been a constant in crypto it has been the voice of Bitcoin Maximalism - the viewpoint that Bitcoin will ultimately replace all fiat currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, and others and become the currency of a new world order. The view holds that as these traditional currencies and markets fail, people will move to crypto because it's decentralized, trustless and predictable. With a weakening US Dollar and threats of a global recession, 2019 may be the year that...


#144 - All about stablecoins

Hope your holiday is going great! In the past few months Neal and Nathan have talked a lot about stable coins and speculated on how 2019 might be the year of stable coins. But how do they work exactly, and if more projects use them how will that shake up the industry? In this post-Christmas down time, Nathan takes a look at different stable coins, and the tradeoffs associated with their rise to...


#143 - Xmas Retrospectus

Happy holidays from Analysis in Chains! This year Neal wished for Bitcoin to be worth $25,000. We don't know if Santa will deliver but we took the opportunity to discuss how the crypto industry played out this past year and speculate on what 2019 will bring. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Telegram! Better than slack!...


#142 - Interview with Dusk.Network, Jelle Pol and Emanuele Francioni

Even in a bear market, everyone is excited for security tokens and STOs. But not everyone wants all their holdings and trades to be public. What if there was a way to maintain privacy on your Security Token Trades without running afoul of the regulators? This is what Jelle Pol and Emanuele Francioni were attempting to address when they founded the Dusk Network. They created a complex blockchain incorporating obfuscation and zero knowledge proofs that allow companies to issue security...


#141 - Interview with Faith Titus, CEO e Wealth Atlantic

Greetings lovelies! We are preparing for the holidays, so today we will not do the traditional Monday Neal and Nathan episode. Instead we present you with an interview Nathan conducted with Faith Titus, on his recent trip to Nigeria. Faith is the CEO of e Wealth Atlantic, a blockchain and crypto training organization, and cofounder of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group which boasts over 5000 members. Nigeria is arguably the most important country for African economic development, and there...


#140 - Interview with Humayun Sheikh, CEO of Fetch.AI

Will AI Eat the world or will it benefit everyone? Fetch.AI hopes the latter. Today I chat with Humayun Sheikh, CEO and Cofounder of Fetch.AI. They are building a blockchain platform that lets developers monetize their prediction AIs with the hope that the benefits of AI and data will be available to all instead of centralized with large corporate entities. We talked about what decentralization really means in the economy of the future and how it can be at odds with the core business...


#139 - Exchanger Danger

Hash rates have gone down all around the cryptoverse with the continued downward trend of crypto prices. But another danger lurks in the corner - With lower volumes and profitability there's a possibility of consolidation in crypto exchanges as smaller exchanges close and larger exchanges add new trading pairs. This means there is a danger of losing our crypto if we are keeping it on an account in an exchange. Therefore now is the time to look at exchanges. What are they, why are there so...


138 - Blockchain 4 Africa - APG Debrief with David Doepel

Nathan has been travelling! At the end of November 2018, Nathan was invited by former Nigerian President Obasanjo to attend the formal inauguration of the Africa Progress Group in Abeokuta Nigeria. There has been a high interest in blockchain's potential to address corruption, and so Nathan participated in a side event on blockchain hosted by Murdoch University and the African Development Bank. There was an incredible amount of enthusiasm toward blockchain from some of the most powerful...


#137 - Hash rated, difficulty, and tinfoil hats

There's blood on the crypto floor and we all want to know why. That's why we are releasing a bonus episode this week! Some of the statistics we watch are the Bitcoin hash rates and the hash difficulty. Both are going down right now, and so we have a talk about what they are, what it means now that they're going down, then we truly break out the tinfoil hats and speculate on how likely it is that a big crypto conspiracy is manipulating the price! A good time is had by all, so come and join...


#136 - Real Blockchain, Real Estate!

Greetings fellow hashers! Today Nathan is travelling, so the dynamic duo pre-recorded an episode talking about the potential to tokenize real estate. Hopefully no major crypto news has broken this week! What rights should be granted to a holder of a real estate token? Is it truly a security? If equity in your home is traded with a security token on a blockchain, can someone perform a hostile takeover of your home? We speculate on it all...


#135 - Interview with Jamal Hassim of

Is there still utility in a utility token? Does a bear market mean no more ICOs? Jamal Hassim, CEO of Bolt.Global doesn't think so. Bolt is a decentralized, blockchain based content delivery system optimized for mobile in emerging markets. They have been operating for over 2 years now delivering 5-7 minute videos with a token-based infrastructure that helps independent content creators avoid the pitfalls of being dominated by the big players. They firmly believe that those with good...


#134 - The Sky is Falling!

Apparently all it takes is Nathan leaving the continent for a few minutes and bam, Bitcoin falls through the floor! Well... maybe it's not all Nathan's fault. So today our heroes try to pick up the pieces and make sense of this crypto bear market. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***News Flash*** Join us on Telegram! Better than slack!...


#133 - Interview with JP Thieriot, Universal Protocol Cofounder and Head of Strategy

Blockchains do not like to talk to each other. Universal protocol aims to change all that. Today we talk with JP Thieriot, Cofounder of Universal Protocol, allowing an exchange of assets between different blockchains. Universal wraps digital assets in an ERC-20 token allowing a seamless experience of transferring digital funds. We touch on the topics of tradeoffs and what the balance should be between decentralization and usability in the blockchain...


#132 - Fork Off, BCH!

The indicators can all be positive, but we all know that unexpected events can throw all of our projections in a tizzy. This week we were all hit by the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Bitcoin Cash is in the middle of a civil war with two factions splitting into different coins, and each attempting to sink the other. Craig Wright, pretender to the Satoshi Nakamoto throne, is with one faction, BCH SV, and Jihan Wu from Bitmain with the other, BCH ABC. It's a fight to the finish in a war of...


#131 - Interview with Daniel Bar, Cofounder and Chairman of Tenzorum

If blockchain protocols remain difficult to use, we will not see mass adoption. Gas prices, exchanges, multiple tokens to use a simple DApp... these are all challenges that Tenzorum is striving to overcome. Today we talk with Daniel Bar, Tenzorum's Cofounder and Chairman about the importance of onboarding and how at each major crypto jump we see the creation of a new base of code and tools that can help prepare the way for a true crypto mass...