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44: How to Transform Your Marketing Funnel Using Content Consumption Data with Nick Edouard

Content is no longer the king but relevancy is what really matters. Consumers are becoming smarter than the companies in terms of getting key information to make purchase decisions. In this show, we invited Nick Edouard who is the president and Chief Product Officer at PathFactory. Nick has spent his career identifying what type of content clicks with buyers and he went on to build a company around it. Originally called LookBookHQ, Nick's company Pathfactory allows organizations to increase...


43: 7 Strategic Steps to Implementing a MarTech Platform

MarTech is short for Marketing Technology. In the last seven years, there has been a significant growth in marketing technology. In 2011, there were few hundred marketing tech and in 2019 there are more than 7000 technologies. This rapid change requires organizations to follow a strong process to implement marketing tech. In this show, Jeremy and I will go through the seven strategic steps required to implement any marketing technology in your organization. These steps apply to big or small...


42: Top 2019 Marketing Technology and Digital Trends

2019 is off to a great start and organizations are finding news way to improve return on investment and maximize marketing dollars. In today's show, Jeremy and I discuss the top marketing technology platforms and digital trends. We dive into the different types of platforms, their growth trends, market size and how and when to utilize these platforms. Here are the categories we will discuss: Content management systems (CMS) Ecommerce platforms Marketing Automation and Email...


41 - 7 Ways AI is Transforming Marketing & Analytics

AI is impacting almost every industry and company. The hype is promising but does will it really stand the test? What about the marketing and analytics jobs? How will AI impact your life in marketing or analytics? What about Data? I know you have all these questions so we (Sameer and Jeremy) will discuss these and similar topic in today's show. We will address: Impact of AI on customer data unification How AI will replace a regular analyst job Producing content at the speed of light No...


11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2019

In this show, we will discuss the 2019 Data, Analytics and Marketing predictions for 2019. We will also review our 2018 predictions and evaluate which ones were spot on vs those that didn't held true. The episode is filled with digital, AI, data, marketing and technology insights and is one of the fastest way to get you up to date on the latest trends. Be sure to leave us your feedback on iTunes and you can get the show notes on either or our podcast website...


40 - Fake Data: The Rise of False Analytics

Data is the new oil and it pretty much feed all aspects of our lives including personal, financial, business and health. We use more data than the all previous generations combined. However, we don't realize the implications of the massive data age. The media today covers fake news ignoring the fact the fake news are created by fake data. In this show, we drill down in to the specifics of fake data. We discuss the following: What is fake data? How is fake data generated? Why fake data is...


39 - Fundamentals of Transforming your SaaS Marketing with Mervyn Alamgir

In this podcast we had an opportunity to interview Mervyn Alamgir who is the head of digital marketing at TIBCO. Mervyn is a good friend and a well known digital leader in the B2B space. We will discuss: How to transform SaaS organizations with digital and MarTech? How to enable a change environment while building trust with sales? Tips to overcome marketing challenges in enterprise organizations. and lot more. Follow us at or leave us your reviews on...


38 - 5 Best Practices for Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution

Marketing attribution is consistently one of the most debated topic. With increase in the number marketing and sales channels it becomes harder to give proper credit to each initiatives. In this show, we will discuss the five key elements of implementing the marketing attribution model. We will drill down into each best practice and discuss it in detail to help our users fully understand the mechanics of marketing attribution. Follow up on


37 - 5 Major Analytics Acquisitions for 2018

Analytics companies are growing at the speed of light. Each year a new organization pops up offering a new way to look at data. The phenomenal growth leads to mergers and acquisitions due to marketing consolidation. In this show, we will discuss the biggest analytics company acquisitions of 2018. We will share insights on why the acquisitions were made, what was the investment and how these acquisitions will benefit the end user. Leave us a feedback on Itunes for #AnalyticsToday podcast....


36 - 5 Strange Analytics Equations used by Flat Earth Believers

There has been a new development in the non-scientific community about the shape of the earth. A concept called as flat earth has been in the news lately and has been backed by multiple celebrities. It is interesting to watch the debate between people who believe in round earth vs flat earth. In this show, we wanted to discuss some of the mathematical and analytical equations that are used in these debates. These mathematical equations are backed by science and have been used by scientific...


35 - Decrypting GDPR and Data Privacy with Bret Piatt

GDPR kicks in on May 25th 2018 and will impact all of us in ways we could not imagine. With only 10 days left to the launch of GDPR laws it becomes inevitable to avoid its impact. In this show we interview CEO of Jungle Disk and Data Privacy expert Bret Piatt. Bret shares his passion about cyber security, technology and coding. In addition, he talks about how companies big or small should prepare for GPDR. What are the ramifications of the GDPR and the new data privacy laws going into effect...


34 - How to Implement an Organization-Wide Attribution Model using MarTech

Last week, Sameer Khan was a guest speaker at the MarTech West conference. This podcast is the recording of his well received presentation on attribution and marketing technology. "Attribution" is no longer a buzzword, but a business imperative. It's also tricky at best to get right, with many companies struggling to effectively gather and analyze attribution data. In this session, we will dive into attribution challenges and provide a plan of action to surface key insights you'll need to...


33 - Five Marketing Attribution Stakeholder Personas...Which One Are You?

Today Jeremy and Sameer will discuss the five types of marketing attribution stakeholders, their views on marketing attribution and how you can work with them. We will give you a detailed view of the approach and methodologies that has worked for us to overcome organizational challenges when leading marketing attribution conversation. We will also leave you with questions and ideas on how to work with different stakeholders and close gaps. Listen and implement the techniques and tips on...


32 - Customer Centricity and LTV with Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy

In this show we had the opportunity to talk to Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy. Peter is well known for his work around customer centricity and customer lifetime value. He has written several research papers and a book on that topic and is a professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Dan McCarty is a PHD and co-founder of the company called where he partners with Peter to help customers solve marketing challenges. Here are the topics we...


31 - Revenue Marketing using Multichannel Attribution with Joel Burke

Revenue marketing is a concept of improving marketing funnel by focusing only on the revenue impacting initiatives. Joel Burke has been a big proponent of revenue marketing and his company Outshine specializes in helping customers find revenue opportunities across the marketing funnel using advanced attribution. In this podcast, we will drill down into specific action items on how to improve marketing funnel and deploy multichannel attribution. We will also discuss the use of CRM and...


11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2018

2018 is almost here and most professionals are in the process of planning for the new year. We want to close the year on a special note by giving you the data, analytics and marketing predictions. In this show, we will discuss 11 data, analytics and marketing predictions for 2018. Join us and start preparing for the new year. You can always find out on Soundcloud, Google Play or Apple Itunes or our website


30 - Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive Customer Experience with Yoav Shwartz

In this AnalyticsToday podcast show, we had an opportunity to talk to another co-founder of Uberflip Yoav Shwartz. We discuss in great details the data science and artificial intelligence to drive content strategy and customer experience. Yoav provides insights on why AI is the future of content marketing and how his company is able to leverage AI and third party data sources to turn content into a story telling experience. He also provides great advise on how to build a company from scratch...


29 - The Future of Content Marketing with Randy Frisch of UberFlip

This is another exciting edition of the #AnalyticsToday podcast as we discuss the future of content marketing with UberFlip founder and CMO Randy Frisch. In this show, Randy shares detailed insight on where content marketing is heading, what marketers should do to prepare themselves and how his company Uberflip can help end users. He talks about his personal journey and how why there was a need for a different type of content marketing company. Uberflip is also running an Account Based...


28 - Interview with Matt Heinz: Sales and Marketing Pipeline Prediction

Today we have another awesome guest on the show. Matt Heinz of who is a popular marketing thought leader, entrepreneur and author. In this show, Matt will share his thoughts on sales and marketing pipeline marketing, pipeline prediction and variety of other key topics. Join us and listen till the end and later follow us at


27 - 7 Lessons Learned from Sirius Decisions Technology Conference Day1

I am at the Sirius Decisions Technology Exchange conference and we finished the day 1 of the conference. In this special edition of the AnalyticsToday podcast, I have summarize the lessons from the session today so for those who are not able to attend can get a quick overview and those that attended can have a good summary of the day 1. Follow up on our website at